World of Tanks || Who Wins?

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Sometimes in you’re not sure who wins…

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  1. Wow, that E25 sure was useless.

  2. Arty being more accurate and dealing less damage is ok, but the stun is not ok, and I don’t like the rechargeable consumables. But maybe that is easier to like.

    I thought that killing all would win the game, regardless of cap or not.
    Have that changed?

  3. I’ve seen a few 100% caps followed by total destruction, it always counted as a win for the team that had tanks left, and as a loss for the team that capped but died.

  4. What happens if a crew member is dead AND i get stunned?
    Does my 1st aid kit only heal one or the other?
    Is there a difference between using a normal and a premium consumable in this situation?

  5. Same thing has happened to me many times on console and ive lost everytime to the enemy whose killed me as i captured base. Weird how it differs on pc but im glad it does because its an annoying loss on console..

  6. GameRenegade07 Roxas

    Sad update for artys… No more one shots, unless you’re really good at arty. Now hitting the engine deck requires skill.

  7. That E25 player… wow, noob.

  8. too greedy at the end mr qb 😉

  9. I once dreamt that WG removes arties from the game permanently. I then woke up and find tears of true happiness in my eyes. Best dream ever…
    Especially i’m in love with the 103B, and everytimes i don’t see the arties, i feel like i can block for about 8-9k dmg from those meds

  10. New_South_Wales_Man__

    I’ve had plenty of games like that on world of tank blitz the IOS version and if u cap out u always win I had the same reaction the first time it happened as well

  11. This happened to me, but i lost for some stupid reason.

  12. I am the chosen one

    RIP LT’s

  13. Why? Killing all tanks ALWAYS has priority over base capture… I really don’t understand why did you win…

  14. It already happened to me that I killed last tank of the enemy team who was capping and we won 🙂 even when they have captured the base already, so I am a bit confused that is isn´t the same in here

  15. seems like it is diff on 9.18. i had a game last week where i am in the super pershing situation and i won.

  16. Seems like wg changed the mechanic of winning by killing the last ennemy alive that captured ally base because before if you captured the base and being the last tank of your team alive but you got killed you would lose

  17. Do more pols qb

  18. I’ve seen enough Jingles to know for sure the outcome of the battle. 😀 That is, it was easy to pick the right poll-choice at the end.

  19. in 9.17.1 you would not have won , because I already have this situation and won by killing the guy that comfirmed a 100% cap…

  20. Okay so i havn’t played in a while (~9.2) and i have had this happen before and every single time the team with the kill beat the team with the cap. I either assume they changed this or you capped by a better margin than i have ever seen in a game.

  21. This happened to me in the bathtub,an IKV-103 was capping my base in prokhorovka,I couldn’t spot him,had 7 kills,I wanted to win,the cap was at 95%,I went closer,96,97,98,99,100,there he is!I kill him,but the cap was complete so no win for me,i think this is complete bullcrap but oh well,guess it worked out for you QB 😛 .

  22. WG brings another useless/bullsh!t features into game…like tier 10 lights and using consumables multiple times…why? why?

  23. Phillip Makropoulos

    that E25 is he autistic???

  24. Dumitru’s Medal is for killing *4* SPGs. Looks like some kind of WG bug.

  25. the t26 should have won….

  26. yes it happens to me some times draw some times I win

  27. Hi QB – I recently had a similar result, only way worse: It was a tier 7 match on Siegfried line, and our ELC managed to hide in the building on cap, with something like 5 enemy tanks looking for him. He managed to cap out as the last player on our team, before being killed – so we had no tanks remaining, they had 5 (3 of which on the capture circle), and we still managed to win by capturing the base. I wasn’t sharp enough to save the replay, hopefully the ELC driver will read this and upload it for us…

  28. it happened to me a few times and normally the team with a surviving tank wins. i never saw a cap win in such a situation

  29. mod 1 is my first premium then earned the m4 improved from March madness the excelsior for the event and then the vk 45.03 the tier seven heavy German I do enjoy from the scavenger hunt I was in the 11 to 20 percent doing my best to get a mark getting close but still not quite get it on any of my tanks any suggestions and getting better at nor our positioning myself I play mediums and lights so learning heavies TDs and spgs as well thanks for the review been helping me slot

  30. How did u win this? ._. Whenever i had games like this where teammate cappers got killed after 100%, we lost all of those battles. Except when we had more tanks outside the cap circle, even if the enemy team killed everyone in the base, just after allied players captured it, we still won. But situations like this, if the cappers are the only players from the team and they all get killed, they should lose right? That’s what happened to me everytime in these kind of situations :/

  31. I’ve tried this in blitz
    i guess it is because the first team that complete the battle objective will win
    u get the cap first(capture enemy base) –> then he killed you(kill all vehicles)
    therefore, your team complete the battle objective first, and u get the win

  32. The NA server is the red headed bastards for Wargaming. We are the last to get everything in the store and we have to beta test code for WG.

  33. An absolute flaw of game’s mechanics. If anyone can successfully shoot and deal damage, that means the match hasn’t finished, even though you get an announcement of having capped. An if the entire team is destroyed, they lose. Period.

  34. Strange how no-one ever complains when arty carries the team for you.

  35. u win I’ve had this happen to me

  36. ciprian postolachi

    exactly the same thing happen to me i got killed after i finished cap (Base captured message was displayed) and i lost the game so i think you were lucky or the bug was fixed.

  37. why is wg being a cunt and makeing it so you have to use gold amo to pen tanks

  38. I already saw a situation like that in stronghold too but even if the cap was at 100% and it stayed after the guy died, the caping team didn’t win…I guess they changed that in this patch or another not very long ago

  39. Love the poll @Quickybaby great video

  40. Whaaaattt?! Believe it or not, I have had EXACTLY this happen to me at the end of a 0.9.13 game.

    BUT in contrast to QB’s game, mine ended in DEFEAT. AND QB’s game result is AGAINST what the WG Wiki says should happen!! Has WG changed the mechanics?

    My game that ended same, but in DEFEAT is here:

    The WG wiki says for Random Battle Standard:
    “Once capture is complete, the round does not end immediately. There is a delay of at least 5 seconds before victory is yours (unless the battle timer runs out earlier). According to Overlord this delay gets extended each time a vehicle is destroyed. The following outcomes are possible:
    – All friendly vehicles are destroyed within the delay: ENEMY TEAM WINS…..”

    Similarly, I capped out with a team mate to 100% as we were both down to one shots and running out of game time, but a KV-1 with freakish snapshot accuracy fired on the move at both of us AFTER we had capped out in the 5 second post-cap window. Killed both of us in consecutive shots (Russian snapshot/no aim accuracy, what do you expect). To my horror, this was a defeat!! It was partly my own fault as I didn’t realise (until I looked afterwards at the WG Wiki) that each kill gave him another 5 sec extension to game time (even though the cap counter still showed 100% captured) and I mistakenly thought that once you capped to 100% then you won and I was free to try and farm him with a last game shot (which then got me spotted, I didn’t think I needed to bother with cover trying to do a post cap farming shot)

    I can’t get the replay to work anymore on the current game client, but if you check out the stats for me and the other T-34-85 (we both went in the cap circle about the same time) and you’ll see we got the cap to 100 before we died……but still ended in DEFEAT!

    Was it maybe because QB got the full 100 pct cap by himself whereas mine was shared between myself my team mate? It sill is not what the WG Wiki says should happen!

  41. They sad 2 arty max on one team but on his team is 3…

  42. Well that’s a change. I’ve been in that situation before, and prior patches tank destruction trumped cap to win.

  43. Artillery had the module damage they do reduced. Artillery is doing very little damage and little module damage since the patch

  44. GG QB your a boss

  45. That E25 was a complete coward, retard and noob.

  46. Great Gadzooks Tidewater Fishing Capt. Brouwer

    I can tell you from my experiences on the NA server, they’ve screwed the game up.

    Think arty was a pain in the ass before this patch? All of the crybabies in the game that cried and hated arty before? THANKS FOR NOTHING!

  47. I’m actually enjoying my RU.251 more now at tier 9 for some reason, just feel like it plays better. And in regards to artillery. it feels like a more active role now, as in you don’t just aim in one location, wait, fire. You can actively change between targets and react to situations more easily, but I agree that artillery players who work together and keep each other informed wih the “Attacking target x reload in x seconds” can absolutely hammer vehicles now, and you can spook hidden tanks out of position. but it feels more fun to play as artillery, you actually feel like more than just an orbital health hammer, and being fired at by artillery, while more frequent, It isn’t crippling the tank for the entire game, you can repair and recover, fall back and reposition or wait for someone else to draw the fire. Just my opinion of course but so far I like the patch overall 🙂

  48. This is bullshit, I’ve won like defender when I killed last tank that capped our base!

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