World of Tanks – When You Want A Job Done Properly…

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Sometimes when you want a job done properly you just have to do it yourself. Enjoy todays’ while I’m away at Gamescom!

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If you have a War Thunder or World of replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. this guy KV-3 has name Burak which means a beetroot, we call people in
    Poland burak if someone is a bitch.Unfortunately WoT community is full of
    Polish buraks ;/

  2. Excellent game to watch, well played Steel_guns, well played!

  3. People like the kv 3 are the reason I lose hope in humanity 

  4. the KV-3 was annoyed at something which is why he refused to help. Must be
    a very precious individual indeed.

  5. Dude Every One Knows Where The Weak Spots Are Duh

  6. Can we please collectively report this KV-3 player? Pretty please? I mean I
    suck at world of tanks as well, but at least I don’t go and insult my team
    about it.

  7. Looking forward for your airsoftvideo!! :D

  8. this game does not make sense at all….a panzer II can pen a Is-3 in the
    front with “gold ammo” ……why the fuck is there gold ammo in this?!

  9. best way to angle the Tiger P is around a corner hiding one of the hull
    cheeks around the building and have the other hidden on the other side of
    the tank

  10. “Not a good player” .. the guy angles his tank and aims at weakspots. that
    alone puts him in the top 10% of WoT players

  11. KV3-Another example of the human stupidity

  12. A replay where the player that carries the team and does everything right,
    and ISN’T teamkilled or killed by arty? What weird alternate dimension did
    you get this replay from jingles?!

  13. der glubscher Schulze

    stupid heavy tank luck against low tier tanks

  14. thanks for looking after us jingles :)

  15. Only 3500 damage tho…

  16. That KV3 player…how did he even get to a KV3 with his ‘play style’?

    • +Harbinger Reaper If people suck enough times, eventually they’ll be
      driving tier10 tanks, not just tier7.

  17. ferdi too has the same weak spot, right….

  18. EPIC game very much worth a watch!!! but that KV3 driver = taken to the
    salt mines for being a total arse

  19. I expected the KV-3 to teamkill the Tiger (P) while he was capping.

  20. The tiger p has a turret that can be penetrated by a lot of tier7 tanks,
    the mantelet is trollish and will bounce lower pen guns but shouldn’t be
    relied on to bounce every shot especially from other tier 7s with good guns
    and higher tier tanks. My t29 will pen the frontal turret armour over 70%
    of the time.

  21. What fucktard gave this a down thumb?

  22. German tanks mmmeeee wantttttt jingles tour the best and quickybaby more
    videos woook now I’m a pro at wot not a PEO but really good

  23. Don’t let “ze Germanz” capture you alive :))

  24. typical Polish person that burak guy

  25. Thank you for WoT battle :)

  26. You know what really sucks? That the kv-3 denied a Kolobanov’s Medal to
    this guy.

  27. GG for SteelGuns, wish you luck to your net games

  28. also looking at the fv3805 backers page someone bought the 5 grand
    opportunity to name the tank if it was me it would be something scum bag

  29. The idiot in the KV3 was Turkish, not that makes Turks idiots just him and
    just an observation

  30. my first pools medal was in the st1 with the top turret but the bl9 (is 3
    gun) but it was a 6000 damage 10 kill defeat which was heart breaking
    because i did triple the damage of the next best player in the game and i
    think this was before the courageous resistance award was introduced so it
    was 1100 xp on a defeat with no winners bonus and it was still more than
    the top player on the enemy team.

  31. This was a fucking monster game.
    If only Germany could clutch a war like that.

  32. No you just shoot the Tiger P’s useless gun mantlet

  33. Wow nice game Stil guns. One of those games when you are either going to
    uninstall the game or start playing hello kitty because reasons…then you
    have a game like that. that Kv-3 driver was no help.

    So Jingles you got approval to shoot the video at combat south that’s
    great… that could have gone horribly wrong LOL!

  34. Well deserved medals – and the idiot in the KV3 should be banned for life.
    What a dickhead.

  35. Guys I need help I’m going to the bovington tank museum and I want to know
    if it’s good or not please help as I’m going in two weeks.

  36. DarylBartholomewEAI

    He did a good job but half of these kills were one shots and given to him
    on a plate. Pure luck most them, not really a great game but the situations
    he was in paid of one after another.

  37. the tiger p if your sly about it is devastatingly powerful and those weak
    points can be used to your advantage pretty well if you learn how to do it.
    the same tactic can be used in the maus arl 44 vk4502b and a variety of
    other tanks with strong front armour.

  38. Massive cupola weakspot? The whole turret is a weakspot :D

  39. Yess players like that burak are so annoying. 

  40. If you want a job done properly, JUST DO IT!

  41. Great KV-3 player MANY STRONK

  42. Happy to see noobs do well : P, instead of whining he did his best and it
    paid off, great game.

  43. i hope that retard in kv-3 gets banned

  44. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Nice job in the Tiger P, gotta say very rare for one of those to out do an

  45. No wonder that the KV-3 has 500WN8 if he plays like that all the time

  46. still_gunsPrivate at [TAH]
    Win Rate
    Recent WN8
    Recent WR
    WN Rank

    lel what a shitter

  47. Matches like this are all very well but videos of someone who has a hard
    fight against competent players are much more entertaining instead of just
    killing noobs in a top tier tank

  48. Daniel “SGTsandwich” Neubauer

    His credits came out to 41k with premium….. How much gold was fired that
    I missed?

    • +Daniel Neubauer No gold has been fired if you pay attention to the number.
      6.8k credit for 27 shots is pretty reasonable. He only gets 60k, minus the
      auto repair, ammo and consumable, 41k is reasonable for a non premium tank.

  49. paulius petruskevicius

    my hands were shaking only by loking at how clutch this game was i wish
    that guy had face cam LOL

  50. Herman der German

    congratulations still_guns – epic!!

  51. 5:18 #math

  52. Why are German cars bad?
    Because their GPS’s only go as far as Poland
    I’ll be here all week

  53. Is the Tiger P much worse than the regular Tiger 1? I would like to get the
    Maus, because mission reasons. HT 15 is hard to do in my tier 8 heavy
    tanks. So I’m thinking about going down the line, but I actually liked the
    Tiger 1 a bit, so maybe the Tiger P won’t be that bad. How is it playing
    Tiger P with arty on enemy side? Arty is the one that bothers me the most.

  54. KV3 player hid in the back, did nothing, then had the nerve to call his
    team noobs while leaving his last team mate fight 7 enemy tanks with no
    health left. wow

  55. Hey Jingles I would just like to congratulate you on your success and thank
    you for uploading all these great videos. I would mail you but there is
    slight chance you would see it 😉 Thanks Jingles and good luck !

  56. Liam the dark one

    Jingles… I’m not a experienced WoT player and I play console so yeah…
    anyway I had my Luches and had a belter of a game on Derpenburg. It was a
    tier 4,5 and 6 game so I was pretty much Roadrunnering around and spotting
    until I got into a tango with the Tier 5 heavy german tank and I flew in
    circles around him and was Firing and circling and I killed him and that’s
    when it hit me… as you’ve said… IT’S TOO CUTE TO DIE! And I just rushed
    into tonnes of tanks and obliterated them whilst people on my team were in
    game chat pissing themselves, All they could see was my icon going near
    enemy icons then they disappeared. The Artillery couldn’t play because they
    were in tears laughing. In the end I racked up 9 kills. And from that, I’m
    enjoying all aspects of the game. 

  57. When u think you’re the first one to a jingles video but your internet is
    just shit

  58. There always seems to be more douche bags on the EU server…

  59. TheMightyJingles Worshipper

    Jingles is the event in Berlin? Only place in germany ive been

  60. Hoping burak102_01 “enjoy” being famous in WoT for the wrong reasons :D

  61. Tiger Ps Turret is a big whole weakspot a Ford Mondeo have more turret

  62. That KW3 player….

    And yes he’s a noob…

    Still_Guns should get the Kolabanov…

  63. Jingles that is not a new tank it is fully upgraded as far as I can tell

  64. Is it just me or that intro song is just so much similar to Fucking in the
    bushes from Oasis…

  65. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    You wanna know why world of tanks went from 200k players during holidays on
    a weekend to 80k? Here is the answer 😛 This vid si the best example anyone
    can give you

  66. finally :D

  67. you can shoot the tiger p straight through its turret

  68. Just checked the KV-3’s stats… 6k battles and 497 WN8…

  69. TheMightyJingles Worshipper

    Early again <3

  70. This is early by my standards

  71. “First”-Everyone who wasn’t first (2015)

  72. I’m lucky I never get into games like these…

  73. YES! Fuckin’ finally some quality Airsoft videos again! I approve!

  74. never thought i would get under 301

  75. Jingles why are German so stronge why I battle in my t29 then when see a
    tiger I’m like yas food and I get wasted why wwwwwwaaaaaa so sad I love my
    t29 :(

    • OK the man your the best have a great day

    • +TankGamer exp Get hull down, I once got myself fairly hull down (in my
      T29) and with the support of a few tank destroyers held of a T9 attack on a
      flank, don’t rush at them, stay a bit back (or far forward if you can get
      hull down) and shoot them, tigers don’t have much armour you can pretty
      much pen them everytime and if you are already close to them drive straight
      at them and hope they shoot the turret, if not see if you can shoot them
      while they are distracted by your team. The T29 is a brilliant tank if you
      play it right

  76. ilarionas avgoustou

    nothing special

  77. Pz. IV H and Pz. IV Hydro is not the same tank Jingles…
    Hydro has a wierd ass, doesn’t have side skirts and has 550hp where Pz. IV
    H has 480.

    • +Error Creator You can always memorize them (although the majority of the
      players have 90% less of that component than a normal human, so that may be

    • Hydro has a higher top speed at 48 compared to 40 of Pz. IV H and even
      though it has alot worse power to weight ratio it quite easilly gets up to
      and keeps 48km/h due to better ground resistance. I have actually compared

      Also I was just talking about visual differences not stat differences since
      you can’t see stats on the battlefield.

    • +Error Creator Hydro also has less armor than the Regular IV H , a hell lot
      slower (ironically, it has the historical power output though, the regular
      HL 120TRM of the Pz IV H was overbuffed by WG from the start.

  78. man, fuck that kv3

  79. What title says to me: When you want a blowjob done properly

    Jingles ^^

  80. Hell yes.

  81. I love mighty jingles

  82. Ayyyy lmao

  83. Hey right next to the Wargaming place are “The Rocketbeans” first german
    internettelevision =). they mostly have time for visiters =)

  84. 66th like!

  85. Jingles please stop telling people about the Piger weakspots

    We have enough trouble hiding them ;_;

  86. Hey Jingles I have a game that I sent you but its outdated luckily it being
    me defending the salt mines (also it was my first radely Walters in the m4
    with the 105) I prerecorded it so it can be seen either the next few years,
    also take care I’ll catch you next time

  87. Luis Antonio Maliglig

    And just as I was about to sleep… Goddamit Jingles!

  88. *insert under 301+ joke here*

  89. JINGLES YOU ARE THE MAN! Your Videos Rock.

  90. You Don't Need To Know My Name

    3 minutes ago. Earliest I’ve ever been to a Jingles video.

  91. first comment

  92. Well, I could comment something interesting… But screw that, I was up
    until 2 this morning playing elite.

  93. 74th view, heuy

  94. 70 Views :O

  95. 1 minute ago..YEAHHHHH

  96. first comment… mission accomplished

  97. Stellenbroshkenator

    19th :^)

  98. Jingles I’m the first one this time, just wanna say thank you man for
    everything, and you have a huge cheers from Bosnia. Thanks again man! :D

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