World of Tanks – Working on 3 Marking the T-62A – 93.3%

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. So Tuesday it will either be 3marked, or we will have a really SaltyRush? Lets hope for the 1st :p

  2. Kv-13 has the same hull as the IS
    BTW Nice vie i realy enjoyed it ☺

  3. tactical_nuk3 g

    Do you do anything else than YT lemming?

  4. If it ain’t Russian, it prolly isn’t worth the grind.

    • Existancial Goberts

      Arun Shukla I fully disagree! I grinded the french tech tree to surrender very efficiently. No Russian tank could do that after the Order 404

  5. Anthony Alvares

    Had a player with 63%wr in his obj907 run to he front and die In less than 2min. He did just over 600dmg…. after he died, he complained about the team sucking… LOL

    • Anthony Alvares Sounds about right.

    • L0gicWülf Schulman

      Looks like he was trolling 😛

    • Anthony Alvares if he has 63% win rate, I’m sure he had some justification in his complaints. He probably saw something about the team that you were unable to pick up on. Having 63% win rate isn’t luck. It takes quite a bit of skill and I’m sure a 600 damage game is very rare for that player. You are choosing an outlier to push a narrative that doesn’t fit the description. I wasn’t there, I don’t know, maybe he was a dick. But generally when a player with 63% win rate talks, you should listen, he’s obviously doing something correctly.

    • L0gicWülf Schulman

      yeah, pretty much, though we don’t have much data, sometimes in early games since most of the time russian meds go with the heavies they could have outnumbered the heavies there so he wanted the team to push, but ofc, being pubbies some are idiots.

    • Anthony Alvares he was probably pushing and teammates camped like retards, so it couldve been the team’s fault easily

  6. your reaction to the money was all worth it 🙂

  7. Any tips on 3 marking the AMX 30? Ive had 2 marks on it for about 350 battles and nearly got a 3 skilled crew.

  8. So you do get the kill if you track a drowning tank, but you do not get damage equal to his health when he drowned.

  9. L0gicWülf Schulman

    Listening to you while playing helped a lot dude! My win r8 on my leopard pta with a stock gun went up by 20% recent vs old overall

  10. “bro lmao marks dont matter”

  11. Ummm wheres your other unicorn tanks??

  12. I have been watching you play for awhile you are an amazing player thank you?

  13. They should make it to where artillery can only shoot as far as half of all maps.

  14. Always fun watching lemming. I just cant play anymore, but watching all the fun is enough for me.

  15. Your laugh is so annoying xD I cannot stand it

  16. idiot you stupid stupid head

  17. Where is the prokhorovka Swedish TD simulator replay? That should go on YT as well as it’s so funny

  18. please actually make that vid on how to play corners. also good vid

  19. lol I got really tilted yesterday.

    Was playing my Emil II, and then ended up on Paris against a Type 4 with him focusing me down. Was so pissed that I couldn’t do anything without getting shut down by him. And if I poked after he shot I’d get focused by the 2 WZ-111 1-4s.

    Immediately after this, I got clicked by an arty for 2 dead crew members and 1100 dmg in a single shot. To add insult to injury, it was a tier 8 arty, not a same tier or tier 10. I jumped off a cliff after that because I was pissed and haven’t logged in yet since that.

    God damn annoying to always either be fucking clicked by arty, or front line arty.

  20. lemming’s brain ended when he got $1000

  21. Just to throw it out there, as an skycancer aficionado, the best xp/cash etc is earned not shooting entrenched heavies, it’s pounding TD’s and mediums in to the ground. More penning shots, more crits, people tend to focus them down faster = more of all the good shit. Heavies, you track em, people bounce a few shots, life goes on. The money is in the easier to hurt targets.

    I do all this without XVM, so I don’t target purples deliberately, but if you’ve got XVM snipers after you, arty is a great way to take you out of the game asap. From your tacticians mind, which is probably your best asset, does it make more sense in terms of giving the team the best chance to win to donk HE off a tomato heavy or to wreck a high performing unicum in a medium?

  22. So what did your parents/girlfriend say about the donation? Just curious.

  23. Yes, please do the video on playing corners.

  24. noob 268 4 should have aimed for weakspots on the back of your 62a

  25. Yes! Corner play vid please.

  26. Dude you have to do a Type 5 now. Guy gave you a fucking grand.

    • Also hobo if you are looking at throwing away money I’ll take some. It will go to good cause I swear.

  27. How to play corners IN the type 5 video as bonus please

  28. Lemming, sorry but I have to stand up for arty, they have saved my a$$ 3 times in the last 16k games or so. You just have to wait 5k games to find one that knows what he’s doing.

  29. Uddhava Swaminathan

    How do you deal with being really pissed off and constantly screwing up consecutive games?

  30. Intescy Avenger

    Did you have a braingasm when you got the money?

  31. In the last seven games that I played my Maus on console, I was hit by artillery for over 8000 damage. You got clicked for what, 100 damage?

  32. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Sad that north spawn got even stronger on ruinberge now

  33. 36:20 – 46:00 was how long he took to fully realize what happened

  34. Everybody hates arty!!!:)

  35. when u eat anymore…mute u mic. Its disgusting, kkkk

  36. i only watch lemmings Chanel for the squeaky chair

  37. well, i m wondering how fast LR can get a 3 MOE of type 5. Consider the fact that LR is a good player and Type 5 is very brainless. Maybe less than 50 games or even 30 games? I love type 5 because whenever I have a bad mood, that 1400 alpha makes me feel good. Such experience can only be obtained by 183mm gun and 1400 alpha shell.

  38. Lemmingbot.exe has stopped responding

  39. are you just going to ALMOST 3 mark every tier 10? xDDD

  40. No way you’re in high school man!!! I imagined you as some unemployed 20-ish yo dude ? I’m in Edmonton (low-key worse than Calgary in every single way, I mean, some maps labels Calgary but not Edmonton…) And is in grade 10! Love your videos, keep up the good work and play type 5? maybe not on NA server though 🙂

  41. LoL everybody knows you have to sit at the red line to 3 mark, noob video!!!11!1!11!

  42. quickybaby is the second best guy in wot after you of course

  43. 1st game you drowned that wz-111 5A , Next game, he’s in your team haha xD

  44. Amazing video LemmingRush, can we get some more tactics and in-game decision making vidoes as well? I can’t always pick the right flank and realise where I am needed the most.

  45. I feel ya man I was at 93% on my VK 72.01K a while back… but thanks to sh*t games I’m back down to 83%

  46. Anyone have any theories on why so much f*** and s**** and g**-d*** every sentence? For what purpose? It doesn’t matter that I don’t approve. That’s not my point. I’m sure like everyone, he has his own personal challenges and that’s not my job here. I’m just fascinated to know the reason, the psychology behind it? Any theories?

  47. Squeaky chair = Authenticity

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