World of Tanks – WT auf E100 7k Damage | Ace Master

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  1. Nice video! do you know what your intro music is?

    and i think waffentrager is pronounced vah-fin-tray-gah

  2. WAFFLE OP? More like your brain is under powered, Surely staying the cap is
    very smart, seeing that on your mini map that 2 heavy TDs are coming your
    way and you chose to cap. You must be pretty damn smart to do that. You
    basically said to the enemy team, here I am so you can kill me because I am
    stupid. Anyway Mr. Stupid, have fun complaining in the forums that the
    Waffenträger auf E 100 is OP and be sure to let the people know what really
    happen on why it is OP because they will realize Waffenträger auf E 100
    isn’t OP, it is because you are Mr. Stupid. On my view of the Waffentrager,
    since the many nerfs it had, it is still decently capable of killing 1 full
    health tier 10, like I generally do in my other tier 10 TDs in 1 min
    (including their reload time), its reload and paper turret is why I hate
    it, how I deal with enemy Waffentrager, LOAD THE HE and make sure I kill
    the enemy tank’s gunner and damage the gun barrel, so it would be
    inaccurate as hell and watch the guy realize how long his reload would be
    while I am sending HE care packages to that enemy Waffenträger auf E 100,
    but is it OP in my view, no, is it fun to make players cry when they run
    into you when you are fully reloaded, YES. oh BTW FIRST COMMENT AND I am
    the 180th viewer.

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