World of Tanks || When Everything Goes Right!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-1 and AMX 13 90. Today we’re going to see what happens when you keep rolling sixes and everything goes right!

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. You should have platooned with the bc12t could have got a crucial

  2. My luckiest moment in WOT was when I was playing arty trying to hit a tank on the hill, it missed the tank and killed the enemy arty on the other side of the hill, shocking moment. Isn’t that crazy!? Wish i had recorded it 🙁

    Second lucky moment was when i tried to hit the enemy light tank with KV1S before it was nerfed, a few seconds later heard the enemy KV1 was destroyed. It was hit, and set on fire for all his health. Can’t imagine how that guy felt 😛 I have a video of that one

  3. Gotta love the natural 20s one gets when playing world of tanks… what’s less enjoyable are all the 1s people roll.

    Arty Fully aims but the shot lands nowhere near where you aimed and nearly kills an ally.

    Strv S1: 288mm penetration shell hits a flat 90mm plate and bounces.

    ISU-152: Point blank AP round that misses a Maus somehow.

    Like seriously that kind of thing shouldn’t happen it’s kind of silly.

  4. Your camera didn’t much enjoy that snap

  5. Luckiest moment hmm that was a while a go where my pc was just lagging af with the amx 12t I think I got a replay of that named lag and luckiness is the best combination lel
    Cya later cookie baby xD

  6. The best thing about the new 13 90 is that it can now use vert stab

  7. Bounced 2 times JG E100 and grille 15 with caernarvon in one round amd the ammorecked that jg who i bounced.

  8. woot, kill them tomatos! you’re very skilled indeed, don’t see many video’s when he’s up against good players.

  9. In D&D you want 20’s…

  10. Your last video of broken mm, I stated a comment that LTs and TDs has the biggest chance of being a top tier.. well well well what do we have here, 2 replays with TD&LT high tiers 😀

  11. do i remember wrong or did kv get kv2’s derp in tier5

  12. My luckiest moment when I was blocked Jagd E100’s gold shell with Type 59

  13. My last game with M53/55 before i sell it – 7 shots fired, 8 kills gained ☺

  14. “When everything goes right”

    *misses first shot

  15. QuickyBaby if only Wargaming would scrap the whole “accuracy” mechanic completely that would make the game much less frustrating and takes some rng elements out. example: a gun shoots bullets where it’s pointing and where those bullets go is dependent on the their velocity and drop. Waiting for a white circle on your screen to minimize and having your shell go somewhere within that circle is impractical and, quite frankly, lazy programming. Everyone’s had those shots that go nowhere near where you’re aiming and bounce off steep angles, go into the tracks, etc. Some of these shots can lose you entire matches. You should only have to worry about having to account for shell travel time, shell drop from shooting at range, and waiting for your gun to settle, not hoping your shell doesn’t take a 40 degree right/left turn when leaving the barrel. The aiming circle would be replaced my an actual sight and crosshair for 3rd person. (something War Thunder got right that WoT can incorporate quite easily)

  16. I love the T-150. I’m only a so-so player, but I have a 56.57% WR in 426 battles. And average damage in the 80th percentile or so. It’s a great machine, for all its faults.

  17. Did… Did QB aim at the HULL of a Churchill VII when he had his turret pointing straight at him? I smell someone too used to high tiers and/or prem ammo.

  18. Luckiest game was in a KV-1. One third of the way thru the game had 1 kill and 4 hp left. For the next two thirds of the game I kept the 4 hp and killed 8 further tanks for a Radley-Walter’s medal (plus others). Lucky that no one on the other team ever figured out to fire HE at me instead of AP including the Duck I got the final kill on to end the game.

  19. the rng on that 150 game was insane.

  20. 16 gold rounds. sorry but thats too much. gold spammers. gold should be limited to 3 or 4 rounds to everyone per battle

  21. 2k damage a minute in these 2 tanks?? I do 3k in my tier 5…

  22. 8:52 lol that jagtiger in G1

  23. Luckiest moment? Had a full health enemy CDC roll right out in front of my KV2 sideways on just as i finished reloading. 1 shot, penetrated for over 1000 damage, and fire did the rest.

  24. My luckyest moment was when i amorack 2 tigers I in 1 battle with kv2

  25. Cool video!

  26. My lucky moment was in a 9 kill game in my comet and it was me against a final su152. And I was hiding behind this dead VK36 and the gun of the vk blocked the su152s shot twice

  27. LuckyBaby

  28. Just had a game like this in my Jg Pz. E100, one shorted 4 tanks and scrapped up another 3. Feels really really good

  29. Luckiest moment is when I killed an M103 by bouncing 3 of his shots…off my gun…in the tier 5 KV-2 back in the day. that’s second only to when I got the VK28.01 and killed an IS7 by shooting HE at his rear sproket wheel till he caught fire 2 times and died.

  30. What I really like about your replays is that you don’t splash gold sheels out

  31. Fun video. I think you meant roll a natural 20, not sixes in D&D.

  32. My luckiest moment must be when I manage to complete T28 HT-mission No. 15 (8k damage)- with softest premium T7 tank VK45.03 😀

  33. In my M53/M55 I once shot a T49 that was falling off the North side of the hill on mines. He died and landed. A few seconds later, I got a second kill on an enemy medium that the T49 had landed on. Most interesting bombardier ever and for some reason it credited me with an arsonist.

  34. Luckiest moment: I was playing an artillery unit (got frustrated with those Japanese heavies) and the game was down to 1v1. Myself vs the enemy artillery. So I went looking for him. And found him. He splashed me, taking my tracks off. Couldn’t move, he was going to go around me and reload and I thought I was dead for sure, but then he proceeded to reverse in front of my gun! And boom, goodnight. Not so much luck on my part as stupidity from him but hey, can’t complain!

  35. Show some crap games sometimes, all these great games you arr showing artificially make the game look more fun than it is. More times than not the frustration level when playing this game can make you crazy.

  36. You also have that gun on the KV-2, but for obvious reasons nobody uses it

  37. My luckiest moment in wot was a bombardier medal in KV-2, or Kolobanov’s where I did nothing special… Maybe even “raider” medal with Amx 40 even tho I finished that battle with some damage! I have no idea what of those is a winner.

  38. Bat Shanty 12T

  39. Nice games cookie.

  40. If you only roll sixes in Axis and Allies (board game), you lose big 😀

  41. My lucky moment was when I bounced an AP shell from an ISU-152 BL-10 with a bloody T67, bloody near impossible, but it happened. Isu player was mad, oh boy he was absolutely raging ? flanked him to death too on the same occasion

  42. Who said autoloader are not OP?

  43. Very slick move with the video link appearing in the corner of the screen. That was timed perfectly.

  44. I didn’t know facehugging a Rhm in a tier 6 was ever recommended.

  45. Borsig: *WHY DID YOU KILL ME!?*
    M40: I didn’t mean to! I was only trying to save you!

  46. T-150 in tier 6 is a complete beast. I have a 5 skills crew on it just because it was the most used tank in tier 6 skirmishes long time ago. With a 5 skills crew this tanks is a monster

  47. my luckiest moment was probably when I got my one and only Fadin´s medal, with the IS-6. I had ammorack dmg, a damaged gun, no repair kit, and the last one was an arty, who just disappeared behind the building on Malinovka…I was on kinda low HP as well…so not a good position really…BUT…I tried my luck, shot blind, and….yeah, nailed him 🙂 this was many patches ago, so unfortunatelly no replay file :-/

  48. This is my fav vehicle 🙂 T-150 <3

  49. you tell us, the viewrange isn’t that bad, but whithout the 2 viewrange skills (both on the commander 3 skills when you take sixth sense first) and coffee you don’t manage to reach max viewrange. I think you should play the tanks with a no or one skill crew to form your opinion.

  50. Shooting at the general direction of a leapard pta and 1 shooting it on the move

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