World of Tanks || Why the WTF E-100 was Removed

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Waffentrager Auf E-0. Today I’m looking at the history of the infamous Waffentrager Auf E-100 and why it is being in patch 9.15.

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  1. Rest in peace What The Fuck E100,you will miss me,it will always be my
    favourite tier X vehicle.

  2. Im still amazed the tank got past the supertesters

  3. WG didnt learn anything from the mistake with the WT E100 cause now every
    tier 10 battle that im in with a TVP T50/51 he wrecks and always geta the
    most damage with his nooby OP bot tank. Even the tier9 skoda can kill a BC
    25t no problem

    • YEP get the WT E100 back in the game ore remove all the autoloaders in the game an TVP t50/51 kills an maus in 1 clip WTF. i had the WT E100 and i needed up to 8schells to kill an maus and had to reload. those OP TVP line had to been removed in fisrt place than it was an balanced game again

  4. TheMisteryNoob ʺ

    wtf e 100 xD

  5. IngLouisSchreurs

    panacea; take the bloomcircle from 2 sigma to 3 sigma and there will be no
    seriously overpowered tanks anymore. especially because those unicums and
    other wannabees then should be taking very good good care of taking shelter
    for arty fire, and that would make it more a teamsport than battles
    dominated by players like our beloved QB.

  6. I dont own it, but i´ll miss it. Why Deleting it when you can nerf it ?

  7. IngLouisSchreurs

    so at 8:15 I have to pause the video, because you state that , in my own
    words, it is unfair to the HT to become killed by the WT. So what about
    artys getting killed by LT’s in the first 2 minutes of the game????? Yeah
    yeah, every body thinks arty players should be punished merely for the fact
    that they enter the battle, yeah yeah. I am glad that arty balancing will
    be a point of investigation in the soon to come sandbox server. Me thinks
    LT should be nerfed across the game since they take over the gameplay that
    should be done by MTs for DPM/pen. give LTs more camo and/or viewrange and
    nerf the alpha dmg. LT’s should not be able to be used to make
    significantly dmg points

  8. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    Maybe they can, but add them as boss tanks versus much lower tiers.

  9. it would be better to nerf the pen, the damage of the magazine capacity

  10. Milorad Djukovic

    my HE are cryin!

  11. I mean, your point is because the E 100 can kill quickly? Remove the T57
    heavy, AMX 50! The FV!!! 1 shoot one kill, nerf the Jagpanzer E 100, the
    Maus, make his armor of paper because the little girls in wot can’t pen the
    poor little tank, f u pussy players!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Emilian Tananeev

    1 month after they release WT I got it and after 20-25 battles I done 11K+
    dmgso I really like what you say QB that it is boring to wait 50+ seconds
    for reload and I cant wait to see how Grille is going to perform in MM

  13. OP tank removed – good, good WG…AAAAND replaced with another OP tank. 😐
    …wait, what?
    The fucking replacement isn’t even out on the live servers and you get +10k
    damage clips. GG WG!
    It’s not as OP as the WT E100 though. 🙂

    Thanks you QB for another good video!

  14. “Why the What The Fuck E100”?

  15. I agree with what you say in your video. My problem is that I get the
    Grille 15 which I will never play because my playstyle is completely
    different. I either sit in something like the WTPZ4 which has a fully
    traversable turret or a Foch 155 which is an autoloader with some armor or
    the Deathsphere which has crazy alpha. This Grille 15 does not fit any
    playstyle I like so I will ask for a refund because now I feel that I
    wasted a LOT of my time.

  16. so take out wt 100 and put tvp shit t 10 …

  17. Playing the Waffledragon with the big gun on the testserver and spamming HE
    at enemy counterparts – the memories…

  18. They’re going to make it as a premium vehicle and I’m not going to wonder
    if they do it because of their policy and business model :D

  19. A balance nightmare that is also unhistorical as all hell, and shits on
    glorious soviet tanks? REMOVE!

  20. I am sad to see my WF E-100 go but exsided to play the New Grille 15.

  21. its sad test in peace.
    wt auf E100

  22. Michael Sheldon

    quicky, why was “province” removed,, it was a fun map for low tier
    tanks…. wtf ??

  23. But i always enjoyed fighting agaisnt WTF e100s :(

  24. Alexander Trogen

    There is an Overwatch easter egg in his crew in the garage…

  25. Panzerkiller 012

    R.I.P old friend….. 🙁 :'(

  26. Why not nerf it hard (eg make it 4-shot and longer time-between-shots) AND
    add the Grille 15, both as progressions from the WT PzIV?
    It seems like a waste to remove any vehicle from the game, especially a
    fictional one where WG can give it any model/gun/reload/clip size they want.
    I’m only a tier-9 max player though, and have had few run-ins with the WT
    E-100. Maybe I’d feel different if I had a tier 10 heavy and got evaporated
    by the WT.

  27. nawin sirisakdi

    WT or WTF

  28. this tank isnt so scary if you are playing the deathstar with hesh loaded

  29. Wtf was removed because it made 3000 dmg with a single klip. Fk that,
    another autoloder, fantasy Tank. And yes, FK XVM to.

  30. Okay, how about the Czechoslovakian MTs having their fast-loading okay
    penetration auto loaders?
    I feel that the Czechoslovakian MTs just made the Japanese MTs suck. Škoda
    T 25 is far better than a Type-5 Chi-Ri, guys, really.

  31. I am very very very happy that it will be removed. These ridicilous tanks
    make playing WOT less attractive to me.

  32. pretty sure it still takes more still to clip shitters from superior
    positioning than it does to lob an rng shot off from the back of the map.

  33. It doesn’t feel like it’s been in the game that long.

  34. im a voluntary firefighter and everytime, when that base cap alarm siren
    goes suddenly on my heart rate jumps over 9000 and i throw off my headset..
    untill i realize its ingame sound.. *insert true-story-meme here*

  35. Sooo… What are they going to do now? put a horrible and hatefull tank
    that everybody will get mad because they lose time money griding for
    something that was supose to be good? Anyone knows what Wargaming will do?

  36. The only reason to took out this td is the fact that only the noobest
    players use it whose constantly camp behind the base and cri all the battle
    for spot cause they want to shoot from the end of the map where the targets
    not even close to the draw distance circle and after all they just get so
    much toxic that they end up blaming and shooting his own team light tanks.

  37. Martin Gospodinov

    It’s very simple , nurf it like a Tiger II and all most no one will play it

  38. what they should do is get rid of and replace the FV183 as well, no tank
    should have the ability to one shot almost all tanks in the game other than
    the ones with more than 2200 hp

  39. i only want to keep the WT auf E100 in wargaming so that i could try it

  40. They could just remove the autoloader and change the shape of the turret

  41. How do you think this would have played with a 4s between shells in the

  42. ThereWillNeverBe AnotherTupac

    Bye bye you will be missed :(

  43. pfff guys think.. what makes this vehicle extreme op… THE GUN just nerf
    the gun, make the alpha dmg 400 , or make the pen 220 , remove the 150mm
    gun. grille 15 is not an really tier 10 td it has low hp no armor only good

  44. Tirion Fordring

    Welp wg Realize this just after the esports?! Lol!!!

  45. You talk about fun ?! I was in my type 61 and a Death Star one shouted me
    now that’s fun isn’t it ?

  46. Oh, Wargaming has done this mistake dozens of times. Unbalanced tanks that
    break down the game by simply sending players back to garage. Even worse,
    these fuckers shoot you from the other side of the map, which make them 10
    times more broken and annoying than some shitty WTF E100. And yet, nothing
    was done about it in 5 years.

  47. Czechs are the next in queue.

  48. WTF E100? 🙂 Lol qbaby, this is vulgarism! 😉 WFT E100! :-)

  49. Well it took me to stop playing the game for around a year to remove the
    most broken Td next to the Fv 215b 183 hell might get me to come back when
    they remove arty… pfffft who am I kidding they will never remove the most
    boring and most un fun thing to play against.

  50. sad to say but NOW you know how Arty Drivers feel after their Neutering in
    7.0 since it can take up to 1 min 10 – 20 seconds to Reload for the top
    tier artys like the T92. or the gutting of arty like the US M12 which cant
    hit a barn when fired from INSIDE it let alone the Map Grid (i think each
    square is either 100 x 100m or 200 x 200m) the target is in. you can go out
    to eat at a sit down place & get back & Still not be reloaded.

  51. Please nerf the TVP 51 :)

  52. I understand why the Wt Auf E100 is removed but why did the T-50-2 got
    removed. that oldschool light tank was my favourite…… i m still mad on
    WG that they removed T-50-2.

  53. francois dinauto

    what if there was a near invulnerable tier 10 tank with a good cannon

  54. Y not just reduce the clipsize and the average dmg. So we would still have
    a turrented Tier 10 TD. The Grille 15 is just worse then the WT auf Pz4 due
    to the lack of the 360° turrent otherweise i Would be OK with it.


  56. “…stop you from making any kind of aggressive play whatsoever. ..” I
    thought he was talking about arty there for a second. Why can’t artillery
    be taken out of the game instead. Oh yeah, useless players would not be
    able to play the game anymore, and WOT might actually become fun to play.
    But then the Russian mafia would never want that.

  57. He forgot to mention that when the WT E100 was released, it had 420m of
    view range too which was the best except for the m48 Patton which also has
    420m base view range

  58. There’s Wargaming’s “accuracy on display again. Who even reads their
    published stats anyway. Don’t miss this game even a bit.

  59. Salamander Helix

    I’m not sad to see it go but I’m also not much of a fan of the grille 15
    either as its replacement

  60. Luckily I didn’t have Tier 10 yet in 8.9 :P

  61. you speaking about this tank in a negative tone but you fail to mention
    that it has a turret the size of africa that you cannot hide anywhere on
    any map there’s no bush able to cover it and you have a minute to do
    nothing or even run for your life during loading because in an MMO you
    playing alone most of the time. i do love this tank and im gonna miss her
    but looking forward to G15 she’s a more beasty thing than WTaE100
    about the fairness towards the E100… did you notice the angle that guy
    came around the corner after he/she shot in a direction? he/she deserved
    what he/she got bloody scrub!

  62. You talk about facing one. Try facing a team with three of them.

  63. From what I read about the Waffle. This armored vehicle is completely
    fictional. The designers of Wargames merely slapped a 150mm gun, which I
    believe was an actual prototype gun being proposed, and place it on a E100
    chassis and boom, Waffle Traktor! There is blueprints for the Lowe and even
    the ridiculously impractical P1000 Ratte and P1500 Monster (Giant mega
    automatically detected when the game starts Arty of doom?), but none for
    this thing.

    What drew me to WoT was the fact that it had German prototype tanks like
    the very ones I read about in books like the Maus and the Lowe. To even see
    the US’s, USSR’s, England and even French future prototypes is very cool to
    look at. I feel let down that game designers are just writing fanfiction of
    what nations COULD’VE made but didn’t.

    You are right about the Waffle causing passive defensive play. Every time I
    see them in my enemy roster I get weary,, even as a Maus.

  64. The WT e-100 is the only balance in the game to keep the BatChat 25ts at
    bay. Without the autoloader, there will be no stopping the unicorns in any
    game. AND they want to nerf arty some more, which is the only OTHER thing
    that keeps the unicorns from totally dominating every match. They hate the
    WT because of the 2 second between shot reload time means if the “lesser”
    player misses a shot, they may get another chance, so remove it from the
    game….sounds balanced….they hate arty because they cannot control it
    either, so move it from the game….I see a pattern emerging here.

  65. Definitely a good choice.

    I see the same problem with the BC-155-58…You spend over a minute just
    sitting there, reloading your magazine, not really doing anything. Then
    comes twenty seconds of God-mode where whatever you’re aiming at is pretty
    much guaranteed to die unless it’s really quick and has a repair kit. Then
    another minute-plus of reloading.

    This isn’t quite as big a problem as with the WFT-E100, but even the idea
    of autoloader arty itself sounds boring and unintuitive, and I’m surprised
    that there aren’t any changes planned for this vehicle in 9.15…

  66. They also removed 200 HP.

  67. I think its a good thing that they are removing the wtf e-100 but maybe
    wargaming could make it the third tr 10 premium td with the 150 mm and sell
    it for like 150 us dollars if not more. im just saying if wargaming was
    smart they would take this tank and make it a profit for them but make it
    more rare than the vk 4007. or maybe make another champain mission and
    make the wtf e100 the reward but you must have all the missions with

  68. Removes an auto-loading TD, keeps in the auto-loading artillery.

  69. can’t believe the design team that put this in. so obviously overpowered it
    just wasn’t fun to play against, or even to drive if QB is to be believed.
    best part was all the fanboys who stamped their feet shouting to high
    heaven it was balanced. just unreal the amount of myopia that it took to
    implement this piece of shit.

  70. I don’t remember a moment when this tank frustrated me too much. And I play
    for 3 years by now.
    Just angle and load HE. detrack and wait for arty. don’t rush in front of
    it and don’t be too cheeky.
    i never played it though.

  71. Nashten Spanbauer

    Glad to see this tank go with the wind. Though, I will miss slamming HE
    into its massive turret all day with something like the Tortoise or 122-54
    (high ROF).

    Wonder when people will start picking up the Foch 155 in droves because
    “muh autoloading TD.” Its like having a T110E3/4 gun on a 3 round drum.
    Glorious! :P

  72. So – if the big problem was the really massive damage it could dish out –
    then why not cut back on the damage each shell could do? Why futz around so
    much with turret traverse and reticle bloom?

  73. Now the folks over at console WOT need to follow suit. Many a time have I
    been exactly like that IS-4 driver in my IS-4. Do everything right and he
    still just ruins the game for you. For one of the first times, I envy you
    PC tankers

  74. In my honest opinion I think this will make the batchat op. What I mean is
    that before they remove it the WT af E-100 had that 2800 dmg in a clip, and
    now the batchat and foch will shine once again. Mainly the bat chat because
    some well placed shots even with the .38 dispersion could easily not only
    hit the sides or front sometimes and pen but would always at least hit and
    more often than not go right through the juicy turret. A couple hits and
    the turret and gun are out, even if they have a clip won’t matter. But
    anyways, the batchat will now be not only the fastest but aside from only
    the foch I think one of the only tier ten autoloaders in the game right?
    This will allow for less of those games where you can’t fight a wt e100
    simply because it’s an autoloader too, and without many people playing the
    foch(right now anyways) I feel like this can’t help but improve Batchat
    players lives (and stats).

  75. imagine if appears in the Russian tech tree as tier X with the name

    IyosivStalin KV T-100 or
    WaffenStalin IS T-100 xD

  76. So glad they are getting rid of it. Way too OP.

  77. Because the noobs are crying about it. This thing can killed the full
    health tier 10 HT in just a few second like how the batchat killed the tier
    10 medium in just a few second too, the funny thing is they considered this
    thing OP because of the autoloader, and the damage output, but not the
    batchat? Not to mention that the batchat have a speed to relocated to any
    part of the map as he want to, and have enough gun depression to work the
    ridge line. Ok, the batchat may not have the damage out put of 3000 but
    still enough to finished almost every tier 10 medium in just a clip, in
    just a few second, and considered that 90% of the time the enemy the
    batchat is fighting against is another medium tank. This tank is one of a
    very few tank that have a ability to stop the aggressive medium Unicorn
    platoon from wrecking your team apart from behind.. This tank SHOULDN’T be
    remove, it’s no where near over powered, I have killed this thing with an
    ru251 before, my first shot killed his gunner, my second destroyed his gun,
    how is this even OP? T110e5 is OP, obj140 is OP, t54 is OP, the tank like
    this and the artillery makes games more thrills.

  78. Michael Witmann

    lol bye bye waffentragger E 100, welcome to new comer Grille 15 :)

  79. And sorry to add on to my other comment but if they are going to remove
    anything it should be arty!!!! Not whining just saying really! You all know
    you agree with me! If anything they should add a kill streak bonus that
    gives you the ability to light up arty and send in a plane to bomb the F#$%
    out of them =P

  80. Only wish I got to play the thing…I’m just at the tier 9 :(

  81. Never had one. But was always happy to see a platoon of them on my team
    lol. Gonna miss that jumbo troll.

  82. Watch as they replace the Waffentrager Auf E-100 with a P-1000 Ratte.

  83. The console version still has a 6 round magazine.

  84. Gabriel Meriño

    with this I stop playing … there are many other op tanks and not balance
    them fuck you WG

  85. Now, the TVP 50/51 needs to be nerfed too. All autoloaders need to be
    nerfed. They’re too frigging powerful. And every time there’s a new tank
    line put in the game, it’s even more OP than the last, especially if it’s
    an autoloader.

  86. whats will replace it? the Grille 15? forgive my ignorance

  87. AmericanGamer223

    wargaming should make an auto-loading deathstar

  88. This tank was the only reason I got a tier 10. Why so much hate. Paper
    armor and lowest standard shell pen of all 10 yes. It’s only ever op in
    those chance situations.

  89. Andreas Tavantzopoulos

    All Auto loaders are OP. I can find ridicules videos about Bat Chat and vvv
    soon the new scodas. That dont proves me that WT was more OP than the other
    Auto loaders.

  90. I, personally, am sad to see the WT E-100 go. It was one of the two tier 10
    tanks I really wanted to get first (the other being the Maus), mainly
    because of its slaying power. I do think that the Grille 15 will make an
    excellent replacement, but the fact that this tank destroyer just brought
    so much terror on the battlefield (at least to me, My highest is still only
    tier 8) was one of the reasons I wanted it. I really just don’t want to see
    it go because i haven’t had a chance to play it yet, and I’m sad I’m never
    going to get that chance now. Oh well, QuickyBaby, you said to explain why
    we did or didn’t want the WT E-100 to go if the poll wasn’t specific enough
    and now I have. Other than that I’ll be taking my leave now, and thank you
    for posting this video. I didn’t exactly know how overpowered the tank
    destroyer was until now. Thank you, and have a great time tanking.

  91. General Keith15

    first game in the WTE-100 i got 9 kills, 10k damage and a mastery class
    “ace” didn’t played it after 200 games since it was too OP

  92. Mark Weiland 2nd

    Big freakin deal of course they remove the WT E-100 because people are
    whining about it being OP

  93. Graham Montgomey

    The only good thing about the WT-E100 was nailing it in the turret with
    arty for 1500-2000 damage

  94. +QuickyBaby so what tank will replace the Waffentrager Auf E-100

  95. I dont gonna miss it.

  96. Great, more i hate WGing now,nerfing German tanks with no limit

  97. tootsie|troll®

    i remember i started to play wot back in summer of 2013, i believe it was
    8.7 so it was 2 patch before this tank came out. before the 8.9 patch was
    released, i took a long break from playing this game like a year or a year
    and a half. i was lucky enough not to experienced the wrath of this tank
    back when it was at it’s most op stage.

  98. Its That Narwhal Again

    Only thing I’m sad about is that we won’t have a more menacing looking tank
    destroyer. To me it was asthetically pleasing

  99. This tank is strong against plebs, but that grille will fuck up even
    unicums with its tiny turret, speed, camo, etc…

  100. It was removed cuz it’s a “WTF” E-100.

  101. well .. I would have gone for the WT-E100, not so sure if I’ll prioritize
    the German TD line with its removal now … not sure about the Grille 15 as
    a replacement … we’ll see

  102. The current wt e 100 is NOT overpowered. I am sincerely disgusted by the
    clip you posted, you have only showed extremely favorable situations in
    this clip and you have used parts of clips that don t have anything to do
    with the current reality or with the common experience you have in wt e 100
    now. Why didn t you show how you are 1 hit trashed by artilery or what
    happens when you get spotted on the map or how almost any shot is
    destroying the gun which is much more common than scoring 10 k dmg in a
    game. You simply augument and sustain wg decision, but this has no
    connection with what happens in the game. You get trashed by artilery in
    any tank with 1 shot, you get 1 shot from 183b in almost any tank, how
    about that fixed first. Your exp is ruined in so many ways in wot. Wt e 100
    is NOT among the greatest sources or rightful frustration. Killing a heavy
    tank in a single clip is not happening that often and once you get spotted
    you share the destiny.

  103. I love tjis one o- o

  104. Rip E-100

  105. On the plus side, no more hearing QB say “Waffentrager”

  106. what mods do you use ? can you say ?

  107. Is it for Xbox too?

  108. Wished it still be in the game

  109. Good riddance.

  110. I hope super sanic gold spammer light tanks and meds get nerfed hella lot.
    Also arty should be nerfed or completely removed. But Wargaming still
    bashing TD and HT players. That is why I switched over AW, at least I can
    use my armor to protect me and god damn no fucking 1 shot arties neighter
    gold spamming. There are still sanics but everything is in a good balance.
    WoT is broken as hell. Only light and med tank using forum cryer babies
    shaping it.

  111. The Wt Auf E-100 is a Wargaming Fake

  112. i have a question. so if you have the WTF E-100 before patch 9.15, then
    would your WTF E-100 get automatically turned into a Grille 15 when patch
    9.15 releases? Sorry if that doesnt make sense.

  113. While we are at it, can we remove those stupid tanks that can ONESHOT ANY
    tank while camping in the furthest corner? With the WT auf E100 you can at
    least shoot back….
    Fuck Arty

    I really wanted that tank:( What will take its place!!?

  115. when you put the time and the money for gold into the game you should get a
    op tank whats the point of getting a shitty tank at the end.

  116. Aldrich Zialcita

    just make it a premium tank and it cost a lot to buy like 50.000 gold

  117. all you need to do is keep it able to just barely able to kill a E100 aka
    you miss bounce or low roll the E100 will have time to live and shot back.
    so you need to reduce its damage or reduce its shots for 5 to -3-4 or hey
    reduce the damage.

  118. I hated this tank, but then I got a t49

  119. TBH this tank has a sad play. especially during reload and while i drive
    some scary tanks like E5 where 4/6rounds will bounce off. this vids is
    slightly bias

  120. Just look up Flakvierling 40 people, scary thing is they were planning to
    make this an autoloading self propelled gun

  121. after grinding for ever up the tech tree to get this beast , I would be
    pissed to see it removed from my garage. Luckily i play on XBOX 1 and don’t
    have worry about it…..(4 now??)

  122. Be me
    Exploits enemy flank in my M48
    Spot JT and OBJ 268.
    It’s feeding time
    Kills JT
    Duels OJB
    Clipmazines me and my platoon m8.

  123. Schutzstaffel Gaming [World Of Tanks]

    That’s the reason it was nerfed then removed…
    For it’s fucking broken bullshit turret

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

    Fuck You Waffentrager E-100 no one cares about you nobody loves you and I
    am giving zero fucks on what you are Waffentrager

  124. Swordsmanof Satsuma

    Say what you will, but I love OP and I will miss this tank.

  125. can’t believe its been three years. when I heard about this tank I was in
    middle school and recall being at a sleep over and a few of us played WOT.
    I showed everyone the strange looking behemoth and I recall everyone
    saying, “that is the ugliest tier ten” we had ever seen

  126. Jonigan Serrano

    As a joke, they release a premium tier 8 german TD called the WT AUF E25
    with an autoloading 5 shell magizine with 600 clip potential 😉 Glad its
    gone honestly, always hated how they just drove out when you fire and you
    have no way to survive.

  127. wow…didnt remember it was that OP back in the days….thought they only
    took away one shell/faster reload..?

  128. I just glad that I will forever hold the record of killing one of these
    monsters with my ELC AMX. BIS Being super small was a god send.

  129. I do not have this and understand that it is a bit OP. I however liked that
    there was an OP tank in the game that was not Russian so I was okay with

  130. 108 campers dislike this….it’s about time they remove that bitch

  131. Vikko The Tusken

    What if I’m indifferent about it leaving the game?

  132. Is WG now paying you QB? You sure are towing the company line now a

  133. Damm I’d love to have one of these Waffle fuckers to fuck some players.
    Welp too bad highest tier I hav is tier 8 and didn’t go down the Waffle
    fucker line

  134. the only video to get a dislike from me. I invested a lot of time to get
    the wt e 100 now they take it away . so mad over this. so many broken tanks
    In the game . if it was russian it would not be removed. hello HE , hello
    grille 15 , bye grille 15 get rekt . thats all I have to say.

  135. i will never play it dont hve enough xp nor credits

  136. Loved how once a WTF E-100 was spotted, everyone on the team tried to kill
    it. Good times.

  137. to cheer we up, right now that grille stats look pretty good and op, but
    believe me, after few patch, it will be nerf also

  138. Wt E 100 is op

  139. I’m glad it’s going to be gone…but I will miss that big, fat, juicy
    turret when I’m playing the t49.

  140. Gonna miss my 3 marks waffle T^T

  141. I just can´t wait the moment I finally get my Grille 15cm instead of this
    Nuke-Gun-Tank in my Grage… I mean yeah, I can play it on the Test-Server,
    but 700 Dmg don´t really feel the same if you play against some tier 10 and
    some tier 8 or 9… or if u play against purely T10 tanks, all driven by
    some people that never played them, or dont even own a t10 tank and going
    completly nuts… I just love tanks with gun depression… and the Grille
    got alot of it :D

  142. so glad its finally being removed, no tank in an arcade style game such as
    world of tanks should be able to just clip an e100 to death. it seems that
    every time I or someone in the chat in a random battle says how op that WT
    is, the usual response is this: “but what about the deathstar, with 1750
    average damage with its HESH shells” HESH has no normalization, and they
    have vary low pen for that tier, so its not likely to do that 1750 damage.
    that response is also what i get and see other people get when they say how
    broken artillery is. In all fairness the deathstar (FV251b 183) can one
    shot every tier 8 and most tier 9 tanks but at least it’s balanced in other
    ways aka speed, reload, and with kind of good armor.

  143. The Xbox version still has the completely unnerfed WT as isn’t overpowered.
    It’s not even close to being the best tier 10 TD. The E3, E4 and 183 are
    all miles better. It’s qaulities just don’t suit the way is played these
    days. Corridor / choke point slug fests where single shot trades, alpha and
    turret armour wins the day. All that removing it from the game will achieve
    is silence all the moaners who think it’s actually overpowered.

  144. but what about arty… they do that kind of clip damage in 1 round. plus
    adleast the WT E100 had to have line of sight

  145. GENERAL,GO 0985

    WG pls make a auto loading tier 10 artillery with 10 shots and 1 shot does
    1000 damage and has 1:30 seconds of reload!

  146. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This video is not honest. Show the other 95% of match where Waff E 100 is

  147. I didn’t give a shit about the tank

  148. atleast its not a auto loader jagdpanzer e100

  149. All these arguments to remove the wtf E-100 would be used to remove arty as
    well .

  150. old qb kinda looked like a crack head. it’s kinda funny

  151. Not op at all. Everyone and their mother knows how to crush its gun. .
    .making it so ineffective at range that it’s pointless.

  152. Couldn’t they have just kept it with the 15cm gun without HEAT. I’ve never
    liked the 12.8cm gun and had no problems with the 15cm firing standard
    ammo. I just finished this grind recently and still hold my opinion that
    this tank is super easy to counter if you don’t play like a complete

  153. so russia can have op tanks but germany cant have the wtf e 100

  154. Peter R. Richter (Val-Harris)

    Its the same story with the other autoloaders, so why they not get removed
    from the game?

  155. my hatred of that infernal TD is undying. Why WG put it in is beyond me.
    That TD locked up tier 10 games and crushed my M48 Patton winrate.

  156. OP tank alert

  157. Kommander Kraken

    I heard HE rounds are really good against it, but that’s none of my

  158. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    Take the reload up 5-6 seconds

  159. May I ask a question about the balancing mechanics of the auto-loaders?
    Especially the high-tier(9-10) ones compared to mid-tier(5-7). Well,
    high-tier loaders have the potential of doing huge ammounts of damage to a
    tank in less than 10 seconds. I first started to get the hate on those
    things with AMX 50 100 that could clip an IS-3 in no seconds, verry
    annoying in competitions, but it was never too serious. I got it, heavy
    tanks, big targets. Then, came T-10 and meeting Lorr 40ts on a regular
    basis. Playing my game cool, doing, tanking damage when suddenly, a Lorr
    comes out and wipes 2 low HP tanks in a matter of seconds and still has
    enough shots to put one straight into your frontal armour, run a circle and
    put one into the back. And then, everyone’s favourite Bat-Chat. Same
    problems, smaller tank. And now, they have introduced the new
    Czechoslovakian line, with their Skoda T-50, and TVT T-50/51, with a
    smaller mag then B-C But with amazing reload. So here is the problem: Those
    tanks were supposed to flank other tanks, and as a reward for out-playing
    opponents, they would get the chance to unload in their butts. But no, you
    often see guys in loaders just popping out of a corner and unloading a full
    magazine into your front, no matter your are an E100 or an IS-4/7. Without
    immediate support you cannot do anything about it, because even if with a
    lucky shot they get tracked, by the time they reload, track is back and
    they run before you put your next shell on the barrel. Another problem is
    the possibility of critical damage. Those tanks have close penetration to
    Soviet and Jap meds, and ironic the biggest alpha among all nations, while
    still keeping a good DPM. One of this tanks can really cripple your crew or
    vital components of your tank, which makes them very annoying, not only for
    heavies and TDs, but also for other meds. SO, to summ it up. Why hasn’t WG
    did the same with high-tier loaders as they do with low-tier: Let them have
    the magazine, with more or less good dispersion and aiming time, but give
    them less penetration values, somewhere around 225-230(standard for IS-3 or
    E100) so heavies and soviet-chineese meds could use the armor we’ve been
    told we have

  160. Vainglory-Apocalyptic

    “I hope in the future wargaming woudn’t come up with something
    destructive…”when he said this the P.Rattle 1000 (i don’t remeber the
    name) came into my mind

  161. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    i love the wte100 on the testserver only using gold

  162. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    grille will also be OP

  163. Quickybaby: “And I hope that WG have maybe learnd a few things from the WT
    auf E100 – that such extremes of tankdesign just aren’t really good for the
    game. And i hope that in the future WG dont come up with anything that will
    be quite so destructive as the WT auf E100”

    Actually I think WG did do it again. In a slightly different approach, I
    admit, but it feels quite similar: Skoda T50, TVP T50/51

  164. Make it a premium tank :D

  165. The Waffenträger auf E100 was one of the only remaining TDs in the game
    which could stop a medium rush, now we will see even more aggressive plays.
    Glad its gone, but i dont know if it will be good for the game as a whole.

  166. R.I.P WT AUF E100

  167. Nefavis Nakuranu

    hope maybe WG make WT E100 to an T10 Prem Tank for all they want this tank

  168. Kevin Jack-Nunez

    I play on Console. We still have the original un-nerfed WT Auf E-100. GG

  169. Hate to burst your bubble of excitement but that vehicle was used by nazi
    germany as anti-aircraft, it was NEVER a destroyer. wargaming obviously
    failed big time to present actual historically correct vehicles

  170. I mean, all they had to do was make it’s gun work similarly to the Foch
    155, which doesn’t have the super fast aim time, Nor the reload between

    If not, maybe just limiting it’s turret rotation like the grille 15 or
    FV215B 183 has. But no, they remove what was supposed to be special about
    the line, and that was supposed to be a turreted auto loading tank

  171. I haven’t played mine in over a year. I won’t miss it when it’s gone.

  172. this is why t49’s exist

  173. The WT will be missed but I’m looking forward to the Grille 15, so it,s all
    good in my book.

  174. Wasteland Wanderer 1216

    The entire Waffentrager line was OP. That killed WoT for me when a Borsig
    could laugh and go right through my T29’s mantlet while Hulled Down. Same
    with the T32. WG should’ve never added the Waffentrager line in the first

  175. Devastatorprime97

    That tank throws the TooOpException

  176. No autoloader is fair, why really bother removing the WTf E100, most people
    playing it are stupid enough to make the tank not OP anyway, beside why not
    just remove all autoloaders so the game can be fair?

  177. Goodbye My child ;(

  178. they aren’t all different they have gotten oversimplified by whiners
    armored warfare has variety wot is like a poor mystery meat stew
    everything’s ambushed together and you can’t tell the difference aside
    mediums it’s disgusting imo

  179. keep it z

  180. TheMightyCongueror

    I loved this tank,but it was op,it can kill pretty much anything with an
    entire clip,or less.

  181. This tank is broken, but not OP

  182. i love that is getting kicked out way to strong of a gun

  183. What was annoying was a platoon of these with 15cm guns firing HE rounds.
    The lol factor that just obliterated anything.

  184. Apathetic Bystanders

    Great vid QB way to highlight this monstrosity and send it back to hell.

  185. monkeystandoffsucks

    Waffledragon is getting an existence nerf

  186. I voted that i wanted it to stay, but i mostly play light tanks, so I’m
    just crazy. I loved firing HE at it in any tank

  187. I joined in 8.9 where the WT auf E100 was realesed, and I played the german
    td’s. The only reason I went the way to the WT and not to the JP was the WT
    auf E100. Now I have noone and are not able to get my hands on one of this

  188. Now if they would remove the tier 10 batchat arty

  189. I dont have a WT, but i was never frustrated by that tank. If it was up to
    me i would just remove 1 more shel from the clip and thats all. I thing
    that grille 15 is going to be OP at the begigning like WT was and TVP
    T50/51 is now.

  190. GreenDog1233341

    I wanted it to stay vut happy for removing it as well..

  191. im glad its getting removed..was never a fan of it..the grill 15 will be
    funner to play honestly

  192. I would disagree and say this is probably the most balanced tank in the
    game. Huge damage output, but utter glass cannon. As soon as its spotted it
    regularly dies in seconds from arty or from HE. I’m glad to get rid of it,
    because I don’t like it, I think the Grille 15 will be a much better tank
    overall and I’ll probably play it more than this.

  193. Good riddance. As far as I’m concerned, all these “fantasy tanks”, i.e.
    never produced or, if prototyped never combat tested, should be nerfed back
    to the highest “real” tank then perhaps buffed up maybe 10- 20%.If I was in
    a match and saw this monster on the other side and we didn’t have one, I
    just left. (Before “desertion”) It wasn’t worth my time nor, was it
    enjoyable, to play against such an unbelievably nuclear armed tank.

  194. You call it that too? Good to know

  195. wtf do i get instead?!

  196. Am sorry it´s going away….for me it´s the “(Alien) mother Queen” that i
    love to hate and dreed…… and am not sure about the Grille 15 which is
    also OP.

  197. Next we need the FV4005 Stage I, an autoloading 183mm gun.

  198. Satanam Daemonicis

    Nooo! How am I going to easily get some LT-15 missions done with my T49
    now? Jokes aside, glad this piece of shit is gone.

  199. I love how he critecizes the guy in the replay for using prem. ammo, yet in
    the next suggested video ”WT auf E100 13000 dmg..” he had no problem with
    the person crapping gold all over the place. This thing isn’t op at all. At
    least not for the people who are smart enough to count up to five shots for
    the magazine and carry a few HE rounds. And I went down that tank destroyer
    line for IT, not the Grille15. Removing it makes me sad :(

  200. Spectrum Analyzer

    Still got the unnerfed version on console. Pretty disgusting..

  201. I would have been saying WTF when I got killed by the Waffentrager Auf
    E-100 that fast.

  202. one german Tank is Op It is removed, 90% of russian Tanks are Op and they
    do nothing and a WT on E-100 was only a Gun one Spot on him while reload
    and hes back in Garage to many Players just dont know how to Play against
    him. the strongest Nation in ww2 got the badest Tanks in wot gg WG

  203. dont realy care i dont have it ,but like we see its a devastator tank ,
    dont need skill to drive it ,where the chalange

  204. I remember back when it first came out. I remember meeting people
    platooning them. One game where they had TWO platoons of the damned things.

  205. Well I’m happy that this tank is going to FINALLY LEAVE!!! Plus the reason
    Wargaming puts tanks like this in the game because secretly like nazis
    that’s why they add killer German tanks in the game.

  206. i liked the wtf auf e100 so im kinda sad

  207. SIlentXHunter gaming

    glad its saying its final goodbye the grille 15 is a much better td in
    every respect

  208. how the crew gets to 127%


    while im glad to see it go. its not because i hate it or anything.

    honestly this tank looks kinda cool and gad halarious nick names.

    but this tank is such a weird way to end the lightly armored TD German

    while ive honestly never had an issue fighting this tank, nor have i ever
    felt it was unfair to play against. i just felt like it didnt have a place
    in the game.

    honestly ill miss these big ol monstrosities because now i wont have a
    giant target to hit with my JPZE100’s HE shells.

    oh well. still. as an avid german tech player, im welcoming the grille 15
    with open arms on this one

  210. and u will liturally never be capable of using more than 2 shots in a row

  211. EnDuRo Is AwEsOmE

    nooo why wt e 100 ???????

  212. And yet nobody gives a damn about LT’s facing each enemy as E100 the WT at
    7:53.(dead in seconds), or oneshot by T92, or permatracked and killed in 8
    seconds by BC 155 51. Fair as fuck.

  213. Alterate Gaming

    they can add a new line with it in the top

  214. It should stay because ife almost unlocked the rhm borsig.

  215. Alterate Gaming

    he will be for forever in my heath, my favorite tank is going removed, i
    hope grile 15 will be ok

  216. Zaid Al-zeerjawi (GHØST)

    They didn’t removed it b cuz it’s OP they removed it b cuz it’s German

  217. Dude you forgot that it’s also FAKE

  218. one german Tank is Op It is removed, 90% of russian Tanks are Op and they
    do nothing and a WT on E-100 was only a Gun one Spot on him while reload
    and hes back in Garage to many Players just dont know how to Play against
    him. the strongest Nation in ww2 got the badest Tanks in wot gg WG

  219. Christopher Elliott

    make a teir Xl

  220. great the only 10 I went for is getting removed

  221. new tier 8 prem waf e-100 prototype SAME TANK, SAME GUN BUT 2 TIERS LOWER
    AND COSTS 20,000 GOLD

  222. new tier 8 prem waf e-100 prototype SAME TANK, SAME GUN BUT 2 TIERS LOWER
    AND COSTS 20,000 GOLD

  223. Anonymous Coward

    I got the waffle after it was nerfed ffs.
    I did not like the waffle that much because of being killed during reload
    because team work is forbidden in tier 10

  224. I am glad that it will be gone, but also I am feeling sorry for those low
    skill players, because it is the only tank that they might do nearly 3K
    damage per match.

  225. Yeah but …but … :(

  226. George Brockwell

    I’m glad it’s going but I wish I’d had it, although I wouldn’t have played
    it much as I would have achieved my goals with it very quickly. Stat
    padders will be sad.

  227. WT biggest shit in WOT!!!!

  228. What about all these over powered russian tanks? IS7, Obj. 263 …?
    You also mention just all the pro’s of the WT auf E100, what about all the
    con’s? The Grille 15 is a shame, nothing else. Not nice from Wargaiming to
    take the WT ot of my garage! Seems that you are sponsored by Wargaiming!
    Anyway, I will stop watching your videos.

  229. EDM _Production

    i play xbox 360 and was playing a game in my tiger two and saw two wt E100s
    on the other team and we won the game lol we i shot my HE shells only at
    them while taking one or two shots for my team so that the higher tanks on
    my team can take them down and i bounced 3 shots from the wt E100 one from
    one and two from other

  230. I loved my waffle. It was OP and your right at times it does get boring and
    unfair but it was mine! I am not happy that it was removed because life is
    not balanced…..war is not balanced, so every mofo who thinks that every
    tank should be balanced and equal needs to STFU. Besides the Waffle
    actually brought “Balance” and justice to the Russian Bias world of WOT.
    The fact that the baddest tank was German was actual “Justice” because the
    Germany did have the best tanks during WW2 by far, unlike this Russian bias
    BS of WOT. The fact that you or WG does a vote means absolutely nothing
    because the vast majority of people are idiots. This is why “Democracy” is
    a myth that does not really exist in any government in the world because if
    the majority of people were in charge the nation and the world would go to
    shit because to be ruled by the majority would mean to be ruled by idiots.

  231. lee christmasgaming

    i hope that tank burns in hell.

  232. ichim dan-mihail

    Hi QB!
    I disagree with you and WOT is to blame. And they don’t want to learn from
    mistakes, see T 22 and Japanese heavy line. Players spend time and money to
    purchase a tank with that stats and now the receive something else. WOT
    return credits and experience used to purchase that tank. At the end of the
    I am asking myself: Why should I buy new tanks, knowing that in 6 months I
    have a lemon instead :(

  233. After playing the WTE100 I will say it’s not OP. First the thing is a lead
    magnet so if you are spotted everyone on the team shoots at you first. Arty
    thinks of you like a big yummy easy kill so if you get spotted most of the
    time arty will gun for you until dead. If you bounce or don’t pen a couple
    of your shots (which happens more than you think) then you aren’t going to
    get much damage out of your clip. 1 minute of your life you have to reload
    which makes you a super easy kill. This tank is situational just like a T95
    is situational. My tier 9 T95 does constant damage of 3-4k + given the
    right situation. The same goes for this tank. If you want to see another OP
    vehicle just look at the Skoda 50 autoloader. I don’t agree the WFE100 is a
    OP tank and honestly I think it’s a perfect TD in that it can drop in some
    quick damage to people who do stupid shit. If you get caught in the open
    against one of these with a full clip you are fucked, but you are fucked by
    arty or a deathstar if you are caught in the open as well

  234. 0:39 Oh gosh man your browser’s really screwing me over.

  235. The BUGATTI BROS Clan


  236. KubbyDev | One Command Creations

    Good bye Waffle Trader :,(

  237. Are they going to replace it or something?

  238. Can you play the RU251 please

  239. Atleast on PC the tank was nerfed. Over here on console its still in its
    completely OP original form.

  240. I don’t have any problem with it staying or leaving the game. Don’t get me
    wrong, I never enjoyed getting hit by it, but…it’s so rare! Not the
    vehicle but me getting hit by this specific vehicle. Also it’s such a soft
    target that it never felt overpowered to me.
    Artillery on the other hand almost stopped me playing. I am sick of
    Just to clarify, I don’t own a WAE100.

  241. Hallelujah

  242. I was in a game on the weekend and even with a 5 shot clip, I took an E100
    down to 32hp in a single clip and of course he raged… but as QB has said,
    it is definitely needing a removal. As much as I LOVE driving it, it also
    drives me batty when you dump a clip and if the team was observant you are
    easily removed. All in all, I am very excited for the Grille 15 for an all
    around more useful TD

  243. The grille 15 still looks really good, but a good bit less OP. I think it’s
    a good change.

  244. It finely going yeaaaaaaaa party at my house

  245. *forgets HE rounds exist*

  246. is better but stil sometimes i got one shot by others (not spg) so i would
    just say nerf i even more and keep it

  247. Fabian Balderas

    What happens to the crew of a soon to be Removed Tank.
    ->Send to the garage?
    ->They go with the tank?
    ->Of you get a free tank?

  248. my t49 will miss this tank…..

  249. MammothYT - Agario & Minecraft

    bye bye Waffëntrager nice to see you leave u big betch

  250. Hanfgurkenhasser

    Really depended on the map and tank you’ve encountered this beast in. Never
    had big problems with it, the amount of times I got rekt can be counted on
    one hand.

    Also…I loved the design. This huge turret just looked awesome. Bye bye
    WTF E100. I’m gonna miss ya. :(

  251. RIP waffletractor

  252. It also had 420m view range

  253. Quickybaby, I think war gaming should nerd wt auf e100 should have its
    reload nerfed to like 2min, which means that this vehicle would have half
    its DPM, can you consider it?

  254. Niffer Abderrahman

    nerf that skoda t50 :p or dont remouve wtfe100

  255. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    Not good for opponent but pretty powerful tank.

  256. Nicholas Mihalko

    I was actually on my way to getting the WT E100 :/ guess ill have to settle
    with the mini waffle

  257. Peter Gunnarsson

    So whats so bad about it compared to arty that one shoot you?

  258. pullstringgoboom0811

    still could have left it in the game decrease average damage and decrease
    the magazine from 5 down to 4 or even 3 problem solved.

  259. ’bout time

  260. Ok, this shit is gone. Now buff the IS-7 and Maus.

  261. grille 15 its replacement should have the same haul armor tho … wt e100
    has 200 mm of well sloped haul while grille 15 has like 30mm flat turd
    armor… also big gripe to loosing 360 turret and only getting 45 each way
    while the borsig and wt auf pz iv get full rotating turrets .

  262. The design is epic. They have to change the gun with a normal one Shell gun
    that’s all

  263. George Hypotenuse and the Triangles

    9:49 ehm … O-I … ehm

  264. We French are very happy ze German’s are losing it’s ROFLSTOMPER. We have
    be oppressed by German machines in WOT too much and desire a more balanced
    game play. Nerf nerf nerf!

  265. CamperAndBamboo

    I never owned a WT E-100, but I think I would not be sad even if I own it
    about WG removing it, it was indeed OP with its magazine-loading system.

  266. sometimes historical changes, sometimes balance changes but the truth is
    always russian supremacy
    russian players in russian server always ask for remove of any good german
    enough from this stupid game

  267. i will not miss it

  268. It’s good thing that Waffentrager Auf E-100 gets out of the game, but
    grille15 seems to me a bit too accurate…

  269. Mysterious Nuclear object

    I agree with you qb it’s very op this tank is very dangerous but never
    again shall it be living again

  270. Gabriel Altland


  271. It was removed?!?!?!?!?!

  272. There is no doubt that the WT Auf E-100 needed to be removed. the massive
    turret with 20mm armor did not compensate for the gun’s OP-ness. And I know
    this is a bit off- topic compared to the responses you may have wanted, but
    I do think there are other tier 10 tank destroyers wargaming needs to look

    1. Object 268: Buff. It’s true that it has the best camo of any tier 10
    tank destroyer, but it doesn’t matter when the gun arc is only 6 degrees to
    either side. that means you need to move the entire hul ltoo often for the
    camo to matter. Buff it up to the 704’s 8-10 degrees and it should be fine.

    2. Foch 155: Buff. A 3 shell autoloader with 750 damage isn’t that scary
    for tier 10 heavy tanks. IMO, it’d be justified to have 4 shells, because
    it uses 15 seconds to empty the clip, far more than the WT’s 8 seconds. If
    that is too OP, you might increase reload to 6 seconds inside the magazine.

    There some minor things about some of the others as well, but those 2 are
    the major ones that need to be buffed back up from oblivion.

  273. And then we have arty in the game doing all this shit while sitting in

  274. Why the fuck I take a break from the game and they decide to balance the
    fucking game?

  275. Totally bulshit and disagree.
    That e100 was just dumb enough to go sideways, the wt e100 was one tank
    that forced variety. The Grille 15 is just another obj, e4 or whatever
    Else… Thats the way wot goes?

  276. Dick Fappsallot

    Now just to remove the fv215b 183

  277. And the tank has no nerfs on Xbox lolololololololol

  278. rest in pepperonis bush kemper

  279. this tank proves two things 1. designing imaginary tanks never works, and
    it ruins the game. 2. WOT never learn from their mistakes, the recent T22
    just is another op tank. so yeah, this is why there is an angry community
    out there. not because they are all whiners ots because there are mechanics
    like this which ruins the game and completely destroy the fun factor.

  280. FantinoMussolini

    +QuickyBaby Can you now make a video of WHY it was brought in the game in
    the first place?

  281. i loved penning it with HE

  282. it’s easy. Tier XI !!!

  283. I actually think the Grille 15 is as good as WTF E100. Because now instead
    of waiting for spot, killing a tank instantly and dying instantly after
    spotted, they will rush in front lines, put a shell in your ass and then
    run like a med. Will be harder to deal in a good players hand.

  284. i love this tank…
    what is boring in demolishing an is7,a maus, and an E100 in a single clip.
    i will regret what WG have done
    Waffentrager Auf E-100 =BEAST MODE

  285. Or Maybe it was removed because it was completely 100% fake tank?? War
    Gaming made this tank up and added it in the game. It fake, and so they
    removed it

  286. never had it so no.. lol.. only had the RHM Brg..

  287. The WT auf E-100 is not overpowered at all…. Every shot that thing took
    to the turret would pen and damage the gun making it essentially useless..
    HE rounds would pen, arty would one shot you wherever you are because of
    how big the tank is.. The reason why its “OP” in everyones opinion is
    because it has a 5 round autoloader… People would drive around the corner
    knowing theres a WT there (just like that e-100 QB showed us). They would
    drive around with their side facing it and then when it clips them they cry
    because their clearly too dumb to read a map. The WT was not overpowered at
    all, I know this myself because I play with my WT sometimes and its the
    worst possible experience.. Getting 1 shot by arty, penned by HE shells, if
    you got shot your gun would mess up which made horrible accuracy, it has a
    55 second reload.. The only reason people thought it was bad and was seen
    as OP is because people play stupidly and bad at the game and make mistakes
    around this tank.

  288. they shouldn’t remove it theres no reason to remove it for no reason and no
    people getting butt hurt isn’t a reason

  289. holy hell that first replay, 15k damage

  290. well at least I still have the death star

  291. On a slightly lesser note WOT’s took away the T18 a while back when they
    decided they couldn’t demote it in anyway, it seems the same is happening
    here with the WT auf E100. Will those who did the awesome grind to get to
    this Tier 10 tank be compensated in anyway I wonder or is it just the world
    according to WOT? Shame really

  292. Is the title on purpose?

  293. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Thank god this thing is leaving. It just didn’t fit with the line, and
    personally I think the Grille 15 will be a lot more successful anyways.

  294. Short version why the WT auf E100 is being removed: The average WoT player
    is too dumb to fight it. In other words, waiting until it’s reloading is
    too hard.

  295. First: I don´t own one of these things.
    Second: I´m so happy that these thing is removed.
    Third: Yeah, the Grille15cm isn´t that much better, its just less well
    armoured -.-

  296. I think it’s a great news… And to people who complains about their tank :
    you will own a tank which seems to be pretty good and fun to play. Ask to
    Foch 155 owners how they felt after the nerf, WG destroyed the tank. I
    believe they’d prefer to have a new one instead of this crap…
    QB, if WT deals dmg to quickly, WG needs to nerf the new Czechoslavakian IX
    and X as well. I used to love playing light tanks.. Now a medium tank
    (which has about the same speed, and the same view range as you) could get
    you back to your garage in 6 secs.. A bloody good idea. And when you think
    tier 8 tanks (about 1300 hp average ?) could meet those beasts….
    To expose my point, one question : did you see as much AMX 30B as T50/51 on
    the battlefield four or five weeks after their respective released ?

  297. The T49 drivers are sad

  298. that moment when you are reloaded and you can empty entire magazine to
    e-100, thats what i ll be missing… who needs porn when you got WTF-E100 ?

  299. Dan Alexandru Bucur

    I love Waffentrafer auf E100 (ERADICATOR) …. wargaming means that to
    delte a tank like wt is a good idea … i don’t means like him …

  300. and one more to say: how many videos did you show with tremendous dmg dealt
    and how many of them have been dealt with the Waffel? I have not seen any
    wt e100 replay during the Type 59 contest coming close to win the TD-price.

  301. Im so sad its going away it was one of my favourite cehicles in the game
    and i feel it wasnt overpowerd rly becouse all the positives maked up for
    huge negatives of the tank rly bye my beloved wtf e100 <3 ?

  302. Isn’t over powered anymore why not remove all auto loaders then ? Will
    miss mine

  303. New tank being added: IS99 has a 500mm cannon with a 50 round magazine, it
    reloads in 10 seconds and has 99999mm pen and does 9999999999999 damage per
    shot with a splash radius of the entire map, it also has 999999999 mm of
    armour all round and has a top speed of 100km/h and it’s balanced

  304. Canicule_Destroyer

    It’s so unfair !!! ??????

  305. Dick butt Nick butt

    it’s not OP it’s just broken that’s all

  306. it would be nice to see it as T8 premium with neft stats ;)

  307. i play ps4 and am on the VIII, is this getting removed from console
    platform as well?

  308. idk, I play lots of Maus and VK 45.02B and never had too much issue with WT
    auf E100 so far xD I love the look of that Grille 15cm tho!!!

  309. 53min reload is very balanced…with noob teams u get caught with ur pants
    down so often. not many ppl have games like the one in video…lets remove
    every tank in which 1% of players do 10k in…its bullshit really…that
    e100 got caught alone and showed full side profile he deserves to get

  310. this thing was removed for being nerfed to death not for being OP, it’s
    piece of ****t* nowadays, good riddance … replaced by some other piece of
    ****t*, I bet

  311. 9:40 Yeah WG “finally learnt something from the WTE100″… OH WAIT! They
    just removed 1 broken gun to implement another one : The TVP T50/51.
    I can already foretell some replies “Oh stop man TVP is not as broken
    But hey, it doesn’t have WT’s camoratings,
    But hey, it doesn’t have WT’s HE magnet turret
    But hey, it doesn’t have WT’s mobility
    But hey it can still spread 1280 dmg with ridiculous gun handling, reload
    time, and clip reload.
    This new statpadder cancer is just a more flexible WTE100

    So no, WG still manages to unbalance T10 games.

    To WG : just install XVM and look at TVP players :
    -This is the only tank where u can see potatoes getting above 1.4 ratios
    when they cant even get above 1.0 ratio with other T10 meds.
    -This is the only tank where u can see unicums getting over 2.0 ratios when
    they can barely get 1.5 with other T10 meds.

    WG you are drowning yourself. Why do you make an effort to balance some
    tanks when u still release these kind of… things?

  312. Any autoloader removed is good news to me. Hope the whole french and cz
    trees will be replaced next

  313. argentexistence

    Honestly that tank alone made me avoid that line. I felt it was too broken
    and for the longest time I thought WG were fucked in the head for allowing
    it as long as they did.

  314. same with the japanese heavy line.

  315. It was fun, if you had one (I didn’t), it was not fun for everyone else,

  316. Just noobs want this tank gonne!

  317. AXE_TroutFaceUS -

    Wow! I don’t have the tank, but after watching this vidio it has made me
    realise just how OP this TD is! :o

  318. The main problem with this tank on any version is it just shoots to damn
    fast. I’m so jealous of you PC guys having this replaced

  319. After general TD nerf and after a couple of wt-nerfs the wt E100 still op?
    Big like a house, manoeuvrability of a tractor, no armour, no camo, no gun
    depression and a reload of an arty? Why did we not see hundreds of this op
    tank on the battlefield? Why did we not see the Waffel in the Grand Finals?
    And how long will it take till the comunity will cry, that the Grille 15 is
    op? I like your videos, QuickyBaby, but this time I’m more than disapponted
    that you blow the same whistle as so many others who are claiming any tank
    to be op as soon as they can’t handle it. TVP T50/51 not op? Bat Chat not
    op? E5 not op? Any tank in the hand of unicums is op! And the only reason
    why even unicums don’t like to play this tank is that the game became
    extremly fast and people like you prefer to go high speed with fast mobile
    tanks like Obj 140 aso. I agree that the Waffel has been op long time ago,
    but not anymore. And you, with your influence on the comunity and your
    influence on WG, should be honest about why you don’t like this tank and
    dont give us such a lame excuse about op. I’m bad as hell with this tank
    and once spotted I’m dead, but I had the ambition to learn how to play it
    with a decent result and now I will never have a chance to improve 🙁
    thx a lot

  320. Giacomo De Nardo

    I have just one thing to say:

  321. Senya Borovikov (Tablelampp)

    Waffentrager. Ability: Delete one tank from the battlefield.

  322. 212% ???????? WTF

  323. all this peety excuses just for satisfying the f*** prem members who cant
    play and just pay.
    ATTENTION: I dont ment that all prems cant play, but pretty much arent able
    eg shooting a wte100 with he. OooHhhh. he is soooo ooopppp. NOTnevermind,
    sry but i just had to say this

  324. Paul MacQuibban

    As I mostly play around tier 8. I am very happy to see this go. IS3 did not
    last long and have been in a relatively healthy 3 Tank IS3 platoon and all
    died in a clip when we had about 2/3ds of our health between us

  325. Assassin Zakral

    so are the owners of this gonna compensated or are they getting shafted?

  326. really sad that it took WG that long to remove it !

  327. Laurynas “IceBlooD” Stramkauskas

    Not be suprised if this thing will become a premium tank (with some nerfs).
    Cuz you know, WG are retarded cunts who is trying to farm as much money
    from the players as they can.

  328. It was literally OP. Last game in IS3, just from this tank I had luck to
    block 2800 dmg.

  329. MORE and MORE removals….its never ends as you see!!!!!! T18,,been there
    for years, and o-i now and type 59 before and and and and… need class
    action lawsuit,,, would be like Chevy coming over and taking my 454 v8 450
    horse power motor out after I made the the choice to buy what was offered
    but a Prius owner said it was un-fair years later !!!!!!!!!!

  330. t-28 prot. its a hard tank destroyer to play? and its do money on game or
    always be negative? someone can help me?

  331. Any auto loader gone betters the gameplay in my opinion.

  332. Liutauras Grybauskas

    The WT auf E100 was my dream in WOT… And unfortunately, a dream not to
    come true.

  333. terrancolonyone

    It was so overpowered I felt “guilty” playing it. Not that I’m the best
    tanker, but the damage was incredible.

  334. jebo ceo Wg team u po prknjace igru su zasrali maksimalno forsiraju samo
    premium tenkove igra je puna hakova – modova

  335. Алекс Сивов

    yes nice the only german OP tank being removed gg wg

  336. arthur probsting


  337. I have a question:

    Would you prefer the removal of the T-92 or the Wf. E100?

  338. xX FreeKillSkillXx

    This sounds.. I miss them :(

  339. Glad that piece of shit has finally gone. So op and boring to even play.

  340. Herrman the German 1

    so will the Germans have any autoloaders.. after they remove this

  341. Alexander Addison

    Bye wafflecopter, I won’t miss you.

  342. Milorad Milicic

    +QuickyBaby They should keep the wtf e100 as an alternative from wtf pz4,
    there are a lot of people that spent gold to get the tank (not me i don’t
    have it), and they are not happy that it is going. Of course they should
    nerf it more, for example: in clip reload from 2s to 3s, clip reload to 65
    or so, limit turret traverse like on t28 prot… There are a lot of
    options. It wasnt THAT op, i mean 1 high caliber he and you are done.

  343. Replace “WTF E-100” for “clickers” and it fits perfectly too, for
    everything but stats.

  344. Can you play wot blitz? Pleaseeeeee :-)

  345. WoT Blitz Gameplay

    now I enjoy my last games with wt Auf e 100 cause grille 15 sucks balls

  346. Hmm may have to log in and play a couple farewell games

  347. Gonna miss it.

  348. this just came to ps4, does that mean its leaving the ps4 too?

  349. Now really, was there any big need to remove the WT auf E100 after it got
    nerfed a lot ? I man yea, killing most of the tanks with one clip, OK, but
    you would need to pen all of them, the Tank is very slow, big, has crappy
    armour (or useless armour; Hull) and the gun Handling is mediumish … And
    if this tank is yought while reloading it´s pretty much dead

  350. ‫حسن البدري السراي‬‎

    it’s OP

  351. Quickly baby says I hope wargaming do not make another tank that would not
    make another crazy tank that would brake matchmaking like this one again
    while O-l and O-l exp. are out clubbing puppies and taking no dmg lol good
    one m8

  352. Michael von Hirschmann

    Kinda sad cause I never got the chance to get play one.

  353. I’ve barely gotten a few dozen matches in my WafflE-100 since I got it
    fairly recently, and I’m only just getting the hang of it. Sure, as you
    mentioned, it’s got extremes of advantage and disadvantage, but it’s all
    manageable on both sides of that autoloader.

    The grille 15, however, is a whole nother story. In it’s current state it’s
    a medium tank with one of the most powerful guns in the game. It’s the
    pre-nerf hellcat only with a few kilos of Schwarzenegger and cocaine added
    into the mix.

  354. Maybe the pre-nerf machine was something else but the Grille 15 looks like
    something more viable…apart from scouts I’m really over auto-loaders

  355. nice that you now say that you can click on the info botton, thnx

  356. I agree WT E100 is maybe a bit OP, but not to the extend that you pretend
    in your examples.
    On the other side what I do no agree to is, to get it defacto replaced by
    grille 15. Grinding your way up to something, and then get it taken and
    replaced by something that doesn’t suit your play style isn’t fair, we
    should at least have the choise of what tank we want as replacement. I feel
    WoT should give us free XP and credits, for the value of the tank mods and
    ammo installed.

  357. I Got just 1 tank in mind. Tvp 51. The definition of op.

  358. well it’s been a staple of the game for three years so its kind of a shame
    to see it go. Will miss shooting it’s theme hospital style head

  359. I never played the tank. I never had a problem facing these things, even in
    a tier VIII. For me, they weren’t any more overpowered than an obj. 140.

  360. QB… why would people want to play TDs after the post firing camo nerf a
    year or more ago? I mean really. What’s the point. You are far better off
    playing a med or heavy now. I miss playing my TDs as much, but when I do go
    into high tier games it’s a bloody massacre. I can’t even remember the last
    time a WT-E100 was even a problem for me. Sure there are some really OP
    frontal armor TDs in high tiers. But they have to almost play as assault
    guns and not as sneaky TDs. It’s a shame really. Not even sure why some of
    them are in the game anymore. I mean really the t9 SU-122-54 was hard
    enough to play PRIOR to the post firing camo nerf. Now it’s just a death
    sentence on wheeled tracks. :/

  361. happy birthday Norway!

  362. I don’t care what my roommate says about his love for the WTF, it needed
    the boot.

  363. Eftychios Papadopoulos

    Ah finally i have it and i really regret it!!!! Grille15 now is far more
    better :)

  364. I remember when I first got the tank, pretty early when it was released. I
    400 meter sniped a full health E100, who never spotted me, to death. And
    someone who had never seen one before was next to me, and typed into chat,
    “Whoah.” I have over 1500 matches in the WT e100, so kinda sad to see it
    go. I think it’s fine that they are removing it, because the replacement
    feels more like the true progression from the WT auf PZ-IV. LONG LIVE THE
    GRILLE 15!

  365. I have no problems taking out this tank actually so even it stays I am okay
    with it

  366. I once shot a 15cm HE round into this turret and I did 1005 damage and got
    9 criticals

  367. Reason for removing this tank: A lot of idiots (mostly red and orange) got
    caught in the open like retards. WG, asslickers for every bot user, gladly
    removed it because idiots love to spend money for prem tanks while playing
    tier 1 and 2. What i mean is….piss bottles, aka noob players, with zero
    understanding about anything cried, WG reacted, couldnt put their shit
    together and removed it instead of giving a fuck about the useless clown
    tomato community.

    I never played this tank by myself but fighting against it was a piece of
    cake. There wasnt one OP thing about this tank if you compared it to some
    ridiculous shit like hulldown IS-7s or T110E5s these days.

  368. Adam “MrSnobben90” Hlali

    Germany… They made awesome tanks… On the papers. Otherwise, if the was
    real, Germany would easily win WW2… Like, the Maus, E100 and the JP E100
    and this one was never made. Maus had an finished prototyp and E100
    prototyp was actually being build. But nothing more…

  369. gimma a T10 KV-2 XD

  370. Creeperjr5 The Lucario

    A moment of silence, for the WTF E-100

  371. i love taking those things out in my gun carrier. or my t110e3

  372. and tier 9 & 10 skoda isnt OP??? go to wargaming wiki and compare the WT E
    100 with the tier 10 skoda strenghts and bad things

  373. What if they just gave it limited turret rotation, made it reload for 5
    instead of 2 seconds and removed a shell from its magazine?? Wouldn’t it
    make it a little more fair? I know it needs to be nerfed or removed, but I
    really like the potential free damage. Besides, I have never been in a
    situation where a WT E 100 driver was any threat. They simply took too much
    damage early on. and for the record, I’ve had 15k games.

  374. why don they remove bat chat

  375. 4:49 that voice crack xD

  376. Oh well i think wargaming should nerf the armour of japanese heavies…
    Just too stronk

  377. Domen Prijatelj

    byeee WT.. i never really liked it… he killed me way too many times when
    i was in my E-100…

  378. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    WG= Worldest motherfuckers

  379. Fabio Ganassini

    autoloaders must be removed or super rebalance! thats it

  380. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    It’s damage potential is unrivaled in the game, and has too high DPM.

  381. Exploding Baconeer

    Reached WTF PZ IV, thinking about grinding JgdPz E-100

  382. Tyrone Washington

    I like the decision to remove it. It’s overpowered and it never existed.

  383. It’s overpowered yes, with such a dpm and an autoloader, and deserved a
    nerf for the number of rounds in the clip, but personally i feel that it’s
    not that overpowered as, i mean if something were that overpowered, surely
    the numbers of players playing it would increase drastically, but as of my
    knowledge it didn’t, the wt auf e-100’s large silhouette caused it to be
    spotted easily, it’s camo rating was also poor and its long reload time of
    as Quickybaby said, a minute to 50 seconds would reduce its destruction on
    the battlefield. Especially when on a “tomato” or “noob” team, yeah the wt
    auf e-100 might stand a chance but without spotters the wt had its troubles.

    I feel that it shouldn’t of been removed but just rather nerf more, maybe
    reduce the hp points, increase the reload speed and or take another few
    rounds out of the clip, thus allowing for players to still experience the
    mighty wrath of the wt auf e-100 but with more effort and brain cells.

    however this is just my opinion and im probably bound to get hate

  384. Well QB as you said in this video… The bad thing war the long reload, and
    that you only play the WT E100 because of the poll system… Now we only
    have to vote the foch 155 and you will be “happy” again! :-P

  385. Zachary Hofland

    I can ol most cry for this

  386. what are they replacing it with?
    and for toughs of you that really want to continue playing the
    waffentrager, go unlock it on the console, its going to be years before
    they catch up to removing it.

  387. Zachary Hofland

    I hate iT that the tank is going away I was in love whit the tank if
    wargaming sees this plz don’t remove the tank

  388. So the WT E100 is wrong but the OI/KV2 that can kill equal tier tanks in 1
    shot every 20s is fine (and even are heavy tanks)?
    And I’m not even talking about the fact they kinda negate any armor usage
    and deal more damage than most tier 7 and 8 tanks regardless of the armor.

  389. I think the people that grinded these out to get them need to be
    compensated for the pain in the ass grind it was to get it. to just have it
    ripped from my garrage is ridiculous

  390. omg … why they remove this tank, i just love it

  391. FU WT hope u rot in pieces

  392. Im happy that they are finally nerfing the OI and Im all for getting rid of
    the waffle tractor e100

  393. As long as they give owners of this tank something in return then im happy
    it’s gone, but t10 tanks take forever to unlock so it would suck to just
    lose all that work.

  394. Keep making these polls 🙂 Wargaming might see them.

  395. Robert Espinoza

    Darn I was working up the tank line for it :'(

  396. Tyhitter [101NA]

    godamit WG -_-

  397. my friend one clipped a maus with good or bad RNG 🙂 depends where you
    looking at from :)

  398. And ConquerorGC is not broken right(and other clicking devices)? it kill
    tanks with one shot. Don’t see logic here. This tank is small piss in the
    ocean comparing it to broken artillery.

  399. Don’t see a problem with the WT E100 post past or even pre patch. About
    time tier 10 heavy tanks had something to fear from a TD, seems a lot of
    tier 10 girls have been whining that they die to a TANK DESTROYER!!
    Unfortunately it seems Wargaming have listened to their crying.

  400. I think it’a bit unfair when WG takes it upon itself ( because they can )
    to remove a vehicle which someone like myself spent hundreds of hours
    grinding towards because of a “mistake” they made when creating the
    vehicle. I know that we haven’t really paid actual cash or gold towards
    this tank but If you think about it….I pay for a prem. acct and also, my
    time is valuable for someone else to play with.

  401. how about totaly balanced TVP T50/51 and škoda T50 why aren t they nerfed
    and removed from the game and replaced something like CZ t62a with better
    gun performance,mobility and worse armor
    + i never had problems with WTE100s they always camped at the back of the
    map and when they got spoted they were eradicated

  402. Aleksi Yliluoma

    wait i was like why the wtf e 100 was removed. i thought that the actual E
    100 is being removed not waffle

  403. fuck this shit i am out…

  404. I don’t like it being removed because it looks much better then the
    replacement. It also suits my style of game play.

    Also, is it only me or all those on receiving end of that gun did something
    horribly horribly wrong? Heavies camping bushes? E-100 driving sideways to
    the enemy? Poor use of obstacles? No? Kay.

  405. this was basically a tier X delete key.

  406. If you watch this video and replace “WT auf E100” with “artillery” and
    ‘clip’ transforms into ‘reload'(ignoring any autoloading phrases) every
    statement is still 100% true.

  407. Its still on the Xbox!

  408. WG learned a lot from the WT E100 and give us the TVP T50/51 with shorter
    reload between his sheels, another unfair tank in the game. Well played …

  409. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    my eyes are watering, in going to miss the wt auf e100

  410. On xbox one and ps4 is the wt auf e100 just one week:) and on pc is he
    going removed of?

  411. what about a WT E 200?

  412. Remove!

  413. WTF E100!!! Decided to shave off his armor and put a machine td gun on it

  414. Loved playing this tank for lolz… Just like the T-50-2 or the KV-1S…
    but all of those tanks are gone now :'(

  415. *Totally leaves out the fact it didn’t even exist*

  416. you forgot to mention 420 m view range :3

  417. that looks a real old reply as the cammo value of Td’s got a real hammering
    and now everyone sees you and shoots you , in a Wt-E100 if your in anyone’s
    view range your spotted

  418. On console the WT E-100 is still the same way as day one release, and the
    FV215b (183)’s hesh rounds still have 270 pen, y’know. After PC nerfed
    these vehicle, what 2 years ago? Console wants to watch the world burn.

  419. of course he uses APCR, its a VILIN player usually its all they use

  420. Karlashnikov 762

    Qb some Points you mentioned also Match with the Description of Game with
    Artys. They prevent me or anyone from having fun. Get a 2k dmg Shot and a
    oneshot from the Other Side of the map is fair right?

  421. Lol Quickybaby wrote WTF instead of WT or…WFT

  422. Maarten severijns

    well, I hated the WT becauce of it’s SUPER LOW cammovalue

  423. Clarence Constantino

    R.I.P. WT E-100
    “We will miss the times where you clipped those terribad IS tank drivers”
    killing tomato heavies… in heaven

  424. I’ve never really felt it being overpowered. It’s a bullet spunge, when
    spotted everyone turn and focus it. Since it’s so big you are dead if
    spotted, but that might have to do with it being mostly bad players in them.

    But even the terrible players can usually do 1500-2000 damage to a single
    opponent (and ruin his day) before they themself gets taken out. And for
    that reason alone it’s a good thing it’s getting removed

  425. Good riddance.

  426. good bye and good riddance wtf100 now they need to get rid of it on the
    xbox and then it will be paradise

  427. lugnutdecepticon

    Glad its getting removed. Wargamming made up junk.

  428. i love the wtf e 100 i hate the grille 15

  429. Why remove it just leave it with some kind of 15 or 20 sec gun poitless to
    removes so many tanks gets dunked for no reason when we can have even more
    tanks in the game with simple balace Holy retards from wgn put the premiums
    tanks fuck the other tanks :)

  430. Comparing wt to artys it’s very balanced 😉 But wg won’t delete cancers
    from game

  431. Oh how I miss the pre nerf Waffle Tiger… By far my all time favorite
    walrus clubber. You didn’t have to pick on seals. You could club even the
    largest of sea cow without it ever having a chance to even fight back.

    Good times…
    I’m a horrible person.

  432. Bye waffle tractor hello TVP

  433. I can almost understand why, but there are other tanks that are just as
    game changing that are not being pulled. 50B, T49, T110E3 and several of
    the Tier 10 Arties. Look how everyone moaned about the Hesh rounds of the
    183. I don’t think there is adequate compensation for the change. I did not
    pursue the Grille 15, it might be ok, but won’t see as much use as the
    E100. They should refund some of the experience we invested into the E100.
    It would not surprise me to see that no one researches the Grille 15 once
    it has been brought in.

  434. QuickyBaby, I like your channel and you’re a great guy, but please–it’s
    “irrespective”, not “irrelevant”. You are triggering me greatly.

  435. The WTF 100 is out!

    Big surprise 😛
    I had less success with mine. As SOON as I shoot with it, everyone in
    render distance focused me. Just as they should. This TD was OP as hell.

  436. It would be cool if maybe they made this a tier 8 tank win a 3 shot 88 mm,
    I don’t know How I came up with that but it seems pretty balanced. Almost
    do a FV4202 thing with it. What do you guys think? give me some feed back
    please. :D

  437. I think the tank was awesome and hope it will be available to have by
    doning missions

  438. im sad, its 2k free hp gone from the game.

  439. Jon the Baptist

    Honestly I never had a huge problem with this thing. I played it on the
    test server and it just doesn’t fit my playstyle. The only real problem I
    found with this tank was when they would spam gold ammo all game and make
    all armor irrelevant. I don’t think I have been killed by the wtf more than
    8 times since it was released. I am actually worried about what the grille
    15 is going to add to the game especially on the big open maps with lots of
    soft cover.

  440. Was never a big fan of it. I preferred the camo of the the tier 8-9

  441. That is wargaming logic at it’s finest right there 5:10 “Comraдe, It
    appears we have introduced a completely broken tank. What makes it
    overpowered? Well it can clip every tank, even the maus or alternatively
    clip 2 low tier tanks/tanks that are just slightly damaged. Ok lets remove
    200hp, reduce traverse speed a tiny bit and increase the bloom of the
    gun……… So it can still clip tanks for over 3k damage. да GREAT IDEA
    На здоровье!”

  442. Russian bias confirmed

  443. _Ofenkartoffel_

    Already 3 years?
    For me they are still the “new German TDs”.

  444. world of tanks needs to take a hard look at all its auto loaders, getting
    clipped by some yolo dipshit is only a tad less enraging than being one
    shot by arty

  445. remove kebab

  446. TheNecromancer6666

    I think its just extremly shitty to remove a tier 10 tank people have been
    grinding for for ages

  447. next the deathstar…hopefully

  448. 2-1/2 years too late. Lots of people said screw it in that time and were
    done with WoT.

  449. I’m not happy because I didn’t play any games in the WFT E100 and I would
    really love to

  450. Tbh the O-I is a good example how WG hasn’t learnt a lot about balanced
    vehicles. And not only are there broken tanks in the game, there are dozens
    of tanks so bad that nobody plays them.

  451. better remove all autoloaders and arty this way

  452. ok. WTF100 is gone. Can we rework arty now?

  453. Evaggelos Arvanitis

    Goodbye WT e100! I liked you very much!!!! 🙁 :(

  454. will this be removed from Xbox one too?

  455. Remove a tank that has the ability to clip any medium in game if they
    cannot get away behind a ridge, still refuse to acknowledge the fact that
    artillery is still the most broken mechanic in game. Seems like WG’ing need
    to get their damn priorities straight.

  456. Honestly one of the huge problems with having a WT auf E 100 on your team
    is that usually they’ll just go full power donkey, unload their clip, and
    then die

  457. Who should i now aim with my lovely arty?

  458. GalaWOTs Galavits

    “caugth” F*** the WT hard in the *** i do never want to see that thing ever
    again in my ******* life, plz G, erease it from nightmares… XD

  459. I’m happy the Maus is still here.

  460. Even when it’s getting removed people are still whining about it, including
    QB. It’s really getting old.

  461. I actually prefer the grille 15 more the the wt e100 cause it has very good
    mobility , speed, the gun is good, the loading time is excellent and is
    very accurate. The wt e100 is more of a fictional unstoppable tank than a
    real tank. that’s just my opinion. BTW great video

  462. its still op on xbox 2.2k hp 6 shots and all the other stuff

  463. SuperGamerGuy64

    Beyond glad to see it go. Armor already had almost no use in the higher
    tiers, but this tank was just disgusting for all tanks. It sucked to have
    one on your team(it stole all the damage) & it sucked to have one on the
    enemy team(forced you to play super careful, or risk near instant death
    without even having the huge RNG involved in an SPG or FV 183 doing it).
    Moreover, the replacement fits the theme of the “sneaky” German TD line,
    this ugly thing sure didn’t.

  464. Stealthy Icytail

    and before view range nerf this thing have 420 m view range

  465. i recently went back to play a bit of WoT after a couple of months, and
    this 1 game i played in my E75, a WT auf E100 with bot stats yolo’s around
    the corner and just kills me from full hp, only to die a second later to my
    team. And you just can’t do anything about it… games like that just make
    me realise why i quit playing WoT so often. I stopped enjoying the game
    when french tanks got introduced.

  466. SuperUnunquadium

    Why not just nerf the overall dpm to be comparable to other autoloaders
    like the Foch?

  467. Zachinu Builder

    But but… the Grille 15 is more OP >.<

  468. ha i remember the 2nd round of nerfs to this piece of shit they originally
    made the reload when they removed 1 of the shots from the magazine either
    48 or 50s (with crew skills and consumables i think it was 40s or less) and
    on that test server i came across so many people who were thanking
    wargaming for making it even better than it was… thankfully they saw this
    and nerfed it to 58s for a clip reload.

  469. Violent Pacifist

    I thought it was obvious why it was removed..

  470. 15k damage? WTF ??? Why QB didn`t put this video on youtube ?

  471. You mean the WT-E100 or What The F E-100

  472. I watched it 2 mins after this vid was posted

  473. Now I wait for the nerf of the TVP.

  474. good…now they just need to scale back TD’s that can two shot you…

  475. Well they really took their time.

  476. They should have just nerfed the camo

  477. good bye you plague on the high tier game play you will not be missed

  478. WG!!!!!!

  479. Hej Qb, guess what, we on Console didn’t get the Nerf of the WT auf E 100,
    it still got 6 shells

  480. because it was OP easy mode tank. oh wait us console peasants still have
    it. We still have the 6 shell clip too.

  481. that tumbnail :D

  482. Donald Trump Art Of The Deal With It

    Because it was a good as tier ten Russian tanks

  483. When coming 9.15 patch??

  484. Bye bye what the fuck e100- wtf e100

  485. Why didn’t they just gave the WT auf E-100 the grille 15’s gun and be done
    with it is beyond me.

  486. I’m gonna eat. When I come back, I’ll have the most likes.?

  487. Very bad decision. Now we have another boring 750dmg every 15 sec. TD Nr.
    20. WG should just make all Tiers exact the same… so balance problem
    solved. Just stupidity of WG.

  488. Gustav Pettersson

    gj qb keep up the good works youre awesome

  489. 50 Viewers Squad :D

  490. Gustav Pettersson


  491. Mr Hupsu101 (ET05)


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