World of Tanks || What is the FV201 (A45)?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

This unusual premium was just released on the NA World of Tanks server Ó what is the FV201 (A45) and how do I kill it?

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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  1. another great game

  2. Slow tank with low pen and no armor?
    + u can meet tier 9?
    U really need to be idiot to buy this tank….
    I really don’t know why is wargaming try so hard to implement new
    unnecessery tanks into the game….
    In this game mobility wins over even the best armor.
    Guys save your money and buy cdc instead

  3. It’s basically a stock Caernarvon with a TOG pew pew. Completely not worth
    the grind.

  4. lol that intro is hilariously bad ;D

  5. In Asia server, the mission started at July and ended now. But the mission
    is very easy. From Monday to Friday, you can get one key per day, each key
    requires 15000 experience. On Saturday and Sunday, you get three keys per
    day, each key requires 7500 experience. Players can get a permanent A45
    after you get 30 keys in July. I don’t know why the mission in North
    America server is extremely harsh.
    I got it and played it for two weeks. This tank isn’t really good. I think
    it probably the worst tier 7 heavy tank…But it’s okay. Because it is a
    premium heavy which is free.
    If you get this tank, don’t be disappointed, just enter the battles, fire
    few shoots, die, and earn credit…haha
    If you can’t get it, don’t be painful, because you can kill this tank very
    easily in battles.

  6. I don’t like it
    Really bad armor

  7. on my server (SEA) you can get a a45 bi completing a mission 10 times and u
    get it forever and u get nothing else for it the mission is get i believe
    getting 20k xp or maybe 40k xp and u get it!

  8. The English German

    Funny thing is, here on the SEA server, we only needed the keys, we didn’t
    rent the tank or needed to get the exp or kills :P

  9. got it after 14 days misson not even need to spend anymoney at ASIA server
    :3 just get 30 token then the tank is free for you to play lol

  10. I own mine and still play it

  11. give the acc: kiebolo an premium tank, if u don’t, be a tree! Whuhahaha

  12. Quicky what is that hitlog mod? I would like to know what it is and if you
    could add it to your modpack

  13. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    I am not at all impressed by the gun performance. Reminds me of the IS2 at
    long ranges and that tank is absolutely horrible in a high tier match-up
    which it gets more often than not, and I expect it to be the case with this
    tank as well.

  14. For those of you who don’t know how to get past the turret of this thing
    there is 1 thing that QB missed, or 2 rather. First is the gun mantlet is
    kind of weak if you hit it flat on, the second is the flat section of armor
    underneath the gun mantlet. Any gun that this tank will face will go
    through it no problem, and its a good way to outduel an A45 who is hull

  15. Why not have a premium t7 British heavy that’s simply better than the
    standard one… looks pretty good though, just like a worse Caernarvon

  16. This event was much easier in russian servers, we had to get 30 tokens
    total, after that we could keep the tank permenantly without doing any of
    that 200k exp and 200 kills bs. And there were x3 tokens every weekend, so
    all we had to do is play for couple of hours through fridays and the
    weekends for a month, that’s all. Otherwise not many would be doing this
    marathon, had the rules been like on NA servers, because frankly the tank
    is pretty shitty.


  18. Sorry, but top guns or other awards are never stolen, they are always
    EARNED. if something happens that prevents you from earning these
    prestigious accolades then that’s unfortunate, but never unfair. And in the
    end, it’s all just fluff, because for the actual effectiveness, you will
    still get, long-term, whatever credits and xp you really deserve. (JUST MY

  19. I’m on the korean server and they permanently gave away this tank for 30
    keys..i got it but i was dissapointed with the armor and gun of the fv201
    so after playing it for about two games i just sold it for a bit of

  20. I got it by doing the 15k exp each day which was really quite easy. Played
    about 33 games in it, about 28 or so of them I enjoyed playing, so I just
    decided to pay 15 dollars to get it. Really, 15 dollars for a tier 7 if you
    were able to play enough to unlock being able to buy it for that much is
    really quite a steal, and I do enjoy it anyways. Completely worth the money

  21. The dynamic adjustment in 9.9 just looks like utter shit i’m sorry i hate
    the way it looks…(spoiled nice computer guy talking here lol)

  22. Lol, putin is runing out of cash!

  23. I was happy when I get in a T7 game with my T29 with the 105m and I seen
    like 4 of the A45 was like >:D

  24. That tank is shit

  25. I did get the A45 the free way. Took 215 battles to do it. Experience was
    easy to come by, kills were a bit worse. Wn8 for the tank is sitting at
    1707 as of now (my overall is 1153, my recent is 1515), so it’s pretty easy
    even for an average player to do well in. The armor is crap enough to
    easily be penned by SPGs (I was oneshotted by an S-51 during one of my
    worse games), but that turret is glorious. I’d keep a healthy compliment
    of APCR, it can give a competitive edge in fights against other like tanks
    if it gets into a joust. Like most other British tanks, the ammo rack
    seems to encompass the vehicle and everything within 50 meters of the
    vehicle, so repair kit is necessary, and my first loader skill was safe
    stowage. I got the pleasure to play it during the exp/crew exp bonus, so I
    got through my first crew set in 2 days, then stuck BIA on all of them.
    It’ll be a pretty nice crew should I ever go British heavies again.

  26. Steven GamePlayer

    But it’s 3rd of August !

  27. Not allowed to pick a name i want, thanks Google

    The actual point of giving any tank away for free, is for you to try, get
    frustrated as fuck after your like 30% through, feel too frustrated to
    continue, but dont want your spent time to go to waste, and in the end have
    you buy this crappy tank for waaaay too much money.
    Selfclaimed *Tankcollectors*, who were born with a dogshite for a brain,
    will just pay gladly these 65$…

  28. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    Wargaming went ful Retard!

  29. Just wanted to point out that the strip of angled armor above the gun
    mantlet is pretty weak too (51mm not including angle), pretty easily penned
    by most guns that aren’t shooting up at it. Also, tracking shots tend to
    damage the ammorack on it in my experience

  30. this tank you can getnit in the asia server too 

  31. Sad how it is never mentioned by jingles and quickybaby that you can get
    the fv201 in SEA server by grinding 15k exp for 30 days and you get to keep
    it permanently, without rent. Disappointed fan is disappointed :(

  32. I liked this tank (ended up buying the prem key). Easy to pick up 2-3k
    damage at its tier, but one thing is it faces tier 9s, where it is almost
    useless. I tend to just use AP (only 10 APCR rounds loaded),but I know many
    people ran almost full APCR due to still being able to make a profit. Other
    than that your review nailed what this tank does, minus the fact that its
    Ammo Rack is almost as bad as the AMX CDC.

  33. im on the North American server and I own the A45 and I really like this
    tank, I haven’t had to many bad games in it and the DPM is great and its
    mediocre penetration isn’t as bad as it may seem. Totally worth the 14.99 I
    paid for it

  34. .39? .. no problem if u are a true russian u will get russian rng- russian
    rng stronk

  35. Hate that tank. It’s a slower more vulnerable Ceanaveron with a worse gun.
    This thing would be bad at tier 6. I snuck up behind one with my KV-2 and
    that 38 mm of armor at the back doesn’t look so clever does it? 

  36. The Anonymous Patriot

    I got the FV201 rental, played 65 games in it and said screw it, stripped
    it and removed the crew because it I thought it absolutely sucks. I had ONE
    good game in it (and it had to be a Tier 7 match)
    the FV201 sees more often than not Tier 8 and 9 matches where it just so
    totally blows its not worth the time. Taking a FV201 into a Tier 9 game is
    like taking a TOG into a Tier 10 game or a T1 Cunningham into a Tier 6
    game… you get the idea.
    Not worth My time to grind out the 200K xp and 200 kills. I’ll stick with
    My TOG thanks.

  37. how is he bringing up the armour stats?

  38. Well i gues i wont be driveing this tank reason is im noob and i will need
    2 years to get it :D

  39. crappy video quality…

  40. Oh my god that game was as boring as bat shit to watch

  41. The hull on that thing is bad considering i can pen it with my t37.The gun
    is the same as on the tog.

  42. Pretty easy to kill but the dpm can get you if they can (are smart enough)
    to retrack you.

  43. Also, SPAM MOAR GOLD.

  44. It’s crap. It’s basically a slightly faster but way less armoured BP.
    Same fucking bullshit gun.

  45. SEA server got the FV201 for 30 tokens, no rental conditions what so ever.
    Possibly because SEA players are the worst.

  46. Can’t sop myself from laughing when QB say OMG_A_DOG =]]]]]]]
    btw QB in Asea sever we got the FV401 permanently for only 30 keys. but we
    only got 1 key per day and 3 keys per weekend day.

  47. I play on the NA server, and a LOT of the matches looked like this one with
    LOTS of A45’s which is what they are often referred as. It got old quick
    with the number of them. I got one to “rent” and I didn’t even play it
    because of the number you encountered. I wound up playing tanks that
    wouldn’t match up with tons of these. It get old quick.

  48. wow unlucky NA
    the SEA server only need the key and the A45 is permanent

  49. the a45 was and will alwasy be utter crap yes it has crazy dpm but the pen
    is god awful and in tier 9s not even premium rounds will help

  50. Sorry QB for correcting you but it is actualy the TOG II gun
    And we have this tank on sea server but we had to get 15k dam weekdays for
    1 token and 22.5k weekend for 3 and for 30 tokens we got the tank outrite

  51. “wonder”


  52. Superpershings dominante this tank..

  53. EmperorNefarious1

    I got all the xp and got to rent this, played it a bit, got an ace, but I
    decided it was not worth 200k xp in eight days, plays ok as a support for
    mediums and it is a monster if you get behind enemies, otherwise its just
    not allot of fun to drive, I quickly decided to drive an IS-3 and club all
    the FV grinders instead.

  54. Aaaaw please, 171mm pen on T7 is bad?? Some of us play the SuperPershing
    with 170 mm pen on T8 (withouth sucking:)

  55. Anh Nguyễn Minh

    Already have it in SEA 🙂
    It’s decent :)

  56. BSM Iron (Panzer) Lawl

    1080p48 instead of 1080p45? 3 fps gain :3

  57. Was sooooo much easier getting it on the Asia server

  58. Wiktor Dymkobierca

    I managed to get the Super Pershing and WZ-111 free in the marathons on EU
    server, but the December mission was so exhausting I decided not to
    participate in the next one. Gaining 200 000 experience in 8 days sounds
    really challenging, but if it is the only way for you to get free premium
    vechicle, it may be worth it. If our server gets this marathon I would love
    to get a T1E6 tank. Sadly, those milestone rewards are likely to differ
    from one server to another.

  59. I was grinding chinese type t-34 and the KV-1 during most this event…with
    all the players in FV201(A45)’s running around any tank in tiers V or VI
    ended up in VII matches as MM struggled to get all the FV’s into
    games…think about 75% of the time I ended up a bottom tier V in a VII

  60. That tank was good for my comet to eat up also that tank was like a bug
    that didn’t want to leave cause every tier VII,VIII, and IX games there was
    at least one of them was in a match with me. 

  61. Im not cookie monster

    Lol NA server seems as retarded.

  62. Hey QB. This is available on the Asia server too. You do have viewers from
    the Asia server. You ignored us.

  63. Michael Bermingham

    Honestly getting tired of Everyone ignoring the SEA server. It may be
    fucked but it still exists and when you live in Australia theres not many
    options. Seems like if you dont play on the Eu/US/Ru server then you dont
    play. QB you have fans all over the globe mate, I know its petty but a
    little shout out by mentioning things like like “this tank was also
    available on the SEA server” helps. Cheers

    • Michael Bermingham

      +12733s well you must live on the East Coast then. I get 90ms to Singapore
      from Perth and about 350 to West Coast US. A no brainer even if the server
      is crap.

    • And we get it for free to keep after getting 30 tokens. Would have hated to
      spend any actual money on this since it’s not a great tank, but not
      complaining since you play it like a Caenarvon/Centurion at T7.

    • +Michael Bermingham im australian and i get worse ping on that POS SEA
      server than i do on east or west NA so i couldn’t give a rats ass about it

    • Michael Bermingham

      +Mick Kithanu
      Yep I still refer to it as the SEA server, but you are right.

    • Mick Kithanu (Ellife)

      +Michael Bermingham ASIA server, SEA was merged a long while ago 🙁

  64. 7tier premium for 50 bucks…
    Are you kidding?
    Are we still talking about group of pixels for 50 dollars?

  65. I am happy that I am not on na server realy you have to suck them a dick to
    give you t7 tank for 8 days ?!?!??

  66. Qb hinting the t29 is op but never mentions anything about any of the
    blatantly bs russian tanks….

  67. I don’t understand Wargaming’s logic when it comes to the A45 it was
    essentially a Prototype Centurion… however it is also the Common ancestor
    to the Caernarvon Caernarvon being an Uparmored and therefore slower
    centurion. its basically the missing link between the British Heavy and
    Medium tank lines. with Heavy tank mobility and Medium tank armor and
    firepower. not a good combination for a successful tank

  68. The “Freedom to Win” event on the Xbox version rewarded players with a free
    Micro Maus. First game: Drove down the middle of Himmelsdorf and got 9
    kills. I play a bit more than the average player does, so I got mine a
    little earlier than everybody else. Tier 2 got obliterated as more people
    unlocked it, and it became an APCR fest lol.

  69. tossingmidgetsforfun

    How do you kill it? Point and shoot, Its a PoS :P

  70. They better come to EU. My T28 HTC is ready.

  71. As I said on a Jingles video: FV201 its not really a great tank, i make
    more proffit in the TOGII. even in great battles. but its a FUN tank, i
    mean, you wont get the reward you looking for, but if you’re good on
    british tanks, and know your ways. It is lots of fun seeing how the enemys
    burst in rage, as soon as you 150 dmg gun goes over 1500, or 2000 killing
    em, with that 3.3sec reload.

    I couldnt complete the missions for it, and i think its not worth the gold

  72. i love two shotting those things in my t30, its so fun.

  73. every thing can pen it and you cant pen them

  74. This WG… Why dont they ruin anything else except the gun…

  75. Got mine on the SEA server.
    That rate of fire is awesome in a same tire battle.
    I have to support the high tier tanks when playing tier 9 games, and
    protect their flanks.
    It cannot lead the assault.

  76. LOLZ @ “How to take them out effectively”…. If you stare at it long
    enough it takes damage.

  77. In case anybody is interested, these things are due to be available in the
    future on the EU server, last I heard, the mission won’t be the same as it
    was on the US servers.

  78. This thing is 30 keys to own on SEA. And, this tank is a trash indeed. WG’s
    prem tank is not worth to buy now.

  79. Samuel Giovannucci

    Thanks a lot QB, I will def save my money.

  80. the grinding seems a bit disgusting for such a crap tank, and knowing WG,
    if EU will have this mission package it will be way worse

  81. itd take about 10 hours per day for 8 days long to do that? (with a 667
    average exp per battle) holy hit!

  82. They are also on the SEA server. There are not 18 of them in a match

  83. Martin van Emst (Aquatic Discoveries)

    What mods are you using besides the QB xvm pack?. I really like the damage
    taken/blocked module.

  84. wargaming and their bullshit events. play a shit ton for 8 days ORRRRRR pay
    a bunch of cash to skip it!! fucking retards

  85. Here in SEA, we can keep it permanently after completing the One Step to
    Dream – Weekend or Weekdays 30 days (combined)

  86. 1. Caernarvon has an 810 horsepower engine.
    2. Wasn’t this tank a possible tier 8 medium a while ago?

  87. I think this situation where all the other servers have had their chance to
    get 1 of these really definitively proves how totally useless and lazy wg
    eu. They arent even trying.

  88. Hope this event comes to the EU servers sometime soon.

  89. Half way through the grinding i gave up on this tank. It took so much time
    from me and it wasn’t that good anyway. seriously people, don’t get it for
    money, if you had the time to grind it then good for you on the free tank.
    other than that, i have a pretty skilled heavy british crew that now i need
    to get myself a tank for them.

  90. Quickybaby you are doing it again just like the last time you did a British
    tank video. Make me want to go and buy one of my British tanks I have
    available to me and play some battles in them

  91. To the EU community… if you get a similar “Earn Keys to Rent, then Play
    to Keep” system when they make it available.

    The mission to earn it for free after renting it ends on the same day that
    the mission to earn its rental does… that’s to say if you earn the rental
    on the last day of the event, you will have only one day instead of eight
    to earn the right to keep it. A large number of NA players have discovered
    this and though they are currently renting it, they are unable to buy or
    earn the license to keep it as the opportunity to do either is no longer

  92. Alex James (SurrealEffects)

    I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned that the A45 has the same gun as the tog
    II* as well, aside from accuracy and slight RoF difference between the two.
    Personally I feel like I’m just playing a faster higher tier tog that meets
    t9 tanks.

  93. Toasty Roasty Man

    I drove it and I wasn’t very impressed

  94. I wish the A45 had the Centurion I turret. Which is odd considering the
    Centurion I medium tank has a better turret than the Caer heavy tank at the
    same tier xD

  95. Legion The Comrade

    .39 accuracy?
    So that’s why nobody cares to play these lol.

    • +FLYBOY805
      FV200 chassis and also Centurion chassis for you.

    • Legion The Comrade

      Last time I checked it’s a hulldown sniper. The gun, the armor and the size
      tend to agree.
      You can only use it as a heavy in a platoon or against weak 6’s.

      Just because it’s classified as “Heavy” doesn’t mean it has to be up in the
      front or even second line.

    • +Legion The Comrade the Caernarvon is a second line heavy/support heavy.
      Its not a sniper.
      M3 lee is a only a medium tank in city and has to played counter-clockwise.

    • Legion The Comrade

      Let me guess, the Caernervan is a heavy and the M3 Lee is a medium?

    • +Legion The Comrade heavy tanks should not be sniping.

  96. thejoedude thefirejoe

    Tbh tank looks like a peice of garbage, an akward mix of a easy 8 and a
    centurion is what it looks like

  97. I own an A45 and I ground it out, I did not spend a dime on it. It took me
    4 days to grind the xp and 3 to grind the kills, but I play several hours a
    day for the most part. In those 4 days i made over 4 million credits
    profit, so it was worth the time. It is like many heavies, top tier it is
    great, middle tier it is still ok, bottom tier it struggles a bit. One
    moment I remember was platooned with 2 other a45s, we rounded the corner on
    a lone T29, first shot tracked him and we tore him apart before his track
    came back up. 100% to dead in under 10 sec. The blistering rof these can
    lay down in groups is nothing short of amazing and you will not get away if
    they track you. It is a fun tank to platoon with, but alone it quickly
    loses it’s luster imo.

  98. I went through the trouble of getting the keys, but spent the 15$ to keep
    it before playing so much as a single game in it. Why? Simply because I
    don’t want to drive the thing in an over-saturated meta, the replay in this
    video is proof of that. I have no interest in playing a game when up to 17
    other players are going to be driving the same vehicle… I intend to let
    it sit in my garage until later this month, and will be sure to give it a
    go once people are done grinding it and I can click the battle button with
    confidence in the idea that seeing more than 3 other players driving the
    same tank is going to be the exception rather than the rule.

  99. So fucking tired of this tank on the NA….. Games like this where there
    were more than 10 FVs were not uncommon

  100. Meh, I’d rather play with a Black Prince for the armour and a similar gun.
    Not worth paying for, but if we can get it as a free premium tank I guess
    it’s ok but I don’t think that the level of work the Americans had to put
    in to get one.

  101. No no no and NO! WZ-111 was far better reword tank and i think,easier to
    get…so im gonna skip this terror of WG.

  102. Ohhh… I try to get it!

  103. seriously who the hell gonna grind his/her way to having that piece of
    iron? shoting for 150 points and bouncing half of them, missing the rest
    because of the poor stats… get yourself a RmbWT enjoy the firework.

  104. How much does the apcr cost?

  105. not worth of time

  106. What is the FV201? It’s a ammo rack on tracks.

    But seriously now. I played 175 games with the A45 to unlock it, and it
    practically got ammo racked every game. The fragility of this tank is like
    that of a LT, save for the 1500HP you get. Gold consumables are key for the
    tank to operate properly.

    The gun isn’t anything amazing, but it has good DPM with okay penetration
    and accuracy. You mostly rely on either sniping from afar or trading your
    large pool of HP against your enemy’s.

  107. Does it get premium matchmaking ? +1 ?

  108. I think you should have mentioned in greater depth how much better this
    tank is compared to the Black Prince, it’s just better than the black
    prince in every way except for the hull armour (which isn’t even that great
    on the Black Prince and will be penetrated a bunch if the enemy are
    competent) and to top it off the gun’s penetration stays the same.. it’s
    reeeally rare that we see a premium vehicle with the same penetration as
    it’s counterpart.

  109. I’ve noticed that the top of the turret is rather weak on the A-45, so if
    you are far enough away and there is some arch you can pen the turret like
    I began the ungodly grind for 200k xp and 200 kills on my A-45 and got a
    third of the way through before I realized that the license only cost $15
    and this grind could take anywhere up to 20-25 hours, and anyone could pay
    this tank off after working 2 hours at a minimum wage job, so I just bought
    I like this tank a lot and think it’s definitely worth the money,
    especially if, like me, you are suffering through the tier 5-7 British
    heavies. And it does make decent abouts of money. I’ve found that you don’t
    get as much for doing very little, whereas a tier 8 premium gets you tons
    of money for just existing, but the A-45 makes tons of money when you play
    it well, like the player in this replay. Also the side armor and tracks on
    this tank are fantastically strong. I’ve seen A-45s side scrape against
    half a dozen equal tier heavies and laugh his head off while they all
    bounce every shot.

  110. As a Carnaervon driver on the NA server, when I first heard of this tank I
    immediately looked it up on tank inspector, decided it was trash, and never
    bothered trying to get it. I figured a Caernarvon with 1 lower plate is
    terrible enough, but having another one where the upper plate should be is
    just humiliating. This tank will definitely never be worth the money or the
    time IMHO.

    It’s funny that QB mentioned the T29 though, since that is the tank I’m
    planning on buying again once I finish my horrible grind with the T32.

  111. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    I hate tiger P its the worst tier 7 heavy out there, it have such bad win
    ration ion it even though i have 56 win all together I hate that thing

    • +Magoskillz Magoskillz Tiger (P) is the worst tier 7 heavy? Well, I can’t
      really argue because people like different tanks…

    • +Magoskillz Magoskillz I loved my Tiger P, it bounces shots a regular Tiger
      never would. It’s slow, the gun reload is worse than the regular Tiger as
      well, but it does have strong hull armor. Sure, the lower plate is still
      weak, but it still has the opportunity to bounce shots a Regular Tiger
      would have utterly no hope of escaping.

      The actual “worst tier 7 heavy” is the French, it has the HP of an IS
      without the mobility, and no armor to compensate. The only thing it has
      going for it is the gun, which literally has higher alpha when firing gold.

  112. this tank is such shit. with all of my tigers, they are easy xp. the long
    88 rarely bounces off the turret and never off the hull, yet the a45
    struggles to penn even my angled tiger 1 armor, let alone my tiger p.

    • +TheRevention its 45 bucks for 45 keys a 8 day rent + 15 bucks to keep (or
      no life=200XP+200kills)
      i got the TogII for free and someone in my clan gave me the Excelsior …i
      did not bother.
      the Pen is not that bad the T26e4 gets 170mm at tier 8 🙁 both see tier 9

    • i know im just saying. I have bounced shots by angling my armor in the
      tiger. 45 bucks or an ungodly grind for what? this turd. what a waste

    • +TheRevention On tank inspector the front hull armor is better than the
      Tiger 1.
      Remember its a premium tank! its not supposed to be better than the in game
      equivalent. otherwise we get another Type 59

  113. Well, if it was a tier 8 tank (AMX CDC for example), it would be mine
    (summer brake, no sleep, easy!). But, its tier 7 and I already won the e25.
    Also, I don’t have british heavys so I won’t bother with this if it ever
    comes to EU server.

  114. Hey I just wanted to tell you arty loves shooting at the A45 I always do
    full damage to them. So A45drivers you may find a big package coming from

  115. What headset do you use?

  116. That video would have been nice a week ago

  117. 5.8K DMG!!!!! HOWWWWWWWWW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  118. “lucky enough” lol dude WG will invite u to anything sepcial in their games
    no matter what

  119. What is the mod pack you are you using in this game, I can’t seem to find

  120. I have it xD

  121. But how did all those Bots get the FV?

  122. What mods are used in this vid? is it a modpack? anyway to find out?

  123. I love seeing these things in my TD’s. Doing the 15k xp each day was only
    5-10 games. So, not that difficult. Do the math. What is your time worth to
    you? Hell, a kid working a grocery store could earn the $15 unless than 3
    hr of work; or you could spend about 20 hours of your life grinding for
    200kills and 200k xp. 

  124. QB the new Caernarvon’s turret is weaker after the HD remodel, the A45
    turret is even more weak because has a “hole” that can be pen by tier6/7
    guns(the caernarvon’s turret has a “line”).

  125. in other words
    they need to die and be replaced with staff that gives a shit about their

  126. A Caernarvon T7?

  127. Nothing beats when I ammo racked one with the second shot in my bulldog 

  128. Citrus Aviation, Railfanning, & AMG Roadster

    Excellent replay Liked!
    How do I record replays?

  129. Make a video about fv4202 replacment

    • +Jerry Man You are really overbiasing this. When the T30 and T34 got
      replaced you got a T110E5 AND T30 tier 9 TD and if you had a T34 you got
      the M103 AND the T34 tier 8 premium.

      Besides, sources say there will be a mission to earn the FV4202P, which
      might be only for FV4202 owners.

    • +FLYBOY805
      Texture. Model is there.

    • +Stalker Poor thing …. thinks WG is stil lthe company they were when they
      nerfed german tanks with taking away the top engine and giving back the xp
      to the players in free xp…
      I’ll tell you what will happen. You will get your FV4202 replaced with the
      new tanks nothign else. You won’t get a free premium. And you can’t do
      anything about it because you clicked “agree” on the EULA before they let
      you in the garage. If yo udon’t believe me … Ask the chaffe drivers what
      happened to their chaffes when the bulldog and t49 were introduced 🙂
      Somewhere around 30k xp still sits on that tank for no reason. Basicaly WG
      takes away your xp if you don’t pay for it.

    • +Stalker most probably current FV4202 owners will get a mission with which
      they can unlock the FV4202 tier 8.

    • +Aleksa Jovic Its really that FV4202 will be premium and given free to the
      players whose already has it? Yesterday I bougth it!!

  130. Elvin van der Ploeg


  131. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    The funny thing is… The Black Prince’s turret with the same armament
    would be more reliable in all presented situations. Nobody seems to give
    that little thing a credit it deserves – numbers lie in case of BP, its
    turret is almost as impenetrable as this of T29.

    • +Simon Kopertowski Okay you might be right, but the turret on that tank is
      practically useless because you never get into an advantageous position
      with that tank due to it’s slow speed and long figure.

    • Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

      The weakest part of the mantlet of Black Prince is around 240mm thick and
      many areas are even thicker, up to over 600mm. Area around the mantlet –
      240mm. Bottom cheeks – around 200mm effective and small. Tiny, few pixel
      wide area around mantlet – 152mm. So, no, I’m not wrong. I have also tested
      it, with AMX 50 100 firing at said turret. Unless you are extremely lucky
      or hit tiny little cupola of BP, the turret is virtually impenetrable to
      tier VII and tier VIII vehicles and would still be somewhat decent at tier

    • +Simon Kopertowski No dude, you’re wrong.

  132. Not impressed by this tank

    • +Italo Rafael exactly how i have been describing it, a sluggish Centurion 1
      medium at tier 7 with worse turret armor, in fact the two’s silhouettes are
      very similar.

    • +SIG442 In my opnion, its a Centurion From tier 7, and that aint a hevay
      tank, its a medium tank.

    • +SIG442 It is somewhat of a mixed bag. Has some advantages, has some major

  133. every game, there was at least 5 A45s on each team..

  134. These tanks ruined MM for awhile.

  135. “how do I kill it?”

    Just stare at it for a few good seconds and the thing will go up in smoke.

  136. Quickybabytv please make a review of the soviet tier X heavy IS-7 !!

  137. I remeber playing 100 games in a day lol. No life

  138. The shitty thing is this, I unlocked the FV201 with about 6 days left in
    the month thinking I had the whole 8 day rental period to accumulate the
    200kills and XP only 200k to Find out the Mission period ends Aug 1st. Me
    and many Other people Pretty pissed off are feeling we had the full eight
    days of the rental and having the rug pulled out from under us and missing
    out. I paced myself on how much XP and kills i needed each day of the
    rental so I wasnt Chained to the computer for 10 hours A day and thought I
    had it in the bag but I was wrong. WG Needs to revamp the Mission system,
    it’s A jumbled mess.

    • +Jason Basler ouch 🙁

    • +FLYBOY805 Well in my case I assumed 8 days play time with it…that being
      said i assumed 25kills and 25k xp a day over 8 days and I would have it. I
      was actually ahead of the pace…I kind of liked the tank and had fun
      playing it so it wasn’t all that hard since I play most days anyway. Aside
      from that it would have been nice that you could sill purchase the tank as
      long as it was in your garage if you were not gonna make it cause I would
      have done that for sure but I didnt get that chance.

    • +Jason Basler to accumulate 200k XP and 200kills too keep it ? how much
      SERIOUSLY minimum wage is ~$8USD a hour! , i would rather work 3 hours –
      taxes = $16 dollars to keep it a tier 7 tank.
      regular price for tier 7 is $25-31 dollars.

  139. Why aren’t the bounce meter and the damage taken log in Quickybaby’s

  140. HeavyTankDriver X

    QB made no mention at all about WoT SEA server..I’ve got a FV201 (A45) and
    so has a LOT of players in the SEA server

  141. Ok, I spent a month everyday grinding out 15k xp and it wasn’t as bad until
    because you started to learn how to play it being hull down and how to take
    out mirror takes such as yourself. But after 45 keys it was crazy grinding
    out 200k xp in an 8 day span with the tank. However if you never want to
    spend money on this game I think this is a great opportunity to get a
    higher free tier tank. After 200xp I had to grind out 25k xp each day and
    the tank wasn’t as good as its fellow tier 7 heavy tanks. But it is a free
    premium tank.

    And I’d like to give a shoutout to wargaming, my girlfriend dumped me.

    • +RiFt Lydes thats really your fault, but try blame wg, maybe they give u 1
      gold :DDD

    • +Damian Robinson Indeed. It’s not that effective despite the slope. That’s
      why hull down on flat ground using cover or rubble isn’t as effective as
      hulling down on slopes.

      When you hull down on slopes, you greatly increase the sloping of the upper
      part of your turret and hide its relatively small cupola.

    • +Ian Sumallo Yup, 3 keys a day available on weekends for 7.5 XP made it a
      breeze to get, I hardly played during the week and still got it.
      Top of the turret isn’t all that troll if you’re higher than it though,
      first time I faced one (in my TOG) I was able to get 17pdr AP through the
      sloped turret above the mantlet.

    • +RiFt Lydes But was it worth it? Hell yes it was boy!

    • +RiFt Lydes What if I told you that here on the SEA, we get it for free
      after we get 45 keys. No buts. No ifs.

      I just saw it sitting in my garage one day… with the greatest effort I
      ever had to exert on getting one is reading the mission on how to get the
      tank when it popped up on my screen 45 days prior to that, and then
      completely forgetting about it afterwards.

      Great tank though. Managed to get decent games out of it. It’s allowing me
      to learn how to hull down properly more so than the American mediums.

  142. Had a tier 9 game in one, if its hull down it can bounce lots of shells. I
    bounced 2400 damage by being hull down. Its top sliver of armor can be
    penned, but if you are moving around its hard to do. The tank is a monster
    when hull down, or working a ridge line.

  143. If he hadn’t had apcr he would of had a shit game. Garbage aim.

  144. as usual fuck EU community ..why not

    • +Ville Lepoaho Yeah, in ”on track to” in NA server (like top of three)
      the players has the opportunity to win SU-100Y !!! (I think without rental)

    • +pjstonehill444 Have you seen all the epic stuff NA gets? And EU
      gets…..Coated Optics, +10% XP and a garage slot. Yay!

  145. LOL… fuck me no… like all the fuck me no… they can keep there fucking

  146. I ground the entire month for my FV201, and I gotta say, I absolutely loved
    the thing, earned a mark on it with a spanking crew that came out of my
    Churchill 1, which is also the same crew for my Excelsior and TOG2!
    I’ve seen a lot of people hate this tank, but that vehicle can do some
    serious damage in the right situations!

  147. OMG A DOG LEL :D

  148. I cri that My crucial Contribution replay with only two of these didn’t get
    shown 🙁 IGN vidhur1, Friend maui123459

  149. To be honest it doesn’t look that good it’s a premium you have to spam gold
    in to win and with not very effective armour. Ok the turret works most of
    the time but that’s it, stick it in a T9 game and see how well it works. Ok
    the guy played fine but only made 60K after ammo and that was in a game
    against loads of other weak tanks. If you did that well in a regular T7
    firing normal ammo you would make that much. I hope this special does come
    on EU but only so I can buy back the T29 or take the dust off my SU-152 and
    farm the damage off these things.

  150. TeamChemicalDestruct

    Any Information about when 9.10 whill come out?

  151. Last time a is-6 blame me on A55 use APCR to pen his front….

  152. I earned my A45. It was definitely worth it. It forced me to learn the tank
    and become pretty good at it. Also, I get to say I earned a tier 7 prem for
    free. Of course, all this is coming from a guy that LOVES the T-34-3, so my
    tastes are a wee bit different from most people.

  153. someone something

    This event is just stupid, inhuman requirements
    -If u see this tank in game after the event u know that player is retarded
    and do not have any rlf friends.

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +someone something It’s not a hard mission. Also 200,000 XP and 200 kills
      in 10 days isn’t too bad if you divide it up properly.

    • Then you may not be as smart as person who would use retarded for the rest
      of your lifetime. Also, you haven’t gotten this tank yet. Don’t judge
      things by the cover.

  154. I don’t have one, but this tank looks pretty darn bad. I’ve beaten them
    with complete ease in my T29 and IS. The IS armor for me is so so so troll.
    Same thing with this. The FV bounces off so many times, and only half the
    time APCR actually penetrates, and by that point, the 122mm gun finishes
    them off. With the T29, if I’m not hull down they tear me apart. I try not
    to let that happen though, and when I am hull down, there is absolutely
    nothing they can do, except receive the deadly 105mm gun. The A45 armor
    seems incredibly easy to penetrate for me. I dunno. Maybe I’ve gotten

  155. But if he didn’t have a premium account he would only get 11085 cr and
    4670exp…I really don’t understand why there’s always a focus on the
    premium results as it exaggerates what the tank really has to offer and the
    success of the battle

  156. a45 is not worth it at all

  157. thank you again for the informing video quicky. They really help me
    diciding on how to take tanks out or they help me diciding if i should pick
    em up

  158. I am still waiting for the russian &NA cluster mission to SU-100Y for
    logging into the game for two months to come to EU cluster, in the mean
    time, there is another mission for NA cluster only. Oh well, time to switch
    servers I guess?.. I dont get WG’s logic.

    • +xzavier palomo And that is the point. Every cluster should have same
      opportunity for events 🙂 I can’t remember if NA had Type 62 event, but I
      can remember how sad was I when I was told that EU cluster wont have
      SU-100Y event “for free”.

    • Well I don’t know, WG are finally giving the NA players such as me a great
      time 😀

  159. That tank is shit, gets ammoracked all the time, and so easy to kill, my
    kv2 can full pen from the front, did it once

  160. Alexander Reimann

    I have been told that the ammo rack is in the lower glacis so if you can
    not get hull down then try to hide the lower glacis

  161. I know what is the FV2201!! It’s basically a pain in the ass the fight

  162. it still got better frontal armor then the IS/T29/Tiger

    • +Leon Haven is has a 120mm base armor thickness

    • +tajj7 thanks 🙂

    • +Leon Haven to be fair yeh, it;s about the same, the IS front on can be a
      bit troll got some odd 180 effective bits but it’s LFP is only 118, UFP in
      most places is only 130, T29 front on UFP is about 140, LFP is 90, Tiger 1
      is obviously 100, so yeh to be fair it;s hull armour isn’t great but it’s
      not much worse than those. Hull down it’s decent but it lacks a gun behind
      the others, plus T29 turret is better, IS has good side armour and alpha

      Sadly the BP isn;t a great tanks and this is a premium counterpart of it so
      yeh that’s the problem. Mainly it’s the 17 pdr that makes it weak.

    • +1911doc my point was that the A45 is not the only tier 7 heavy with bad
      hull armor….

    • Leon stop talking bullshit!!

  163. I wonder if OMG_a_dog ever saw a bitch in his life. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

  164. Lol pathetic from WG, what a downfall for WoT.

  165. In fact KR server already do this event about 3weeks ago and many people
    get that one… Well… in my opinion A45 is a not good one. Because even
    tier6 light tanks(like T37) can damage them and that was my experience…

  166. Mini carernarvon it is

  167. Tatebayashi Sakurako

    Welp I got that FV201 A45 forever by completing 30 daily mission on SEA
    Server…15k exp per day and you will have a free FV201 A45 and you can
    keep it forever…yey

  168. Nice. Thanks for helping me decide how much to spend on getting this.

  169. Wow if this does not become available on the EU server, I will be so much
    disappointed! So much free stuff… :S

  170. SEA has got a lot of this.

  171. not played a 201 myself but ive gone against them in my T29 and they seem
    ok if maybe a bit weak in the gun

  172. Do you really think we will ever get this tank? Nope. Too high hopes.

  173. QuickTime baby what is a t95E5
    Hope u read dis 

  174. fastest ive ever gotten here

  175. It’s a tier 7 faturian 

  176. james fairley (Jamesalot)

    under 301 view

  177. Artyom D (Machine)

    The ware on the EU server 2 weeks back i got a replay of that tank

  178. Oml, never thought I’d time it where I’m coming to his channel just to
    find the xvm mod and this pops up

  179. Jan-Willem Jansen

    73 views uploaded 1 min ago 🙂 under 301 views on qb and jingles vid, now i
    can die :D

  180. Nice 2.

  181. What do you guys think of the FV201, the system of earning one or the fact
    it’s not on EU yet?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +QuickyBabyTV I’ve had this tank for nearly a week now – in Russian server
      we’ve had a promotion on July, where during the weekdays you’ve had to earn
      15k exp (any 5+ tier tank(all bonuses included)) which would earn you one
      point(similar to that key thing) and on weekends you’d need to need to earn
      7k exp three times per day,which gave 1 point each and adds up to 3/day.
      After accumulating 30 points the FV201 is added to your garage and with a
      slot and is yours to keep forever. The system was really simple this time
      and if you have some 10-15 of 7/8+ tier tanks you could do simply by
      getting your first win bonuses for each tank every day for a couple of

      I must say that the guy in the replay really rocked this match and used the
      tank perfectly, and it looks like he has a very good crew as well. However
      on an unsuitable map like Kharkov or Stalingrad(unless it goes to the
      beach, which would be a wiser decision) – it really struggles to get those
      results where he can’t go hull down or needs to stand on the front line as
      you can tank ONLY with the front of the turret when it’s angled.

    • +QuickyBabyTV i think world of tanks is going down……..hard

    • +QuickyBabyTV On NA servers u get missions like this almost every month but
      on EU servers u get so bad MM and one big dick that is nice WG

    • +Reginaldesq We have it on SEA server too

  182. Nikola Markanovic

    hi 1. one

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