World of Tanks Winter Showdown! The Derp Squad!

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Source: BaronVonGamez

World of Tanks Winter Showdown! 8-bit tanks Derp Squad!

Thanks watching!


  1. Hope your feeling better then yesterday thanks for the great vid!!!!

  2. 5 man platoons? am I seeing this right?

  3. david martin-garcia

    The artic foxes are actuctually the best general tank. They are best
    medics; well they have best rate of fire and every time u pull the trigger
    it heals 200 roughly (over the 3 for the mamouth). Also since the
    progectile speed is so bad on mamouth; if u are in a one v one just stay at
    range and go back and forth. For this the artic fox is easly the best tank
    just all u need to do is know how to drive it.

    Quick summary :
    Polar bear:damage dealer at range (five in a toon if all fire at once can
    one shot(five shots at once) any mamouth from full health and is a viable

    Mamouth:block destroyer and point blank fighter.

    Artic fox:best medic by long shot can out play mamouths(stay at range) and
    polar bears(circle at close range) if in right situation. 

  4. This is so derpy xD Anyways,nice video Baron :D

  5. Going all wallet warrior even in this?

  6. Argyle Aggilator!

  7. “Wow. Look at that sound…” Argyle Aggilator, 2015.

  8. furst zomg iz zo hapeez

  9. Baron how did you get so much gold on WT did you buy it?

  10. HelloNothingToSee noobsgetpwned1

    That like minecraft and wot date and they had a baby and thathappend

  11. You’re degrading your channel

  12. Tane Wielsma-Chapman

    I used to play this but my pic is crap I got up to tiger 2 which is a beast

  13. Tane Wielsma-Chapman

    On world of tanks I mean 

  14. BARON PLEASE READ! On the SMK you CAN use the machine gun just look
    backwards and fire!

  15. Please play Air Control on steam Baron. Don’t watch a video before you

  16. I’m playing world of tanks on xbox 360 ! This mode is for xbox too?

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