World of Tanks – With Friends Like These…

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Warning – I’m having absolutely terrible ISP issues at the moment so this may the last time I can get anything uploaded for a few days, particularly with Comic Con happening this weekend. I’ll try to keep you all updated via Facebook, either from my mobile phone or via hotel wifi over the weekend.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. I only watch your W. O. T videos

  2. Has 5 kills, team kills to get a top gun. Even if he killed the M44 he still wouldn’t get a top gun. When you team kill someone you get a negative kill added to your total.

  3. Note that they said ‘We’ and ‘Our’ – they’re standing behind the people who made those asinine statements and protecting them.
    Which says they do NOT have the players’ best interests in mind.

  4. haha Lol scumbag T-40

  5. Karma’s name in this battle … SavkeKoljac. 🙂

  6. he lost a kill too so he wouldn’t have got it anyways

  7. jingles, he never was gonna get the top gun because he lost a kill when he tked mylittlepony

  8. are we allowed to mass report people like this? please say yes Jingles.

  9. *autistic screeching* ReeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEE was probably the funniest chat reply. Good times

  10. Jingles, let us know if you find any good flight games. I miss your airborne WarThunder vids, and Ace Combat won’t be out for a while(if it’s even actually good).

  11. Israel Contreras

    Why does WG always uses Blitz players as lab rats? *cough cough v3.8 cough cough*

  12. ya know i realized something when they neutered the arty they went and added the Chrysler gf which has a long open front hull is an arty magnet

  13. More xcom 2 plz


    <3 <3 <3

  15. I play on the blitz version and I like the changes it actually rewards players for their skill believe me there is a lot of heat spam in blitz funny thing is i had one guy keep shooting heat in his is8 and doing only 300 damage to my e100 is was funny after the changes I noticed that there is a lot less heat spam and people actually dont just sit in one spot duking it out with just heat. It encourages movement and strategy which i’m all for.

  16. I told Wargaming I’d stop paying them if they kept giving OP premiums, maybe they will listen now.

  17. Jingles, I am less worried about you taking a second look at War Thunder than I am about you addressing your stance in the next Mingles w/ Jingles.

    I understand the two situations are a bit different, but can we at least hear your reasoning? Because right now I see a bit of a double standard. You gave WG all the second chances in the world, but not Gaijin. Besides, the Gaijin clusterfuck was a year ago, and honestly they have not had anything similar since. And then there was this:

    WarGaming jem from a year before *that*, which, to be honest, seems a hell of a lot worse than any of the copyright BS of late.

    I really don’t want to get into some big arguement about who’s worse (Gaijin had their censorship, WG had their hate campaign and recent BS) , but I do want to know where you stand. Is a yearlong embargo of WT enough, especially after seeing what WG is up to? Is there some other reason you don’t want to return to WT?

    I would just like to know. See ya Monday.

  18. Would everyone that finds themselves in a random battle with gtyuo10 kindly tell him they know who he is and what he did. And that he’s is not going to survive the battle even if you win.

  19. 15% damage reduction on premium ammo is not enough but it would be a great step in the right direction

  20. I would have done EXACTLY the same thing! WAY TO GO BROTHER!!!!!!

  21. Worryingbacchus _

    Arty justice. What a fucking prick.

  22. Could he actually get a top gun? TK made his kills back to 4. That would make his move twice as idiotic..

  23. scum bag . lvl 1000

  24. Dilopho Warlord

    Its all true. I can kill chi nu, get killed by chi nu kai. premiums are overpowerd

  25. Henry Schlangen

    Even if the t40 did get the kill he wouldn’t have gotten the top gun. team kills count as -1 so he would have ended with 5. what an idiot.

  26. Jingles you should try wot blitz lol!

  27. i think prem shells well, shouldnt be premium, they should cost maybe slightly more than regular ammo and have that higher pen but do 15-25% less damage

  28. FFR31SuperSylph

    I am actually relieved to hear this news Jingles. I have never given money to Gaijin Entertainment since hearing you talk about the shenanigans they pulled with the price of packs on Steam and threatening PhlyDaily with a copyright strike. I was wondering if Wargaming was going to realize what a mistake they were making. I have given money to Wargaming for purchases in bot WOT and WOWs, but I was considering refusing to pay any more if they were going to go down the road of abusing copyright strikes just to fight bad press from Youtubers. It is ironic that the very day you put up your videos about leaving the community contributor program my copy of the World of Tanks limited edition printing of R.P. Hunnicutt’s “Firepower: A History of the American Heavy Tank” arrived in the mail with a World of Tanks bonus code on the back.

  29. Tracytron 54321

    Instead of just making overpowered premiums why not just do stuff like make tanks that didn’t go into combat premium? Why not experimental and low production vehicles? That kind of stuff, wacky looking tanks ect like Gaijin does with War Thunder?

  30. type 64 is gay and broken to, fucking hate them

  31. ExtremeDeathman

    You Jingles, are one of the most professional Youtubers there is. Hats off for you chap!

  32. The only acceptable apology from WG should be to fire Ph3lan

  33. The T40 wouldnt have gotten a top gun anyway because when you teamkill someone you kill counter goes down

  34. “Autistic screech reeeeee”

  35. But those War Thunder vids. Since Gaijin did the exact same thing.

  36. welcome back to world of tanks with the mighty jingles! dang dang dang dang ding dang dang ding ding ding

    sry for the cancer

  37. 11:41 Jingles do you need an ambulance?

  38. Mr Jingles u might be thinking WG is trying to make things better, but they really aren’t. First of all, the premium ammo does less damage and it should cost less as well, but it’s not the case. Some guns still have the same price, but lower dpm with premium ammo. Second of all, few updates back they screwed the equipment. It used to be same as on PC, but now there are 9 slots, in which u can choose 9 pieces of equipment out of 18. First 3 slots u can unlock with credits, the rest of 6 you can unlock them with parts. How do u get parts ? You *only* get them by either making some missions or from battles. At the end of a battle u have a 50% to get a number of parts. The problems are:
    1) The number of parts that u can get is very very small. If u have over 100 tanks in your garage it would take years to get the parts needed. No, I’m not joking. Forums are full of complaints but WG is still not doing anything.
    2) Every piece of equipment has a timer. For a tier 10 tank it takes 24 days to unlock all of them. U can only skip them by a big amount of gold.
    3) Players, like me, had, for example, on a tank these 3 pieces of equipment: ventilation, enhanced gun laying drive and gun rammer . After the update these 3 pieces were replaced by nerfed gun rammer/ increased penetration by 5% , coated optics/ camouflage net and crew protection/ equipment protection. I can choose 1 of them from each category, but getting back what I used to have would take days.
    Basically this update made the difference between players who pay and the ones that don’t a lot bigger. My English is kinda bad and u probably didn’t understand anything xD
    Forums on Blitz are full of players complaining about the timers and WG still didn’t do anything. This shows how much they care about us and how much they care about their money

  39. Good to hear that you stay some more

  40. George Dingledine

    not to often you get to see the balancing of the scales so quickly enforced

  41. Doesn’t teamkilling lower your kill count? So he couldn’t get the top gun medal anyway, right?

  42. The RealNovaGames RNG

    Jingles please play World Of Tanks Blitz 🙂 I am dying for it

  43. Thank goodness for Karma..

  44. Oh yeah also when the Skoda teamkilled the guy his kill count dropped by 1 so he cant get top gun, now thinking about it, it is a good mechanic to stop plays like this, unless the player isn’t aware of this mechanic

  45. The moment I saw this WG post at Jimquisition I knew Jingles would backpedal. Oh well…

  46. How to give wargaming money by spending all your premium ammunition in a premium tank only to be ruined by the morons on your team who make up 95% of the player base, Also proves the report system is irrelevant because “report bot” means translates into “report WG money bank”, “report unsportsmanlike conduct” translates into “hi”.
    The game died 2 years ago, take a breath, smile at the good memories (getting more is like picking through horse shit for peanuts these days), uninstall it and move on.

  47. Arnt Petter Andersen

    There’s to many scumbags like that out on the fields.. But Karma is a much needed friend sometimes 🙂 *lol*

  48. Gold ammo is actually the main reason I refuse to play WoT at all. I’ll be watching what they do with that…

  49. The fact that he is from EFE-X makes it funny hahaha.
    I hate this clan no matter how good they are. Many of them just shoot gold, so its good to see that he didnt get that fadins medal.

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