World of Tanks || Wheely Fast!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Lynx. Today we're playing the first of the wheely fast French tanks… I'll leave…


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% , a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I’m the quickybaby on xbox without the livestreams

  2. QB plz dont make anymore wheeled tanks vids. i want vids of real tanks.

  3. Turbo Busa or Die!

  4. Μιχαή מיכאל

    nobody use other lights in clan war

  5. So, armored cars are in World of Tanks. BMW sidecar with an MG-42 when?

  6. **Wheeled Tanks.*

    These are not Light Tanks, as LTs are not These….
    (though once upon a time they kinda sorta were // to say were fun or good. lulz)

  7. tbh i didnt get the title for a minute. i was thinking of it literally, like the vehicle could do a wheely because it was so fast.

  8. As for other things and issues these can cause……
    *It’s Almost Like WG Needs to UNNERF Other Tanks In The Game Now Ehs? >_>*

    (that would been nice ehs, if crew skills mattered again, rip) them were fun…

    To say all the RNG with fake misses and how legit tanks bloom so much;
    also how Light Tanks don’t have the things they are meant to have to their names, being on the go shooting along with gun stats. Someday?

  9. These are a disease

  10. *The Puns Are Real*

  11. They should add the FV201 Scorpion to the Brits or French or some other European country cause its from NATO

  12. NOW thats a sneakie TITLE, isnt it

  13. this is a rubish video Quicky , stop advertising this kind of shit videos , tier 8 v tier 6 ,, if u wanna show us something rly decent ..go like all players who play this shit french lights now , play t 8 v t8 or 9 and 10 ,, show us your skills as a good player u are , when you playing vs same tier or a tier higher ,, .. everyone can do a 4-7 kills game vs a 2 tiers low mm ,,, ,ure agood player and we all konw that , but pls stop licking wargaming ass by showing us this kind of videos ,, just to make us spend more free exp ,just to play this rubish light ,.
    kind regards

  14. I’m just waiting for WG to add modern tanks like the wheeled TDs and tier 11 and 12 with modern tanks like the t14 Armata and the abrams
    The wheeled Td’s will be awesome, not the biggest gun but fast speed to relocate for shots coz its large body wont let it scout

  15. Wilshire the Orange

    It seems like wg is sticking with the tradition of making a tech tree good/giving the special feature only when you get to the tier 8.

  16. I liked the tier 6 more than the 7. So far it is being frustrating for me because of the low reverse speed and the gun seems to be less accurate. Also, while you could get around with 300 base view range on tier 6, 310 in 7 is really bad, almost everything can outspot you. Can’t wait to get rid of this thing.

  17. Herbert Odilio Balsamo

    These French wheeled ‘tanks’ annoys me. They have laser-like accuracy on the move and its so fast that you need to lead your shots really far.

  18. I was playing the amx elc bis just for the lols and there were 3-5 of them on each team in each battle

  19. circon was doing rlly well in these. its probably a playstyle thing.

  20. I don’t like wheeled tanks; I think that they will signal the death of WOT. they will at least piss a lot of players off, because of the circle strafing, and players shooting and not hitting the fast wheeled vehicles. the result in my opinion will significant reduce the player base.

  21. Quick fix is to allow them to wear bioculars.. why gimp one type of tank.

  22. There is a certain way to play these vehicles and it isn’t as a scout. Nor as a sniper. But … there ya go! You can active scout if you have wide open map but try active scouting in Himmelsdork or some such.

  23. Arent wheeled tanks called APCs? Armored Personnel Carriers. Cant quite remember
    Edit: Forgot to ask; does these tanks have their own line so it doesnt start from like… (Example: AMX 13 75 -> “Wheeled tank”) Im on console so these will take a long time to get in game since WG does it all first on PC then console.

  24. The Tier 6 is very good. I got 60+ % with it

  25. Notice how his goal is to improve his win rate? Because even QB knows that you can bust your ass and carry an entire team but if you don’t win, it doesn’t mean shit. WG seriously needs to base their XP, PR, etc on one’s contribution to the battle instead of just winning.

  26. more wheely boom cars!

  27. At the moment the game seems to be littered with lights, driving around like crazy.

  28. While they did a decent job with the stock grind, it is still a pain since there is not a single module taken from either other tech tree lines or preceding tanks. At least you get the high pen HE quite early and are set damage wise.

  29. With the speed and accuracy these vehicles are over powered , from tier 7 up. Pls WG nurf accuracy

  30. I see the Russians Nerf the french in Potato tanks as well as Gayjin.

  31. I hate my self because i put my money in this game, i can not play anymore after this wheel introduce in the game, is ruin the game play, now this game is not WORLD OF TANKS!!!

  32. I hate playing them and I hate playing against them.

  33. All CC are just advertizer of this game….they say good,if wot want…nothing for players.. now wot is jst shit

  34. Why is your aiming circle so small all the time…like I gotta wait 1m until that shit gets smaller

  35. WOT,….I was spotted within 10 seconds of game starting…AT BASE…took 5 shots before being killed..come on man. Perfect 4 unicoms like quick…WG…please nerf..its like the E-25…they said they will discontinue the TD…cause its OP…what did WG DO? sell the E-25 again…

  36. Its sad to see all the CC’s having no issues with these vehicles

  37. I just grinded the tier 6, the only thing it is doing great is getting killed fast. I probably am not good enough. Grinding the modules is no fun. I wanted one to kill arty but it is to slow. It is fun to go fast around but it would be great if I could find a way to keep it alive longer then 30 secondes. It is a major dissapointment.

  38. You should make a voido on the tire five medium french tank it has a durp gun if it’s not on PC it’s on xbox

  39. 7:03 I feel the french surrender jokes coming …

  40. Syed Sabih ur Rehman

    WG should also add german, us and uk armored cars, like puma and greyhound.

  41. hellcat can go faster than the cancer on wheels tier 7

  42. these vehicles are braking the game.

    if one team have a wheelie and the other does not, with 75% chance, the wheelie team wins. if there is someone who can approve this with serves statistics, we can see the exact ratio.

    and any other lights does not have much chance against these ones because of the autoaim thing.

    especially tier 5-6 battles are completely broken because of 7-8 light tanks per team. yesterday i played a battle with 4 elc per team with other lights. and that is not funny.

  43. Whoever thinks these tanks are balanced need to get their head checked.

  44. I like the new wheeled tanks, but why does every recent video have to center around them? Can’t you also throw in some normal tank gameplay?

  45. Tier 6 was the best 5 times got the ace on him, top gun, high caliber and others

  46. These armored cars are trash, their guns do low damage, they have no armor and they are blind as bats, really the only thing they got going for them is the speed and i guess the precision shots on the move. Before they were implemented into the game people were saying they were gonna break the game, well to them i say; how do you break something that’s already broken?!

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