World of Tanks – WGL Grand Finals Stream Highlights

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I’m back from casting the WGL Grand Finals in Warsaw with a selection of highlights from the quarter final matches between Yato Gaming and Hellraisers.


  1. Big thanks for you and Quickybaby to make this event so worth of watching.
    Best competitive World of tanks streams to date! Please don’t let it be
    just a onetime miracle and do more of casting, your good at it and you
    enthusiasm is catching on to viewers.

  2. Game of Battleships or BattleShits? 0.o

  3. “…kiss chase.” WTF is that?

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  5. hly crap you look a lot like one of my teachers!

  6. Jingles, you are old! I’m impressed you figured out how to turn on a PC.

  7. Oh Jingles, you have a wonderful face. It’s just perfect for radio. :D

  8. Sweet Jesus tapes arent that old…

  9. Did it at least have pockets?

  10. Jingles + Dorian24… very nice combo actually.

    I was a bit surprised that +The Mighty Jingles and +QuickyBabyTV were
    linking to the WGLNA Twitch… I should have known +Wargaming Europe dropped
    the ball though… glad to see +World of Tanks picked it up for the home

  11. This is so much fun to watch Jingles, you two are a great couple 😉 hahaha
    I also bought FIVE when I was a teenager hahahaha

  12. Good job jingles. Great commentary :)

  13. WoW jingles u made it to WGL Grandfinals.i can still remember the day that
    you uploaded the KV13 review that was 2 years ago who would have thought
    that that you’ll make it this far 🙂 keep up the good work jingles dont let
    the haters and scumbags let u down :D

  14. Bet they had to throw some makeup onto Jingles to somehow make him “look
    good” :P

  15. Pfft! Buying things at the airport, what a noob!

  16. Nice job mate, nice.

  17. Pretty nice T-shirt Jingles! :D

  18. QuickyBaby the new member of the photobomb squad :P

  19. I feel pretty embarrassed for Luke Kneller, he should not have been there,
    he just sounds a bit stupid from time to time.

  20. Have no fear, Franz is here!

    Beautiful city of Warsaw?! I’m laughing my pants off!!!!

  21. This was the best live stream I’ve watched in a long time I stayed up all
    through the night from start to finish I watched it thanks Jingles for
    making my day hahaahah 

  22. That’s not what we want! We want the old man & his son!

  23. Łukasz Mańkowski

    82 £ !? is it like versace!?

  24. Christian Hostetler

    I was downright ashamed on the performance NA teams brought, downright

  25. Jingles likes Motörhead! :D

  26. Luke has a very big nose

  27. i never expected jingles to look like a pimp

  28. It seems loke the audio is out of sync.

  29. Highly entertaining and exciting to watch(e-sports and Jingles 🙂 ). World
    of Tanks quarter final matches.

  30. Roy-Normann Johansen

    I suspect that Mother Russia has Wargaming camps and schools, where tankers
    are molded and trained into becoming Dolph Lundgren.
    “What are you going to to do when you get older Misja?”
    “I amm goin to Wargaming tankk academi, ann earn degree in tanking! So we
    win finals!”
    Grear vid!
    Greetings from loyal viewer and player in Norway

  31. Hi i am trying to play world of warships by preordering a ship. Do you know

  32. My first LP was ‘Band on the Run’ by Wings….

  33. Gj mr mj 

  34. Jingles looking dapper and definitely doing better than his co-host.
    keep it up Jingles!

  35. very well done jingles! yeah, ofc it would have been nice to hear you a bit
    more often, but it was highly entertaing! and that´s what counts isn´t it?

  36. OMG I have the same first name with a player in YATO Gaming,,,

  37. What song used in the intro? :D

  38. Ole Kristian Skogseth

    Nice to have you back, but it was awesome watching you commentate :D

  39. Hi there Gingles. Gratz to a well-executed job. U did really good! Was it
    the force from the shirt or just u being good? 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  40. an i the only one that doesn’t like overly excited announcers..?

  41. Great video and can’t wait to see the next!!! Kept me up late but was well
    worth the watch since I worked during most of the streaming and didn’t get
    to see it.

  42. Nice

  43. Around 15:40… a note to censorship in China I guess…

  44. It’s a rather nice shirt anyways.

  45. Gunter S. Mommsen

    Jingles, – my love and all empathy for saying TAPES.

  46. That was entertaining as hell

  47. Jingles Military Training kicks in at 14:00.

  48. so proud

  49. Nathaniel Stanford

    Lol Jingles: makes C&C Generals quote, watches stream chat for 5 seconds to
    see if anyone noticed

  50. +Mitter Nacht just lost a game in my IS-3, did 4,6k dmg in tier 10. so it
    didnt work 😛

  51. Wait ur name is Paul? HOW LONG HAVE YOU HIDDEN THIS FACT FROM US?!

  52. Why is Luke commentating so many more than Jingles during the game…..
    Especially near the end. WTf.

  53. god dam jingles!! shut up in the background!! i can hear you opening/eating
    some chips or something mid-way through the video. Anyone else herd that?

  54. I was sweating all along….. Oh when is he going to mess up….
    But!! It went pretty well!!

  55. have watched the main stage stream and the jingles stream and i must say
    the main stage was boring as hell!

  56. Quick review of was spite …..slow n low ranged guns to few gt fuso bt its
    brit awwwww noooo …refund 4 free ok maybe thn just 4 flag :)

  57. This is like an early Christmas…

  58. SoulKiller7Eternal

    Hellraiser vs Yato – Im glad Hellraiser won!

  59. I can just imagine Jingles like “Excuse me, chap, can you possibly shut the
    fuck up?”

  60. Charles Richardson

    8 track

  61. I sat through the whole thing listening for jingles to say “surprise butt

  62. Well done on your first outing Jingles. I think you may have a career

  63. I’m honestly really surprised that video game ‘playoffs’ are so popular…

  64. +The Mighty Jingles
    Jingles, you were so much better than your commentating counterpart. It
    was rather hilarious.

  65. i now know jingles names 😀 😀 …. i figured out QBs by paying attention
    to peppy 😛 but jingles … yo
    u man of mystery you xD

  66. +The Mighty Jingles we need an HMS Warspite video!!!!

  67. So do you know what your going to do for mingles with jingles episode 100

  68. Damn look at those evasive manuevers. One decisive battle and a huge
    portion of the enemy team is wiped out…. GG

  69. I feel that pro gamers are people that will never be good at sports and
    just stick with that

  70. Not so long ago, you were almost done with WOT. Now look at you, Victory.

  71. I know what a tape is! You’re not alone Jingles!

  72. they span in A Lot of games. Navi is in Dota as well. They get sponsors too
    i think?

  73. It was great watching you commentate on those matches as they were
    occurring. I love the semi-finals match on Himmelsdorf where YaTo
    consisting of a 1% health IS-3, a 45% ish IS-3, and a 60% T37 defeated two
    full-loaded and healthy Hellraisers AMX 50 100s simply because the AMXs
    split up and were taken down one at a time! Yours, Luke’s, and QB’s faces
    post-match was icing on the cake!

  74. I didn’t get to catch most of this tournament. Is their a YouTube channel
    that’s uploaded all the games in the tournament??

  75. Zac Carter (SnackyZac)

    11:53 I thought jingles was going to say surprise butt sex time

  76. OMG jingles your names is Paul that’s so cool see what I did there

  77. Well, we can really tell you had fun there Mr. Jingles! Nice highlights!

  78. I love how Jingles was so out of place compared to other announcers but was
    so much more interesting to listen to XD

  79. Welcome back Jingles! And a more general comment, why does Wargaming think
    Prohkorovka is a good map? It’s absolute shit…

  80. Make sure you stay with the evil overlord Jingles. Let’s face it Evil
    Overlord Paul dose not put fear in to are hearts. 🙂 That was a really
    good job for a first time out you showed them what us old guys can do. And
    that was one hell of a nice shirt and It better be for 80 pounds. And can
    not wait to see more.

  81. Senor Jingles! This was AMAZING! You did a great job and I want to see
    you do this more! You’re a natural! The camera loves you darling! =D
    Seriously, great job, mate!

  82. You are very similar the way you speak with my favorite actor, the
    unforgettable Groucho Marx … Long life Jingles… :)

  83. love the shirt jingles… maybe not worth 82… but you looked good!

  84. I know what a bloody tape is

  85. Just wondering, how did you get the broadcasting gig? You said it was your
    first time, so did they just want you to sit there and look pretty? Cuz I
    gotta say, you did look damn pretty.

  86. +TempestasAurum My thoughts too lol

  87. +TempestasAurum ‘You want to see big stronk russian cannons?’

  88. +TempestasAurum Any way can I improve such accent?

    And everyone loves 152mm stonk cannon

  89. Creepy Productions

    I had no idea the gaming league was this big, looks like a lot of money was
    poured into it and it has a massive audience.

    Interesting considering everything in WoT just depends on four things:
    sticking together, driving the right tank, loading the right ammo, and most
    importantly relying *heavily* on a random number generator.

    Too much luck involved instead of skill IMO

  90. Awesome job Jingles, you seem so natural up there.

  91. those jingles soun effects r amazing

  92. 24:40 – I think they were trying to be fancy and win with a double
    envelopment, which almost never works.

  93. One shot one kill Barrett 50 Cal.

    yeah hell yeah Jingles is back thank TOG hes back ha ha ha ha. i missed ur
    videos over the weekend.

  94. There going to be a meme made with the 1:01 mark as the picture. Jingles
    you look dam good in a Fancy dress clothes

  95. That was awesome!

  96. 126 USD for a dress shirt, damn

  97. Chinese team, French tank, American crew voices.

  98. I love how he said, Evil overlord of the salt mines.

  99. Jingles you’re stupid

  100. so cool hope to see more of jingles on events

  101. +CrypticMind he ain’t playin’ this one.

  102. Sarcastic Marauder

    Whats that about not streaming anymore jangles?, you kept your promise for
    an approximately 2 days before showing up on wglna -_-

  103. Hello…… Pual. Muhaha… Muhahaha!

  104. I’m sure professional players know better what tanks are best tier for
    tier. Variety doesn’t win games, efficient tanks do.

  105. You definitely have a Jingley flare for broadcasting. Nicely done!

  106. Nice job.

  107. 11:55 Do not trying to imitate the Mighty Jingles, you will fail just like
    the other commentator.

  108. Well done Jings…next stop – Eurovision!

  109. 18:18 100% the best moment jhahahahha

  110. Oh jingles, up until i was in secondary school my parents still had a
    turntable in the living room. your not that old mate

  111. Jingles and his artilleryXD

  112. panzerabwerkanone

    Jingles how many of those cute short skirted hostesses did you manage to

  113. Just that first shot of jingles sitting there made me think sean connery

  114. So will airsoft or this be added the next elimpics? XD

  115. Oh you look good in that suit! 

  116. you look really classy master jingles now you will excuse me i have to go
    back to the salt mines

  117. Quickybaby wtf you doing in the tv come back out and eat your Bread !

  118. Jingles I love you, shame you were being talked over by the other guy 

  119. The best part of the stream was not just Jingles and Quickybaby being there
    but the way that Dorjan would constantly interact with the people in the
    stream, taking and answering questions. I had a very nice conversation
    myself with him talking about how the WGL is turning into a mostly Scout
    Tank event.

  120. I have to say that I really enjoyed this. Very entertaining. Great
    commentary that rivaled any championship hockey game I’ve ever watched.
    Fast paced and thrilling.

  121. I spent almost that entire video wondering what the hell that shirt was
    made of for it to be worth £82.

  122. I personally think wot is not really an entertaining game to watch (from
    top view) just because how many trees there are and all you can see are the
    health bars instead of the actual tanks fighting

  123. General Saufenberg

    at min 25.50 luke freaks out like a 20jear old blonde in a shoe sellout^^

  124. 10/10 Best Commentator Ever, would hire

  125. 11:50 he went so close to say SURPRISE BUTTSEX there 😀 it would be epic!

  126. How the fuck you don’t now what tape is.

  127. Man oh man! Wish I was there :)

  128. That shirt was looking nice Jingles! And at 90$ It better damn well look

  129. Stronk Russian tank!

  130. Fun to see you doing this! Nice chemistry between you and your co-host.

  131. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Cool Reel Jingles 🙂 So you do realize my goal one day is to either be a
    competitor there, as I’m now with Checkmate who are going into the Silver
    League or be sitting up next to you?

  132. Idiotic game mode to choose, sine 99,99% of WOT players dont play it.

  133. Nice games. Was expecting campfest but that was actually exiting.

  134. Plz replace pantsy in wgleu, you both have not really a clue whats really
    going on but you add way more entertainment than pantsy :P

  135. The Last Sane Student In An Insane Class (Serene)

    Quicky Jingles and Mighty Baby.

  136. +Molon Labe This has been a thing ever since Starcraft (1996) for all I can
    (Never been to any conventioned or seen live, but could be fun going idk.
    Cant be arsed got other stuff to do but I can see how some would go)

  137. +Lonesome Son sports require some type of physical activity. Jumping out of
    your chair every time you die in a video game, does not make it a sport fat

  138. +kurtisfifty How about reaction? Or is shooting not an olympic event?

  139. I swear when i saw this i thought. I dont always broadcast, but when i do i
    am the greatest man in the world. Nice suit by the way xD

  140. That guy must commentate Mechwarrior online as well. “No guts No Galaxy”,

  141. damn u beutiful gnome son of a b*****

  142. Oh, after watching the BaronVonGamez video on it, it is kinda crap. Only
    16km range on the main guns… Best part is its 550m turning circle.

  143. +Divinekingsteve Except… Paul Charlton is an alias 😛 *damnit I’ve said
    too much now I get night shift work in the salt mines*

  144. Welcome back Mr. Jingles! Very nice job indeed!

  145. damn, yato got wrecked at the end.

  146. What a handsome handsome man. Jingles, you should play with a webcam up and
    a suit on. Just add the top hat and monocle.

  147. YaTo played the tiebreaker pretty well but I think they weren’t prepared
    enough to defend the assault that was guaranteed to come with their attempt
    at a fastcap
    Both teams played remarkably well though, GG

    • +Dfault 2 more tanks were in the vicinity of cap before they abandoned it –
      can’t help but thinking they should had committed to the cap instead of
      using it to lure the enemy into vulnerable positions.
      (I assume this is what they were trying to do, as not all in vicinity of
      cap went capping even after spotting the north and mid)

    • +Slayer Jesse

      I was sort of surprised they didn’t put one up on the hill too

  148. World Of Tanks The Best Replays


  149. Were they limited to the tanks they could use or did everyone just choose
    the T54 light weight?

  150. Christian Marquez

    OMG Jingles you were great!

  151. All those in favour of bringing back wanker of the week for mingles with
    jingles ep109?

  152. 1:52 in and I have already lost my shit. Belly glacis armor LOL.

  153. best moment “we dont know where quicky is” (just in the background)

  154. That guy to your left. If Nigel Thornberry had brown hair!

  155. Wildsauce “Wildsauce123” Gaming

    yay I’m part of the 301+ crew again!

  156. +allencook123 seid like a man who hasnt reached teir 8

  157. +CodeXIX Titanium balls which i have.

  158. Jingles you’re one handsome devil wearing that suit.

  159. Who doesn’t know what a tape is?

  160. my first and only tape was the silly songs, lol.

  161. That was absolutely fantastic broadcasting and commentary 10/10

  162. at 26 mins you guys sounded a bit biased.

  163. And get your elbows off the table

  164. I had a lot of fun watching this, i think this was one of your best vids.
    Keep up with the good work


  166. Zdzisław Alfabet

    world of russians

  167. Lee Harvey Oswald

    havnt watched the vid yet but here is 1 thing,

    the first thing i notice when the 2 of you pop up i first notice the guy in
    purple because i have never seen him before,well shaven and suited up.

    then there is jingles shaven? no
    suit? well yess but you managed to be showing chest hair XD.

    excuse me while i go watch the vid now.

  168. Command & Conquer references? NOICE!

  169. Dorjan with built-in ear rape XD

  170. Jingles i feel you did far better job casting then the other guy.

  171. Alexander Anderson

    How was Warsaw Jingles? I hope you enjoyed it 🙂
    Also for 100 Episode of Mingles with Jingles maybe you could look at your
    past videos and basically look back at your past on YouTube and other
    episodes of Mingles with Jingles :D

  172. Eric Williams-mayo

    Jingles, me and my two freinds made a platoon name of “meh stronk tenks”.
    In it we drive kv1’s kv2’s and bt2’s 

  173. Wahooo, jingles is back!!!! I missed u

  174. I’m sorry, but Luke’s hyper agitated commentary spoiled this. Would have
    been better with just you commenting.

  175. anyone know why they’re only using LT?

    • tier for tier, light tanks are better than any other class, that’s why they
      get 1 tier higher mm
      except for the city maps… in himmelsdorf you really want some heavys

  176. yippee jingles is back:-)

  177. First :-):-):-):-):-)

  178. This reminds me of the old prokhorovka assault…who remembers that?

  179. Why don’t they use any heavies, meds, or TDs??

  180. Dat suit swag jingles XD

  181. +Twinkie Phobe Is this deesh? 😛

  182. You are natural born commentator! Great job!

  183. +David Stark I don’t think you can really commentate this – the same as you
    would with football – it just looks like a confused mess. Doesn’t work for
    me. e-Sports…hmmm not taken in by it..

  184. Hey Jingles, thanks for that upload, I wanted to watch you on stream but I
    missed it, you did very good, I would really like to see you doing more of
    that stuff :)

  185. Jingles Really got drowned out my Luke at many points lol, Its hard to talk
    over such a hyped commentator.

    • War Monger (Warmonger696)

      +Dorjan24 Maybe you should hold hands or – other body parts if you wish and
      squeeze it when you want the other to say something 😉 Naah, I think it was
      well done for premieres and I laughed my ass off. Brings another dimension
      into it when it’s not thaaaat serious all the time.

    • Thanks guys, it means a lot! It was a rough ride… none of us got any prep
      time or warning really about the show and as you all know, Jingles and QB
      have worked together many times. It’s not surprising that their chemistry
      was a lot better 🙂

  186. Glad to see dorjan hasn’t descended into nonexistence. Also congratulations
    on the opportunity Jingles. Grand Finals isn’t a small place for the first
    time to do such a a job;)

  187. Jingles in suit – beware women incoming.

  188. You rock, Mr Jingles Sir !! It was a pleasure to sit and watch you
    ‘casting’ on the battles and the hilarious bits in between.

  189. Jacko Sevenhundredandtwenty

    I thought this was really entertaining :)

  190. christian mccullough


  191. <3 Dorjan

  192. Wait ur real name is not jingles,WHAAAAT?!
    Nice one ;)

  193. More WoWS historical ship reviews plz Jingles

  194. May I just say how well QB and jingles wear suits XD you sly mother fuckers

  195. Fantastic work Jingles!

  196. loved it 😀 that last match in himmelsdorf was just awesome !

  197. Funny how it is always the same kind of people who are playing such

  198. Why are these guys in the grand finals? They suck soooo bad who goes into a
    pile of tanks in a light tank and they left so many weaknesses open

  199. Blancuzproductions

    “So this man will replace me” thank god that guy was awful. Vote Jingles
    for best commentator.

  200. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    The Charismighty Jingles strikes again.

  201. Course you could

  202. +david fearnall Your comment confused me.

  203. Have a good time in Poland? :)

  204. ”Big fat stronk Russian ass of tank”
    Killed me :D

  205. NOW I WANT 45 minutes of the good the bad and the ugly ;)

  206. Don’t worry Jingles, I know what a tape is..and LP…and VHS….and all
    those older things too. :-)

  207. I know i am still a little Bambie tanker, but i wish one day to go to that
    tournament :D

  208. That tape discussion ;)

  209. I liked the synergy you and Quicky had, you made for a decent “casual”
    commentary between you 2. Dorjan was solid also.

  210. Jingles typing: 19:20 – 19:35

  211. Jere Ruotsalainen

    Luke Kneller sounds different in the best replays of the week videos.

  212. Patrick Timmons Ward

    I am proud of you

  213. Fast matches!!!!

    • +Zoltan Katona I didn’t realize they did that. I never stopped to consider
      that any of them could be homosexual. I’m pretty sure that QB is married so
      I doubt he likes being at the end of that dick chain

    • +John Deere whooosh

  214. You should show your beautiful face more often in videos.

  215. Well played Mr. Jingles, well played :)

  216. The Mighty Expert

    You swore on camera, ‘Ass’ boof, Haha

  217. never thought id see jingles and quickie commentating on big league games
    right next to that lord baelish looking guy im just gonna think that qb
    and jingles were just bro-ing out the entire time with bars and tall blonde
    women and that the world of tanks thing was just a little side thing that
    they was doing

  218. I’ll just leave this awesome picture of Jingles, Serb and QB here.

  219. i think jingles did great, but this is just about as fun as watching golf.

    dont see why people would want to see other people play a game.

  220. Great job, Jingles!!!

  221. +The Mighty Jingles Holy batman Jingles! Amazing job on casting the finals!

  222. Sebastian Richter

    This is Luke Kneller? He sounds totally different.

  223. damn who tell hell is that sexy man on the left with the suit ?

  224. Na’Vi and virtus pro have WoT teams???


  226. good job, sir…you and QB are naturals at this…enjoyed it immensely…

  227. +Duc Viet Truong Agreed, hard to watch when 90% of tanks in game are all
    the same.

  228. +Duc Viet Truong umm a T54 is a what? dumbass

  229. Must try this tactic on WoT team battles…


  231. Don’t know where quickybaby is. Erm guys, I check the mahoosive screens
    behind you, with the mahoosive qb on! 

  232. +Linerunner99 kids usually have better reaction and coordination. Not
    usually sound stratagems, though.. but only the team leader needs to be
    that I guess (and even some aren’t)

  233. +Linerunner99 rushing is a valid and effective tactic in real life as well
    , focusing your numbers to overwhelm an area of the enemy line makes
    perfect sense, and is very hard to defend against in this scenario.

  234. +Linerunner99 plenty of armies have been commanded by morons, as for left
    to chance, fortune favours the bold , it is just a game at the end of the


  236. I feel like a proud mom.

  237. Woah I missed something… didn’t even know WoT had a competitive scene,
    even with the big orgs lol

  238. Oh bugger off, I was supposed to go to bed.

  239. YYYAAAYYY!!!!!!!

  240. Luke Kneller looks like Tom Cruise, only skinnier and scarier somehow.

  241. 1:00 — Lookin’ good with the sportscaster sports jacket!

  242. I am not talking about the damage I did “LOLLMFAROFL SO FUNNY”. I did not
    die or do team damage.

  243. Buck Schaffenhausen

    +Xeffx Took less than 11 hits?

  244. +Buck Schaffenhausen amx 13 75 and a bulldog bounced off me multiple times

  245. i dont really follow the esports side of wot but you made me watch a few
    matches, commentating is your natural habitat:p

  246. Competitive WoT? Ya serious? That sounds like pure aids.

  247. Shit i missed ALL of this, anyone know where i can watch all of jingles
    from the tournament?

  248. Man…Jingles looks good on TV….well he is that charming and sweet
    talking…his looks are just a bonus 😛 (No Homo)

  249. Jingles looks so professional in a suit. Like that type of person you’d
    give your soul and family just to know the name of the deodorant he uses.
    10/10 would work overtime in the salt mines.

  250. good job you did good

  251. +Mr. Trox Exception to the rule.

  252. +Mr. Trox Of course there are rules and exceptions of them. For
    example guys that wear dresses and girls that play WoT.
    BTW calm down dude. 🙂
    BTW2 “boys that like ballet” wrong point. I think boys like ballet more
    then girls(If you know what I mean). 🙂

  253. +opmdevil Yeah, but a sort of.

  254. I’m so proud of our little Paulie. When he went to Warsaw, I felt like he
    took me with him 🙂 


  256. surprisingly, Jingles is actually a very good Esports commentator.

  257. Captain Foxy the Pirate (Foxy the Pirate Fan)

    +Soraellion but he did the best commenting

  258. Jingles, you kinda look like Sean Connery in the Hunt for Red October –
    complete with the commander’s beard.

  259. ‘dat wallet breaking shirt

  260. yas heee is back

  261. Razvy Oltean (The Duke)

    +Lonesome Son I deactivated it…too many upload mails…

  262. +Razvy Oltean hai s-o sugi du-te-n gura ma-tii de poliglot

  263. 8:50 did YaTo just shoot each other and one scoring a damaging hit? wtf?

  264. Idea for the MwJ ep 100: do an hour video answering our questions and use a
    web cam so we can see you. Or at least just use a camera so we can enjoy
    your beard till next time it’s sacrificed for charity.

  265. +Phoenix jz You called for an inquisitor? I have the Dissident quota
    records and it looks like Mine #143345656765341has been chronically low in
    its torture rates. I might be forced to reeducate the head of the Mine.

  266. +Hellfire918 Excellent your workers might be taken off the daily beating
    and whipping list then. I expect of course a 500% efficiency increase with
    a 40% food decrease. Make it happen and there might be something in it for
    you comrade.

  267. You saw the last mingles, where he said he would be gone for a week, right?

  268. 10k Subs No Videos?

    You sounded like Total Biscuit on this

    That’s a good thing

  269. The WOT puns are TOO STRONK

  270. You got to thank Wargaming for making this possible for Jingles and QB.
    I seriously never had an interest in the Grand Finals, or anyESport.
    But this was fun 😀
    Again thanks for the laughs and good time.

    Best regards

    Oli (from Germany)

  271. Darby “Fox” Conway

    This was so exciting thank you so much for sharing Jingles!! wow!

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