World of Tanks || WZ-111 1-4 – 10,000 DMG…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – WZ-111 1-4. Today lastminuteiron is going to show the awesome T9 Chinese heavy the WZ-111 1-4 going 1 6 and picking up 10,000 damage.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Vincent alpha god

    can you make a video review of the panther 8.8 cm

  2. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    Why did QB say “Oh I know how you guys hate it when arties win their 1vs1
    at the end of the game” ? 🙁 These are my favorite moments :P

  3. Easy to kill in top tier with gold ammo…

  4. Wonder if that GW sky pig had quit the game after his platoon mate was
    knocked out early on.

  5. Hud name?or link?

  6. Haven’t played WoT for over a year. Has gold round spam become normal or
    something? It’s so incredibly sad that people have to compensate for lack
    of aiming skill like shown in the video. This bloke even uses premium
    consumables, including rations. Talk about an unfair advantage

  7. hey qb can you make a tank rewiew for the T14 american premium tier V ?:)

  8. qb he took the kv 3 in 3 shots out

  9. Hey QB. I saw your mod pack video and downloaded it and everything that you
    did in the video. Everything exactly and when I launched game nothing
    happened so I tried unzipping the file and that didn’t do anything either

  10. I haven’t owned an 1-4 yet, but I think more or less it is quite similar to
    the T-10. When I watch this video I can definitely feel T-10 has a much
    better gun handling at least for pulling snapshots. Seems turn slower than
    an 1-4 but by not much.
    Armour, both have pike noses but seems 1-4 has the slight advantage because
    when IS-8 turned into HD T-10, the ride height increased a little bit, LFP
    became weaker, UFP became better but still not as sloped as the 1-4. Both
    have two hatches but 1-4’s are pretty clearly visible. If I remember
    correctly 111 has shot trap problem, not sure on the 1-4.

  11. It seem to take longer to have your own ace tanker grille 15 gameplay ..
    right? :-)

  12. Mods plz

  13. evertythin is a monster if you play against chimps

  14. Duncan Beerewout

    owww common wheres the Grille 15 preview?

  15. Stop talking about the fucking stats. Jesus christ.

  16. just load that heat son.
    fuck up those pesky kv3.

  17. Crazysonicfan110

    Now try it without gold rounds and show us real skills

  18. u forgot to mention that the HEAT on this is one of the best for its tier.

  19. PoisoningShadow671

    RIP KV-3 with what would possibl have been the pea-shooter 85mm gun . ;.;

  20. T-10 has been buffed ? I had no idea, any specific details ? or review ?

  21. I have been playing 112, now I understand why you highlighted this tier9
    Chinese heavy. Its so much like faster than the strongest(E75) and stronger
    than the fastest(T10 or Conqueror? I don know) .

  22. John Nightmares

    WZ 1111 4. China, this isnt funny.

  23. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    the t29 op gun depression confirmed 10:45

  24. This was my first Tier 9, still loving it and never going to sell it!

  25. cameron trevena

    Gj to this guy, like me though we both didnt get 10k. feelsbadman

  26. Compared to what I’ve seen when you play, he didn’t use much premium ammo

  27. I don’t think “the one that everyone wants” is the Kolobanov’s, as you keep
    saying in every video, but rather the Pool’s. When I was still playing, I
    got a few Kolobanov’s, some quite easy by capping or by surviving in
    Assault, but I had to work really hard for my only Pool’s. Also, stop
    procrastinating and give us the new intro and the 350k Q&A. :)

  28. Heartbreak game, I know you guys hate it when artillery win the 1vs1….


  29. is there any place on the front amor, where the tortoise hasn’t a weak
    spot? i believe there is no pixel of more than 200mm amor

  30. When i play my e-75, 80% of my shots are low rolls :D

  31. Click bait never did 10k damage

  32. Could you please include some more analysis in your vids? Like you did in
    the past, all the vids just all look like tank reviews and are quite

  33. World of Tanks Best Replays UK

    bad picture

  34. There are three tanks in the list that are listed as unknown, what was that
    for tank?

  35. Best_Chicken_Ever

    This party with a bonus exp 100% and the x5 of the week end x)

  36. Best_Chicken_Ever

    This party with a bonus exp 100% and the x5 of the week end x)

  37. UgliestWatermelon

    press ‘F’ to pay respects to to the guy in the T-54, madmaxrpm

  38. wha do you think about playing e75 with the tiger 2 gun?

  39. RonniePoleCasper


  40. Linh Nguyen Tang

    13:34 Anyone have any idea what that Unknow tank was

  41. hey would you please do a chi ri review, I’d really like to know what your
    thoughts on it are.

  42. sebra rodriguez

    Hi there! I just want to give you a recomendation for your channel. It
    would make more easily to find the review that are you looking for if you
    subdivide the tanks review by nation. Thanks for your videos, they are very

  43. Misha “Misha3K” Arciszewski

    GG WP #fuckarty

  44. Just load the heat.

  45. U r totally the best player in WoT xD

  46. less than 4 rounds a minute in the e75? i get almost 5 rounds a minute in
    mine, i got my reload speed down to 13.25 and have yet to get brothers in

  47. Jussi Raitoniemi

    stupid chinese (and japanese), always stealing, spying and copying others.
    and when nobody does nothing about it, they buy you out

  48. i’ve unlocked t-10 and e-75 which one should i get?

  49. Kurtis Johansson

    QB I’m not joking but I beat HT-15 in total of all of my battles, less than
    1050 battleship beat it but I used the OI so yes can me cheap but I did it
    and I’m very happy

  50. Hey, QB, just wondering if you could do a video on the Chinese 112 Heavy
    Tank… I’ve been playing it for about 9 games now, and I keep getting
    myself into trouble with it because of its speed.

  51. how was that an ace tanker

  52. made in China is better than made in Germany, that’s what i think

  53. i did 6015 dmg in my t-10 today and though it was good;.now i see this lol

  54. Ethan Alexander (Blueblock456)

    the GW tiger probably left when his platoon mate was killed so he was out
    of game

  55. Why not compare it to the T-10 rather than the E-75?

    Also for some reason QB videos don’t go into proper fullscreen. This only
    happens on this channel.

  56. 10:49 About as balanced as the WoT Matchmaking system…

  57. of course a VILIN player using basically Heat the entire match. that’s all
    these unicum clans do

  58. Flight Examinor

    Noob killer

  59. If you want a faster tank with better turret armor and higher penetration
    gun get the t-10

  60. 10k damage in this MM, Wow!

  61. Why were there 3 ‘Unknown’ vehicles in the post-game stats?

  62. ST-1 or ST-I???

  63. +Quickybaby 7:01 you said the kv-3 missed but they bounced the shot

  64. Hi quicky!

  65. Hoyschel Silversteinberg

    Brutal Doom mod for the original doom is superior in every way to the new

  66. Do you mind showing a vid with the T26 Super Pershing?

  67. PANKi was here

  68. Vilin MingLee

  69. crueldarknight123

    Double U Zee won won won won for

  70. TheNerdyHedgehog


  71. Seriously? He only high-rolls in this Match. Totally overwhelming his Alpha
    damage and getting so many luckshots against the other WZ in the beginning,
    hitting the lower glace every fucking time. Pfff..

  72. how is 12 kills in a tier 9 game not a lot?!!! quicky you crazy

  73. Today I did a good battle with my IS-3 – 4k dmg and 3500 assistence on
    Prokhorovka in a t10 battle. But I think there is no chance QB take this
    for a video, cuz I didnt 10k dmg, doesnt matter this battle was very
    intense and shows much tricks and great situations, isnt it? :/
    I miss some replays where our user is lowtier and did very well without a
    simple amount of much dmg. But well…
    Greetings from germany.

  74. Kurtis Johansson

    High Calibe x10

  75. +QuickyBaby RageBaby said Road Runner77

  76. what a lucky dude

  77. Balc0ra's Gaming

    I’ve enjoyed the grind so far. But it’s been a wandering ammo rack, even
    with crew skills and equipment to counter it.

  78. 进攻时间到~

  79. Time to nerf the Chinese…

  80. I hate when people get mad at you for using gold no shit I’m
    gonna use it, it’s not cheating. If I wanna have a chance, then I might as
    well prem.

  81. nice game

  82. Heat Spam Noob with Unicum Stats @ work.
    Nothing special.

  83. I know lastminute! he is a friend! Happy for him:)

  84. Iron linked me this video a few hours after this happened haha, i had much
    the same commentary as Quickybaby in my head when i was watching it, great
    work Iron!

  85. Batchat or amx30b

  86. Cant pen? Load gold…


  88. 9:29 14 rounds of pure SKILL are fired.

    Seriously, why are these wallet warriors still being posted here? And
    before someone starts bawwwing about “but but you can get HESHHEAT for
    silver” – well, no. You have to pay either for premium account or for gold
    ammo. Othervise you cash in such silver minus you need to actually sell

    What is next ? Another amazing clip where guy in a tier 10 med fires 20
    HEAT rounds and is deemed “skilled”? Seriously, i hope QB stops doing this.

  89. at7. he probably wouldn’t have hit the cupola if he simed for it & probably
    knew that. …




  90. Reace Shsepherd

    Why do they not buff the E-75 I love it but it can be taken down easily?

  91. More gameplay from you quickybaby!!!!!

  92. Im from NA and I can say reliably that none of VILIN uses warpack.

  93. Another HEATer with ”skill” next battle load ten more please perfectly
    balances the game and lots of fun

  94. And the one that everybody wants…. the Kolobanov’s medal !!! <3

  95. About the KV-3… a type 4 heavy can easily kill that in 3 hits.

  96. Title should say “Over 9000 damage”

  97. great play and nice reactions

  98. monkeystandoffsucks

    14:26 More likely, he probably called him a noob and that he should

  99. Even QB forgets about the VK 45.02B :'(

  100. Luckily the rate of fire on the wz 111??? Are you shitting me? That ST was
    firing standard rounds and doing damage unlike this guy firing heat. No
    shit he will win when you have higher alpha and you suck so much as you
    need to fire heat because you can’t aim when you are in the face of a tank

  101. Even after all the videos he did, we still feel he likes what he’s doing
    and that’s so amazing for the viewers ! 🙂
    Thanks to you Will

  102. dont spoil the dmg in the title please

  103. Necro Grammaton

    heat for the win

  104. MasterOfRevenge

    I see that Lastminuteiron is in [VILIN]. It was a good game but It’s not
    uncommon for players in good clans to do really well.

  105. Hmmm a purple unicum versus no other purples on the enemy team….Hmmmm….

  106. Gaming with scissors

    anyone else having the sound ahead of the video?

  107. Landoforpresident

    the first few minutes show that accuracy stat in this game is really

  108. change the thumbnail

  109. nice game , good snapshoots

  110. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    quickybaby 1 v 1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  111. if the enemy arty was clever last minute would have had a massive shell
    land on its engine deck while he was camping that rock

  112. RealBaconProductions

    How do you know it was his first ace tanker? I don’t see the bar underneath
    that signifies a new record….

  113. I didn’t really liked how he showed his paper sides like that….. I
    believe the heat shells won the game ,especially against that sti

  114. T-10 vs WZ-111-1-4?

  115. I was so scared that the skypig would’ve killed him at the end. I know I’ve
    had heartbreak games like that myself and it is absolutely frightening,
    losing 2/3 of your health to a camping red.

  116. it’s easy to do a lot of damage if you shoot all gold rounds

  117. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Dem HEAT rounds on those tier 7’s though lol.

  118. why can’t i watch these videos in hd? not long ago i could

  119. Brandin Ricardo

    Great game lots of luck but not a lack of skill these games I like to see

  120. where is qb from?

  121. really love that music on wot at the end of that round

  122. Filipe Rodrigues

    My hero…. lol

  123. wow I was in this video. The noob is the isu-152 (yuuy102)

  124. Baron VonKiller

    arty afk?

  125. Émanuel Lorrain

    did he make a t10 review ?

  126. This tank has no space armour like 113 it’s only visual…

  127. Quickybaby, when are you going to post a grille 15 review?

  128. gw tiger did ignore him quite well

  129. finnaly some nice gameplay with this! Great :)

  130. Heat flying half the match.

  131. Banggoesthemyth

    4:11 did he say M41 black dog? ?

  132. Thee Turtle God

    My favourite tank! (;

  133. Quickybaby, what do you think about the T-10? Its very similar if you
    compare it to the WZ-111 1-4

  134. Evilstar The Reborn

    Nice thumbnail QB :)

  135. StarringTheNoob WoTB

    I love quicky but i really think hes running out of things to do

  136. another goldnoob, another dislike.

  137. “where would you be if you were the enemy arty player ?” probably in hell
    where the arty players belong

  138. How to have good game in WoT:
    1. Have a red team
    2. heave a red enemy team
    3. have dumb enemys
    4. shoot HEAT whenever you can

  139. Pauliuc Stelian

    Europe server only shit czech and poland hackers ,bots , cheaters, WG like
    and offer support for all hackers

  140. 10,000+ damage? cheeky qb?

  141. 900 hp engine on the E75, did have a 1200 like the E100, but Wargaming, for
    absolutely no reason that i can think of being reasonable, nerfed the
    engine power of all the mid to high tier German heavies up till the E75 and

  142. so it is a way better e75… only thing e75 is better is sidescraping

  143. This thing is basically better than an is7.

  144. pls make tog 2 review

  145. Always the same story, monkeys against gold spammers.When he was against
    ST-I (the only real player he faced and not a monkey) only his health saved
    him.I didnt see anything epic there.And someone plz remind me y should i
    play with a slow tank with armor which becomes irrelevant when the opponent
    hits the 2 buttton.This game is so broken

  146. DeathToAll Live

    your mic has some reverberation sounds in that room. you ought to buy some
    soundproofing for your walls!

  147. when the 9.15 ?

  148. Robert Espinoza

    I wanna see ether a VK 30.01 (P) replay or a pz. 38 (t) Na replay I adore
    my pz 38 and need to know how a ace tanker best uses the VK

  149. Dmx we’re right here

  150. gg but he play against HORIBLE players,gona be difrent if he pla against
    few good players

  151. “10000+”

  152. This shit shold be NERFT….

  153. Jan Jonasz Lisowiec

    quickybaby,how can you have do good gtaphics and do hight fps?

  154. Yo Quicky i’ve been watching Your Channel for a long time and i gotta say
    sang Good job<3 Keep up the great work!

  155. 360 p ????????

  156. anybody else want a god dam new into?….. come on quicky lol

  157. Damn the reaction against the is3….

  158. wow u are amazing!!!

  159. I want this tank but…. Chinese gun depression.

  160. Nice video

  161. the Bat chat is really good if you know how to play with it

  162. LeinoQXQX_OSU!ジェシーレイノ

    wz 111 1 4 vs T10?

  163. I prefer my T10

  164. pls make a 430 review *_*

  165. MAKE A TIGER 1 REVIEW !!!!!

  166. Valentin Petrovitsch

    can you do the 113 now, especially with the recent buff on it

  167. Кристиян Митев

    25 sec and 4400 views LOL

  168. Well done as usual QB

  169. Ok so you can say… That T29’s turret was balanced

    Ok sorry… I will kill myself :'(

  170. TheTiredBobcat6222

    You need to do a T-10 review! Also why did you say resently? It was changed
    in 9.12 which was over 5-6 months ago.

  171. madmax !!!!

  172. m41 blackdog? 4:05 & 4:15

  173. The T-10 is a copy of wz

  174. Tiger 2 review please because I recently unlocked the top gun and want to
    know how to play it better. Thank you.

  175. He killed a WZ-111 1-4 with his WZ-111 1-4 picking up 11 kills getting 3111
    base XP with premium in just over 11 mins……..


  176. Feesh Garrysmod

    Gold = bad replay

  177. Jarno Snuverink

    i had a game with my t55a and i did 6775 dmg and 7 kills ,but then i run
    out of ammo

  178. tier 9 is

  179. Level up with Doruta DIY

    pls make a video with a review of the Kv-4 one more time!

  180. nice video. ?

  181. With the buff, T10 is better then WZ-111 1-4 in my opinion. Gun handling
    and upper plate is better than the WZ111 1-4

  182. Christian Lamey

    He used all that gold cause he’s in VILAN. That’s the usual for them.

  183. i prefer my t-10, but which of these monsters is better t-10 or wz 111 1-4?

  184. You need a better intro

  185. If you ask me, too many of these replays show enormous amounts of gold
    ammunition usage (which is more or less, paying for damage if it goes 50/50
    between AP and HEAT/APCR shells). There were sooo many times he could’ve
    fired AP when the Tortoise and T29 came up the slope, but he kept firing
    HEAT all the time since that until he ran out of them against the IS-3.

    I’d love to see replays where people have either none or barely any gold
    rounds on their loadout, to see some true skill. Not these HEAT spamming
    bastards who are almost literally buying damage with the unfair and
    ridiculously unbalanced penetration rates of premium ammunition.

  186. WZ 111 1-4 has amazing potential, but for that the gun have to behave, and
    apart from that side shot on the poor stock t29 his gun behaved very well.
    Thats why i hate the WZ, you can have a monster game or a trash one buy the
    blessings of RNJesus. I gave up playing this amazing tank because i couldnt
    stand shots like that on the t29 missing and the WZ does that all the
    fucking time. Well played for the villin dude, he got lucky but he did
    everything he could to capitalize on his lucky and have a monster game.

  187. its m’y Replay :D

  188. My opinion is, that lastminuteiron made the most popular mistake of every
    super unicum in the game: Loading Gold…and completely forgetting it in
    the heat of the action^^
    And I think it wasn’T until the HE-Shell into the Is-3 that he noticed what
    he has done.

  189. Andrey Rogachevsky

    He was fighting low tier tanks,and not to mention pretty much none of them
    even looked at him. And since he’s driving a tank like that,that explains
    why his stats are so padded. Not impressive really. And he was also top
    tier,and was fighting bad players.

  190. jesus, that poor driver of that guys wz 1-4 😀 no med pack

  191. dont become the mighty spoiler

  192. I use the quciky baby config. Why key do I have to press to display the HP
    left on enemy tanks?

  193. xxTeNk_M4sTeRxx

    I have the wz on almost the last package now I want to get the max package

  194. The G.W. Tiger P is way too slow and heavy to flank, it was obvious that he
    would be near base

  195. The E75 was so OP that they already nerf it engine power right?

  196. Tree Of Isolation

    China; Power, power and power. Pollution? Fuck pollution, cause we’re all

  197. Just another OP tank

  198. Justize HoerSoon

    looks op as fuck

  199. how dose the M103 compare the the Wz111 14?

  200. About the E75s gun. Just use the tier 8 gun insted of the top gun. Baam the
    dpm problem is gone.

  201. So the WZ-111-1-4 is basically an IS-8 with a better rate of fire?

  202. no Grille 15??!:(

  203. T10 is better

  204. Anyone one else want daily uploads? I do.

  205. Eimantas Makarevicius

    QB do you think WZ111 1-4 is as well armored as the E75?

  206. where is the GRILLE 15 review :(

  207. now what should I watch…. stream or video

  208. Liked and shared, time to watch it!

  209. Notification Squad unite!

  210. 6 mins ago oh my quick baby

  211. got this tank myself its really nice

  212. My mom said she would let me out of my cage for 5 minutes if I could get 60
    likes. :D

  213. can you showing more about low tier tank like tier 5 and unfavorite tank

  214. Quicky do u like the conqeror?

  215. that enemy wz 111 is so depressed

  216. Wow I’m early but I’m glad to see a Chinese tank in the spot light after a

  217. Niccolo de Luna

    Lets make a joke

    The WT E100’s future

  218. Kafir de Carthage


  219. Miikka Sihvonen

    huoh 387th

  220. Within the top 15!

  221. Miroslav Rosina


  222. Nice thumbnail and when are you planning to get a new intro

  223. TorinSports Cricket

    quickybaby u there

  224. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    Great video 🙂 always love your contect ;)

  225. life is short dont waste it

    I AM FIRST !!!!!oh wait….

  226. Ein wildes Tails

    Hey QB, what do you think about the WT E100 replacement? Will you do a tank
    review of the new Grille 15? (Sorry if my english is not that good hehe)

  227. Gabriel Ivanovic

    Show us your replays :)

  228. You always seem to post videos at the right time Quickybaby. Love the
    videos, keep awesome <3.

  229. epic replay!!! gj

  230. emyl ro (emylro99)

    Uhh, i’m early, let me make a joke

    Arty, wait this is a sad joke.

  231. Šarūnas Benaitis

    can u whrite somthing?

  232. Šarūnas Benaitis

    hi baby

  233. i came too early

  234. under50 club :)

  235. first

  236. First!

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