World of Tanks || Why the T18 was Removed

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World of Tanks – T18. Today I’m looking at the history of the infamous T18 and why it was removed in patch 9.12!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. E25 on sale. Still worth buying?

  2. I loved the T-18 Squad Car; platoon up, and sealclub with the 75mm without remorse. If they offered it for sale again, I would buy it without hesitation- some of my favorite WOT memories are taking down trash-talking players in the old low-tier games. Ah, back when we had cross-chat too… And maps for low tiers that were fun…

  3. 2:37 when you nut she keeps sucking

  4. Hopeless mm these days, specially for tier 8s where all they see are tier 10s, whats the point when you’re spending real money on a fake tank to make fake credits but really can’t cause the filthy mm keeps putting it face to face with type 5s and mauses where one is forced to spam gold rounds and end up loosing more credits.

    • Nicholas Chen do you know that you can pen mouse and Type 5 H in side with Any tier 6 🙂 just flank it don’t be idiot if you see Tier 10 op tank you don’t go brawl with him in t 8 tank hahaha

    • Serbian Ultras Flank in corridors map when they have friens behind them, sure

  5. i’v been watching you since 2013 😀

  6. Type 59 before it was nerfed pls.

  7. Still available in a tank destroyer version on wotblitz

  8. I remember driving it in blitz once and in ONE game I bounced 114 shells

  9. Wargaming destroyed WOT I don’t play anymore because it just took forever to get a teir ten with no premium account and then theay change and remove tanks what you sooo want but will never have because I takes years to get there.. I would rather just pay once and have an entire game than having to buy premium every year what I can’t even afford.

  10. This TD was really OP before its hull traverse rate was nerfed! It was worse than the dreaded Pz 38H because you couldn’t outrun it (in most tanks). I learned to keep my eye on the minimap because I realized that if I wanted to a) survive, and b)kill the T18, I had to know where it was before it came into view. If you were looking at its front, you were dead! Waiting to take it on in a duel was fatal.

  11. When this was in the game we could talk to the other team ?

    • Mr Anonymous good that was ended. no more whingeing about gold noobs and no more reporting allied positions, that always pissed me off especially

    • I remember so many fun moments conversing with the enemy team 🙁 so sad it ended, rarely any giving positions away and it felt good that you could call out your enemies for gold noobs 😀

    • The_Prophecy [PINK]

      Mr Anonymous Yes and everybody was toxic and cried. Happy it’s gone

    • Team chat isn’t any less toxic, should just make it so you can also hide the all chat for everyone who thinks that way and all is good

  12. That time when you were an artillery and got upatient for your allies to spot for you and you become a uncontrolable 1 shot 1 kill tank destroyer-Paradox 2017

  13. the 11 or 12 seconds of reload time is as an arty… it used to have like 5 to 6 seconds of reload

  14. i loved that tank so much with its 3000 dpm

  15. The_Prophecy [PINK]

    Why the Pz. I C was removed…
    OH WAIT, that overpowered piece of shit is still in the game!!

  16. i remember driving across the field in malanovka in this because i just watched a t95 do it. i had similar success to say the least XD

  17. Then, I was so, SO excieted when i bought my pz 1 c, now when i got Is 3, ?

  18. As I remember, most of the machine gun tanks couldn t pen even it s side armor???

  19. It will be back in 6 months as a premium

  20. The changes have just shifted every advantage to the Russkies. who, in history, except in Alaska, only exerted power past their own borders when provided Western support.

  21. but why did they have to remove my t82 x;(

  22. I will still state that the greatest Seal clubber is a Valentine AT with the 3 inch howitzer. at T3-T4 its a one shot on just about everything.

  23. E25 on sale again.. I honestly can’t believe it.

  24. ah, the good old memories

  25. You should create a new account and start grinding all over!

  26. you should do one for before after for the Hell

  27. And over on blitz…. 😉

  28. E25 is in store right now!

    • dont buy if you play the console it’s totaly useless, it gets spotted from the moon, virtually never bounces any shot and it can’t pen sh*t, i gave up playing the one i wasted money buying. even in a so called good game where you live more than 30 seconds you still end up frustrated when you fire over 40 shots, get over 40 direct hits and lucky to get 3 or 4 pens, oh but you do get a few critical hits that do no damage at all.. IT IS THAT BAD……

  29. ok WG now youve given all the whingers out there a chance to buy the e25, I want the Type 59!

  30. Miss him •_*

  31. A Hellcat Video would be awesome. It was such a great tank back in the days.

  32. Rip T-50-2 ;(((

  33. Rastko Dimitrijevic

    Anyone else noticed qb read 1573 (dmg) and said base experience?

  34. O the goolden age when op tanks werent premium and not at tier 8

  35. Good God this thing was a blast, and was my first seal clubbing vehicle, and honestly still my favourite. I have many a fond memories of pasting new players, and the occasional fellow seal clubber, with this stupid thing. I will forever miss the tank I labeled “Captain America”, with a Canadian flag on the side. RIP T18 TD.

  36. Is there o will be there any gift this year?

  37. Oh I Seal clubbed hard in this one Muahahah

  38. The 2 other T18’s died fairly quick so OP?? These super rounds are not only attributable to the OP’ness of a vehicle. Player skill, MM, noob red team and a good dose of luck would be the right mix of ingredients. Still it was a blast to play the T18.

  39. ralroost einsnulldrei

    So it’s a tier 3 FV 183.

  40. I’ve got like 8000 games with t18 RIP t18

  41. Next WT E100

  42. hey qb your seal clubber video was 6 hours after mine, your a magical mystical fairy i see xD

  43. Hrafnkell Haraldsson

    I had forgotten all about this tank. How I used to hate running into them

  44. This brings me so much good memoris,old tanks on old maps..I really miss wot from back then ?,by the way how do you play old repleys when i try it says is not computable whit the current version ?

  45. Omg i Love thus Tank thus was man Favorit Tank

  46. Hahahahahah I had 13 kills with this tank

  47. damn i LOVED this little Oneshot Tank

  48. Nowadays the “fantastic frontal armor” would be penetrated by everything anyway thanks to the goldspam.

    Yes I am aware this is tier 2.

  49. How about a WTFaufE100 Replay (pre-nerf)? Gosh that thing was awful… 🙂

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