World of Tanks || What to do?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Pudel. Today I'm highlighting the important of the little decisions you make and how they can influence the battle!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. The end clip?

  2. I like videos like this one, wouldn’t mind seeing more.

  3. JUST_A_YOUTUBER ______

    Quicky 500k subs nice mate

  4. good video great tips, keep up the good work


  6. T-127 replay ..please.

  7. no, this tank is bad

  8. Please do more of this

  9. I just can’t see the Pudel being worth it. A veritable expert on WoT can only get around a 50% win rate in a new premium tank? That should tell you all you need to know. Want to win? Then don’t buy and play this tank. Want to make money with a tier 6 premium? There are other options that also allow you to win more often.

  10. Make nitty gritty and gigantic replays 50-50

  11. I prefer this kind of replay where you explain how you think and play. Helps me improve my own gameplay 😛

  12. Nitty gritty please qb, love your work

  13. Rather, I think the T29 was thinking “Purple” instead of “Pudel.”

    XVM is cancer.

  14. I actually posted a comment addressing this exact topic of big game commentary VS educational commentary. I started the game watching people like sidestrafe because he was pretty much the only YouTube around for WoT at the time. Didn’t learn shit. Rage quit because I had no clue how to play the game. Reinstalled years later and took my 36.01H into battle for the first time in ages. Got shot in the lower plate, set on fire, and killed before anyone had even been spotted yet.

    So I looked around for some popular WoT youtubers and found jingles. Didn’t really learn shit from him either, but I came across qb and circon through him and started learning more and more of the game with each video watched.

    I ended up watching videos from youtubers all over including unicums like valachio and zeven and eventually ended up bringing my recent wn8 to purple after 6k games (of which almost 2k were spent at an average 460 wn8).

    TL;DR: Qb’s educational videos helped me to become pretty good at the game just because he explained what was going through his head as he was playing. I would much prefer these kinds of videos to the “supercarry” replays that seem to litter this channel now.

    Some feedback: I think qb could utilize the pause feature of replays more often when trying to make a point. The parts where he was explaining where he was aiming at the t29 and where he was taking cover from the Hummel are two big examples of where it could have been used in this replay. I also think that he could explain why he takes all the little micropositions he does better like when he climbed the hill and got the shot down on the t37 or how he recognized the lack of mobility on the enemy team and used it to take a strong early position by rushing the A line.

  15. V.good and constructive video with a lot of detailed instructions “on how to…” Appreciate u made it in Pudel.

  16. Has the Grizzly become a T5 Premium Med tank yet ?

  17. Love the nitty gritty QB, the best way to improve is to understand the thought process of better players and take that onboard for yourself.

  18. Erhm, why do you still care about the Super Unicorns?
    It becomes to be a “who has the biggest replay” among WOT youtubers, up to the ridiculous Death Star replay featured by all of you major ones in one and the same day.
    Anyway common people, aka Average Joe type ones, are a lot more and I bet they are tired of watching all these boring, but high score games. Feature interesting gameplays no matter result, win or loss.

  19. Christopher Keller

    More please. WoT has a toxic following right now.. New players have little opportunity to learn from veterans because most are sending messages to new (or poor) players post-game telling them to uninstall, kill themselves, and so on. This video was a breath of clean air next to the dumpster fire of WoT community. I hope you do more like this, it is useful information and will be available for future players as a reference. Thank you.

  20. where could i send you my replay?

  21. I enjoy hearing the professional players thought process throughout the match. It helps me understand why the intricacies of movement can help preserve your life points at critical moments in the match. Thanks QB.

  22. Do boju 😀

  23. Went through 14 premium rounds that match?

  24. Great video with great tips and little tricks to use and boost your win rate ??

  25. I really like the commentary in which you explain your decision-making process during a match. As a rather new player, I find insights like these incredibly useful.

  26. Am I the only one who doesn’t play WoT but watches QuickyBaby anyway?

  27. That’s what someone on drugs would say

  28. I super mega try hard really hard all the time !! …..and fail…..1:17

  29. In my opinion the Pudel is one of the best tier 6 prems. At least this Prem did really exist, not like the Strv m/42-57 Alt. A2, what existed only on paper

  30. Hi. Thanks for all the game information and fun viewing experience. What do you think about having the World of folks add Smoke Rounds to some of the tanks? We think three to five rounds per game in specific types of tanks, would add a very interesting aspect to the game. WoW has them on destroyers and some cruisers.

  31. Hello QB,
    this style is perfect, it is really helpfull to see your gameplay with comentary about tiny but wery important details! Good job, go on buddy!

  32. These videos where you go into small details are much better for me to improve!
    It helps me think more like you and get a better result

  33. Sooo the t29 had a pudel

  34. Can i get tier 7 Tank Plz

  35. SERGEJ mastergames

    what is your name in world of tanks?

  36. Hi QB I really liked the way you paused and rewound the replay to explain what you did and why, you even mentioned some of the things the enemy team did wrong (like the t29), but what would be really interesting to me is if you gave insight as to what you would do in the enemies situation. As an example when you talked about your ‘pincer movement’ what should/could the enemy team have done to counter it, what should the t29 have done instead of chasing you, etc etc. You don’t have to do this for all the situations on the battlefield (or at all if you don’t like my idea lol 😉 ) but I think it would be cool and add even more depth to the video 🙂

    Please keep the content coming 🙂

  37. This was a very interesting and educational video. More of these!
    I especially liked the little trick with the Grille at the end. I will definitely try to use that.

  38. No, it’s down to the vehicle. I’ve got exactly the same problem with this tank and you what the problem is? It can’t snapshot and for a gun with such low alpha it’s critical to be able to quickly snap off shots and pull back. The Pudel will miss snapshots even at point blank range all the time.

    Another problem is that you can’t snipe with this tank either, despite the gun stats it’s terrible for sniping and will miss more shots than hit them.

    So what you are left with is a tank which can’t brawl, can’t snapshot and can’t snipe so there is no one style to influence the battle with. You can only play re actively in it which already puts you on the back-foot.

    They should buff the dispersion values on this tank and the aimtime so the gun handling is exactly the same as the Panzer V/IV on tier 5, THEN this tank would become use-able and balanced.

  39. I have 20% wins with 1400 avg damage on the pudel, it might just be the weekend teams tbh.

  40. And to think that I just go for the cupola of the T29 (with 50/50 success) in my PZ III/IV and VK 30.01D.

  41. Luck, and some judgement, but mainly luck.

  42. i definitely prefer this type of replay with the inside the mind running commentary, makes it easier to try and think about and apply it to your own games.

  43. I realy like that kind of Video where you explain what you doing.
    I realy learn alot of those and would apreciate if you would do more of it 🙂

  44. That ending tho 😀

  45. you are wg bitch, promote theyr vehicle like all noobs buy them :))) u will sell even your wife to wg :)))cretin

  46. 3:10 – I wasn’t aware you could even go there on that Map.

  47. I’d rather see interesting games instead of extreme damage scores, as the two don’t always go hand in hand.

  48. 9thRoyalPirateAssassin (Mystic Stirling)

    That bonus clip in the end ;P

  49. My favourite tank is the M103 the teer 9 American (sorry if I spell that rong )??

  50. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Suplements… Mr QB been hitting the Gym lately yes???

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