World of Tanks || WZ-111 5A – 11,000+ DMG…

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– WZ-111 5A. Today ProofeG of the RU server going to show you what the brand new heavy, the WZ-111 5A, is capable of!

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  1. I have played this game since beta test and i never lost faith in it and I wasnt wrong. At one point I was thrilled with it and really loved it and spent money on it. Since then almost everything that can go bad, went bad. I think it needs to change drastically and be the good old game we all loved. Dont get me wrong there are some things that have potential like Frontline. But things like no weakspots on tanks (especially on premium tanks) and gold ammo that has no shortcomings and improved equipment that only above average players who spend a big part of their day playing this game can get and can use in random battles and automatically have an advantage over the rest of us is bullshit. These days when you look at tank specs first thing you look at is how much gold ammo penetration does it have and will it be able to penetrate everything under any angle like shown in this replay. Unfortunately there are a lot more things that bother not just me but a lot of players. I don’t blame this guy for making premium ammo his standard ammo, he is doing that because he can and because he needs to, watch the video again and tell me how much damage would he have had if he only fired AP. I have never written anything bad about wot in my life but now i am just letting you know why i stopped playing this game after 6 years of playing nothing else.

  2. Gold spamming retard. I know QB wants to get an early WZ 111 5a video but seriously? Couldn’t do better than this shit?

  3. gold noob

  4. Retarded goldspammer with luck …

  5. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    why so many dislikes??? only noobs get mad at gold spammers. its in the game. grow the fuck up already. we all know you guys cant afford to spam gold but not everyone is incompetent or poor.

  6. QB more commentry on actual replay ! Less stats talking m8. You are becoming boring.

  7. I love how WG doesnt do anything against player like this which has prem as standart

  8. So disappointing…

  9. Saw all the gold rounds, lost interest immediately. Is he just skilled, or does he load the skill? Who could say? Common Quicky, you can find better content than this.

  10. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    why are people triggered by gold ammo. let me guess. daddy wont let you buy any? aw. so sad. get a job you lazy bloke.

  11. If my tanks would be fire premium shells i defenetelly win WW2…

  12. “The reason why ProofeG is still in the game…” is that the enemy tank destroyers are stupid as f***

  13. im stop watch this video at 0:44

  14. Алексей Вовченко

    3 последние пт это просто феерические долбоёбы. чтобы так играть нужно быть не просто дауном, а пьяным дауном…

  15. first dislike qb stop promoting gold spammers

  16. Look, i think replays like this where someone spams gold and gets alot of damage is not worth a replay, but the insane luck at the end makes this worthy. Im still against the gold spam though

  17. +QuickyBaby

    Commentary is top notch as always, but it would be nice if you could showcase replays where skill (or just plain luck) are more prominent than premium shells paving the way to victory (meaning a replay where the player doesn’t start spending premium shells straight off the bat, and doesn’t have 50/50 split on standard and premium shells).

  18. etřsežzezsejčr fzfrzdczrfz

    Pay 2 Win unicum.

  19. why reward a player for spamming gold? dude wouldnt have gotten 4k dmg in that game w out gold. he started to struggle when the gold ran out…. but oh well qb, give him the spotlight.

  20. And here i was thinking that this game was cancer on the EU server..

  21. WOT is dead.

  22. MoRiS From Iluminati

    1. he wasnt still alive cuz of tanks mobility or low profile, it was because all of enemy teams TD’s were fucking potatoes.
    2. WTF was happening with there TD’s , and here i was thining that in russian servers pleyers werent comply idiots, but i stand corrected.

  23. Send this replay to SirFoch he ll get triggered 🙂

  24. what a idiot bot td-s omg

  25. All these salty comments lol. This replay was really funny, thanks for sharing QB!

  26. Mark van Zelderen

    Everyone is complaining about his luck and gold ammo spam. I enjoyed the replay. Everyone already knows about the gold ammo problems… if you dislike that stop playing or watching world of tanks, the game is aids, not quickybaby’s content.

  27. Full gold. OMG. You dont put this replays quickbaby.

  28. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    i play only a few batles and allready see more then once the 5A

  29. I very rare to click dislike but for this video, I’m sorry but I have to. Gold ammo is for desperate situation, not this kind of gold spam like this. And if you ask me I can do same as he did with full gold, I can give u a yes with some luck, average damage for me per round if I use a lot of gold ammo is around 5-8k in IS7 or better if I use E-100.

  30. The player is same as QB, a gold spamming bitch, no wonder he uploads this trash, they play the same.. Fuck you both bitcheeees

  31. T-127 replay please.

  32. etřsežzezsejčr fzfrzdczrfz

    What button should i press?
    Like, because i like QB’s commentary
    Dislike, because i don’t like the player?

    That’s a mystery

  33. In mother Russia premium rounds are standard!!!

  34. Gold spammer , this is not skill.. Qb you should not put this kind of videos. , fucking gold spammer

  35. fu QB and this idiot that spam gold

  36. Such retarded TD players… typical example of “MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE” madness

  37. Martin Poľanský

    This is one of the cringiest replay I have ever seen….

  38. nem mondom meg barni

    tier xi tds??? bots..

  39. Always appreciate and enjoy your vids put thumbs down for you know why

  40. Just typical TD players. Nothing special… 😉

    Oh, and WoT is so hard when you spam heat. Much aiming needed.

  41. ru server all load gold, lot of kids play , team killing etc…

  42. for me not a good replay, pure gold spam and luck from hell.

  43. Herr Schicklgruber

    Baited into watching a QB video only to find a primary HEAT tryhard. Subscribe to SirFoch and Taugrim for true quality.

  44. Barbatos Lupus Rex

    Quickybaby, please do not ever show us a game like this again.

  45. When you load the gold and get lucky, you get this type of battle

  46. what a bloody faggot….

  47. Julian Thrussell

    Q – play back is very dark, can’t really see much.

  48. Hi QB
    What is an Obj.907? I saw it in a Battle Last days but I didn’t found in the tech trees. Can you make a Video on that Tank?


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