World of Tanks || WTF E 100 Version 2…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – AMX 50 B. Today Buck_Sh0T is going to show you why some are calling the Foch B the WTF E 100 version 2!

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  1. From one side, we have a completely unbalance tank which his going to rekt lower tiers, and I really think that nerf one side of the tanks (maybe gave him bad view range? Or bad armor?) would balance it. But on the other side wargaming is releasing more and more op premium tanks, so maybe they don’t want to nerf it because they’ll release more op non-premium in the future , in way to balance the game. Or I may be telling bullshit and they just want the precious money.

  2. Ridicilous how these autoloaders rule the battlefield…I think that when they look into all the gamestats they will see that by far the autoloaders are in the top 5 and that is crazy. At least WOT should make balance games with the same amount of autoloaders per TIER in each team

  3. not a bit near to waffle, that’s still the king

  4. Unugreanu Mihai-Marius

    50 foch B need a nerf and fast!

  5. Imo the reload is too quick, and they might take a shell away


  7. welp people kept on asking to put back WTF E-100 so they get this.

  8. WG: this tank is not like wft auf e100, its just a little faster, better armor, better accuracy, better camo…that’s it

  9. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Quickybaby, I loved your sarcasm in relation to this over powered tank destoryer. You have kept this video clean as in not doing a Sir Foch or iChase rant so WG can’t go nuclear on you, but jesus christ what was wargamming thinking seriously this thing is a disaster. Oh thats right I’m stupid and I do play on the Asian server 🙂

  10. The WT auf E100 was removed 2 years ago? Damn – im getting “old”, its like you think it was just maybe a year but then its more than 2 :O

    Are there still some “old-schoolers” of WoT around?
    Comment your first patch you played WoT on, mine is 8.5 😀

  11. "Carl you motherfucking piece of shit gang-banging cock sucker."

    waffenträger amx 50b

  12. I bet that nooby players are going to complain on this tank and wg is going to nerf it 🙁 kinda like lights like 12t and that

  13. anther OP tank

  14. Nice tier 8 premium tank 🙂
    I already know the stats Armor:99999999mGun:Ap dmg 1 pen 1 cost 1 Heat dmg 9999999999 pen 99999999999 cost 300 goldSpeed: 120 km/hTraverse speed 99999GDP 999 degrees
    Cost €500,-

  15. Fochträger E100Wtffoch 50 B

  16. Just think about gold spamming 3 people platoon which are playing this tank…

  17. It’s the Waffentrager Foch 100

  18. I’m more concerned about the skill level of players playing this game, red everywhere.

  19. @quickybaby
    This was a top tier match. We should see how Foch B will do against tier X mm.

  20. omg why is he acting as if its not obvious that this tank is totaly op…. x.x probably he is scared getting banned from the community contributor program

  21. WT auf Foch B?

  22. if this TD stay in game it’s time to WTF E 100 come back to game

  23. Seems to be the trend that WG are introducing ever more stronger vehicles into the game, don’t know why, maybe they are trying to keep the players interest going seeing as player numbers seem to be a lot less than a couple of years ago.

  24. I like to call this the “WTF auf Foch 50B” and I really think it is up there with the WTF auf E100. But we’ll have to see if the lack of turret will limit the tank in ways the WTF auf E100 never was, and hence balance the tank.
    Because what made the WTF auf E100 so powerful, wasn’t the sheer clip, but how reliably and easily it could get those shells out, because it had a rearmounted turret. You barely had to expose yourself for 8 seconds, and clip basically any tank from full HP.

  25. Quicky baby NEVER played the French TD before but all of a sudden now he does…wounder why that is…..

  26. Good QuickyBaby!

  27. wot is bullshit now

  28. Nerf the rounds OR/AND dpm. This is just as good as the wt auf e100. Come on WG..

  29. Watch them bring back WT E-100…

  30. we need the famous legendary WT auf E100 back. WG should bring back that TD BECAUSE OF AMX 50 FOCH B

  31. I hate watching replays of players that miss heaps of easy shots due to not waiting the extra 1/2 a second to aim fully…but still a good game.

  32. LET ME TELL U GUYS this amx 50 foch b will also be removed from the game. because this tank is lot like the wt auf e100, exactly copy paste. the foch b can delete a tank with its full magazine. if WG keep this td, they will also have to bring back that WT auf E100.

  33. Fochenträger auf 150 B

  34. this is a sad day 🙁

  35. ya wow …lol in the future they will remove this and replace it with a new tank :v

  36. What’s wrong with this tank guys, it’s accuracy is bad so it needs to fights at short range, meaning you can counter it, not like the grille 15 that can one shot your t8 light without getting spotted…

  37. *russian anthem*

  38. At this moment, wargaming knew, they fucked up.

  39. You can’t really say that those gun handling parameters are big downsides for the tank, when in reality 0.34 accuracy is still a good when you consider it’s pretty much equal to or slightly worse than the other tier 10 TD’s and better than some others, looking at you american E3/E4. And 2.3 seconds aim time, when you factor in the reload within the autoloader that’s only a 0.3 second aim time when pointing at someone and that’s insane, while again still being massively competitive compared to other TD’s, the worst part of this being the 257 pen, that’s still a really solid amount of pen for any tank within Tier 10, that’s enough to go through every tank easily if you aim well. This was a really good and interesting video overall QB but you need to stop comparing it to the insanely overpowered tanks of the past and focus on the one’s that are in the game now before you say how “bad” some of the parameters are, when in reality when you consider the 6 clip AUTOLOADER those gun handling stats are incredibly good.

  40. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    some say that WT E100 will return

  41. Its not op man its has 259 pen and 122mm gun for a t10 td that bs.

  42. I called it OP as soon as i had seen the stats and knew i was right when i tried it out on testserver. The fact that they did not nerf it before release is bejond me. It clearly is too powerful.  I would remove 1 shell and change the clipreload to 36 seconds base. In addition to that the intra clip reload should be chagned to 2.25 seconds. IMO 2k burst is the max for balanced tanks at T10

  43. for me the thing they should nerf is the inbetween shot reload from 2 to 2.5 so you could at least retreat behind the corner

  44. imo its a bit OP

  45. So again we have an OP Tank with low pen – so people will spam prem rounds and pay WG for playing a f2p-game
    I’m out, playing Warthunder …

  46. Yes op tank … Good for wargaming win some more money .. Let’s go buy golds for change to free experience to buy this op tank ..and … A couples of updates wargaming go nerf tank…. You no why? Because this tank not Russian and this game is a stupid pay to win game….

  47. I’ve had enough of WGs nonsense I’ve Uninstalled. QB and Jingles are my only window on this games failures moving forward

  48. i hope they will soon nerf this beast… like tomotrow!!!! -.- this is just stupid … wtf e-100 at least didn’t have any armor,and it was huge target …this is not ok , i will not play wot until they corect this shit ….

  49. WT AuFoch 50B

  50. Thank God that i don’t play world of tanks anymore. Look at this shit. Which skill did Buck shot use here to get 10k damage? Well he sat in front of his enemies and just kept firing, there was no real skill involved. Well done once more wargaming

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