World of Tanks – Working on 3 Marking the T110E5 – 93.66%

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  1. I just got the Super Conqueror today and it completely outclasses the T110E5.

    • Fuck the 121, right? And leo too!

    • It doesn’t, DPM is close, armor on E5 lower plate is troll while S.Conq lower plate is pathetic with ammo racks. E5 also moves around map quickly.

    • Davtwan I agree every tank needs a raison d’être and the E5s should be hull down and mobile like a super medium and giving it the depression boost would make this tank perfect for that. People need a reason to want to play it.

    • The 5A has mobility because his front hull is trash. If you compare the 113 with the 5A 113 has way better armour, but 5A better Alpha… every tank has their purpose. I know it because I rather play the 113 than the 5A in terms because it sustains better, but I do have a higher DMPG with the 5A. And not the E5 is good as it is I do 4k DMPG with it same pen as the 5A. Better shell velocity and better gun handling. The cupola has 240mm in the middle. Which means for other tier x non td they have to use gold to consistently pen it, but still having the chance to bounce a heat shell.

    • pukalo [CDN] How many times are they going to change the cupola??

  2. The E5 is terrible because herp derp cupola!

    • It used to be buffed, but then people complained they couldn’t pen the collar with standard rounds at least half the time. I’ve seen a replay where someone shoots the collar square in the middle at point blank only for the shell to still not go in. It was probably for the best that they reverted that buff. At least they kept the shorter cupola. (Yeah, it used to be even more herp-a-derp if you could believe it.)

      Still, I think if it could have at least one more degree of gun depression, then it would be perfect.

    • The cupola has never changed physical size. Ever. The only thing that changed was the armoring of it, and yes at one point the only way to penetrate was to fire gold at it, back like 2 years ago, right after it was made HD. Then when the E5 was pretty much OP because the cupola was impenetrable to standard ammo they nerfed its armor to what it is now, where you pretty much need a direct hit to penetrate it with standard rounds. And its pretty much the entrie reason everyone thinks the E5 is terrible… because it has a weak spot. Despite this the E5 is actually probably one of the most balanced tier 10 heavy tanks in the game.

    • I’ve been getting used to my E5 lately. The stupid amount of mobility can be a lot of fun. Still, I think it could be in a more solid place if it just had a small amount of tweaking.

      Edit: Also, I swore someone pointed out the redone model had a smaller collar for the cupola. Oh well, at least it was a nice placebo effect.

  3. Hey Lemming,
    Who would you call worse?
    A player with 42000 battles and 1000 WN8
    or a player with 4200 battles and 900 WN8?

    • ph1f1 if I narrowed it down, probably socialflaws, tru_voodoo, haarmless, jerm_na, novatankers_na, lemmingrush, overlord_prime, and smylee_rage xD

    • Michael Rogers thx alot!

    • I have 4.2 k games. At about 2k games I had a 500 overall WN8. Now I have 1121. I think thats a fast growth. I played TDs most of the time but recently mediums have been way more fun for me. The Type61 was so much fun(Except its huge commanders hatch) I didn’t even sell it because in the end it has the same gun as the STB-1.

    • Boandlkramer I recommend getting away from tds until you have gotten alot more experience in medium and heavy tanks. You say 2500-2800 recent which is a vague number. What tier was this at? What was your win rate? What specific tanks were being used? These all have big implications because tank destroyers tend to have much higher damage per game than any other tank class because of their much better guns and likelihood of surviving late game because of the camping/passive nature of most td players.

    • Boandlkramer what are your stb1 and jpe-100 damage per game and win rates?

  4. GG lemmings :>

  5. Simas Bagdonavicius

    try play against tier X with this thing and you will undestand how bad it is

    • It’s still rather solid. It has good snapshots to punish large-profile tanks, good DPM, decent HEAT penetration against super-armored targets, mobility to get out of a bad position before it’s too late, and a trollish lower plate.

      Still, it could use a little tweaking so it can be a good alternative to the Super Conqueror.

  6. Instructional games, especially the positioning on fisherman’s bay

  7. I expected it to be sell the e5 and buy an even better heavy tank to 3 mark :^)

  8. Near-trash status in close-combat, whereas the S. Conq shines at all ranges.

    • It wasn’t meant to be a front-line brawler in the first place. Anyone playing through the T29 to the M103 would understand that exposing too much of the hull at close-ranges is a death sentence to the tanks in this line, especially if you don’t have any nearby allies to support.

  9. I was the enemy bat in the first game

  10. Haven’t finished watching the video yet, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate having an up-to-date T110E5 video. It is currently my only Tier X Heavy Tank, so having some legitimate advice on how to handle the tank is very appreciated. I’ll be sure to try those cheeky plays on Glacier too. Now I’m off to finish the rest of that NA On Track mission to get myself a Locust.

    • Davtwan I’m in the same position. I raced to grind the US heavy tank line because I heard the E5 was so awesome then the week I bought it they nerfed the shit out of it lol. I so angry I refused to hard grind any heavies….I’m still pissed

    • wood1155 – To be fair, having a weakspot on a tank that most tanks require premium ammo to pen wasn’t the best of ideas. The thick tracks and side armor are still alright for some sidescraping situations, and the speed is still great. It requires a little more finesse compared to driving a power-creep tank, but I’m finally raising my win rate in the E5.

  11. Hey lemming, I’m pretty new to the channel but I really enjoy the content. I feel like I learn more from watching your thoughts out loud in live gameplay cause I’m doing my best to get better. Really appreciate the video though, also if you see this what’s your opinion on the T-10?

  12. You said good enough like 900 time

  13. fishbay legit is my favorite map for farming

    i got it 3 times in my 430u 3 mark session and got 8k each time

  14. the only reason you are good is because you mitigate RNG with HE…


  15. Are you not streaming anymore, or did you switch to twitch?

  16. Keep the E5 game play coming. Seems no one is making vids/guides of it anymore. I do ok in it but i just can’t seem to make the right decisions in it. Everything on it is either really old or from when it was over tuned. I really like it but I feel I am a under performing when I am supposed to be carrying as top tier.

    • Roger Rondeau dont go alone against heavys especually top tiers use mobility to win a falling flank flank opponents too good luck on the battlefield

  17. I love the E5 too, it’s the only heavy I really enjoy playing. I think a lot of people think it’s a dedicated ridgeline tank (and therefore worse than the S Conq) but it’s more of a dedicated can-do-anything tank that’s fast and super comfy to play in almost any situation.

  18. Existancial Goberts

    You gotta love the canadian humour of that t34B on fisherman’s bay

  19. Existancial Goberts

    Hey lemming, are you using a mod to make your mm match you with incompetent enemies?

  20. The Asian servers are the worst…

  21. “I’m not going to check my mark, I’m going to wallow in ignorance”

    Lmao hahhaa

  22. TD AIDS, Ebola arty lol

  23. That E3 appeared like the final boss :))
    Only show up when all minions die

  24. Frankly, I can’t get over how many of your shots not only hit where you aim, but pen as well. I’m kinda sick of aiming at weak spots with a fully contracted aim circle, only to have the shell either land outside the circle or bounce.

  25. I got mine 3 marked just today, my first 3moe tier 10, the m103 was my first tier 9.
    Gave me alot of confidence, the good thing is you don’t even need to spam too much gold.

  26. Really? you think it’s a great tank, any you show 4 games where it is top tier in 3-5-7 MM. Man, a M3 Lee is a great tank in 3-5-7…

    Great plays, but in tier10 t110e5 so outdated like nearly nothing. Cupola snapshotted with AP 8/10 by tier 10, and try that “great” mobility vs 268 v4… Okay, that is overtuned, but many great tanks in full tier 10, which I get 8/10 games, the rest is 2 level games. How do you do this MM???

  27. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    Im currently at t32 atm, any tips for making it threw this tank?

    • Hey It’s Franklin Hidden shoot gold, use hulldown. That tank basically invincible when hulldown. But sadly, with the current meta, I would say drop it for the time being and grind for a better tank like the is7, 5a, 113, m48 patton, 430u, obj 140, e50m, tvp, batchat, 50b, 268v4, maus, amx 30b, t62a, t110e4, super conqueror, type 5 heavy…… get the point

    • Man dont use gold, if you are a good player you can use the 198 penetration. I have 3 mark in that tank with 10 gold and only AP

    • Daniele Smiroldo yes. It’s perfectly viable to shoot gold in the t32 in the current meta where tier 8s constantly see tier 10s. I’m not saying exclusively gold ammo but a healthy 50/50 is perfectly justified with all the 5a,430u,268v4, type 5s running around these days especially since tier 8s see tier x 9/10 games these days. Yes, ap is fine vs tier 8 and some tier 9s but 198 pen is unacceptable versus most tier 10s.

    • Find anywhere where hills are just poke the turret out, or just flank. The chieftains’ berm video is simple enough

    • run the 90mm only shoot apcr.

  28. It's not what you think

    I put my E5 on the shelf after they changed the cupola. Super Conq is way more powerful.

  29. 93%-95% MoE is a real shit show experience

  30. My Favourite WOT Youtuber..Love how you explain what you are doing, and why.Should have a lot more subs!..
    One question, how do you look around your tank without having to move your turret?.

  31. I play VIII i get X.. i play IX.. i get X.. i take X, i get all X.. but lemming somehow gets best mm twice. funny

  32. 3 mark on e5 was pretty fun for me as well

  33. gianluca comellini

    People say this tank sucks because it went from super op to ok tank

  34. Always funny when one of you unicorn’s rate a tank for the masses. Your ability can probably make any tank look great.

  35. Good to know that you’re going to do more videos like this. I Appreciate mate, nice job!

  36. A 30 minute lemmingrush 3 mark guide. FUCK YESSSS!!!!

  37. Its ninety three point sixty six or ninety three point six six? Asking cos English isnt my first language

  38. This is so extremely useful and interesting video, Lemming. Really one of the best on your channel, thanks! And btw, I want your mod that puts you in 3-5-8 mm all the time. Oh wait, I got it already, unfortunately it activates only when I play my tier 8s and I am in the 8 meatshield bunch =)….

  39. I recently 3 marked this tank……. and I fucking hate it……. You go to C1 on Serene Coast right, like you always do……. you click on things and you have a little fun with shitting on tier 8’s……. but low and behold…… the Stupid Conq has arrived on the scene …. and you can almost do NOTHING…… NOTHING….. and it will just shit on your cupola everytime….. This thing is just not worth your time as a competitive player as long as the Stupid Conq remains OP…

  40. Damn, no wonder I had such a hard time two marking mine today, you’ve been inflating all the averages

  41. The E5 has its ups and downs the ups are: gun handling like a boss, mobility, it has armor, good dpm, a bit better pen than other heavies but its not noticable, good gun depression, mantlet with protection from heat and the list can go on but lets see the do downside: armor cant hold up in tier 9-10 gold, low hp pool, cant trade shots, cant sidescrape because of the cupola, if alone it will die because its easy to get rushed for low alpha, flankable easily, cant go hulldown, when clicked you take more dmg than other heavies, cant brawl and so on… But i want to hear the opinion from lemmingrush since he has E5 for a long time now and other E5 drivers please respond too.

  42. This guy is so good that his biggest concern is that the enemy needs to have much HP for him to farm!

  43. don’t you think it would be easier to mark the tank if you were using optics?

  44. Nice video, good content and explanation of your play. Enjoyed it.

  45. Im dead inside??? : My team mates Are folowing me and that is quite usefull…. you sounded so supriced

  46. 50k games and he yolo’d the middle of the map like a tier 4 playing his 500th game.

  47. Is that at all typical of how people play glacier on the NA server? Your opponents were really awful. So many people sitting in the open! Is there some sort of aggressive rushing meta going on? On EU people camp really hard and creep carefully around the flanks, usually with only spotters on that middle ridge (and quite often not even that). Very informative video overall. More please!

  48. Scorp G is made out of wet paper, I always try to remember to shoot HE

  49. Just how rubbish are your arties in that Cliffs game that they don’t CB when they already know in advance where the enemy arties are?

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