World of Tanks – Win Hard

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Sometimes it pays to remember that when you’re winning, you’re winning. There’s need to win any harder.

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  1. I had to rewind the video and listen several times when he tried to pronounce Underlagsgrupp Direkt Eld Stridsfordon.
    I thought he had confused Swedish with German, but no he was actually trying to speak Swedish. 🙂

  2. Alucard Vigilate Dismas

    Damnit Jingles now WG is going to buff the 279(e) because it’s underperfoming

  3. 1:30 Glad you asked, I have been waiting years for this question just to I give you a lesson in Swedish military history. More on this after the actual video ;p

  4. 5:32 he also took a shot from the friendly Shitbarn

  5. Thanks Jingles, Sadly, of course, the ‘How to Balance the Object 279(E)’ will only work until the next ‘Balance’ of HE they are planning.

  6. Jingles isn’t it an autoloader in thr sens that the shell isn’t loaded mannualy, like the one found in the IS-7 or the STRV-103, and not in the sens that it actualy was supposed to have a drum like the french tanks, and that’s why it dosen’t have a WOT Autoloadet.

  7. God I love the Shit barn.

  8. Hey Jingles!
    Upload the intro clips as Shorts on YouTube!
    Try it out, perhaps you’ll get more traffic?

  9. The 279e is a mixed bag on console, some games you’re and unstoppable force, others you’re swiss cheese in seconds. Very commonly receives ammo rack damage as well

  10. 7:35 – Jingles, last time I checked the kanonenjagdpanzer didn’t have a turret…

  11. Inb4 wargaming nerfs the shitbarn

  12. Is it just me or is this video very quiet?

  13. I only needed the first 50 seconds of this video! Made my day! 😀


  15. Lmfao at the intro! 🤣👌

  16. If only I could bounce shots like that

  17. That intro: Lethal case of *shitbarn* to the face

  18. Jingles, didn’t you see that he actually bounced a shot from the 704 at the 7:00 minutes mark?

  19. 0:30 Something tells me this guy made it to tier 10 in like a German Medium and kept getting killed by those tanks. Then he decided to grind out the ShitBarn

  20. Some corrections Jingles: the UDES 15/16 was originally meant to be 25t but after revisions set at 30t, a 12cm gun was considered and even planned like we see in game, and by definition the “autoloader” for the vehicle is just that, automatically loaded like in the Strv 103 and doesn’t imply that it’s a drum fed system…

    What we have in-game is actually very close to how the UDES 15/16 would have been if it was developed further… more so then the Kranvagn which made it further into development and is far from what it was in real life… So including the name you got everything wrong…

  21. Foreshadowing elevated to an art in itself.. “Oh dear”. Great video and a what great game. Hats off to Clappage of course and indeed to the Tiger II player. That would be something of a nice contest in WoT: players only allowed to use their stock gun and having to battle against opponents two tiers higher and still manage a result like that.

  22. idiots in this game are never happy with winning by capping, and they suffer for it. Idiots

  23. That intro just restored my faith in the game. Down with the 279(e)!! Everyone get a crap barn.

  24. intro should have been its own separate video, titled simply “How to get Shitbarned”

  25. Full team hit and still alive

    Carry2pro this one

  26. As far as I know the tiger ll 105 would have existed but since the German couldn’t find any logical reason to put a 105 in the tank they scrapped the the whole thing and stuck with the 88

  27. Thanks for the video Jingles.

  28. Jingles, you so silly! Don’t ever change. This was a very well played game!!

  29. I keep forgetting the too many twos is a thing, and once again, I have to ask, why?

  30. I feel sorry for the enemy KV 4. It’s too slow, too big, with thick yet flat armor. Power creep has spanked that tank hard.

    Any new players grinding russian heavies should free xp or blueprint their way past the artist formerly known as the KV fortress.

  31. Man, my first battle featured by jingles. I never thought I’d see the day. My heart was pounding in this one, lol. T’was a pleasure, and many more to come!

  32. Let’s just say the enemy team got “Clapped”

  33. Awesome game, but I’m amazed at how it didn’t say (Maximum) on the experience. I wonder what amazing stuff was pulled off in his best game in the tank.

  34. The Udes bounced so many shots off the track I’m convinced this is a Russian spy tank in disguise

  35. Damn,if he wouldn’t play with the mouse he’d hit a lot more shots

  36. That ELC AMX shot…
    That was beautiful

  37. That was a really lucky game

  38. @ 1:20 in and Jingles already not disappointing

  39. Lost count of the number of misses or non-penetrating shots. That’s one disappointing thing about the UDES 15/16. Just when you slow down to aim, the hydraulics mucks up the trajectory of your shot and miss. Definitely a challenge to play, plus the absurdly low penetration values don’t help.

  40. good stuff 🙂 now if i could only get teamates like his

  41. Loving how many NA replays you have been showing recently. The FV4005 probably got the confederate medal.

  42. I didn’t know experience could even get into five figures.

  43. Who needs armor when you could have these tracks? Played that thing very very well but damn those tracks saved him from a lot of hurt.

  44. I can’t stand idiots who refuse to cap for the win.

  45. Think of this as a dose of surprise but sects for the algorithm

  46. Always secure the win, no matter how much crying the team does 🙂

  47. Did jingles not notice the shitbarns left track was broken which is why it didn’t move

  48. His armour bounced over 2200, not too shabby for such a ‘bad’ armour. He even bounced the Obj 704… not sure if that was on hull or turret.. i feel this obj 704 driver…

  49. 1440p is looking crispppp

  50. Jingles, just please, if you are gonna speak swedish, please get that potato out of your throut before you speak. ufhisauhfaiuhdiushfdiisiduhfudhfsvagn.

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