World of Tanks || WoT University NA Launch Epic Game Play Tutorials Training and Community

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks || WoT University NA Launch Epic Game Play Tutorials Training Community

I know a lot of you have been waiting for it and now it is finally here,
World of Tanks University NA

We are looking for Commanders, Trainers and Field Commander and Grunts!!!!

Please Apply Here For WoT UNI NA

If you have found that my videos have helped and would like to offer some financial support this can be sent to Paypal –

Looking for a EU~?

Please apply to H3VOC

UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10 Tanks

Looking for replays with-

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
Really Funny things in game moments
And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there is to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:

Mah WoT UNI Hommie Oinkeds Channel

Music –

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Christian Reindl

Thank you Christian

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  1. even in tier x match they still really really dumb most of the time, ive
    play with my teammates deathstar charging on the open field on prokhorovka,
    and hes dead instantly, i as tier 8 knew so much better than them not to do
    something retard, but yet i cant really carry team on my own

  2. no theyre not, SEA server use english almost all the time, theyre not
    cheatingn theyre just really really bad and give 0 f*ck about the match,
    85% of my loss is because dumbest thing possible that was done by teammates
    (lemming,didnt use cover, full retard etc) id really want to depart to EU
    server but doesnt have sufficent internet connection to do so, thats why i
    really wanted wot uni on SEA server so at leats i can learn more and be
    better and hope so i can carry my team more often, im just a new player,
    only play 3k games, and really wanted to get better xp on every match so i
    can progress to the next tank faster

  3. +mcpro ness an ASIA server would not be able…too many different languages
    to try and accomodate,besides the asians dont like english speakers
    anyway,no way would they join a WoT UNI clan,they wouldnt be able to cheat
    by using hacks and certain mods

  4. Yes please 😀 have a clan in SEA region 😀

  5. +Ste Boomtastic 22 apps in already Boomy I think this clan will be full in
    1 weeks lol

  6. blueskull blueskul

    +Sir Havoc It sais I have to be 16+ in order to join, I’ll be 16 in 3
    months, can I still join?

  7. +Sir Havoc Good Luck with it.

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