World of Tanks || WHEELED LIGHT TANKS!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today at Gamescom Wargaming showed us a sneak peek of upcoming wheeled light tanks. Here’s all we know so far!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. I just have one question: Are those things still subject to change?

  2. where is the difference between this and the elc 90?

  3. Tell a wargaming I like this and they must add this

  4. Flat tire instead deadtrack?

  5. Umm World of Cars/Wheels? Who asked for that?!?

  6. Dear god no.

    No need for this.

  7. And how are we able to track them?

  8. Lasse Emil Lind Andersen

    It would be awesome if the wheel versions where bad in muddy terrain. They could even go so far to make them take some of the air pressure out of their tires to go across muddy terrain.

  9. Никита Павлов Никко1900

    This French armored vehicle, that WG shown in the tiser, it’s Panhard EBR 75, 8-wheeled with Metal wheels in the middle and usual car’s wheels in front and in the back. It armed with turret and gun from AMX-13 75.

  10. *Panhard EBR*

  11. The only way these new tanks could be balanced is if they’re 1 or 2 shots to destroy.

  12. rip my new earphones :/ ohh wait ..

  13. No comment on a possible rework of Physics? I can see a few early terminated games due to a flip or drowning on the slippery rocks given their speed. Or perhaps they will have a unique trait that prevents them from landing on their roof or by getting boosted back upright after say 30 seconds?

  14. Yawn… bad gun, bad armour, bad view range and possibly mediocre camo, with only mobility on the current small maps and corridor meta… i can already see the popularity of this vehicle on the wall *facepalm*

  15. QuikyBab!!! I cant BUY tanks something broke Can u HELP ME?!

  16. So finally WoT get things War Thunder has for years already 😀

  17. So tds will also get tires? There are some modern ones that have that feature

  18. going to re-buy the ELC AMX

  19. Low view range + high camo may hopefully force quick lil assassination runs where you have to dash in close to see anything, but you have the stealth to do it.

  20. he said mid ties so 6??

  21. Is this the new Fast and Furious trailer

  22. Fuck wheeled tanks right now. I want better teir matches and some tanks balanced better. Teir 3 tanks that can’t fight some tanks like 5 heavies or the biggest p2w tank ever (PZ V/IV) makes the game hard to play. Even in a tank like the KV-1 the best ammored tank at it’s time is getting beat by a fucking PZ all because it’s a premium. Stop ignoring problems like this please

  23. therandomnessisreal

    T-50-2 ?

  24. All these people complaining about stereo audio, he is sitting on the left side of the screen, of course his voice will only come from the left! ^^

  25. Next- Wheeled Defender

  26. Can we get a daimler armoured car now? Pls wargaming

  27. Dreadnought's Nightmare

    I already see 2/3 of the TD players ragequitting and messages from the wheeled tanks saying: “Buy a turret scrub :p “. Great wg is adding new stuff which is cool to see from time to time, but for the sake of the playerbase some bugs, hitboxes, probably half the russian tech tree and prem ammo must be reworked.

  28. Please buff elc bis.14 seconds reload time for 240 alpha damage is really useless. This is sucks. Reload time should be 11 seconds.Elc is not fast like old days so should be have good dpm

  29. Amazing!! There is the Panhard EBR, a light french armored reconnaissance vehicle! In the fact there is 4 steered wheels (the twinces extrem wheels) and 2 pairs of indestructible metal wheels at the center and 2 drivers positions (There is no front and rear, so it able to driver forward and backward at the same seed). You can search the article of this vehicle “Panhard EBR” in Wikipedia for more information 😉

  30. Thats bullshit thats not world of TANKS thats world of fucking cars

  31. Thank you left ear 🙂 Whats wrong with that audio? WG mic at GC?

    I was talking about wheeled tanks five years ago and everyone said not possible, they won’t etc.
    I think its an important add. Maybe influenced by Gaijin… And I see a whole branch of Italian, German, American and English wheeled “Tanks” coming…

    As always, thanks for your good reports Quickybaby!

  32. sinigangsagingsaginisangsinangag baw

    next, you transfer the mic above your forehead so we’ll have a balance audio.

  33. has dropped the number of players if they do not fix mm and balance tanks, especially the old forgotten (outdated) tanks in all tiers (spec. tier 6,7 and 8),
    Tier 8 can not be played with the current mm ,
    totally helpless with penetration and armor

  34. You can’t track a vehicle which has no tracks ?

  35. Are those tubeless tiers ? XD

  36. Wargaming isn’t rlly good on balancing tanks ?????

  37. I would like to see 2 last people on each team both with 14 kills to see them battle

  38. Aww heck yes.

  39. Me want wirbelwind in wot

  40. Dellinger the fighting fish

    I think this is world of tanks not Armored Warfare?

  41. How to ruin the game even more.

  42. That vehicle is a panhard EBR

  43. Nice, more french cancer thats gonna annoy the shit outta me

  44. I never thought I would see this day ???????

  45. Shit I chucked my head set in the bin thinking it was broken. WTF how can it be possible that this only works in one earpiece? Pity the bin man picked up the rubbish already. Maybe I should have read the other comments before I launched my headset out in frustration.

  46. Yeah, I already see those little fu…rs moving around helpless heavy tanks shooting freely. Because artys are not annoying enough. No. Fuck you WG.

  47. it’s a Panhard EBR (armoured recon car )

  48. My right ear enjoyed this, cuz it didnt have to listen a crying brit.

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