World of Tanks || WoT University NA Launch Epic Game Play Tutorials Training and Community

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Source: Havoc

World of Tanks || University NA Launch Epic Game Play Training and Community

I know a lot of you have been waiting for it and now it is finally here,

We are looking for Commanders, Trainers and Field Commander and Grunts!!!!

Please Apply Here For UNI NA

If you have found that my videos have helped and would like to offer some financial support this can be sent to Paypal –

Looking for a Clan EU~?

Please apply to H3VOC

UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks

Looking for replays with-

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:

Mah UNI Hommie Oinkeds Channel

Music –

All Rights Go To The Makers Of These Songs I Didn’t Make This Only Uploaded This Music

Christian Reindl

Thank you Christian

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


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  1. Inb4 taking over the world… I see what you did there Hav…

  2. HOT DAMN! LOVE IT! been praying for this for a long time. Thx Sir Havok!!

  3. Hey Havoc, bringing this to the NA server is awesome, thank you. Looking to
    sign up and join in the fun. Keep on being spiffy.

  4. o hell yes

  5. Good luck.. being part of EU have been really good.

  6. I wish the best of luck for your NA server. Might join you in the EU server
    though sense I’m moving to Germany

  7. I appreciate your videos, and would join, though I am already in a clan. I
    wish you all the best, and success ! I keep an eye out for you guys. I’m
    still pretty noobish, so nothing to worry about ;)

  8. Guys, does teamspeak affect the in game connection/ping? Because the in
    game voice chat really affect my ping and i got delayed really bad when
    somebody use it. (I’m from Asia and i play in NA Server with 300ping which
    is okay for me)

  9. When you start it for AW I’m all sorts of game to join.
    I like my current WoT clan – despite the lack of ‘being on TS when logged
    in’ rule being followed.

  10. I hope you expand to have an Asian server clan at some point.

  11. I have to leave my current clan, But I will diffidently be happy to help

  12. I was sad when I found out there was no WoT University on the NA servers
    when I first subscribed to you but was extremely surprised and happy to see
    this announcement! I’ll be applying when I get a mic!

  13. Hoohaa, keep going lads!

  14. Cool beans

  15. Good news. I’ll be joining. Thanks Pete!

  16. How old u have to be????

  17. What time will you be on havoc in GMT i got on unfortunately no officers
    were on. Met a few people my name in wot is envy btw and if im accepted im
    excited to see what comes thanks havoc

  18. Sir Havoc can u create a clan in asia plz ??

  19. Glad to see y’all have made it across the pond. I am looking forward to
    joining your clan. Hopefully you can teach this old dog some better
    tricks. Cheers!

  20. Good luck with UNI-NA…hope to talk to you soon…will be playing in

  21. I really like the idea of the clan on the NA server it is nice to see a
    positive community growing.

  22. Sir havoc, can you build the clan for SEA server? Im getting really
    frustated for losing because of dumbest of reason possible done by

    • even in tier x match they still really really dumb most of the time, ive
      play with my teammates deathstar charging on the open field on prokhorovka,
      and hes dead instantly, i as tier 8 knew so much better than them not to do
      something retard, but yet i cant really carry team on my own

    • no theyre not, SEA server use english almost all the time, theyre not
      cheatingn theyre just really really bad and give 0 f*ck about the match,
      85% of my loss is because dumbest thing possible that was done by teammates
      (lemming,didnt use cover, full retard etc) id really want to depart to EU
      server but doesnt have sufficent internet connection to do so, thats why i
      really wanted wot uni on SEA server so at leats i can learn more and be
      better and hope so i can carry my team more often, im just a new player,
      only play 3k games, and really wanted to get better xp on every match so i
      can progress to the next tank faster

    • +mcpro ness an ASIA server would not be able…too many different languages
      to try and accomodate,besides the asians dont like english speakers
      anyway,no way would they join a WoT UNI clan,they wouldnt be able to cheat
      by using hacks and certain mods

    • Yes please 😀 have a clan in SEA region 😀

  23. Glad to hear your gonna be in the NA sever soon. Hopefully I will able to
    join your clan. Thanks for the videos, they have helped me a lot. 

  24. Hey Havoc I would honestly try to do training and being a commander but I
    don’t want to leave my current clan and they are all cool. It’s the GOON
    clan btw. sry I can’t help 

  25. Hey Sir Havoc, I have followed you YouTube channel for about 2 weeks, and I
    just followed you Twitch, I found that your YouTube videos are extremely
    helpful to me, so I joined you in twitch today, but I also want to check
    out you past streams so I could learn from them, but I couldn’t. So could
    you let us check out the past streams so we could benefit from it. Thank
    you soooooooo much sir havoc for the videos and streams, and I wish the
    best of luck for you.

  26. I’ll like to watch this develop. Look forward to crushing you in CW ;)

  27. +Sir Havoc I’d really like to be a part of your clan I’d really do , but
    unfortunately my computer is broken and I can’t play for now. When I will
    be able to play look out for me my name in game is mikethemaster62. Hope
    you have a nice day.

  28. whoo hoo have a nice day :P

  29. I know a lot of you have been waiting for it and now it is finally here,
    World of Tanks University NA

  30. Hey Ladies and Gentle Peoples, WoT UNI NA is Here!!!!!

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