World of Tanks || What I’m Thinking

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today’s video focuses on what I’m thinking, from the start, to the end of the battle!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. is this russian biass :3

  2. Can u do a series where u start a new acc and show people how to play and grind?

  3. An excellent summary of high-level player thinking in World of Tanks. Well done, sir.

  4. Ok so today I was playing world of tanks on my laptop and then my game crashed and went back to it and all of a sudden I got massive glitchy screen failures so I reloged and restarted my laptop and still have the screen failures, my laptop is fine with every other game I play but when I got to any world of tanks game I get the screen failures. Please help what can I do?

  5. I thought this was going to be a rant about premium tanks and discuss about the channels future.

  6. This is nice, ive been waiting for something like this.

  7. Good advices for players. I see people only holding the W key and shooting

  8. Hey llook it’s the premium t8 tank better than the obj 416 in every way

  9. Dang you realy know what you are doing

  10. Luv you’re channel Quicky. No embedded commercials is what made me subscribe, well content too.. Thanks man! Best WOT channel for sure!

  11. Thanks for doing the video, loved the insight, please do more of this, it helps make us average or below average players better and its simply interesting as well, thanks again

  12. More commentary vids please.

  13. Almost every enemy tank was an easy-penned 2-shot-kill.

    QB’s armour bounced most shots thrown his way.

    Enemy arty completely ignored QB.

    QB was running 100% crew on multiple skills/perks and upgrades (rammer, etc).

    Enemy’s insanely OP E-25 was played by an incompetent fool (I have zero respect for an E-25 who camps the back line).

    Only 1 enemy tank had any chance against him (aside from the E25) and he was sucker-punched by poor viewing range at the end.

    Yep, this was a very mediocre Pool’s.

  14. More of these!

  15. Stream live so you
    cant use cheats. Also 99% cant play like this cause they cant afford your crew level and consumables. So this review does not apply 🙂

  16. RadicalKattastrophe

    Quote: “Artillery that’s a big threat” end quote .

    Me: Nah, won’t even effect the match. Sucks far to much now. All the whiners rejoice. They no longer actually have ot worry about playing anymore, they cna run around like idiots …. far to many. Why do I play this game again?

  17. why replay have not xvm? to we see the bunch of idiots against u were playing? 15 players that don’t have clue what W button do!

  18. Why did you repost this video was the first upload not ad friendly

  19. I didn’t expect that kind of alpha damage on that tank

  20. Good video and informative with good advise.

  21. RonnyLama Richardson

    you should have done it in real time………

  22. I love your videos l wacht all your videos from the beginning

  23. As soon as enter the battle, in any tier im concerned about every enemy tank, Why? because they’re all spamming gold rounds!

  24. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    Nice video as always, but it was a pretty cut and dry game everything worked acording to plan. The match making was perfect, the enemie’s more dangerous tanks didnt bother with you from the start and the tanks you encounterd lined up for you to kill one by one. So it was all fairly predictable for an experienced player. What i would like to see from you is your thought proces when things go wrong and you have to get yourself out of a tough spot.

  25. QB playing against lower tier noobs with xvm off, he should have done this video with +8 MM?

  26. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *DAILY WORLD of TANKS VIDEOS ON MY CHANNEL* <<<<<<

  27. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    Instructions not Clear, killed my team

  28. Nice video! I think you should make more of these, maybe also when your the bottom tier in a match!

  29. Have 3 kolobanovs all in standard battles but after 30k battles no Pools medal fml

  30. As I enter a game, the most important thing is that whether I shout fuck damn it out of my mouth

  31. Do one where you are bottom tier.

  32. really great video! but i think people would like it if you make a few videos in this style on games in bottom tier game 🙂

  33. This was on his stream

  34. Top guy.Wish you all the best.

  35. Loved this

  36. Qb farming low tiers and no armored tanks … What a 6k game

  37. love this vid QB a nice to look into the mined of a pro

  38. Finally…. Thanks QB. This is exactly what I want from your videos not a commentary on a replay done years ago.

  39. Well I got 5k xp away from getting the Death Star 🙁

  40. I miss the intro with the comet :3

  41. Змей Горянин

    One of your best videos! Thanks, dude!

  42. What is your ferdinand team mate thinking?

  43. The_Prophecy [PINK]

    What I think when I play: DAMAGE, GIFF ZHE DAMAGE!!!!


  45. Arty forget to xvm focus

  46. +QuickyBaby Thank you for showing us how you approach the battles your in. It was a great insight

  47. Stomping low tiers. Wow. Much skill.

  48. Love the commentary! Thanks!

  49. Sometimes i wonder if WOT will ever die. and if it did how many bums would cry about their wn8 being lost.

  50. Great video QB. Thank you – more, more and more.

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