World of Tanks – Will The Real King of Derp Please Stand Up

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

City map? Check. tier? Check. -2? Oh dis gun b gud!

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  1. That T-50 is being a real pain in the arse. Literally lol :P

  2. @4:52 oh realy? anything that fires ap is not a derp tank. as I recall the
    kv2 152mm gun comes with ap rounds and so does the O-I. Correct me if I am
    wrong though. if not, you practically just denounced the two derp tanks in
    one sentence.

  3. what about the t49 with the 152 mm derp gun ?

  4. Sebastian Lesnikowski

    Will the Slim Shady Please stand up lol

  5. 3:10 “kv2 finishes him off”

    Kill feed FV304 Destroyed Hummel

  6. Review the t95 again I love that tank. Maybe because I was stuck grinding
    with it for over a year.

  7. Sorry Jingles, but I am a member of the O-I superiority club.

  8. 2013 u play world of tanks

  9. how can I change the enemy colour from purple to red?

  10. ill still stick to my O-I

  11. Hi Jingles just an off subject comment, I realise that making these types
    of Vlogs are not the easiest thing to do but you at least make it sound
    interesting. A lot of so-called Vloggers either go over the top with their
    uncontrolled enthusiasm or are as boring as watching paint dry on a wet
    Sunday in January. Just thought I would say for what’s its worth from and
    ex crabfat.

  12. That last Shot was Guided by Stalin’s Hand from the Depths of Hell itself.
    Only Thing is, Commies Don’t Die. I shall live Forever!


  14. Liked the video because of the title.

  15. I can’t help but feel that whenever I get friendly MM’ing and find myself
    in a strong top tier game.. I will have the most abysmal game ever. Like
    i’ll suddenly forget how my keys work.

  16. I love my KV-2 :)

  17. i just dont get how tog managed to climb on top of the hill

  18. That enemy KV-2 was using the U-11 122mm howitzer, so he was stock.

  19. KV-2 is like dating a bipolar woman and I love it

  20. Something to note about the first shot in the cap… when he vaporizes the
    Wolverine, the T-34’s class icon also flashes, indicating that it received
    a hit. He had reset the cap points on him as well with at least some module
    damage to the tracks due to the splash.

  21. So we’er talkin ’bout the King of Derp , but let me tell about the
    ScrubLord of the ScrubLords the player name is not important. I was
    checking the stats of the players among enemy team and got to this one and
    what to see +22k battles 650 average damage, but 14 RW medals ?!?!?!? And I
    am asking myself, how a player like him can get 14 RW medals So I checked
    to see the tanks he play the most- first KV-85 (very bad stats) second O-I
    Exp. 3561 battles 12 RW medals …. SO if a player like him can get 12 RW
    medals in this tank what a good player can do with it ?!?!?!? So isn’t it
    juuuust a little bit OP ??? And please excuse my bad English :)

  22. Can I have the replay link, Jingles? I have to see what that T-50 did to
    kill himself in the back of the KV-2

  23. Isn’t the king of derp the O-I now? c:

  24. Can some1 explain me whats the difference between WoT and WoT Blitz?

  25. Ah! KV2 carnage in WoT. So refreshing to see.

    Though, I wouldn’t mind you uploading more of your misadventures in the
    Division either, Jingles. :D

  26. After being disappointed by TOG I have not even sniffed in the direction of
    the KV-2. Jingles recommendations might as well come from a drunken

  27. Ruprecht , youv’e been banging on your pots again. Haven’t you?

  28. Three guys and a tank
  29. KV 2 and ISU-152 are perhaps the single greatest things to ever happen!

  30. Prob the worng place to ask but all videos on the main sight play in slow
    motion but on other websites that have the video link thingys like on play just fine
    Any solutions

  31. you don’t fuck the kv2 the kv2 fuck you

  32. HashMatter KardHashian

    Sweden is not awesome anymore, it’s a shit hole and getting worse by the
    hour. :-(

  33. hi i was playing world of tanks blitz (mobile) and recieved 19 shots
    without penetration!! and took no damage that entire game while dealing
    over 700 damage. Is this normal?

  34. and it was in the m3 lee

  35. what GuP movie taught me is that derp guns and be a show stealing MVP derp

  36. In war thunder I shot down a Stuka with a KV-2

  37. play some more TOG II pls i need some more TOG II on the Animal Planet with
    your host Jingles

  38. 8:03 *Western showdown music* Cue tumbleweeds!

  39. i just want a sturmpanther with the 150mm and all the world will be right.

  40. *FV304 stands up** ..cough

  41. i was afraid i was the hummel in this game because i do things like that in
    arty. s51 works better by the way. the whining people do when you do
    thousand damage to them, and they do not realize that they were lucky not
    to get almost 2:)

  42. Russian bias inferiority complex confirmed.

  43. I once drove across the middle of Redshire to shoot at a TOG II in my KV-2,
    surprisingly it didn’t backfire :P

  44. Just so everyone here knows, Eve Online is now free to play so if you want
    to play a good game and a sick of these retards, try it out!

  45. That hummel is A_aron_sniper from my last clan, he was like that, LOL.

    I’m glad he got his penance for playing his hummel too much XD

    … yeah, he’s not too good at WoT

  46. I don’t even play any of these Wargaming titles but I love Jingle’s

  47. Everytime I have a have a top tier KV-2 on my team, he always dies first
    without doing much damage or get’s left behind in battle


  48. Historian 1000-2050

    KV-2 was my best friend back in the day of 2012-2014..

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