World of Tanks || WHAT THE FOCH!

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of Tanks – AMX 50 Foch. Today Depp_vomDienstO815 is going to have an incredible performance in the T9 French tank which will leave you shouting WHAT THE FOCH!?!

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  1. Loved this video, especially that the resultat wasnt as expected

  2. He could just shoot the Vk with HE shell, he would’ve won that battle

  3. @Ben A its nt just jpz E100 the entire E100 chassis related tank need armour buff even tiger 2

  4. @PirateKitty i agree with u to some extent bt some tanks u cant go ahead charging lyk this,u need to camp nd position

  5. nothing bad? cough!armour is shit!cough

  6. Wasn’t listening to audio but that Foch should’ve used He on the Vk 100.01 P. It would inflict splash damage but im not sure how much

  7. Typo.. the video is RNG 83 but it says RNG 84


  9. will they update with no notice or warn everyone like 24hrs before 9.2?

  10. Can you move your stupid face out of the video? I cant see the chat.

  11. Bet you cant make it to Teir 5 in Warthunder A real Mans Game

  12. It’s sad that type 59 wasn’t able to see the great game by this Foch due to the disconnect 🙁

  13. The VK could have ended that engagement sooner if he had fired HE at the Foch. Then again the Pershing should have pushed in to the Foch’s side because he had the health to take a hit.

    While the Type 59 being AFK lost the game, the T30 was AFK for the start of the game. If that T30 wasn’t AFK then Depp’s team probably would have lost more quickly.

  14. Do before it was nerfed on type 59, so everyone who owns one can cry

  15. my heart bleeds for ya foch friend.

  16. There’s two things very bad about the foch (and the other French TDs): horrible soft stats, and bad gun arc. I don’t see why wargaming doesn’t just buff those two things instead of completely redesigning the high tier tanks

  17. Well, in these weeks we have seen lot of those French AMX Foch, Foch 155… They don’t really need any rebuild, resbalan e or whatever. New Foches will be very OP.

    The worst Td of all time in WoT (at tier 10) is 268, and this will remain behind other tds.
    Those buffs, at arch of fire and speed of shells.. OMG, no, it isn’t enough to make it competitive.

    And, back to Foches… Does anyone know what the fuck WG is gift g a free tier 10 to those that have a Foch 155?
    Its absurd.

  18. Fucking da wargaming, make a tier 8 heavy tank that can bounce 325mm APCR rounds off the turret front regularly

  19. Only needed one HE and he shot three AP rounds to finish the VK.

  20. Nice job. Too bad he didn’t use his HE rounds to finish off the VK.

  21. I have a request for quicky. Please stop the use of unloading. Sounds like bunch of gay people in the tank doing things.
    The request does not have to fulfilled as it does not give you any achievements or rewards.

  22. afk plays piss me off

  23. Blasterblade Librator

    Could you not block the chat where you put the your facecam. It would be rather funny to see the reaction of ppl in some videos.

  24. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    Hah!all because he didnt use he.

  25. Hi QB, i’ve been watching you since 2014, and decide to subscribe you in 2015 i think, i don’t remember, and i never like or comment your videos. i just want to say, from thousands videos you upload, this video’s thumbnail cracks me up. thanks for uploading very entertaining videos. from now on, i will start liking your videos 😀

  26. if someone are trying to find hidden op tank it is 3lvl t-70

  27. If WG ban all the idiots and useless players, the servers will be 50 % empty.

  28. I’m so frustrated for him :/

  29. Super timely I am just about to finish the AMX AC 48…. Maybe Foch tomorrow.
    Btw I just use HE vs Swedish tds. It’s easy mode.
    Ramming these French TDs is a bad idea if you are lightly armoured I did 1000 damage ramming to a UDES and only took a small amount back. Actually he rammed me at full speed while I was moving slowly ahead.

  30. Never use HE despite he die

  31. that’s the first heart break of the year that I’ve seen, anyways nice video man 🙂

  32. At least he died. Another replay with purple top tier player matched against potato team. What a replay

  33. Wanted to see what the WoT gameplay looks like nowadays. Oh well, it still looks like space invaders from the 80’s.
    Going back to War Thunder.

  34. WT auf E-100 reborn :O

  35. Glorious WoT physics in action right there, tanks riding up against walls and flipping on their side like dinky-toys.

    Also, this RNG low-pen roll on the VK 3 times in a row is idiotic, 320 pen should be more than enough to go through the whole front of the turret. But then again the VK is a tomato so that explains his RNJesus protection.

  36. Anyone else screaming “Use HE on the VK?”

  37. You can tell that this guy is a fail reroll, not being able to pen a T8 VK with 325 pen is just laughable.

  38. why dont u losers play like us real players and stop using pussy mods for a win lol lolsers need any help to win u pussies get a life and play fair like the rest of us who play fair not like u pussies who need mods to play no skill to hack a win lol u pussies

  39. Gheorghita Cristea

    Ofc it’s an Ace on 1941 base XP for courageous resistance

  40. A bot going afk and throwing the game? Nothing new here right?

  41. They’re a great battle buddy for my Jagdpanther II, as I can fire over the top of them while they protect my lower plate. However, when opposing they are impossible to destroy from the front even, with tier VIII premium ammo.

  42. HE is best ammo

  43. Does a monster game…. get’s rekt by the RNG pen and killed by a tomato….
    This is the reason why so many good players are leaving the game… This has nothing to do with skill, you can aim at weakspots all day long, RNG and shit players fuck everyone up in the end.

  44. I bet Depp punched a hole in his monitor

  45. Did someone forget to use HE ammo on 60 hp VK ? , looks like gold/premium ammo helps alot, but not this time Sunshine 🙂

  46. Thats a lot of gold rounds, 25!

  47. you got to remember the people on Xbox one we got 4.0 right now

  48. Damn it qb ur fucking with my emotions!!!!!!! U CHEEKEY BASTARD!

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