World of Tanks || Why Rampage Failed

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of . Today I’m looking at why the latest mode, in of Tanks, rampage being removed next patch.

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World of Tanks is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. 8:14 it’s not “people messing around with report system”. It’s typical
    human behavior and it was pretty predictable. If someone is guilty of
    getting you wrongfully banned – it’s Wargaming. They made this shitty,
    fully automated system that bans people solely based on fact that your
    “report click count” exceeded a given threshold in given time. Stop trying
    to absolve WG from liability .

  2. NoneUrBuissness sszszzsss

    i didnt play rampage cus is was a waist of credits :3

  3. Isn’t your intro music from Majora’s Mask when the Moon’s Tear fall from
    the moon? I’m pretty sure it is.

  4. 15:20 “Suka Blyad” Finally I’ve heard QB swearing. I’ve experienced
    everything and can die happily now.

  5. Hey, QB, you are absolutely right. I am not a bad player and I spend a lot
    of time for CW and clan stuff, but even I did not bother this ridiculous
    gamemode, cause I do not have any Tier X tanks suited for this gamemode.
    You need those fast autoloaders and russian mediums to be competitive…
    And why should I use rental tanks, that I can not use in other gamemodes? I
    have to fight against guys in BCs with 4 or 5 crew perks…

    I have to spend ingame money to fight against guys who allready have 10
    tier X tanks with OP crews…how should that be fun. Btw. if i wanna play
    captuer the flagg-rubbish, I play Call of Duty or other stuff.

    The only point in playing this mode was to get another OP russian med for
    tier X cw, but i never really had a chance…

    Just think of the time someone is forced to play this gamemode, if he does
    not have such OP-tierX tanks allready.

    Another bad thing is: Why does this reward tank have to be so OP???? Why
    the fucking hell? Of course all the top-clans did this rigging stuff,
    because this t-22 is something with a lot of advantages against other med
    tanks. You can use it as a heavy and as a medium. If this thing is
    sidescraping, you can not dig it out to easily, so in CW you have way more
    options, when using this tank. It is unbalanced. It makes the game feel
    unfair, frustrating and somehow it is no fun in any way.

    Ideas like that are a reason, why some guys say wot is no fun anymore.

    If they want to introduce this as a balanced gamemode for new and old
    players, they had to make anyone use the same tanks with same crews and
    same equipment – like in this is-8ball-moonbattle.

  6. That Russian phrase at the end made me laugh out loud. Didn’t expected that
    one coming.

  7. No player

  8. The original version of Domination had a really solid credit system. It
    basically had none. No repair costs, enough credits to fund standard ammo
    and a few consumables.

  9. Lol i have played once the rampage mode on test server

  10. 25% XD more like 7%!

  11. Every time I search for a Rampage game it always takes more than 5 mins in
    NA, thats why it failed, in my opinion.

  12. Graf Brot von WoT

    wanna see a balanced historical battle mode

  13. i agree with you quickybaby. I played this game mod a few times and always
    lost tons of credits for repairing up to 3 tier 10 tanks.

  14. I found it rather boring. Just running around and shooting a lot. Yawn. If
    only WoT could figure out how to get historical game modes to work, now
    that would be interesting! But I guess the Russian tanks would have to be
    nerfed heavily to get them to their historical operational capacity.

  15. So…if the Rampage mode is going to be removed what will happen with T-22
    Sr? Will it remain as a reward in another set of missions, now on Random?

  16. the only good thing about those rental tanks were pilfering the crews for
    other tanks……hey i’ll take free 100% crews any day :)

  17. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    “when u get a T-22 medium now even though u rigged it, pls dont play it, be
    smart or else get ban”- unknown 2016. lolz

  18. Still waiting for WOT PVE missions like AW.

  19. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  20. Krystian Gogoliński

    I totally agree with QB, those situations when you get spawned to take 2
    hits from Jgpz e100, then waiting 10s and get another shots when trying to
    escape is just sick. Even when I’ve done 8k dmg in my first tank, I couldnt
    use next vehicles… And those credits which I had to pay…

  21. QB why aren`t You in Warsaw now? There is a Contest

  22. Let me guess, the prizes will only be for the EU server Quicky? I’m pretty
    certain the ugly step sister. (SEA server) will not be seeing anything. So,
    as much as I love watching Jingles and your videos, I am unlikely to be up
    at 3am or whatever the time will be to watch the stream. Good luck with it

  23. I never bothered playing more than a single game in any of them lone wolf
    is basically impossible if you are just average or below like my self as
    for rampage it was just filled with people i could not carry a game against
    any way nor the rest of my team

  24. That was the worst modus in WoT…
    i take each battle ca. 7000 dmg and lose more than 100k credits…
    its impossible for normal players to get the T22 medium without Rigging…
    Fuck WG

  25. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Rampage failed because it was too much like a kindergarten game of tag. I’m
    glad it’s gone.

    I would like to see historical games reworked. Specifically like a map game
    Axis and Allies where each game is given a number of points say 200 and
    each tank is worth a number of points.

    So a Tiger may be worth 56 points a Stuart 15. Match Maker takes the first
    comers up to 150 points then gets the last ones to get to not more than 5
    points difference.

    So numerically you could have 3 Tiger 1s and a Panzer IV fighting 7 Sherman

  26. I play on SEA and I have NEVER seen a T-22. Its impossible to find a game
    in Rampage. You could be #1 player SEA and probably still never get enough
    chances to actually complete the missions.
    Does that mean if you get twenty clan members to all queue at once then you
    can rig it?
    According to this website:
    there are NINE T22sr’s on the entire SEA server.
    So even the mission riggers seem to be having trouble.

  27. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    I would love to have played it but couldn’t! I don’t have tier 10 yet and
    only got tier 8 recently and as observed rental tanks are just Too
    expensive to use. I think they should have done a tier6 only rampage to
    tempt “regular” players into using it.

  28. LOOL 4:54 – arty mode on batchat gg !!!!

  29. the missions where not only insane but also stupid
    a player i know who realy got the t22 legit without riggig was struggling
    to finish the last mission for 3 weeks
    just because do 15k dmg win the game and be top exp
    4 times when he made the 15k dmg some other guy who deliverd 1 singel flag
    got more exp then him
    this was totaly not understandable and frustrating

  30. I never got to play the rampage gamemode on the SEA server because there
    was hardly anyone else in the queue

  31. The reason I don’t play is because you have to have at least one tier 10.
    And I’ve given up trying to get there lol

  32. I think it failed because capture the flag game modes are never popular. I
    remember playing team tactical in MW2 back in the day and my group hated
    seeing CTF come up.

  33. anyway… qb modest as always… “quite a good player” is something someone
    with 1500wn8 could say not you <3 we love u for this too

  34. I’m an almost good player of WoT, making missions and playing tanks but
    when i tried Rampage it was quite disturbing. First, there was a mix of
    tiers in the game. Second, for the four games i played in Rampage, one team
    (3 time smine) got just camped in spawn by other team. Where is the fun in
    it ? It costed a lot and had no fun. You spawn – you die – you spawn – you
    die – etc… At the same time, i could have had two or three rng games that
    could have been more fun and less frustration. Even the balls on the moon
    were more fun. And i did not speak of the complete mess of T-22. What on
    earth is that tank ? How could soviet, who craved to do even good optics,
    have made such a fast aiming and precise tanks when you know how they build
    their tank guns ? Just a would be nightmare that had no reality at all…

  35. Is StratSketch virus,my antivirus is saying it is virus

  36. I don’t think Wargaming are going to give you any more freebies after this
    video lol

  37. Stiver Ong Tze An

    Wg should get the mission reward for Rampage a non op tank.

  38. QB thank you for the vid and yes I totally agree being a “normal fun”
    player it wasn’t fun and I lost a huge amount of credits and have never
    played it again . and I will be glad when the rental tanks are gone too .
    when you have tier 10’s in your garage you don’t need rentals and that for
    me was a waist of time tbh . good luck with your stream

  39. Stop messing around WG and just introduce PvE missions… know you’re
    going to.

  40. that tuesday is gonna be one busy day, dark souls 3 releases on tuesday, so
    does the new fallout 4 dlc AND qb is gonna play with jingles again. not to
    mention i have school that day.

  41. i played 1 match of this, lost 50K, went back to normal matches and never
    played this again

  42. Typical WG dumbness. The credits issue they already encountered with tier
    10 vehicles. There was a time when the economy for a tier 10 vehicles was
    so bad that even in a good match you would lose credits. So people played
    tier 9’s.They fixed it by upping the credits earned by top tiers. And what
    happens now? They do the same stupid thing, again. Logic.

  43. you’re right…but the whole game is broken, the standard casual player
    gets screwed

  44. will the type 59 be able to be given to the sea server guys??? or has
    wargaming once again forgotten about us……

  45. In order to fix the broken economy of the Rampage, I think they should just
    get rid of repair costs and add a flat 20k credits if you lose, and 30k if
    you win. As an average joe, I played the game mode once, lost 43k credits
    (we won, and I did a little over 10k damage), and never played it again.

  46. Hey guys I’m quite close to my t22
    Looking for 2 platoon mates who want to do their and my last few missions
    for the t22

  47. Johan Marais (NaughtyLemon)

    QB, I totally disagree with you. I am not a very good player and I have
    only one Tier 10 vehicle, but I made a huge amount of credits and
    experience whilst playing Rampage Domination.

  48. Yup, average Joe player, tried it twice in rentals, never again, the credit
    loss was huge to me..

  49. Yes, the economy was incredibly stupid. I could easily do a lot of damage,
    be on the winning team, and still lose 40-60k in credits. There was no
    point in me going in and blowing through all the credits I had spent most
    of the day earning in less than 20 minutes.

  50. Well said Sir QuickyBaby. Let’s hope WG watches this and reimplements a
    fixed version of this game mode.

  51. What does RNG mean ??

  52. Every time I am in a game with one of those 22’s, they are reported for
    unsportsmanlike conduct. Period. Same for M60’s and VK’s.
    Let’s be honest, almost all the high tier reward tanks through Clan Wars or
    missions like that have had a COLOSSAL amount of collusion and cheating.
    They will do nothing about any of it. GG Warshaming.
    Heh, nice of them to rent me tanks I already own. Another GG Warshaming.

  53. 6:33 E 100 skin for Obj 907 ? PogChamp

  54. i didnt get the rental tanks xD

  55. SIlentXHunter gaming

    nobody played rampage on na ever so nobody could play it

  56. Also, the in battle repairs on rampage are not free, i got my IS-7 rental
    damaged and then i repaired it in the repair point and ended the game on
    full HP but still had to pay for the repairs. At the moment this game mode
    is just a waste of credits and i don’t see a point in playing it.

  57. Trust some of the giveaways head south of the equator?

  58. At 6:30 the Obj 907 is disguised as an E100

  59. I’m a joe average player, at best, I tried the Rampage mode several times,
    lost badly, it really was not that much fun, and that was that, never
    bothered again. I think you are correct in your assessment.

  60. Panzer Corps Studios

    How to possibly fix it:
    A- do what World of Warships did with team battles, have it set between
    time ‘A’ to time ‘B’
    B- have ‘ranked leagues’ where the better players play with the better
    players with league F at the bottom and A is before the unicorn players
    play, league S.
    C- only a fixed amount of tier eights in both teams (4 tier VIIIs (2v2))
    dependent on the amount of players playing tier VIII at the time

    Some maybe flawed, but are some ideas

  61. watching quickies last stream on twitch? on arty how does he zoom out so
    far when thats banned on na ? he was lookinbg for other arty tracers but he
    can see 2/3 the map zoomed out ? his mod doesnt allow that ?

  62. It should just go back to the way it was at the beginning. everyone is
    given like 3-5 tanks to bring to battle, and those can only be in rampage
    mode. make it more about fun and less serious.

  63. played rampage twice, lost a fortune, never tried again, spot on.

  64. Yeah , big surprise . I’ve played few games and end up flat broke and for
    what ? Arkade variant of WOT ? I did gave up and never look back .This was
    ment for high tier big pocket players and went to drain in flames .

  65. but Dark Souls 3 Quicky

  66. Deffinately plan to watch on tuesday for the chance to win some gold. As
    for a chance to win a type 59, don’t need it. Bought it 4 years ago.

  67. I hope they drop it.

  68. Looks like I will be staying up all night to watch QB’s streams. Damned
    Australia/UK time zones being horrible!

  69. lets make it easy for people, you know, those poor red/ orange players, we
    have to think about them, it’s not like they will learn how to improve so
    lets help them, NO QB, no, no, no, no, WG needs to challenge people, make
    it harder for people so they can improve.

  70. in sea server , you cant even start the game even waiting for 2hours

  71. I only played this when it first came out a few weeks later no one was in
    que for it on na west

  72. I never tried a single mission I actually forgot this mode existed

  73. If they did a tiered matchmaking system so that people could do tier 1, 2,
    3 etc. battles instead of using tier 10s and hemmorhaging money or using
    tier 8s and getting roflstomped it would have been successful

  74. I’m not a bad player (30k battles, 2200WN8) but even I didn’t find that
    game mode fun. That game mode is stupid, It’s like bunch of headless
    chickens running around the map. Nothing that resembles an actual tank

  75. Way to be a man and tell and tell Wargaming this game mode sucks (to be
    honest I thought you were a WG cocksucker because your first video on
    Rampage was addressed as “rigging” and made it seem like it the was the
    community’s fault hell no give me the free tier X premium for 4h of rigging

  76. I agree with you. For me I left it long time ago. I did around 13 missions
    in both. I can’t play it because I lose a lot of credits…

  77. I tried a rampage game recently and found myself the only player not
    cheating. My team went to center and sat there while red team swarmed my
    near spawn and killed me before I could get 2 shots off. Then spawn camped
    me out of game. Then they did their thing to get a couple players what they
    needed for mission.

  78. just give it tiers like a tier 5 rampage mode a tier 8 rampage mode and
    only that same tier can play together

  79. I completely agree quicky

  80. Will we get compensated if like me I was 3 missions off getting the t22 and
    then couldn’t complete anymore because of either huge queue times or no
    games at all with like 10 people waiting to play

  81. Yeah, Sounds Good Quickybaby! From Australia 8>

  82. I agree entirely. WG removing the game mode entirely is another stupid
    decision if they actually go through with it, but taking it out temporarily
    and fixing it is certainly the way to go as it allows all of that work to
    not go to waste and prevents mission riggers in the mean time. In the
    official NA Q&A with Victor Kislyi recently Victor stated that they didn’t
    go through with the Rubicon update because it was better than going ahead
    and pretending that nothing is wrong. He said that the best course of
    action was to back up, admit they fucked up, and drop the patch as the game
    had core issues which needed attention as opposed to introducing new
    content. As good an idea as that was, I believe WG are taking a similar
    approach to the Rampage game mode in the sense that they should back up,
    drop it, and move forward. That really isn’t the right course of action,
    and they need help in seeing that. I can’t see a better person to tell them
    than their community contributors.

  83. Get the 22 sr. !!!! Go for it!!!

  84. Spent 3 days on NA for rampage when it came out 7 missions done, 4 minute
    to 5 minute ques with rigged mission runs and quick finishes, :/ no point
    to even try it after that as 28 games in 3 days waiting, some times for
    reques for the clans to pop in with their group to get the tank was not
    worth it.

  85. I took my T-54 lightweight to rampage mode when it was kinda fun, before
    the rigging and death of the gamemode

  86. Mainly coz I was like -50k credits each game

  87. not whey i meant they on that part

  88. I actually doubt people legitimately got the t22 on the NA server. There
    are so few people playing rampage that I’ve only ever managed to get into 2
    or 3 battles in the entire time its been out. Given how hard it is to even
    get into battles, I believe the only way to get the tank NA is to time in
    with people you know to get enough people for a battle. I chose to not
    cheat, but it really hurts that my only options are to cheat or to watch
    cheaters be given a free op tank I can’t ever have.

    PS This tank is incredibly OP. Ive seen people in my bronze league team
    bounce gold rounds from an E3 off their mostly unangled side armor.

  89. Great video man, I am glad you not going around or avoiding some themes
    like some other youtubers do. You talking straight and about right issues

  90. Wargaming needs rebalance all game instead of making new game mods. And
    about that missions they sux some its just impossible to do they are too
    much dependent of RNG and lucky.

  91. You called the T-22 the T-28

  92. teir 8s in rampage was fun :P

  93. are these prizes only going to people who are subscribed to him on twitch?
    or to anyone?

  94. Pierre-Jean Douillard

    Rampage Mode should just have been added as another mode for randoms (like
    Assault and Encouter are), and instead of transporting a flag I would have
    made 2 bases on each side that you can cap like World of Warships is doing
    it and it gets you points the longer you hold them. I would have kept the
    repair zone since I think this is a good idea, but no 3 tanks since this
    makes the games too long.

  95. I’m not a tier ten player as well, I couldn’t get on it anyway, and I agree
    they should get rid of the rentals all together. Really like the clips
    though Quicky.. Keep it up.

  96. Rarely bothered Rampage mode

  97. I was one of those tier 8 players.. Oh, wait I never got a match because no
    one ever played. I agree with what you said, but i wish they didn’t make
    you play 3 tanks at once… I needed a tier 8 to play this new game mode i
    was so excited about…

  98. Everyone forgets that Rampage used to be called Domination, and that it
    used to be a special mode similar to the Chaffe Races with special rental
    tanks fro the occasion. A major problem with this game mode is that there
    are a LOT of Tier VI-VIII players that felt left out of it. There should
    have been a tiering system similar to Strongholds where Tier IV-VI,
    VI-VIII, and VIII-X tanks could play.

  99. Well, if you could play Rampage Mode with Tier6, Tier8 and Tier10 tanks
    (normal tanks) – then more people would play it ;)

  100. Oh great so my plans to get the T-22 Med will forever be a pipe dream. I’m
    so glad that like the Type 59 and other exclusive tanks, tankers like I
    won’t ever get a chance to try out those tanks to see what the fuss is all
    about. No I refuse to try them out in the test server because the general
    skill level over there is lower than playing around with tier 2 tanks.

  101. Whenever I go to try to play a round of Rampage on the NA server there are
    literally less than 3 people in the lobby.

  102. I agree with you QB ,rampage is for very good players with full garage tier
    10.This game mode should be replace for available for everyone and for
    lower tiers I mean 6-8 or 9

  103. Due to WG fail on their idea of buy gold to advance faster rather than pay
    to win – you need gold to buy garage slots so you can advance up the tech
    tree. I never bought gold so I am stuck around tier 5 (other than the gift
    SU 100Y) Also, have no room in barracks to stash crews when I sell a tank
    to open garage slot. So, while I do enjoy the videos, I am not longer
    playing at all. Good to find out that getting to tier 10 was a waste of
    time to play such a crappy mode.

  104. One of the most annoying things that you didn’t mention at all about
    rampage is/was: there is no incentive on winning! People are doing retarded
    stuff all over the place because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, so
    that the outcome of the battle as absolutely random.

  105. Yes QB! Get the T-22 while you still can. Damn the haters roflstomp ahead!

  106. And he didnt even say a thing a out the bastards who picked god damn artys
    in this gamemode (those flippin scrubnuts ruin your team)

  107. Nice work GB. Frankly, WG’s team has repeatedly demonstrated that is
    incapable to resolve some things.
    Just e.g., they are working on artillery fix more than a year. That’s
    crazy…and still no words what they will do with arty. They are only
    interested in making money and nothing else. We’re lucky that they now have
    a good competition, otherwise they wouldn’t even bothered with fixing the

    I’m not sorry a bit for rampage removal. WG isn’t able to hear the users
    feedback. They are to arrogant for listening…
    The arrogance may kill WG in time.

  108. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Same thing with the teambattles in World of Warships. Only funny for good

  109. I agree with everything, except the word “incentivise”. That’s just

  110. never played it…. que for ever and gave up

  111. It isn’t just “unicorns” who rigged the missions. I’ve seen plenty of
    average, and even a couple bad, players who had it. And it made zero
    difference to the match I saw them in.

  112. this gameplay should be for medium tiers (5/6/7) so more people can play it
    without using rental tanks and make it more credit worth. its a shame now i
    cant get my t22 bcuz no1 its playing it (NA server)

  113. QB, I’ve only played rampage once and haven’t played it since as I never
    really got a handle on how to play it, great video man.

  114. The simple answer is that rampage offered nothing of interest from the
    start. Poor credit income, same derpy mechanics as the randoms, and a set
    of missions that required too much of an investment to be worth it
    (especially now that the T22 is to be nerfed).

    But I say that there would have been an exceedingly easy way to have made
    rampage playable. Step one is simply making it more profitable. And step
    two would have been setting up separate rampage queues for each tier. I for
    instance may not have many tier 10s, but I would have loved to use tier 9s
    instead if I knew that I would have been top-tier consistently.

  115. Cant you prove it by replays??

  116. Quinton Dombrowski

    I think this was like the historical battles. It was WarGaming trying their
    hand at something that they are not good at. As for this, the 1v All was
    stupid from the start, because people formed makeshift teams, or went as a
    platoon (seriously? wtf) and made the whole thing unfair from the start.
    That was my biggest issue. As soon as I encountered this stuff regularly, I
    just quit rampage altogether. Additionally, the respawning was terrible.
    These maps are NOT meant to have balanced respawn mechanics, and the spawn
    camping was just terrible. Very poorly thought through.

  117. BliBlaBlub DieDaDup

    You can farm credits in this mode with 50% Credit buff :), easy 100k avg

  118. TheRancidMarshmallow

    On the NA server, it completely and totally flopped. 1 month after 9.10,
    the queue was empty, there were no games, and if you had an NA account, you
    never had a chance of getting the reward tank.

  119. I’m an average player, 1450 wn8, and I don’t even bother trying the
    missions for the T22 missions.

  120. lol, i die in under minute whenever use anything besides arty, try usin is
    harder than just clickin

  121. Why it failed? T-22. The missions and the rigging for it just forced many
    players to leave it. Credit system was not a part of it trust me.

  122. i tried to play lone wolf once.

    lone wolf.

    one vs all.

    now tell me wargaming, why the fuck in a 1vAll mode, you make solo players
    fight fucking platoons.

    how balanced do you think a 3 BC25t platoon firing nothing but gold is
    gonna be against solo players who dont work as a team because there is no

    this whole mode was stupid. the rewards were stupid. the t22 is stupid ans
    should be removed for good (and replaced in owner’s garage with obj907 or

    it wont be missed. i hooe they’ll give us PvE mode instead of more
    unbalanced modes where uniscums who dont care about credit income will win
    and have fun, or where you spend more time waiting in queue than playing
    because you ask players if they rather drive a tier 3 or a tier 8 in the
    same battle…

  123. Kenneth Christenb

    is it really only 25% there uses premium account ? im baffled… ive spend
    AGES getting my first tier 10 tank i cant imagine going through all that
    grind without a premium account :o

  124. Cannot agree more

  125. The only reason to play Rampage is to get the OP reward. The game play
    itself is no fun. You cannot get the reward without cheating. You can
    easily get the reward with cheating. Players who are not a-holes refused to
    subsidize those who are. That is why the Rampage failed. Good riddance to
    bad rubbish.

  126. Wargaming needs to fix the damn economy, it’s impossible for non premium
    players to play modes T8+ unless you play good, and frankly with the broken
    MM and the crappy teams you get, it’s really hard, I’m an average player
    and in games T8+ I barely do some profit, and I mean really barely and
    that’s 1 out of 5 times maybe. And watching that last game report, a
    premium player earn like 120% more money than a non premium? And that is
    with that monstrous game, a non premium earns just fkn 40k credits… IT’S

  127. Rampage was the most boring game mode I ever played.

  128. And about not so good players using rental tanks or gold tanks to take part
    in Rampage Mode? To use the words of another well-known YTuber: if you see
    your oponent doing mistakes, don’t disturb him ;).

  129. I was always happy withe the Rampage Mode. Why? Cause I knew the XX-players
    are busy on their own playground and don’t have time to kill me in random
    battles ;)

  130. I was going to go try out rampage, but I wanted to do so using Tier 10
    tanks I obtained myself. As of now I only have the E5, but I’m getting
    pretty close to the Centurion AX.

    So I never actually played it, but I do hope it does get fixed and does
    come back, cause I think it would be cool to have some unique gamemodes
    like these.

  131. WG failed all around with this mode., Remove it and all the rewards cheated
    for with the mode. Only way to get past this massive stain on WG’s
    reputation in the view of most players.

  132. It was a crap mode. Terrible game mode. The worst! So glad it is gone!

  133. Even if I wanted to try for the t-22, there’s not even enough people in
    queue to start a game…

  134. also, for me you shouldnt be renting any vehicle. You should have to earn
    the right to own an IS-7 or Batchat by grinding XP through random battles,
    etc. Thus if they are to bring in a new Rampage mode, why not make it tier
    6 or 7 max so at least players will both actually own the vehicle and also
    will have at least some experience playing it.

  135. I just did HT-15 for the Obj. 260 in my O-Ho (16k blocked and 4k damage),
    but I got the problem that I’m not there yet. Someone else knows that
    feeling? At least it’s the second most blocked damage ever in the O-Ho.


    сука, блядь xD great RU servers I love this idea ))) may be we could play

  137. Ah…the unicorns and their glittery farts.

  138. i think the biggest reason of all is that its a separate game mode not
    included in random battles. wait times were too long and i think also
    people just didn’t feel like it was that fun.

  139. Never played as I knew I was simply not good enough to get the tank, so did
    not see the point.

  140. WOT needs a PVE mode as well as a CO-OP mode.

    This would open up sooooo much content and widen the appeal of the game so
    a lot more players would be able to enjoy the game. It would be a way to
    bring in new players, as well as a nice way for existing players to chill
    if they want a break from the PvP but still want to shoot tanks.

  141. That makes me glad I don’t have a tier ten to rampage with. Arty rules

  142. good talk

  143. Agree 100%

  144. well i played that gammode a lott and i still didnt get the t22 and im a
    decent player aswell (2500wn8). but to be honnest i didnt liked the
    gamemode because : 1. games were to quick to do the mission 2. to many rng
    missions ( like the 10 crits and 10 k dmg mission) 3. because you got
    reported for riggen when thay saw you have a lott of dmg ore you platoond
    to do missions easyer 4. a freend of mine got bannd for 2 weeks and his t22
    got removed but he played that gamemode like 1 month for only the last
    mission, and he fainaly got it and than he got banned,… and i know ppl
    who didnt got bannd and rigged there thanks, :/

  145. Quickybaby, you should make a new intro, that would be nice

  146. BioOrganic# Weapon79

    Indeed, I didnt like Rampage mode, I only played it to get my T22-Medium,
    and when i got it there were no reason for me to keep playing rampage mode.

  147. Never played rampage or any other game mode only standar battles. I’m
    playing for fun and not for some stupid mode that makes you awake 24/7 to
    manage. WG need ppl thats not greedy,for WG its all about money. Have they
    ever give away 7 days premium or 1000 gold for gratitude? Not once in 5
    years ive been playing. They need to make wot fun to play for everybody,not
    just for above avarage players. Thats why so many leave wot.

  148. “automated banning system” ayyyy lmao biggest lie i have ever heard

  149. play on russian server NP drink lots of vodka and think drunk.. umm i mean

  150. Hi QB, hi to all gamers, I don’t know if someone take under consideration
    my comment or not, but I will write it down. So from my point of view
    regarding this rampage mode WG should make the missions easier, so even a
    moderate player or lower skilled one,can have the chance to earn it. After
    all a low skilled player having a T-22 med can not compete a skilled player
    with The same tank. Unless he uses cheat modes like aimbot, lasers and many
    other modes which is another huge issue. Second ” solution”, WG still wants
    to remove rampage mode? Make T-22 med for few hours or days premium tank (
    let’s say 50 euros or 100 ). It’s unfair especially to new players or old
    ones not having the possibility or the option having a not only this tank (
    t-22) but also other ones which removed from the tech tree or the premium
    shop I.e E-25. This is my opinion this is the way I see it. Thnks QB for
    the opportunity writing my thoughts about this.

  151. Sidenote, for random player also would have been better if rental tanks was
    like reward tanks, so you can put your existing crew there without penalty,
    not to drive with stock crew, without any repair skills.

  152. Chris LQ (Cartil)

    To me, one thing that kept me away from Rampage is the fact that this was
    tier 10 only. I totally get that tier 10 players want to stay among tier 10
    players, but would it be so hard to make it tier 6 only, tier 8 only and
    tier 10 only for example ?

  153. I totally agree with your assessment. I couldn’t play the game mode without
    feeling like it was just a stompfest for smurfs and unicorns.

  154. A problem on the NA server is that no one plays rampage there is usually
    only 1 or 2 people in the queue in my experience.

  155. Quickybaby I just uploaded to your site. It’s an is-3 replay 7 kills plz
    show it on your channel

  156. Surprisingly in the NA server, its rather rare to see someone banned for
    having that tank. Even if you and a group of buddies were to report that
    individual. But thats just because the banning system in the NA is.. Well..
    Lets just say that its rather lacking.. VERY lacking..

  157. Robert Stoneburner

    played rampage one time and got spawn trapped.

  158. I have lost interest in WOT, but I just got my first girl in WOT. But I
    played very WOW. Thanks for some great video on You Tube;-)Sincerely Mads
    at the same ages with Jingles
    You must have a great weekend away with Jingles

  159. Wow report the person who have T22 with out evidence? , fuck man deez nuts.

  160. random question why is tier 8 LT compared to tier 9 mediums it has worse
    gun worse HP and same base view range i dont get it???

  161. on my first battle on rampage i was over 55000 thousand credits in the red.
    never went back to rampage again i don’t think t22 is worth it

  162. Here is a list of why Wargaming doesn’t care.

    – Premium ammunition spam
    – pay gold for perma camo
    – artillery
    – pay gold for full crew training
    – sixth sense not being default
    – Certain vehicles that are almost always spamming premium, E-100, and T-54
    are among the worst, and no changes have been made.
    – Premium time counts down whether you are playing the game or not. So it
    is often wasted and results in you overpaying.
    – No limits on when people should be allowed to purchase a tier 8 premium,
    high tier noob premium vehicles are known for a reason.
    – RNG is exactly what it sounds like, having a fully aimed shot miss by a
    mile in any tank is unbelievably frustrating and has nothing to do with
    – Intentionally killing new fun game modes because it is not nearly as
    profitable as random battles.
    – Introducing obviously over powered vehicles and then taking forever to
    fix them… I am looking at you O-1 and O-1 exp.
    – The fact that you can just pay your way to tier 10 without even playing
    100 games is annoying and unfair.

    In the end it is a company and companies like money and rushing things out
    the door. Plus they use its “live development” status just as an excuse to
    delay much needed changes. It is rather infuriating.

  163. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    Hi QB,

    The in-game economy is not only a problem in the rampage mode. I always
    lose credits in my T-54, even when I do 5k+ damage. I’m an average green
    player, and the T-54 is my first tier 9 tank.The credit loss is
    unsustainable if you are grinding towards the tier 10 tank, as you never
    get the 6M credits. I can’t even buy a Tiger I because I lose the credits
    earned with other tanks with my tier 9.
    I think that this is an aspect that really frustrates average players, who
    are the base of the community. Nobody wants to play a lot of battles in
    their tier 5 or 6 elite OP tanks like I have to do to get some credits,
    because it feels a waste of time. I have seen your tier 10 replays and
    there are always very good players (most with prem account, I guess, but
    maybe they manage to make a profit in every battle), some very bad players
    (don’t care about their credits?) and only a few normal players. Now, I can
    see why. . .
    Playing a game shouldn’t be frustrating, or at least not stressful, but in
    tier 9 you can’t have a bad game without losing at least 15k credits
    (normal account). I think that most people would rather buy premium account
    because they enjoy the game and to boost their in-game economy and not
    because it’s a necessity, like WG is doing it now. Currently they live from
    very bad players who buy premium tanks because they always lose credits
    even in tier 6, very good players and some average ones, who want to get to
    the tier 10 tanks and they can’t do it without premium. I think that this
    is a mistake and that they should make the game more viable without premium
    time/tanks and more people, like me, would buy premium just because we
    would enjoy the game and want more tier 10 tanks, not to get our first one
    without suffering.

    You answered me in another video in the past days, so I hope that you also
    read this and say me what you think. And by the way, ¡¡Nice video!!

  164. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    if they remove rampage mode they can remove artillery missions with it that
    would clean the random battles big time and also prevent normal player like
    me from getting forced to play arty for theese stupid missions

  165. “I’m quite a good player” Oh Quicky you modest British bastard you ;D

  166. i have t22 and i dont like it 907 is much better and about tier 8 many
    including me when was doing missions was using light tanks because flag
    capping and about game modes steel hunt with friends is good but dominance
    is random fuckfest

  167. Are you commentating on the WOT finals again?

  168. I can name reasons why I played rampant less often then I liked to:

    it was fucking expensive. If you played average games, you easily lost 100
    000 credits. Per game.

    even if it was going well, all the rigging pretty much took all the joy out
    of it.

  169. how do I send a replay to you quickybaby. I have a good is 3 replay.

  170. Well, anyone want to rig this tank with me til the next patch?

  171. And the additional problem on the NA server: small server population means
    that you’re often waiting for 4-5 minutes to get into….ghost

  172. They should remove the rent and just give everyone 3 tier 10 tanks for
    rampage because I think a lot of people didn’t want to have to bother
    winning like 20 games just to play rampage as well

  173. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Its time for u all to change a Game or get out from house and get a life

  174. How can this Gentleman be so friendly? I really enjoy watching your Videos
    QB and I can completely deal with your opinion. What could be cool was if
    WG puts in some Tier 6 and Tier 8 Rampage Modes ONLY for These Tiers.

  175. I could see allowing fully upgraded tier 9s into Rampage. I have a number
    of tier 9s that I’m actually more comfortable with than some of my tier
    10s. Maybe because I have a more experienced crew in it, it has some
    special characteristic, or the slightly better economy makes me more
    comfortable playing more aggressively. But unupgraded 9s or regular tier 8s
    should definitely never have been allowed in there. (Tier 8 lights are
    essentially “Top of Tree” vehicles so I’d let them in.)

  176. Would have liked/played it more if the missions were easier/ doable alone.
    e.g: Destroy 2 flags ( hint: flags only appear in battles with platoons)…
    Took me 7 games to get platoon, cause none of my friends wanted to play and
    the autoplatoon sucks

  177. nuclearsharkattack

    Hardly anyone played this mode at all on the NA server, not hard to figure
    out how people there got the T-22sr. The game mode was poorly implemented
    and poorly received. Glad to see Viktor brought back Slava M. and SerB to
    straighten out WoT before it faded off into the mystic. Patch 9.14 was
    solid — hopefully it shows the way to the future for the game.

  178. dear WG , why would we play a mode,where we the casual players lose credits
    all the time and get spawn killed everytime ??? No wonder the mode failed .
    Not rewarding and definitely not fun . Get that mode out of here ASAP

  179. only way domination could be balanced, is to give each team AI controlled
    Antitank fortresses that shootdown spawncampers, maybe the game could end
    too if all the AI controlled SPGs or Antitank guns were destroyed, giving
    tier 8 tanks that are rather faster and harder to spot, the option to sneak
    up and either kill tanks and let allies cap flag, or kill spawn buildings
    and try to carry the game, but risks get spotted and killed in return

  180. Mullberry Sethwako

    If it was for all tiers 4+, they would have much better success.

  181. But why does it have to be T10? I wont play it until its not limited to T10
    (or if they give T10 rentals without doing anything like they did

  182. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord

    I think your also missing the obvious that a lot of us don’t have tier 10
    tanks as we are doing every tech tree so can’t play the mode..

  183. Anyone else notice that the e100 was being displayed as an obj 907?

  184. for me its about credit loss in this mode, especially playing mediums

  185. Yes! well said! Wargaming, PLEASE pull up yr pants!!!

  186. Fredrik Sundström

    Quicky said unicorns in stead of unicum at 13:15 :D

  187. 3:05 “only 25%” are you kidding me? that is an insanely high number

  188. Video is right on point. Everything he said made sense , i just hope WG
    sees this because Rampage has potential if made properly.

  189. I got t22 by legit mission doing (you can find my D-15 on my channel), im

    To be honest:
    >I made 30 fucking impossible mission
    >Get my tenk fully legit
    >Im happy cause this is reward tank which should be STRONGER than regular
    >Its stronger, yay.
    >WG says : no no, you made missions?totally legit?get gut tenku? enjoying
    gameplay? fuck you then!


  190. well done QB i got t55a and he is great tank need to complet 3 mision for
    obj.260 , but misions for t22 sre. is so hard i first time i looking mision
    i cannot belive what i must to do to get him i think wargaming must do
    better in this mode. and i cannot profit in this mode i think the this mode
    faile. when i wont play this game mode i cannot because dont have player to
    play and once again you did great job you got like. when i see mision i
    think the t22 sre. not worth.

  191. I strongly agree with Quickybaby. The rampage rewards system and financial
    investment is too low and expensive. Also only tier Xs should be eligible
    for it aside for light tanks. If we are to see this game mode again
    Wargaming would need to seriously buff the rewards system and ban tier 8
    and 9 tanks from it as well. My only hope is that the T-22-Medium isn’t
    gone forever.

  192. Make two different modes – one that only allows tier 8 tanks, one that only
    allows tier 10 tanks. And fix the economy.

    Not rocket science.

  193. Jan-Willem Jansen

    I didn’t play rampage cuz I don’t have a prem acc and almost every game
    lose money (I was always on the loosing team) and tier10 doesn’t really
    help you get anywhere. I sometimes play my tier10s but most of the time I
    want to grind new tanks and rampage stopped the progress and put me further
    away from making money to buy new tanks. If rampage would have been at tier
    8 or 9 I would defenitely have played it more.

  194. can you make a m26 pershing video please? :)

  195. I only played rampage since you could make like 300k on the first mission

  196. What fucking stupid game rampage

  197. OBJ907 was an E100?

  198. lol copy Warthunder..

  199. I didnt play, when I got rental tanks I sold ammo every 24 hours 50k for

  200. How do you rent tanks?

  201. Good but why you didn’t made this video when this mode appeared?

  202. cyka blyat xaxaxa

  203. you got the main issue right – i wanted to play it, but -40k per battle is
    nothing i’d want

  204. Did anyone else notice that the E100 QB was shooting at during @6:23 was
    named Obj. 907?

  205. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    t10 games were the most interesting games to me, since the meta is t10 meds
    and I love fast/good gun meds. I was pretty good at it. this is also the
    reason y i stopped playing, cos there is no way for me to play t10 without
    losing credits when I don’t spend real money on the game. I don’t have a
    problem with pay to grind more quickly, I do have a big problem with pay to
    play a certain tier tank consistently. i just can’t afford it. I also
    couldn’t join the very good clans because I played too many low tier
    tanks.. t10 stats were good enough but I just hadn’t played enough games in
    those t10 tanks. (around 1k t10 and 10kt5-6-7-8). and btw no I don’t spam
    gold as I have 0 gold shells in my bat and 3 heat in my Russian med. this
    is also the reason why I stoppen playing rampage, too expensive. if it
    wasn’t for this and the frustration of rng and very bad raging players I
    still would be playing this game today. (in case u wanna know some stats:
    bat: 3700+ avrg dmg 65% wr/ is-7 3k+ 60%+/object 907 3.6k+ 65%+)

  206. Tobias Amon (N4pEx3cutI0n3r)

    I do totally agree with quickys opinion but isn’t it the same with
    Attack/Defense Battles?
    a) Attacking team has 4-7 td’s that are just camping in the back so the
    team can not cap within 10 min.
    b) the enemy team just sits in base and shoots the crap out of any tank
    that comes in their line of fire.
    I would say all gamemodes are more or less unbalanced you see it when team
    a gets a (bot) IS 3 being afk all game and team b gets a unicorn WT E100
    that does 10k dmg.
    The same with the players skill… [Fame] Platoon of Tier X mediums vs Some
    random bunch of heavy tanks (also Tier X) of course the Fame platoon team
    wins just because random Players do a) not cooperate or b) are just silly
    and do have 50% crews and no equipment in their freshly bought T110E5
    (worst case szenario)

  207. Totally agree.

  208. Will you play world of tanks on PS4?

  209. It’s time to admit it, WoT is dying and dying FAST

  210. Tigerman7warfighter

    seen a guy with 500WN8 with a T22……….

  211. somerandomcodplayer

    that would be epic if I could just swoop in with no tanks other than tier 3
    and get a type 59. tomato here and would love to give free XP to players of
    that tier

  212. i can see someone wanting to play this in there t95 for example or some
    other tier 9 tank that can still do things in tier 10 games.

  213. I personally HATE it , that you can ONLY Play WoT if you spend mone for
    GOLD or a high Tier PREM TANK, now how many battles do you guys need to get
    a T10 with / without a prem.accout? I think WG should give Players WITHOUT
    prem 25-30% more Credits and Xp. i hope some1 will answer or even Quicks
    will read this ..

  214. i think it failed cuz most people dont have tier 10

  215. Nagy Janos Florian

    they need to bring back historic game mode back

  216. The problem was that it was only for tier 10 tanks. It should have been for
    all tiers. Same matchmaking than in random battles. And only one tank per
    match. Map size in wot is so small that spawn killing and spawning
    behind/next to other players was obviously going to happen. They should
    have it to be random battle in every other way but have flag like it is in
    rampage and flag delivery points like in rampage and not put it behind some
    kind of option. Probably half of the player base never knew that this
    rampage game mode even exited. It should have been part of random battles
    like assault.

  217. why wasn’t this open for all teirs? or at least 5 and up

  218. You are right Quickybaby! The repair of every high tier tank costs some
    credits, in some cases a lot of them. If a team is more competitive than
    the other, the people in the weaker team have to lose a lot of credits and
    get mad because they don’t have any chance of reacting to the attack. When
    I rarely get into a rampage match, I realize that I am the weakest player
    in the match (I am not an awesome player or a noob, I am just an average
    player which wants to have fun). When I get into rampage matches, at least
    in the most cases I see only players like you. This game mode is not fun,
    at least for me.

  219. Ramapge failed because CTF, respawn and field repair has no fucking place
    in this game, especially when paired with piss poor game design.

  220. The game mode is broke and the problem is that you get three tanks to
    respond in. Some casual players dont even have three tier 10s. Me myself a
    average player only have one and the I’m stuck bring in tanks that’d get
    wrecked. It is no fun and the rental vehicles are bad cause new people
    earning them have no idea how to use them and can play them “wrong” maybe.
    another problem is the wg doesnt let every tier have its own spot in the
    game other than random game mode which by has horrible match maker. I dont
    know why they can get world of warships match maker good but not this ones.
    I think every tier should kinda have its own game mode or a game mode where
    the tank doesnt feel useless in your garage like tier 5,7,9. Tier 4,6,8,10
    get there own game mode why not the others? I enjoy more tier 5 and 7 than
    I do the others. I think a lot needs reworked :/. The only reason why I
    came back and played was the new physics.

  221. Burningwithecstasy

    I never played rampage, but I agree with what you’ve said in this video. I
    saw the promo videos for rampage and knew right away I wouldn’t like it.
    Because it’s just a variation of capture the flag (been capping flags since
    BF2), which isn’t all that interesting to me. Also playing with tier 10
    tanks means losing creds the majority of the time. Especially for
    non-preemy time players like myself.

    After finding out rampage is going away and seeing this video, I’m glad I
    never touched that game mode. Looks boring, frustrating and wonky as hell.
    So, later game mode I don’t care about!

  222. i stop at 12/15 —- 9/15 few months ago because of the stigma..

  223. Also make it t 5,7,9

  224. I agree that Rampage mode is Flawed. If they were to make it tier specific,
    (ie t8 with t8, t9 with t9, etc), I think it would be more enjoyable.

  225. agree – I immediately realized rampage mode was a serious credit suck and
    stayed away

  226. The reason I never played it was because it was tier 10 only and I could
    not make enough money to justify it.

  227. alright, so my PC broke and I could play wot for years but I kept interest
    in wot.Now , wot is on ps4 and I came back , already have a tier 10 and I’m
    kicking ass really well like in the old days. I was waiting so damn hard
    for those T22 missions because it would be a huge hard grind , that’s what
    I wanted!And………now I’m hearing they are putting it out?How will I get
    a t22?Something needs to be done here , quickly.Anyone have any

  228. how did you get into a game? nobody plays the mode on NA servers anymore :/

  229. This is a fine example how should a community representative work!
    This is one of the rare games with strong community where its biggest
    youtube channel isn’t afraid to constructively criticize the game and to
    provide rough and to-the-point feedback.
    I am really proud, happy and hopeful we have someone like Quickybaby
    because of this.

    Cause seriously, look at the majority of the other World of Tanks YouTube
    channels – they just provide a fun or informing content – which is totally
    fine. But the point here is – no one is actively speaking out about the
    game’s flaws and issues. And this game does have a lot of them!

  230. Ähm…. 6:20 WG…this isn’t a Obj. 907! This is the E 100 !

  231. i just got fed up of being spawn killed and loosing 50.000 credits per game

  232. It would be nice if wargaming release a new historical battle gamemode were
    you are in a team of nothing but 15 of one nations tanks fighting against
    much bigger team of ai tanks on very big but open (thus empty, thus better
    for bad pc’s) maps.
    “but why ai?” well, tigers vs t-34’s… you don’t want to be in the t-34…
    and pvp= pro’s , average and noobs vs pro’s average and noobs. For you to
    do well, someone has to suck.

  233. Jochem van Pamelen

    what do u think of the idea to have a rampage game mode for tier 6 and tier
    8 aswell. all seperatly ofcourse. and also add a tier 6 and 8 rewardtank.
    then u would be able to get the tier 6 rewardtank in tier 6 rampage and the
    tier 8 rewardtank in tier 8 rampage (tier 10 would stay like it is now).

    and about the credits, why not make rampage free to play? just add missions
    where u can get credits from (like: do 3k dmg to get 7.5k credits). however
    players will have to pay for premium consumebles and premium shells. normal
    consumebles would be free. (or maybe cheaper).

    one last thing: light of tier 6 and 8 would be able to land in the rampage
    tier above their own tier.

  234. another problem with the rampage game mode is that people like me who just
    want to have some fun and don’t have any tier 10 tanks would have to win 15
    games in a row to have 3 tier 10 rentals. I currently have about 50% win
    rate which i think is about average, but that means that i on average have
    to play 30 games before i can play this game mode, and that might take me 3
    hours and by then i might be bored of world of tanks and want to play
    another game.

  235. Great video and so true ;)

  236. For every 30k profit I made in that mode I lost 100k. Suffering in that
    mode wasnt worth it for the rewards.

  237. Apostolos Kouzoikas

    the “good ” players are “seting up” among them battles to take this tank ..
    why realy bother losing credits?

  238. WG needs to completely scrap and build from scratch a new mm system. The
    need for this is shown everywhere including apparently in this game mode. I
    also completely agree with QB and hope WG sees this video.

  239. atleast on EU you can get in battles, try getting into a battle on NA.. The
    only time u can is at like 1AM when all the riggers are doing it..

  240. QB for CEO of WG.

  241. i very well agree with him with what qb is saying if wargaimng can take
    this and fine tune it it would be amazing

  242. I have never been able to find a game in the rampage mode because noone is
    ever playing it

  243. they should make a version where lower tiers could play like they did with
    skirmish and team battles… that way they don’t block out the players that
    don’t have tier 10.

  244. Rest in pieces, Rampage. I won’t miss you.

  245. I disagree with the “No other tier than X” statement simply because most of
    the WoT players simply don’t have those tier X tanks including me.
    I have about 9k battles and i’m not picturing myself as a bad player though
    i only made it up to tier VIII and i’m not able to get to tier IX because
    i’m always low on credits. I play most of the time without a premium
    account and don’t own any high tier premium tanks because i don’t have the
    money to invest into the game.
    But i still wanted to play this game mode no matter how awful it was. But i
    admit that it was completely unbalanced with those tier VIII in the pool.
    That’s why wargaming should have implemented single tier battles, so
    everyone could enjoy it fairly.
    And frankly they should do that for the random battles too cause being
    bottom tier is never fun.

  246. Last time I went into the rampage queue there was 1 other player in… So
    basically its literally impossible to get it on NA, i mean not that I could
    get the missions done anyway XD

  247. I find the lower tier stronghold skirmishes are suffering a similar fate,
    I’m part of clan that plays mainly tier 6’s and 8’s, but I wouldn’t
    consider us to be anything amazing, yet every time you go into battle, you
    almost always run into a team that has a much higher WN8 and know how to
    play their vehicles much better than others. We usually call it a night
    after 4 matches or so, it isn’t fun being steamrolled every time by blues
    and purples.

  248. I believe that War Gaming should add something like a “hardcore” game-mode
    were the UI is disabled. You can see your teams tanks but the enemy tanks
    don’t have an outline or a display above their name. Kind of how War
    Thunder has one of their game-modes. I reckon that that would be simple,
    you wouldn’t have to mess around with the credit of exp system and it would
    give those players who have a good grasp on the game a new way to play.
    Just think about it War Gaming.

  249. +Quickbaby, i’m super agree with your feedback, maybe that will also
    increase the reward and also increase the player as well nice feedback :)

    In Asia server, even at the peak time like 8pm to 10pm, i have NEVER seen
    people joining the rampage game mode
    as a result i NEVER seen one T22 in Asia server

  251. I aggre,this missions are so freaking hard,im playing rampage for 5 weeks
    and I was able to complete 20 missions…

  252. thevigvadi Vadi Is Here

    when the game mode wasnt realesed yet i though it will be great if the are
    diferent divisions like strngholds. It will be great to play with tier 8
    and maybe like u said have another special tank or reward for that tier
    just to make it diferent from the normal campaing

  253. What can I say except outstanding commentary.

  254. the problem seems kind of like an extension of issues of high tier tanks..
    way to expensive just to play whenever you want… (kinda like World of
    Warships but they actually did take a step to fix this. (see the game’s
    website) and these number following are the normal numbers not counting the
    temporary fix of a 20% repair cost reduction)… for instance the Fuso at
    tier 6 costs just over 50k credits, the Nagato at tier 7 cots 63k credits
    to repair the Amagi only one tier higher (8)costs 112k credits to repair if
    she is lost in battle… and it only gets worse the higher you get. I think
    the Yamato costs something like 1/4 million credits to “replace”… it’s
    sodding stupid…… there is no “real” insensitive to go past tier
    6,arguably even tier 5.

  255. The Pilot Penguin

    man you need to work on your thumbnails they used to be great. i really
    wanted that t22 sr but i’m statistically a bad player and i had no idea how
    hard they were and all i had were my tier 8 and 9 tanks. all i want is a
    reward tank but for me anyway you would want tier 10s to make it easy or to
    be really good in tier 6 to 8. i haven’t even got the fecking stug iv like
    and since i’m a bad player the grinds are really cruel on me *sigh*

  256. WOW.. .I never played Ramage mode because the first game I was killed every
    2 min… so i stopped.

  257. I think QB had a good analysis of the Rampage mode. And solutions are
    pretty easy to apply.
    GJ QB, keep giving some flavor to the game!

  258. actually the failure here is there should have been a t5-7 set aswell so
    not just the end game players

  259. we rage
    we are mad
    we lose money and credits

    serB still makes millions. lol

  260. This gamemode does an excellent job at showing how bad WOT’s Economy is.
    Alot of players dont have the ability to maintain a high credit balance
    without throwing money at the game in a premium tank or premium time. They
    need to increase the credit gain all around. And if not increase, lower the
    cost of repairs on high end tanks.

  261. The only gamemod that WoT is really put in is Free-for-All becuz most of
    player don’t care about their team at all and very few who do care have to
    carry the game all alone

  262. Never tried it, was going to, but then QB told me about the spawn camping.

  263. Justin Reimer (Jipner16)

    Why not make it tier 8 and then people can grind and there is a larger
    population that can play it.

  264. QB announces to give away 5 Type 59 – boom strema gets 80k viewers o/
    …and then the 5 “lucky” ones discover, that the Type is still a premium
    tank, therefore worse than most/all of the normal tier 8 mediums….
    I mean, even the T-54 Mod 1 has more armor! MUCH better gun handling, more
    ROF, more accuracy, better aim time, less dispersion, same dmg, tiny bit
    better pen….

  265. Best video you made to date. WOT needs to take a look at this.

  266. 13:07 UNICRONS?!?! qb is on crack xD

  267. You named one reason why i never played this gamemode – had no tier X tank
    at that time (now have 1) and also it doesnt just look fun for me.

  268. I did what you said in the rental tanks… xD

  269. They could have tried have tier 6 & tier 8 rampage modes. Have similar
    system to tournaments by allowing lower tier players to play in only tier 8
    or tier 6 tanks. Then unicums and ‘average’ players can interact with this
    mode. Thankfully they are taking a massive nerd bat to the t22.

  270. I just got my first tier 8 tank! The JP II! it’s epic even when it’s stock

  271. They should just put the T-22 in a tech tree every1 can get one and the h8
    over but though it’s already has a bad rep

  272. What he said

  273. Perfect examples, I really hope Wargaming takes a good look at this.
    Also I one of the reasons I dislike(d) this gamemode is… how is it even
    possible… ARTY

  274. Everyone who owns a T22 cheated to get it – common knowledge.

    Also, why do they reward me with rental opportunities for Tanks I already

    BTW: WOT isn’t Counter Strike – rampage sucked.

  275. All the game modes they put in there were shite.

  276. i only manage to play a few games it a waste of time rampage fail

  277. Well, not everyone enjoys playing tier 10 tanks. And frankly I don’t think
    that any mode focused on tier 10 vehicles is likely to succeed with general
    player base. The fact that it cannot really be a part of random queue
    certainly doesn’t help either.

  278. Nobody plays it on the eu server sow it isnt fun for me… And why are
    there even platoon misions, it doesnt reward the other player if you focus
    at one mision

  279. Air strike is the worst part of Rampage. “Oh, you wanna use your armor,
    dude? How about 3x air cancer?”

  280. By the way QB… the tank is getting nerfed.

    Reduction of the dynamics at the expense of resistance to all types of

    Turret traverse: from 48 to 40.

    Aimtime: from 1.9 to 2.2;
    Accuracy: from 0.33 to 0.36;
    Turret Traverse spread: from 0.08 to 0.1;
    Hull Traverse spread: from 0.08 to 0.1;

  281. Played a couple of matches, lost lots of credits, never wanted to play

  282. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Amazing idea. Having more campaigns before the T-22sr. would mean a lot for
    us, mortals! Everyone, let´s try to inform WG about that idea, we will have
    better chances when more people write this to them.

  283. The reason i never have played this game mode is that i think its so
    unrealistic and lame. Why bother with historically accurate tanks which WG
    advertised so much with, and then deem such epic mechanical monsters to
    such a low toy-ish mayham mode. Secondly i think the rental tanks a bad
    idea. A tier X is a reward at the end of the line you’ve been grinding so
    hard for. Not something that just pops up in every idiots garage. It ruins
    the actual goal of the game: grinding to that special tier X.

  284. right im on ps4 I have no marks of excellence and I use the churchill I
    have 341,653 free xp with it and I dont have any marks of excellence on it
    yet how can I achieve them?

  285. I now know better than to rent. Rent needs to be removed. Also no way I am
    a Tier 10 player.

  286. I think the big reason was it wasn’t fun, was only tier 10 and firing your
    gun all the time isn’t fun and tanks aren’t balanced for it.

  287. 6:25 …. I didn’t realise that was what an Object 907 looked like. I
    always thought that was the E100…

  288. it was a disappointing game mode i think, i agree with you

  289. I think their should be terror tier 8 and 9 rampage mode by itself.

  290. The gamemode itself is actually good but the painfully bad credit loss just
    ruined everything

  291. WG need to make bigger maps.

  292. look the reason i got put off this game mode was because the only way to
    not lose money in rampage is to win but if you lose you can lose like 30 to
    40k per game while doing 14k damage and only dying twice plus there was
    also the issue of people co-ordinating in the free for all mode just
    killing interest in it.

    plus it was only for tier 10s if you played anything lower tiered than that
    other than maybe a couple of tier 9s then you were just a burden to your
    team. there were better ways they couldve implemented this like maybe a
    domination style mode with respawns that couldve been great fun but capture
    the flag wasnt much fun.

  293. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    cmon talking about mission rigging and we dont get a frodo baggins

  294. JeanCarlos Trukerboy

    10k damage like nothing?? oh wow good game.

  295. 6:25 that E100’s name says obj907? wah

  296. t-22 sr should be set 5 or maybe campaign 2

  297. kyriakos antoniou

    Like this video or die trying

  298. Alexander Schlecker

    i would like to play rampage if i wouldnt lose thousands and hundred
    thousands of credits

    i just cant afford that

  299. Nice early

  300. World of tanks Xbox 360

    Quickybaby I’m one of your biggest fans I wish it was possible to send in
    replays on Xbox. I’m very skilled on Xbox and had some epic games

  301. 223rd

  302. Im early

    But not funny

  303. i got the annotation 38 seconds late

  304. 4Head

  305. 5th

  306. second :)

  307. First!

  308. Rampage would’ve been better if the tank repairs / resuply prices went down
    by 50% atleast

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