World of Tanks – With Your Back To The Wall

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

With his team suiciding and imploding all around him, YellowNinja5 has to dig deep and carry hard as he finds his back suddenly up against the wall. Warning! Contains scenes of explicit scumbaggery. Viewer discretion advised.

System Specs: Core i5 7600-K 3.8Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Злой Асисяй

    Что соперники…что союзники…

  2. The Mighty Jingles I’m surprised at 3:37 that you didn’t mention that the SU-122-44 bounced off the T-150 and hit his SU-100M1

  3. Richard Lorenz Nues

    I find it amusing that the enemy team, in the end, did what is actually a “teamwork” and not come and be killed 1 by 1.

  4. Also gotta love the Sturer Emil deciding to fire HE when he doesn’t need to and doing far less damage than he should hav

  5. Wow, a Pink Floyd’s reference !

  6. ToG always wins!!!!!!!!!

  7. I held that corner in an SU-8 once, killed two of the tanks who decided to take their brave pills before the third got me. Held them off long enough though to get a cap. GW panther needs to grow a set and play the damn game. Also, the bishop could’ve done alot more but he didn’t repos in time

  8. This hurts…

  9. Wotko s Vokurkou

    WG would do all great favor to issue insta ban for a week, when some idiot like this GW suicides and gets reported by submitting a replay. I have lost so many great medals (RW, Dmitrus, etc) just because the idiot in SPG just killed himself in the end. Also i think i have lost several games in this fashion, when arty scumbag kills himself, games go on for like 5 more mins where he definitely would have fired several more rounds to do some good.

    You can admit there is a report system in game, yea… I have reported every single suicide arty (my own or enemy), but really i dont see an effect, as they usually spam me right after battle to go F myself, that they are not giving myself or the enemy free kills….

  10. Marcus Williams

    the GW scumbag

  11. HappyHusbandn Wife

    There is an awesome map in SCII calls WWII Shattered Europe that let’s you control air land and sea units.I wish they import model from WoT into it

  12. SirBenofNy BenJayMin

    The GW Panther is a good example of what a lot of people are like in World of Tanks, only worrying about their team and not working up to their potential. It’s a shame, truly it is.

  13. Just another regular bitchy, whiny clicker wanker. No excuses.

  14. I been saying since last patch, the real question is not why doesn’t WG allow anyone in a platoon to play arty but rather why did it take them so long to understand that people that play arty do not have friends.

    Case in point, GW Panther, in this video.

  15. T150 was a stock hero

  16. Is that Boo snoring in the background?

  17. Tracytron 54321

    Why have you been doing so little World Of Warships lately

  18. It's not what you think

    I love you Jingles

  19. Anyone suiciding in game should be reported to WG (via support with replay attached/linked). They in turn should then ban their accounts with the length of ban increasing each time they do it.

  20. It’s only called a lemming train if your team actually goes somewhere tho

  21. Miroslav Tordaji

    yup….that’s how world of tanks random battles look like these days………..f.e. t7 scout in t9 game 1st on xp 2nd on dmg….and we lose……t8 td in t10 battle:1st on dmg and xp and…………. you guessed right:we lose……. and list go on for about 5 battles: than I rage quit……wasn’t this game fun to play…..once?????maybe?????? or was it just me?

  22. Why do people still play games like Armored Warfare and World of Tanks?
    Am I the only one who finds their developers behavior absolutely disgusting, and that the games are ruined by their greed?

  23. Mega1987 OS_Ver_NEET

    farm damage?
    with low alpha and pen….

    you might as well spend nearly all of your HE shell and get a loss from it

  24. artillery in the starting tiers just suck, as it’s just city map upon city map upon city map. sure, there’s one where it’s all field and one where it’s 50% city and 50% field, but that’s two maps. the odds of getting those early game is really small, as the hillcity map and Winter Himmeldorf just keeps getting chosen at random, like it has a grudge against arty.

  25. am i hearing a cat or something in the background?

  26. I have to say that those last three enemy tanks did a pretty good job(or rather, they didn’t do anything stupid, which is the same thing in WoT most of the time). The arty didn’t stay back where he likely would have been useless, and rather than rushing in with his superior speed and mobility, the Cromwell linked up with the TOG and supported him.

  27. quickscoperz krew

    this is why I play in platoons.

  28. So there are still a good players able to do a great deeds without abusing p2w. Its a good thing to promote skill, not currency.

  29. you should raname this if only there is live arty

  30. quickscoperz krew

    also the G.W. panther was being an asshole

  31. Helllooo jingles that mingles

  32. Flux is piece of worthless shit

  33. Hänschen Klein

    That’s why I no longer play WoT.

  34. Totally agree with jingles the GW was a total waste of space.

  35. fucking arty scum bag

  36. Caused damage to 12 allies! What?! When?! I’m shocked!!!

  37. Summary. Yellowninja5 – brilliant, GW Panther – pointless cry baby.
    It’s a combat game, you don’t want to fight, don’t play.

  38. How about every time arty players kill themselves without taking down an enemy with them at the same time, one of them has to kill himself irl? Would work especially well for drowning.

  39. I hope they reported that G.W Panther, hopefully Wargaming ran to his house and slapped his mother for producing that piece o shit lol. I love when they Nerd Rage and kill themselves then try to help others win by acting like they are being helpful in chat. Total inbreed behavior. There’s a reason why they outlawed cousins and sibling from bearing children.

  40. RetardGames//VOID


  41. if you’re going to call the team a bunch of idiots you better have a good result yourself

  42. Send the replay to support, get his ass banned.

  43. Jingles,
    I know you probably won’t read this comment but I need to tell you something. I sent an Xbox One WoT replay to the email you leave linked in the video description box. Please go check it out. 1 in a million game, 12 thousand damage and plus it’s on Xbox. I mean, who even records Xbox WoT these days?
    Thanks in advance,

    ps. To any viewers reading this please like so this can be seen

  44. He should get the hell out of there

  45. give him hell lol

  46. GW Panther = a total clueless twat, not a team player!

  47. I hate people like that GW panther because they make everyone give arty players a bad reputation when in reality i see more arty die fighting than killing themselves. I applaud that bishop for at least giving just one of many examples of arty players not being douches. o7

  48. A Bishop? What a guy! 🙂 That artys range sucks! But I love the tank nonetheless.
    Good thing you cant kill yourself with splash damage in the Ps4 version.

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