World of Tanks || When Everything Goes Wrong…

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In when everything goes wrong I like to take my T10 medium, the , for a spin; and today my fortune changes considerably.

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  1. Hi I am quickbaby, I’m back on my OP tank enjoying my OP meds cause we all know WOT will never nerf them cause tournaments are filled with them. Don’t you love to have impenetrable turret, very good alpha, pen, depression and yet super speed? It’s called Russian bias technology.

  2. Gale Wings Jordan

    is the switch worth it? I don’t exactly have a stable income and I want to know whether I should wait?

  3. Sold, next ? Pampers?

  4. Are you sure you haven’t uploaded this replay before? I remember you talking about the T-54 blocking you and being useless. I don’t watch your streams, so I can’t have seen it there…

  5. Anyone think he just sounds very very hyper

  6. he posted this vid 2 months ago

  7. Xyril Einzen Carin

    Who else noticed that the thumbnail of this video is also the same thumbnail at the “Is DPM Everything?” of Quickybaby

  8. Gabriel Rynerson

    Hey guys I just got past the object 416. Should I go for the T54 or the object 430 II? Reply plz

  9. hi, quicky pls make video how to rise up your stats and witch tank is better to do with?

  10. Good rate of fire but you missed alot.

  11. Wait a minute… I’ve seen this thumbnail before…

  12. wait, isn’t M48 patton the highest dpm for medium in the game? Just realise the patton isn’t that highlighted in this channel, does he hate pattons?

  13. the shells cost about the same as the is3

  14. The tank has good handaling and also speed

  15. guys would a imac with virtualbox be able to play world of tanks?

  16. i play wotb and i want to start playing wot

  17. this guy sounds a little full of himself

  18. Your whole channel in a nutshell

  19. qb you made this video before u started to play zelda what happen here :O

  20. “I didn’t do much damage this round… ” says QB with a 4,600 dmg game.

  21. Do Phan Long Long

    the hidden hero

  22. After killing that M48 if the E4 hit you he probably would have rolled low doing 550 damage lol

  23. this has more dpm than the AX?

  24. TaskForceGamingHD

    I have a question is this good for wot and just really any games?
    I5 7600k
    Z270-a pro
    Gtx 960 ssc 2gb
    8gb of ram
    1tb or storage

  25. LA Hamilton-Brown

    That ‘western tank’

  26. Whenever Everything goes wrong you’re playing with 180 – 250 ping against 20 so…Doom. #PingWill ScewYou..?

  27. I thought the thumbnail looked familiar. it was used for “is dpm everything”. not being rude. just making an observation

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    The 2 year old Thumbnail^^

  29. The frontal armor on the 140 does actually have better effective frontal hull armor than the 430 even though it’s thinner, as it’s angled quite alot more.

  30. Is it just me or did er see this replay before?

  31. Hey i got a T_43 aiming for t54 and t62a and the armor on t 43 is ok but any tips for playing t 43 and thanks modpack video and info all the best

  32. I’d love to see a review of the Switch QB!

  33. Quickybaby I think you shall use XVM’s left HP stats. I couldn’t switch on. You know XVM so you can switch it on. That thing is so important when your team doesn’t remind you enemies’ HP.

  34. Pretty sure the M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo with the 105 mm howitzer is better in terms of DPM

  35. Breath of the wild… AWESOME 😀

  36. Well, my “when everything goes wrong” is more about taking a one shot by arty and then a 15-0 by the enemy team… but okay, doesn’t matter… :/

  37. Lmao. Scoreboard 6:53

  38. I am still trying to figure out what the title has to do with the video..

  39. do a switch rewiew pls

  40. could u make a video on the amx 30B

  41. Hey quickybaby how about trying your hand at War Thunder?

  42. How does he Draw in him mini map

  43. I’d love to play a tier 10 tank that decent. Bad MM is the main turnoff of WoT for me.

  44. *Quickybaby plays for 9 hours straight and gets no headache*

    *I play for 3 hours straight. MASSIVE MIGRAINE*

  45. do you wear pants?

  46. What med russian i should use?

  47. 4:18 Didn’t hear “funky” the first few times.

  48. Oh…and i just spotted this…
    You can win any rap compettition if it is about tanks

  49. QB misses more shots than I’ve ever seen him do and still gets 7 kills and over 4000 damage dealt. If only I could have “off” games that were that good.

  50. Nintendo GameCube ❤️

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