World of Tanks – Why You Heff To Be Mad 10

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Is only a game. Why you heff to be mad?

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  1. I need a playlist of the music in these videos. i like the Jazzy and Rock stuff

  2. too many virgins on this comment section for my liking

  3. Hey Jingles! Here is a replay I think you might like for a Luchs game.  2.8kdmg 12 kills, 1v8, t4 game.

    Just to let you know you were the reason I started playing the Luchs.
    Thanks for all your hard work making vids!
    I’ve been watching your vids for about three years know.  Keep up the great work!!

  4. what’s the jazz with the t32 clips

  5. You do a great job editing these together Jingles. =) Thanks for the lulz.

  6. what’s the name of the song @ 6:30

  7. Jingles ! Use the recorder 20th century fox fail as your intro…

  8. Pshaw. I’ve seen 23,000 damage blocked. Can’t remember the video though…

  9. What’s the song with the super Pershing ?

  10. Jingles, maybe you should tell the Fury that if you throw play-doh instead of actual shit, it is less likely to stick.

  11. That T32 was doing God’s work tying up the enemy team like that. A most impressive display of proper tanking (as per other games) well worthy of being bought a round or three of beer.

  12. I love this series but I hate that it is just too inconsistent in the upload times ;(

  13. Anyone know the name of the the tune at 2:17?  Me dig it.

  14. Jingles why don’t you comment on these, half the people subscribing to your videos probably do it because of your voice and humour, I could fall asleep to it and meaning that in a good way. Realize you are busy narrating all your other stuff but this one is just like all the others without you there.

  15. i had a pretty good game in the a tank that isn’t really played that much, the su-8 😀

  16. RTAV-SpaceCowboy GUNT

    And that kids is how I met your mother

    Was funnier when I saw it in Oneandonly’s tank video

  17. Favourite Monty Python sketch 😀

  18. I loved the Fury firing 76mm HE. priceless.

  19. I loved the usage of the Monty Python sketch. Top notch.

  20. I forgot to pause the video while watching part of that t32 replay, went to get a drink and its like it was still playing lol

  21. Jingles, was HT-15 the “spoiler” video you were on about last week? The one we’d know when we know? Perfect choice of music!

  22. true communist komrade load HE anyone else to gulag

  23. *Sees why you hef to be mad video* *IMEADEATLY CLICKS*

  24. 5:47 Omg please do more Monty Python references XD that was the best thing ever

  25. The T32 later said:

    “I heard the shells ping, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.”

  26. This has been easy T32 radio giving all you tankers out there some smooth sounds to go with that ping, ping, ping off your armoured shells.

  27. God finally quality content

  28. Just cruising YouTube laid up with a broken hip and ran into this. Don’t even play the goddam game and this is absolutely hilarious!

  29. TheRancidMarshmallow

    I think you’ll find that the T32 in fact has 11.7 inches of turret armor. none of this communist metric and putting ‘U’ in words bullshit!

  30. Thanks Jingles! Good show as always.

  31. What is the name of the song playing in the background with the T32?

  32. The monty python bit was amazing.

  33. These are my favorite videos… time to pop some popcorn and pour my water.  I’ll be enjoying every second.

  34. It really takes a special kind of people to keep shooting a hulldown T32

  35. thnks man, needed some lols

  36. Ha! That MT-25!

  37. What is the song at 7:00?

  38. Jingles what is the name of the song that starts around 2.16mins?

  39. Native American Prince David

    Tank you, Uncle Jingles!! ????????

  40. That Fury was nothing if not persistent^^

  41. That entire flipping pullshit is so retarded. I’ve rolled my light tanks like 10 times by now, completely one 360 roll and nothing happened to my tank. I jump with RUs down slopes, nothing. I jump with American lights the tiniest step and my engine is wrecked. And yes when yoU’re on the side nobody can do shit about it most of the time. So retarded.

    IF this flipping bullshit that only affects lights anyway and makes the game that’s already shot for scouts even worse for them, has to be in the game then at least any touch by a friendly should immediately right you. It’s stupid if the team loses because they have to spend 2 minutes trying to figure out how to right you again. That’s actually punishing team help.

    WG is really doing their best to ruin this game for light tanks completely. First this slippy sliding all over the place so you can hardly control your tank anymore, again, no other classes are affected, and now this flipping crap that ALSO only affects lights. I’ve flipped my tank by driving fast over a little pebble on the ground and suddenly I’m driving on one track or doing a complete roll. Bullshit physics.

    Lights like the ELC, MT25 or the Pz1C were actually fun to drive and powerful because of their speed. Now their speed is their biggest weakness. You drive up walls, flipp, roll, crash. YOu can’t hit a pebble anymore without wrecking your tank. Heck in my E25 recently I drove up an enemy T20 and he flipped me 180 on my back. lost us the game. Should have been ramming him to death but nope. Physic

  42. Disliked due to clicker assholes.

  43. Jingles, I love your content, but seriously, I don’t watch it to see random footage of fails (I can see that on just about any WoT YouTube channel). I watch your videos to hear what you have to say and your opinions on the game. But videos like this – where you just insert replays that have been emailed to you – is getting rather lazy.

  44. TOG!!! TOG FTW!!!

  45. Hello g skillet win a ps4 at the website ?

  46. MT-25, proper idiot. facepalm.

  47. That 250-300 ms ping on the T32…

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