World of Tanks Winter Showdown! 8-Bit Tanks! Hilarious Fun!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

! -bit tanks, Hilarious Game!

Thanks for watching!


  1. Baron 😀 whats up, first comment yey :DDDDDD

  2. Good Video baron! (Second Comment :P)

  3. So what do you think of 8-bit Winter Showdown? I know right….it’s crazy

  4. wats with the thing when you didnt clicked on the video. It says 9.5

  5. I never watch wot, but this is amazing!

  6. reminds me of karl

  7. Im not a fan of WoT or Wargaming but thats the most awesome thing they ever
    made . . . its an Tribute to the NES game Battle City. . . 

  8. Damn. They’re just getting less and less realistic with that game.

  9. Hi baron im here just to say that you are my favorite youtuber and i love
    you vids they always make so happy 

  10. Isn’t hilarious fun a little bit redundant?

  11. This is actually great for a noob like myself – so derpy XD

  12. Mammoth-T110E5-USA
    Polar Bear-Foch (or Foch155)-French
    Arctic Fox- T50-2-Russian

  13. I think that you should try robocraft, it to can be crazy :D

  14. Great video 🙂 

  15. Mammoth=T110E5
    Polar bear= foch 155
    Artic fox= t50


  16. 9:36 enemy arctic fox falls in the water on the other side LOL

  17. Top left corner 9:36

  18. Best way to train crews. 

  19. The Millitary Gamers

    Do more because it looks really cool and now I want to play it

  20. World of Tanks is piece of sh*t War Thunder is too much better

  21. that’s not a Mammoth tank. 

  22. Not to be a dick Baron, but cant you see all the tank types that were
    remade into 8bit? You were not riding a fucking polar bear but a fucking
    FOCH! I like your vids, but sometimes you are OBLIVIOUS to your

  23. You should do more of that tactical assault stuff in your last video. I
    loved it!

  24. BlackLabelandownage

    Im going to Change my name to Roy Brown, SO I CAN SHOOT DOWN THE BARON!

  25. Baron I get into bed at night. Put my headphones. On so I don’t disturb the
    fam and watch the ur vids with an amused smile and stifle a chuckle or two.
    Well done sir. Well done.

  26. Dederninaln BABABABA BOOM

  27. Baron in order to make money on winter thing you have to do the mission of
    get a target of some much damage then its 10000 coins and 1500 crew

  28. You missed out on Dune 2, you can get it for free for an emulator.

  29. I love the winter showdown! I was wondering if you could start like a
    series that show how you make your videos. Like how you record your voice,
    add captions, etc. thanks

  30. Mammoth: USA or US
    Polar Bear: French
    Arctic Fox: USSR 

  31. it do give you coins

  32. Hey baron you should LD play war thunder with magstv he’s a cool youtuber

  33. 09:15 i think. That fall in water. Dont worry i do that mistake at first
    time playing winter showdown :D

  34. TankCraft.

  35. World of tanks e-100

  36. More!

  37. Um what with the word “Firefly” in the thumbnail? :3

  38. WoT doing this because Armored Warfare on way ;)

  39. Men of War?

  40. You get money even though it doesn’t say

  41. They should’ve brought Karl back.

  42. Holy shit, Battle City in 3D pixels :D

  43. command and conquer is the best game(s) ever

  44. mammoth is american and i think that arctitc fox is an t-50?

  45. Baron love your videos, keep up the work mate :D

  46. Luvly. The buildings on the map spell “NY 2015 WG” 

  47. Of course baron doesn’t recognise tier 10s xD.
    Polar bear = Foch 155 (French)
    Mammoth = T11E5 (American)
    No idea what the fox is.

  48. U WoT m8Bit?

  49. Great tip for this mode, if a target is spotted in the distance, and you’re
    able to auto aim him, you can back up far behind the walls and shoot over

  50. Heh, they were called differently on russian server. Mammoth, Berserk and
    Mammoth is T110E5, Berserk is AMX 50 Foch 155, and Raider is T-50-2.
    After the event all the crews from these tanks will be automatically
    retrained for T110E5, Foch and LTTB respectively. At least that’s how it
    was on russian server.

  51. Hey baron make more war thunder and Mary to fun games like gt- 5 this is
    just a suggestion no mean comments #baronmakeswotvideos2015

  52. mammoth is based on t110e5 and arctic fox is t50-2 i think

  53. Now, as this proves that healing is no gamebreaker, why not add support
    vehicles to the actual game, which could slowly repair friendly tanks. Of
    course, matchmaking limited to 2 support tanks per team.

  54. if you win you do get a little xp and cash 1500 of both i think

  55. Is this on the computer because I play it on Xbox .

  56. I think it is fun so… I hope u can do it more times and can u make a grov

  57. Lol i really like your videos and i think i saw you playing 8bits wot too
    xD! but i was like nah isnt him xD! now i regret it

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