World of Tanks || WHY DO I ALWAYS LOSE!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Sometimes you have one of those days where nothing seems go right and ask yourself why do I always lose?

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Quickybaby, can you do a panther 2 review?

  2. That’s awesome quick! I think people should be nicer to others to. And I
    think just congradulating someone is awesome! (:

  3. he was ( we are ) not NEGATIVE he was ( we are ) ANGRY… not all of us are
    UNICORNS so we can carry the game when our team sucks… we try but so
    often we fail… do to rng ( luck ) and missing skillz… ( i got usally
    mad and angry at the end of game when there is some one whit over 20k games
    and plays like some one who just started to play, and not to talk a bout
    selfishness in the game, and how many times players dont have balls to go
    each time i have to charge in front so rest of 9 campers follow when i die
    ) PS: usually i say in start “Hello GL and HF – and I ping map where i go,
    and during the game I ping map if I see some where is needed assistance,
    but players who dont look at mini map dont give a shit for pings on map,
    and usually if we could won the game but we are losing do to some
    bot/player whit bot mind ( 20k+ games and still noobs and bots play better
    then him ) all hell get lose in my head and on my keyboard. LAST THING AM

  4. A negative attitude DOES impact the game, there is no doubt, but sometimes
    the game just outright continues to SCREWS you over and over again. Trying
    to keep a cool and clear head becomes EXCEEDINGLY difficult with constant
    losses. Then you have the EVER loving RNG to crap on you too. Today I
    played 10 games and the RNG being the little b**** that it is, decided well
    “screw you”. Perfectly aimed shots missed at ridiculous ranges, even at
    point blank range! To be frank, I think WG should tone down the RNG. It
    being at 25% simply is unrealistic and just a cock of crap. I-O drives by,
    fire, miss! Come on now! The O-I is the size of a 2 family Japanese house
    and I still missed?!?!?

    The RNG is then magnified even WORSE if your crew is not 100% trained! Some
    players actually use the free crews of 50% trained to save creds! But does
    it really save on credits? Let’s think about this for a moment. If 100%
    trained still has RNG meddling at 25% that would mean a 75% trained crew
    would most likely have RGN intervening another 5%, that means 30%. And the
    free crew are at 50% trained… s*** that puts that RNG screwing the crew
    over by 35%!!!! That is on ALL STATS! Personally they need to tone down the
    RNG. These tanks DID NOT have this kind of HORRIBLE miss rate, if they did
    tank battles must have gone on for HOURS upon HOURS just trying to hit
    targets! Also I think WG should cut the crap of being money hungry and give
    crews at 100% trained. Think about for moment. If your a country that is
    producing tanks would you allow a half trained crew in you tank? The same
    tank that has a substantial dollar amount attached to it? HELL NO! WAKE UP
    PEOPLE!!! WG WANTS YOUR MONEY!!!! Do you really want to grind all the way
    from 75% crew trained let alone 50%? Better players, which are about
    apparently, will just buy a 100% trained crew to cut down on the RNG hit!

    Lastly, I know this poor players pain, 19 losses back to back…dude try
    playing on the US servers. The game deliberately places high end players
    against causal and new players. It’s complete BS. A couple of weekends ago
    I decided to sit down and play WoT for a few good hours. I had the time and
    nothing to do. Anyone want to guess how the results turned out? Piss poor.
    I played a total of 50 matches with just 5, that is right 5 wins! People
    call BS on this, but why would I lie? Honestly why? To make the game seem
    worse then it is? I don’t have to do that the game does it itself and every
    well. Reasons like this make me question the videos Quicky, Jingles and
    many other youtubers put up where you see these MEGA players take out
    almost an entire enemy side by themselves! Are these said players this
    good? If so perhaps they should consider actually stepping away from the
    game and reevaluate their lives. Maybe the player was lucky? Honestly with
    a 25% RNG hindering every little thing you do, NO ONE is that lucky.
    Whatever the case some of these videos just annoy me. Not because I am bad
    at the game but the fact I NEVER see a single match like this EVER when I
    play. I am starting to feel that these matches are published as a form of
    convincing a player to play more. 8 matches out of 10 that I play are
    complete steamrolls. Jingles talks about the quickest 15 Nil matches,
    perhaps he should be on the NA servers from time to time to see what is
    really going on!

    I am not trying to be negative about WoT but it’s clearly trying to make me
    that way. I know this sounds like tin foil hat stuff, but, s***, try losing
    45 matches almost exclusively back to back and then tell me how it feels.
    Tell me what your thoughts on the game really are at that point. WG clearly
    does not want you to have fun. Enjoyment of the title? NOPE. This game is
    not about your enjoyment at all, well of course being an advanced player
    and Unicum with everything maxed out gives you a WAY better chance of
    having “FUN” then the new or casual player. There is a HUGE difference
    between a hard game and an UNFAIR game and frankly WoT, well craps on new
    and casual players while rewarding veteran players and Unicums. Learning
    curve? Hell no! The average person can learn from mistakes relatively fast,
    but here in WoT you suffer and suffer and suffer, the whole time trying to
    learn the game. I hear Jingles talk about how he does not understand how
    people make it to higher tiers and still suck so bad. It’s simple really
    and does not take a genius to figure out. These people have either plopped
    down serious bucks to advance, because this is what the game is REALLY
    about, or they are trying to learn and are hindered every match of the way
    thanks to teams that steamroll them or are steam rolling for them. Another
    reason why player separation would be an exceedingly great idea. I hate to
    say this but I have literally FAILED my way completely through the a tier 3
    light French tank line with but 1 win. This is how bad the steamrolling is
    here on the NA servers. That coupled with not being a SUPER, MEGA, ALPHA,
    DELTA, ULTRA, TURBO player has jaded my POV of WoT.

    Last month I posted a video on my youtube page where I was in the
    death-toaster and was destroyed in 30 seconds on Stepps. It took longer to
    load into the game then to play it! I was literally within a stones throw
    away from base camp and I am almost 100000000% sure that the enemy AMX Elc
    bis picked me up almost instantly. You want to talk about a ridiculous view
    range there you go. I am also willing to bet the player also had a
    completely pimped out tank and crew too. Yet Jingles still wonders how
    people get to high tiers and still suck…..

  5. Good players on forums and such places say that having a bad win ratio it
    your fault. They say that `If you want to win, use a strong tank`. They
    also say that `Bad players should not use high Tier tanks`. Wtf, strong
    tanks are mostly in high tiers. LOL

    I had a time when I lost 20 games in a row. That`s really my fault? Using a
    Tier 5 tank and losing also on bottom Tier games is my fault? I don`t think

  6. Best way to lower your win ratio is to play stock tanks with 50% crews and
    no premium.

  7. The most frequently, valuable, starting comment is “Guess where all their
    top tier, OP meds will be?” …to make sure some of your heavies will go
    where they normally don’t, and intercept the enemy team’s best and
    numerically more meds. This will turn a low %-er into a almost sure win.

  8. おもしろ動画ちゃんねる

    haha look at the WN8 match up , sure QB u can win alot becoz WG give u very
    hype bias MMR and u seems dun even notice it , NO ONE is balancing ur
    purple WN8 in enemy team instead they got 10 red retarded bots

  9. Hey quickybaby

  10. How can I go out of the tank’s view? With wich key? Pls help me!

  11. Hi QB and all the great combatants,

    Great content. I fully agree with this vid. In my opinion the crying before
    the battle even started has increased and the unfair team gameplay too. In
    the last weeks there was more frindly fire in some game than the enemy had
    to deal with – especially when there are events on. In times of events you
    as a td get pushed of a bush by an own heavy or blocked from behind at a
    corner. – I don’t know why more and more people take this GAME so
    Everyone should just try its best, have views on the minimap and play in a
    team conductivl way.
    But to be honest the MM is sometimes really frustrating. E.G.: How can a
    team compensate a mm when the top tier enemy players are all >2000 wn8
    (40k+ games) and our team top tier are wn8 <600 wn8. - One thing is for
    sure: the damage comes to you after 3 minutes. 😉
    For me - I enjoy the game and try to make the best out of every battle. I
    play vanilla because this takes right away a lot of frustration from you.
    🙂 I don't give a sh... about the win chance. In the past we won 20%ers
    (15:4) and lost 84%ers (3:15).
    Stop whining and carry on!

  12. Well MM is sux. My winrate drop 12 points because recently I always on the
    lose team. 30 battles, 24 lose, 6 win. Wot is not fun to play anymore. MM
    destroy my winrate!!!

  13. When ppl tell me the olds of winning… I say to them, “Never Tell Me the
    Odds!” Han Solo Starwars

  14. Every game I start with saying “enjoy the loss” and 95% of the time I am
    right…Just too many dumb shitbags who play this game anymore.

  15. Milko0501 for medal of honor

  16. good boy qb

  17. Great video! I’ve found that when I see that XVM stats give my team very
    low win chance saying something like “10 % win chance – play sharp now!”
    seesm to help (at least it FEELS like my team wins more often in those

  18. Why did you not go to go reset cap??! You had time! But you want just more
    dmg andkills to have better WN8! Thats the truth. I hate players like
    you…… yes he is hero and you are the ulitimate pussy

  19. I don’t play anymore but I still like to watch quicky’s and Jingle’s WoT

  20. I always commenting CHW when below 50% and blaming my team for this, now I
    will stop to do this and will fight as never before!

  21. thanks for this video

  22. Jesper Kronborg Jensen

    Went from his bad game to the best with that gift card. You are a good guy

  23. PROVEN: UNICUMS use average players to better their own stats. Shellfish
    and cheap. “QuickyBaby” the only one with balls to, indirectly, admit it.

  24. This is a fantastic counterpoint to all the drooling fucksticks who think
    they’re being clever when they respond to a player like the M103 with “durr
    hurr, you’re the common denominator on all those teams” or some variant.
    Sometimes matchmaker really is an asshole, especially since it doesn’t take
    previous wins and losses into account.

  25. People should try “Schrödingers tanks”. If you don’t install the XVM mods
    player statistics, by doing this all the tanks(players) in the game are at
    the same time both unicums and tomatoes, so you have to play like all of
    your opponents are unicums or you’ll get f’d :D

  26. I’ve had a lot of 20+ losing streaks over the past 3 months. 1100 win8 down
    to current 940, win rate now down to 49%. I’ll still try and play my best
    though, even if I do feel like Im wasting my time.

  27. Thanks Quicky! For pointing the shitty system of WoT. Players that have
    huge impact on games are not rewarded enough. While players that camp base
    and farm damage every game get huge credit/exp boost. WoT is promoting this
    kind of behavior and people are not risking their tanks so that they can
    farm. The XVM stat farmers are the worst in this regard.

  28. Made the exact same yesterday… :
    Where is my 10 year premium? :P

  29. that’s a day in life for an average like me and this guy here. though I’ve
    had worse.

  30. actually what tilts me the most are players that do what you did in that
    replay QB – pick a medium tank and snipe tanks frontally, all while camping
    in the back. You don’t do your job, you leave the left flank open, you
    don’t support your team, you don’t use the minimap. Basically you did
    nothing to flank, scout, prevent the enemy from taking a position OR use
    your mobility (and these are the roles meds are supposed to fill). What’s
    even worse is that you don’t even realize your mistake, you don’t see how
    bad your position was. If you want tto play like that, go play a td. I’m
    not even trying to be mean, I hope you can take a constructive advice.
    People are seeing these videos and go -“well that’s a great position for
    med tanks, QB did it and he’s purple!”. And next time you play you get to
    see obj140’s camping right freaking there.

  31. ….yeah, great, but why prioritize the team objective when you can farm
    damage, sit back and wait for some easy kills, get others killed by
    clusterducking into the final remaining enemy tanks and then sitting back
    at the end and calling everybody else a noob because their win8 isn’t as
    good as yours. Remember it’s your win8 and clan rep that makes you a
    successful human being. Well, that and great, original rape jokes because
    rape is hilarious and is a habit of real successful MLGs.

  32. “OK, team lets win this. Where do you need me?” me in T8 game with T5
    Sherman Jumbo. Most of the team goes one way and i and one more guy goes
    the other way and guess what enemy teams goes our way kill us and win the
    game. Sometimes other players dont even read the chat or notice other
    tanks.I always try to as positive as possible but you cant always win. And
    there should be some change in the way credits and xp are given at the end
    of the game because this guy basicaly won the game so he should get at
    least 200xp more

  33. yeah bad play by you, and good thing you really critisize yourself, that’s
    what I like about you most, you always look what did you do wrong and could
    have done better, that’s was the most important lesson I learned from you.
    I started out as a mediocre player around 48% win rate at 5K games. I then
    started watching your videos and stream sometimes, now I am at 30K games
    with 2K WN8.

    So people take that to heart, you play is the only thing you can change ;-)

  34. I feel that guys pain been there repeatedly and usually I end up on teams
    with camping heavens or lights my only response is ‘what are you doing
    (insert player name here)?, usually when I am dead and if I am dead I try
    and encourage or let the team know of low health tanks

  35. to “good guys finish last” i had a match recently (encounter) where there
    were 4 enemy and 3 allied tanks left. two of ours hold of the enemy, while
    our light stayed and capped full. and he was the last on experience
    earned… he got like 400-ish for over 700 dmg (not accounting the
    spotting) and 100 cap points as a tier 6 light in a tier 8 match. if
    anything is unfair, this is, wg srsly needs to rethink how they reward
    players in different gamemodes

  36. Im so glad someone just pointed out that not all important stuff in WoT
    gets coverd by exp.

  37. haha… greedy unicorn :D

  38. i know how you can have more win games. take a premium acc and a personal
    reserve. that realy works.

  39. i see the comments, and i only see tards who think minimap is for morons…
    This full of sh*ts players r too smart to look minimap and i MORON like the
    M103 player have to fk his tank and his xp to get a few wins….
    Otherwise the guys in the comments below, get the last kills and they r the
    heroes, with fake wn8 who r so easy to kill when in enemy team. Or they
    play in camper mode, or they wait for some crying player who try to wake up
    this morons and make them play like mans…

  40. Sadly some players are still playing wizards based on a weather forecast
    aka “XVM’s win chance” 😉 And as it was already established in multiple
    forums and threads, it’s bollocks. That said, I was surprised to see that
    M103 saving the day like this. It was an unexpected and valiant effort.
    It’s ironic that he was kinda right – if he didn’t sacrifice himself, it
    would be another defeat despite a huge 8 kill advantage. He deserved some
    kudos for that ending.

  41. Content is good but has little to do with title (which is clickbait). First
    thing that comes to mind “i’ll watch this and find some useful stuff on how
    to deal with those 30% win days” No discussion on MM, no tips on reading
    the game or when you should switch to “gold” ammo or how to play without
    prem account, or lots of money spent on rations and prem ammo. High point
    is bad-streak-player saving the day. A much better name would have been
    “from (negative) 0 to hero”

  42. He wasn’t negative at all as his game play proves. There is more to MM, RNG
    and stats than meet the eye.

  43. I usually said mean things like “IN before nobody fires premium ammunition
    at the Japanese heavy tank and he murders everyone” Lo and behold sometimes
    my teams surprise me and actually fire premium at the thing…once the
    overconfident Jap heavies are dead dealing with the rest of them is easy.

  44. 2 k damage in a Valentine II, got a second class mastery and ran out of
    ammo. Team did about 100. Did about 4k in the IS-6 and got a third class
    badge on a defeat. Kept getting similar games for days, and I haven’t
    played for months.

  45. if you saw my battles you would understand, i have a 49% win rate.. 99% of
    the time i get stuck on the “red” team while the other team has really good
    win8 player’s. i am 55Xx rating,forgot i dont play much anyone

  46. I though a people lose because the random battles were not made to
    encourage team play. Sure it has a few reward like scout and spotter, but
    it also has a lot more that encourages platoon only or one person type
    rewards. In addition, this a “team” that is most cases just met at the
    start of the battle. What are the odds that they would have a the same goal
    in mind.

  47. never bought any gold in the game had 52% wr 1900wn8. last mont i bought a
    good bit my wr after was 60-62% and my wn8 3900! why you always loose?
    cause wg doesnt need you if you dont give them enough money…

  48. People who complain about the MM have obviously no clue how it works. I
    Will not say it is perfect ( it is a LOT better than it used to be). It is
    that most will not understand that your tier 6 tank can meet tier 8’s. And
    then start to complain, because not toptank. Or even worse, light tanks
    that complain because they are bottom tier.. All I can say is learn how MM
    because whenever someone complains, it shows how noob they are.

    Furthermore, I have asked before, and I ask again, would you please PLEASE
    upload the vids in colorblind mode? It is really hard to watch if it is in
    normal mode.

  49. lmao….PC players think they have losing streaks. Play console when they
    start running those stupid OPs for free tanks. I’ve never had the problems
    in games on PC as I have had during those BS OPs on console.

  50. Very nice, QB; and well done M103 player.

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