World of Tanks – World of LOLs

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How’s your sense of humour? Everything working alright? Let’s put it to the test in a carefully controlled experiment.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Growing up shooting and hunting, it’s hard to justify shooting without a clear shot.

  2. that was the funnies wot vid i have ever seen.

    those enemy’s were nooooobs. If just 1 tank would of driven straight through the middle of the cap and they would of won

  3. Thank you so much Jingles for introducing me to Honest Gaming.

  4. You only Die when you get killed

    fuzero is a dumbass

  5. What are friends for??  Glorious!

  6. hahahahaha is what i always hear from your channel : )

  7. Quick, everybody get behind the ficus.

  8. DO”H….. not really a wot player but that second clip. Nutsy cookoo lmfao

  9. I didn’t know about the bush spotting mechanics mentioned in the video either thanks for the info jingles

  10. Theres that 5% of gold ammo again..

  11. Gold noob played like a noob and got what he deserved.

  12. Jingles forgive me…I’ve fired the M777A2 for years…but at 2:25 did you say “The T-50-Bot-2”? Lol

  13. This is some of the funniest and most ridiculous stuff I’ve seen in ages.

  14. There’s a reason I call it the Failin’s Medal.

  15. First matched triggered me so hard but second clip made up for it.

  16. I would of rammed the enemy tank in the back since his gun would have been on the enemy already and he would have gotten the kill but failed

  17. Best place to hide is in plain site.

  18. But the spotting mechanics DON’T work. type 5s disappear at 200m all the time because WGs so inept and useless they cant be bothered to make any mechanic in this worthless game work properly.

  19. I’ll throw in explanation number 3- in that situation the safest kill wouldn’t be to ram nor to shoot, but rather to flip the T-80. This attempt failed, but if it hadn’t then he could have secured the kill without worrying about ramming himself to death or running out of ammo.

  20. I had to just shower off all the rancid smell of gold ammo lol 😆

  21. Hey Jingle…wait a minute didn’t One use that name already? What’s going on who’s who?!? Help…Also jungle I’m subscribing just for your voice

  22. Hey jingles

    I starred off in 1,4 thought the wheeled was gonna be fun but when you have to grind to t8 your stuck on t7 hogkiss a pile of shit from wg. One designer must have had some good Ganga wile designing a tank like the t7 its a popcan oneshot and with mm your matched with t9 and your a oneshot against swed and any thing 9+

    If your gonna play play t8 and up wheeled from 6-7 is 💩


  24. Oh….Em….Gee

  25. It’s been a while since I meant MY SIDES this literally!

  26. Karma is a tough stick in the ass

  27. a noob. except exploiting the bush mechanics.

  28. good example of pay to win gold spamming loser, every game I play at least one loser is spamming gold at me even when I’m bottom tier every single game

  29. Cheeky bugger…. ha ha!

  30. deserved

  31. FYI he was after Fadins medal. He explain that on his youtube channel.

  32. That was absolutely the craziest and funniest shit I’ve ever seen in wot

  33. Fuzero is czech streamer 😀

  34. if it ain’t a bush or a hedge, its a shrubbery!

  35. about his lose, he want fadin’s medal for kill last tank with last shell. his video about that is “Jak jsem to prodal 2”

  36. Payed to win and then still lost.

  37. I love this tank

  38. Now I know.

  39. you know running this game isnt cheap.all the servers and it-guys who need wages aso. be happy that someone is paying to wg so u can play it for free.

  40. FuZero himself on his YT channel confirmed that the reason fort that ending was his greed for Fadin´s . And to all haters regarding gold – he said he did not like the full gold loadout too and that he usually does not play Type 64 with this loadout but it was the way how to do his LT mission where you have to pen 11 or 12 times a tank that is your own tier or higher. Although we all would think he got lucky in mm, this time he did not want such mm at all. He said that after starting this LT mission he got this mm like 4 times in a row so he mentioned (sarcastically) that if you want to be a top tier in 3-5-7 all the time, all you need to do is just start this mission =).

  41. ELC 90….. just like zombies walked by pass Brad Pitt in World War Z.

  42. That FuZero game… Well, he deserved it. Played like a 100% baboon. Not only spamming gold, but also doing it wrong most of the time. Extremely bad play.

  43. in my case it would have been the greed!😁 i always die when i get greedy.

  44. Damn you Jingles, for making me sit on the toilet at work for 20 minutes!, because I have to watch your video!

  45. It is ok to play selfish if the match is hopeless. But his team needed him to spot and type went for damage. Stat padding extraordinaire

  46. Cheeky fucker.

  47. been watching you for 5 years now ..i miss the old ones ..nowadays its just noob stat padders sitting back not helping team and then mopping up half dead wonder so many people left game..atleast you play other games and ill continue watching those.

  48. cheeky bugger

  49. No problems with what happened to the gold spamming scum bucket – I guess Karma is a thing after all. Thanks Buddha.

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