World of Tanks || When All is LOST!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks. Today our hero in the Tortoise is going to keep swinging when all hope appears lost!


World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I’ve been in this situation in a panzer one c where (on this map). Except when I got to the cap the arty was waiting in around that same position that qb pointed out and shotgunned me. Fuk u arty

  2. I havent even finished watching this video and I know its going to be great! Happy 2019 from Finland ?

  3. T49 should’ve loaded HE to kill him. Same for E100

  4. Honestly if the E 100 was smart and fired HE, he could have shut him down.

  5. T9 STG huh?

  6. 12:46 why does he need to be capping for 5 seconds before the artillery reaches the cap circle? Really don’t understand it

  7. Good game for sure.

  8. I’ve seen two overbuffed tanks in this match. I totally agree that tortoise needed a buff, I went through it when it was paper and it was seriously depressing to see tier 8 not even having to aim for cupola. But on other hand, now you have to hit this pixel sized weakspot from distances! With corridor maps enemy needed to jump from rocks to flank him. Right now the cupola reminds Type 4/5 Heavy cupola, which I stopped looking at as a weakspot, because it bounces so often.

    And the other one is ob. 430, who was pretty much sidescraping at 30-45 degrees and was still bouncing. I think only superheavies like Maus, E100 and Type 4/5 Heavy can do that apart from this… fast russian medium? I’m definitely not OK with fact that a tank DESTROYER needs to load gold to be even able to pen a medium at all. All the shots at him from distance that penetrated were possible only due to mistake of ob. 430 driver.

  9. Tbh I thought the thumbnails would be a sturmtiger

  10. JP E100 should have an armor like this… -.-

  11. Is people stupid? Thats why i always have 5 he shell in every tank for situation like this.

  12. QuickyBaby, can you please, PLEASE, release a 1.3 xvm modpack, its NOT HARD to even refer to it in a video to ATLEAST let us know when it will be coming.

  13. and he finished last TD-15 mission QB 🙂

  14. That was rather entertaining

  15. Was that a Pantera reference? ??

  16. QB, you featured a player using an illegal mod in your video “I’M ALL IN!” from December 23th!
    Watch this, you’ll see how obvious it is!

  17. All because none of the enemies had the brain to load 1 HE round…..

  18. Intentional Glitch

    Ok I understand gold spamming is cancerous, but Mr. Quickybaby, the Tortoise was also spamming gold, so saying that the E-100 is compensating for “low skill” is a hit below the belt. (P.S. I love your videos and I still can’t get over that you featured my clan mate Hells_Revenge :D)

    • So the Tortoise should just stop shooting and ask nicely for the E-100 to turn around and show his rear?
      E-100 could have shot HE or aimed instead of just autoaiming HEAT.

  19. I know what you mean about ‘non turreted’ tanks, I refer to them as ‘strait jackets’!

  20. *”When Weakpoints are ‘Weakpoints” aka ‘Shoot Here To Not Need Skill to Win…’*
    yeah no. Overly Fake full-damage no_skill_to_hit “weak points” were a big issue for the game due to an outside non-critical hit doing the full normal randomized damage.
    (your scrape an outer AA gun, and do over 400 damage? but meh)

    If they’d MODEL their tanks “damage areas” to go more also with such kinds of things, it’d be more fair to have em overly soft from the front but meh. Til they fix RNG Dependency and Gold Ammo though, who can say. XD
    *esp not that they added Loot Boxes for kids to gamble with?

    • Also still WtFek an Arty can hit from one base into the other one? >_>
      “Game Balance,” thou name is not WG…. XD


  22. I stopped climbing this tech tree at AT15. These tanks are just to slow for me. Anyway, awesome game.

  23. No he shell? Really? Such an idiot team… 🙂 well played!

  24. No gold, No win.

  25. how can you do the free cam on the replay ?
    can anyone help me ?

  26. And if i m correct, he also got a lady crew member!

  27. yeah yeah he got a bit lucky, that the E100… bla bla bla BS! he played one hell of a great match! I always loved the Tortoise for his armor and his gun… but damn it is slow 🙂
    Pazurre u played a great match! dont let anyone tell u otherwise! 99% of those that claim u had luck with the E100 had already shit them-selfes when they had seen a almost Full HP E100 charging at them… but U: U had the Balls of Steel to drive towards him a bit so u are able to reverse and soften the impact… than u “jiggled” ur tank so he cant hit ur weak spot… VERY VERY well played! Congrats!!!

    • Every great game is full of luck. Miracle bounces, nicely timed ammoracks/fires, lowrlls, etc. He got lucky and that’s why he got that result

  28. Hello idiot enemy team, HE shells were invented hundreds of years before these metal tanks were made…

  29. Easy to play with idiots who don’t know shit about HE shells!!!

  30. Guys i just realised that they will nerf prem ammo but redo the armor of the normal tanks. What about the premium one like defender will they nerf it?

  31. *Tabs 2 key*

  32. Play the 430! Yes please ?

  33. on ASIA the team would be spamming the map like hell and being more intrusive than helpful like his team

  34. This man is the Bob Ross of World of Tanks

  35. That e100 player is an idiot. He could have used he instead

  36. The map that I got the highest base xp in the M4 Thunderbolt and as well won an i7 Processor at Twitchcon :V

  37. Confused_Travolta

    Srsly what a retarted enemy team. I never ever have so much luck. Nobody shots HE? T49 without troll gun? Nobody can pen his cupola? Arty not running away in 2 directions for ugly draw? No arty capping in the same time? With my luck I would die at the start from cupola shots from lower tiers… xD

  38. I quite like it because on Console, i refuse to play the Tortoise because of the cupola is made of paper and people can hit you easily at 400-500 meters. I think buffing the Hull was a mistake but the Cupola needed some love (Maybe not 280 mm) as the only way to survive is to hide the cupola and you can’t always rely on the building or rock being on the right hand side.

    Next Update this month on Console we will get the French Heavies and the Badger, Also the Deathstar (Unnerfed) is remaining in our Tech Tree so i’ll have two tanks to grind for. I’m hoping Console get a similar buff to the cupola but keep Hull the same then i can grind the Tortoise.

  39. Sometime i Was playing with the amx 38 and almost everything bounses

  40. The only reason for this replay is muppets enemys. One He from the e100 and it was over. I never get muppets like this as my adversaries.

  41. E-100: HE? What that? You mean HEAT?

  42. Match like this will happened now and never again!

  43. *The Lone Wolf Assassin*

    E-100 decided to not angle his turret inbetween shells makes him very easy to kill too, why did he face hug the tortoise too?

  44. You got the first thumb down from me.

  45. all they needed was 1 big HE shell…why can’t i get these noobs on the enemy team?

  46. i’ve started to realise that these replays are less about the player’s skill and more about the enemies failures

  47. “cap”

    Laughed my butt off.

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