World of Tanks || Where are the Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m looking at the history of releases in World of Tanks and asking the question – where have the tanks gone?

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  1. I’ve heard wargaming are planning on adding modern years tanks, and i think
    it might be the next big thing that will (hopefully) assure wot a bright
    future! Knowing such tanks would include new weapons such as missiles, that
    means new maps as well which might satisfy sole of you guys out there who
    are more worried about the maps. I still hope :)

  2. patrick ter ellen

    hmmmm……still got tier 11 to 20 to fill in!

  3. xXShadowProductionsXx

    patch 40.7 – still waiting for that havok engine…

  4. I habe begon wot withe Update 0.6.9 and was a Nice Time

  5. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    Credit system is fucked up when you don’t run prem account pointless to
    even try tier 10s!

  6. There are other countries they can do Poland, Italian, Israeli just to name
    a few. I think they could go another tier or 2. Tier 11 and maybe 12. Bring
    in some late cold war tanks in and knock armoured warfare out. Some more
    maps would be good or bring back some revised old ones. Miss pearl river
    why did they take it out.

  7. I am not worried about the future of content added. For a couple of good
    reasons: First, not all of us are good at the game, or have a lot of time
    for it, I know I STILL don’t have a tier 10 despite ‘how much easier it is
    to get XP these days.’ The grind is still extremely grindy, I think.
    Second, I feel like you’re focussed too much on new content QB – how many
    tanks in this great game feel super terrible, under-tiered, underpowered,
    or overpowered? I’ve driven at least 3 or 4 tanks that I personally feel
    need a good hard look at their characteristics simply because they are
    completely un-competitive. This lack of ability to compete and the feeling
    of existing only to feed better tanks is what is driving me personally from
    the game, and the biggest reason I don’t play more than a couple times a

  8. the matchmaking right now is awful, it’s not based on players experience or
    their overall score, so you start to see more and more unbalanced games one
    way or the other, 2-15 loss or a 15-2 win. if they keep this going it’s not
    gonna be long before they lose most of their players. someone who just uses
    a bot to gain xp and reach tier 10 with a wn8 of 800 shouldn’t be allowed
    to play in a tier 10 match and ruin other players game.

  9. yeah
    every tech tree is there ( soon sweds)
    and where is yugoslavia/serbian tech tree ! i mean there is good tanks too

  10. Something they should work on in WoT is MM.

  11. swedish tanks inc.

  12. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Good ol days!!

  13. Борис Гаганелов

    The good old days – Free T34 premium for all who grinded the line :D

  14. Nice vid QB! Quite a history of tanks. Still hoping for a second line of
    French heavies including the Char 2C and FCM F1.

  15. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Yeah give autoloader to the tier 10 Sweedish medium tank, with 1 second
    reload between shells, 6 shells in a magazine with 10 seconds reload
    between magazines. And why the hell not, give 400 alpha damage to the
    shells. Oh, and why the fuuck not, make the top speed of this tank to be 80

  16. when coming Swedish tanks in the world of tanks

  17. Overall, I prefer more quality of life but I would also like to see more
    tank destroyers which I have not seen any new ones for a while. Also
    another premium US TD.

  18. I’ve seen enough HD tanks… I would like to see some HD environment now…

  19. Seriously what’s up with all the maps? They’re all gone! I’m tired of
    playing Prochorovka, Malinovka and Sand river over and over again.
    Releasing new maps would be much better in my opinion than releasing more
    and more tanks, which have been all the same since the japanese mediums.

  20. Ikea tanks? Part of the personal missions for these could be figuring out
    how to put the tank together properly with wonky instructions and an Allen

  21. Robert Bialozynski

    I dont think i agree about needing new content. As a player with 14k games
    since the 3 original tech trees in 2012, I still only have 5 TX tanks
    purchased and 2 researched without purchase. I also am grinding four T9
    tanks. The problem is getting credits. Even with my T34 and Type59 I get
    bored of credit grinding. I feel WOT generated all that content and then
    most players, especially the cheapos, couldnt get credits to advance. So
    now they are making affordable low teir premiums all over the place.

  22. the one thing we need is like 5 more mission tank rewards….from tier 5 to
    10…and make them diff nation ..coz most are murica and soviet
    designs..except the pz4

  23. t50-2 was used in tier X clan wars for spot. that good was that tank. RIP

  24. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    What does that “I.E.” mean? When you/he say/s “ay eee” or something like

  25. Great video! – I hope that it will help to keep the game up for a few more
    years! The drop in (good) players worries me – and as a fan of supporting
    tanks, this worries me even more! – stepping into my KV220 to get a win
    after five 3-15 losses is kind of sad. I am not playing a game because I
    want to be part of a cash grab milking the market model – and ‘frankly’ it
    feels a bit like it.

  26. pls add the Cheftain wargaming pls ☺ would love to grind to that tank

  27. Swedish tanks are on their way, cuz u can see the flags in the country

  28. I wish they add Dutch tanks!

  29. What about Italian tanks? Now the late tier tanks will be difficult to make
    (However Wargaming are very talented at making that work) but up until tier
    6-7 there is plenty of already made content out there with tanks that
    actually existed. Sure the tanks historically sucked, but Wargaming can
    balance them in and add Italy.

  30. I would be very very very happy if WG added some kind of “nostalgia
    gamemode”, where you could play in every map ever existed in wot, every
    tank and every gamemode, probably with randomized maps and gamemodes, and
    of course those old tanks that you could get back would not be able to get
    into basic battles.

  31. he is One of the First Players i see who has more top Guns then me :/ i
    have only 813 and 38k Battles ^^

  32. bart van herrewegen

    Hi @QuickyBaby would you do a history episode about maps that have
    dissapeared pls? And what do you think about Polish and Italian tank tech
    trees would be added at some point?

  33. Do Where are the Map ?

  34. They spent a lot of time with Rampage mode and balancing maps as you can
    tell with the youtubers going to HQ. They need to divid the team in half
    with one only with new content, and the other doing new game modes. I heard
    they are making Modern tanks tier 11-15 because their is a market for them.

    I’m feeling burnt out from the lack of new content and very low maps
    numbers and with NA servers are hitting low numbers for this summer…
    5-20k players isn’t enough to have even match-ups. This game or maybe the
    players need to help recruit new players to bring new life into the game.
    Without new players their wont be anymore ridiculous games but it makes it
    fun. A Lot of my friends stop playing this game for its game mechanics
    which i have explained but still probably why they left anyways. One this
    would be more Ingame tutorials to help new players understand this game

  35. I see myself more oftenly play arty somehow. Or OP tanks like the T29 and
    Mostly because all those other OP tanks, like the IS-3 of which there are
    roughly 42864 each match, piss me off for good when i cant pen their paper
    armor or always miss the 0,0001mm big chassis with my JT 8.8 gun and they
    just slam shot after shot through the tiny little bit of hull armor that
    peeks out whilst i do hulldown.
    And the next match a tier 10 medium tank comes around and penetrates every
    single motherplucking shot on 550m on my E-100 and Type 4 Heavy whilst
    driving at 60km/h. And when i shoot it misses a still standing tank 100m
    away from me, wasting 17 seconds for one shell, in which the medium tank
    just shoots roughly 400000 times and penetrates 399999 of them frontally
    with standard APCR.
    This is the reason i oftenly just activate the arty filter in garage and
    piss down on all of those mothercuddlers, making some of them cry so much,
    that i have to put them on block list. You know, because those 300 damage
    without damaging a single module broke the whole match, not the fact that
    he did 7k dmg till the end of the game on the most heavily armored targets.
    Within 4 phemto seconds.

  36. WOT is a game you can play without updates and still have fun!

  37. Useless video just to get clicks

  38. i’ve heard rumors of tiers 11-13 and the possibility of modern day and
    future tanks do you thinks they’ll implement that or maybe they’re just

  39. Swedish tank tree?So no M60A3 or Chieftain?We don’t need another garbage
    line of tanks .We need better maps and updates to existing tank trees.We
    need more competitive tanks because only in the fantasyland of WOT is an
    anything russian any good.

  40. at 16:20 I actually noticed for the first time that QuickyBaby has huge

  41. lol i created mine 2. may 2011

  42. Artillery, unpopular? Quickybaby, I love ya man, but you’re not being fair.
    There are millions of W.o.T. players all over the world that love
    artillery. When your team has a good artilleryman, they can greatly help
    your team to win the battle, putting 2-3 times more silver coins and XP in
    your pocket than you’d have for a loss. Also, without team artillery,
    there’s not much point to light scouting tanks, earning 50% credit for
    every enemy tank they scout/spot for their team artillery to blow up.
    Artillery is the counter-balance to heavy tanks and without artillery in
    the game, heavy tanks would rule the battlefields and the team that got up
    in the numbers of heavy tanks vs. the other team, would win much of the
    time. Artillery is the counter-balance for that. Without artillery the game
    would be very one dimensional, static, thrown way out of balance and be

  43. There is only so much stuff a company can fit into a game and i think it’s
    fine if they leave it a year or so before introducing major content. A lot
    of people only play certain tanks and play with their friends anyways. It’s
    only people who have been playing like 4 hours everyday since launch that
    will become burnt out and leave. I joined the game in late 2013 and still
    haven’t touched half of the tanks in game O.o

  44. Did you really say the piece of shit jap heavies fit into the game ? And
    here i thought u had intelligence, jesus fucking christ what moronic
    statement to make, they in no way shape or form fit into this game ……

  45. AwesomeDestroyer 12 (AwesomeDestroyer12)

    I started in 2015 and I have learned a lot from watching your vids. Thanks!

  46. Wargaming doesnt need new tanks. They just need to balance the ones they
    have , and fix the fuking huge problems whith their game. Fix the gold ammo
    , fix the mm , fix the real problems. I couldnt give less shit about new

  47. Go to blitz and live everything over again… :)

  48. we need a new Chinese tree

  49. what about when they only had it on facebook

  50. Nice Video Once again QB 🙂 Sweden will have nice tanks already some Files
    are in the game

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