World of Tanks – WOT a Difference

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

WOT 1.0 is live! Since we played a game on Fjords yesterday, how about we play the same map today see what’s changed?

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. why did you not disclose that they paid you for this promotional video?

  2. LTTB didn’t deserve to win that one anyway. Saved way too many times but the tanks armour, not his own skill

  3. Question is does the MM still suck

  4. Even with the Lowest settings i get frame lags… But i do get 50-180 fps

  5. The Spanish Inquisition

    Just what WOT needed, more flat maps with corridors for Russian mediums 2 fuck every other tank in the game :/

  6. didn’t comment in last vid where u asked but i do love the new intro

  7. …so this is how WoT 1.0 looks like, for those who can afford/find a new graphics card.

    • John Brondum No, not at all! The system requirements have only changed for the maximum settings because they finally optimized it. No sweat.

  8. Only 5% lmao.

  9. You should play the AMX 13-75. Find a bush and admire the scenery for hours.

  10. There is only one thing runing the game more than current MM – bullshit bounces of light tanks. 1500 damage block from t8 and t9 guns? Really? Get the hell out WG.

  11. I do not like how they have flattened many of the maps I mean just look at that northern section, it may as well be renamed…I am reminded of when they remade “Redshire.” They should change map names if they are going to change them so drastically.

  12. that “light” tank bounced entirely too many shells…oh wait I forgot it is coated in that shell resistant Russian paint mixed with clippings from Stalin’s beard.

  13. GuardianPrime 208

    Love the new intro. Please keep it from now on!

  14. Now to be the 666th comment, I wonder what World of Warships would look like with such a makeover? I feel kind of jealous now, I wish I could play tanks but being someone who was raised around ships, lived on ships, always went to harbour when he was a child to see ships, and now plays World of Warships, I just can’t get to grips with World of Tanks, a tier 10 Heavy tank has less HP than some tier 4 destroyers…. Dammit…

  15. 1.0 proves that no matter how much you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

  16. spilledbeer project

    what would you think of giving from the deapths a go, could be something you could have alot of fun with

  17. That music in the background from WoT?

  18. Anyone else having rendering issues? When I load in a game my tracks don’t move and my wheels are triangles.

  19. All russian heavy IS and later tanks have the ammo around the turret basket. Center of side bellow the turret, or the “cheeks” from the front. Obviously the ammo isn’t where the crew is, because of how space works, it’s out near the sides. But IS3 use to have that problem, so does the Object 257. Shot in the cheek and ammo rack every time, ok every other time.

  20. They can make it the best looking game on earth but it will still have shiity gameplay

  21. I’m sorry but those tracer shots look bloody stupid – what is this Star Wars now?

  22. Love it how he always gives crap to others for firing gold, but NEVER the guy who supplied the GOLD SPREM P2W replay???

  23. Same maps, different painting.

  24. Seriously. It’s getting fucking horrible. I’m on heavy tank mission 15 for my T-55A. 12,000 damage combined blocked, dealt, and received. How the hell am I supposed to block anything when everyone just presses their 2 key and lols their way through?

  25. This Schneider guy is a master of the game

  26. ok after playing a few games with the new all i can say is….it’s the same shit just a different color been better if they added continuous spotting until LoS is broken but no we get eye candy when are they going to start fixing or improving game mechanics? or ammo has 110mm pen hits 31mm armor and bounces or better still just disappears.

  27. 2/132 M badges he shoudnt play higher then tier 5 🙂

  28. Will there be more cold waters videos?

  29. New map looks incredible.

  30. Rip me I play on asia?

  31. 5% ammo only! ~WG

  32. How about stepping the videos up to 1440p to compliment the graphics, Jingles?

  33. Nice game. Bur i would Like to Say WOT god Job with1.0 wooow so Nice. i love driving my baguette Launcher in those New Maps. the only problem is That i watch to Much the landscape One. wooow so Nice Even with a computer WHO have a bad graphic card

  34. good to see patch 1.0 is such a big deal that nobody gave enough of a fuck to launch it on each server at the same time. We have the technology after all, shame wot Asia is so backwards they still think digital data requires 1 weeks shipping.

  35. Great game. Sadly no win. Problem with LT- u can insanely good with them-they are just not rewarding exp wise like meds or HTs.

  36. thats something i whole heartedly agree with, people need to know when to cap and when not to. i mean at the end of a day i guess a win is a win unless you did terrible, but earlier today a stupid t30 cost me a amazing game in my m41 on WoT console on mines encounter, i was practiaclly dead from having to carry absolutly everyone cuz the mm was giving me the you pissed in my cereal treatment, and then there was a type 59 who was also in terrible shape, meanwhile the last 3 or 4 enemy tanks were massacring what was left of our team. i had a large chunk of cap points so did the type.. i ping the t30 telling him to get in the cap with us and instead, i dont know honestly what he hoped to accomplish but he threw the game becuase instead of getting on the cap when the enemy was murdering the last of our tanks on the other side of the map which would secure the win. he drove to the top of the hill and didnt even make it in time to watch me and the type both die in one shots to a e75…. and i wish that was the only time people have costs me and my friends games over something so stupid.

  37. Tamás Kerecsényi

    The graphics is nice and all, but it’s still a gold spamming corridor game… Also Obj 257, what a nicely balanced russian bias tank 😀

  38. I have been playing this on the sandbox before, and I already was expecting that this was going to happen..Players are more busy looking around in the 1st week than paying attention to the game

  39. Warthunder was like this 2 years ago lol

  40. NKVD Comrade Orion

    I bounced the shell of an E5 off the ass of my LTTB, Stalin was not gonna have killed that day.

  41. after a rage quit during that pay to win/copyright infringement incident (did that social manager get fired eventually?) I may come back for this….

  42. Hi Jingles. I have a chrysler gf and I always get into tier 9 matchmaking

  43. this new intro is pretty sick

  44. Wot a difference? Yeah. Crash crash crash crash crash. And I don’t mean the tanks.

  45. Starting to think the 5% Premium rounds fired per match statistic was actually a mistake… The technician was looking at the percentage of STANDARD rounds fired on the test server.

  46. World of Tanks or lost in Space ?

  47. Song name of the first clip?

  48. Gísli Ágústsson

    Absolutely love the new intro!

  49. Nice game to watch but what I can’t understand is why to play tier VII LT and not invest in having even 445m view range. On my tier VII MEDIUM T20 I have 490m view range….

  50. giving a thumbs up only for intro lol

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