World of Tanks – WZ 111 5A or 113?

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  1. am i first ??

  2. nice addition to the tech tree

  3. Well then, good night folks

  4. One of three WoT people I give a thumbs up to before the video is even done.

  5. I missed ya voice Anfield :3

  6. 113 has 7 only on sides this one on the front as well i have tier 9 and 150k exp on it still cant deside which one i want

  7. Anfield, the WZ 5A has BETTER gun depression on the front of the tank. It has -7 degrees on front while the 113 has -5. On the sides they both have -7

  8. I feel like this may come up a few times so just to be clear when I mention both tanks having 7 degrees, I’m strictly referring to the sides, only the wz maintains 7 in the front, but as you can almost always play hills to your side depression this is mostly a moot advantage

  9. Imo, 5A has a much better gun, but the 113 is slightly better in all other areas.

    I would get the 5A myself, but CW-wise the 113 is probably better.

    I don’t think either of them are anywhere close to “bad”, though.

  10. lol when will 10.0 ever come out ,no one knows lol

  11. which is most like the e5? cause the e5 is the only tier 10 ive 3 marked and my fav tier 10

  12. I unlocked the WZ-111 1-4 and e50 on same day now I can’t decide what to get next. I kinda hate the top gun from 110 that carries over to wz-111 1-4 and having to grind over 60k to get the top gun on it doesn’t seem like fun thing to do.This tank WZ-11 5A will get nerfed real soon. Every game I have seen it tonight it wrecked everything…

  13. Can you open a list of tanks in the panel?

  14. Baptiste Bachelard


  15. So excited for the M48 buffs. My favourite tank already and it’s gonna just get even better. Best news in the game since I started playing.

  16. Which Heavy Line would you suggest as a Starter in Heavy Lines?
    E5? IS7? Something else?

  17. The question is: Does it get ammo racked and blown up as easy and often as the 113?
    Track+ammo rack combo and one-shot blow ups are the biggest downsides od the 113 (now that it has some gun depression).

  18. Great theories. I’ve been saving up credits for the tier9 so it’s good to know what lies ahead.

  19. Anfield what you thi,nk after obj140 buff with the 121 buff will t62 and obj430 be worth it ?

  20. 121 plays like T62A now, with t62a getting better handling/rof, and 121 better alpha. Im happy with the gun depression buff and I think finally there is another viable alternative to Russian meds.

  21. thx for the vid, I now have made my mind up 😉

  22. What is up Anfield, guys here

  23. I should mention before anything that I don’t yet have the WZ-111 5A, but from the looks of it the WZ might have better armour in practice, at least in pub games. While the 113 certainly does have a better UFP and doesn’t have a pike nose meaning you can actually angle to make it stronger rather than weaker, the hull armour of the 113 is still trash. Even when angling optimally you’re only gonna get ~270mm out of it due to the poor 90mm side armour, and due to the low profile nature of the tank your opposition will often be taller and therefore negate even more angling off your effective armour. Not only this, but the LFP is complete garbage and will get shredded whenever exposed. The 5A, however, actually has a decent LFP — 220mm without angling, and not too difficult to get over 250mm EA. Obviously angling to achieve that will make your UFP even worse, but considering the hull on both Chinese heavies are trash it might actually be worth quite a lot that you can bait pubbies into shooting the LFP that they’ll assume is a weakspot.

  24. I love this tank, is better then wz 111-4??????

  25. Flying Berserker

    How it is compared to IS7??

  26. Lorenz Pühringer

    whats going on at 9:55 ?

  27. William Taylor Payne

    Wow M48 is finally getting a turret change!? This may make it the best medium in the game I can’t wait!

  28. I wouldn’t call the tier 9 WZ’s gunhandling bad, but it is worse. I There’s just something about having a resonable fast tank with workable gundrepession and 490 aplha and DPM. I have no idea how it will be in more organised forma of play, but I’m fairly certain that it will be very useful in pubs. As for the 121 the new gundepression really makes the tank so much more comfortable, you do still need to aim a fair bit more compared to meds with great gunhandling, but at least now oyu can point the gun at the enemy.

  29. oh mexico will pay

  30. Hey @Anfield really like your videos, mind telling me which premium tank would be best for as a support tank, for someone with 2200~ wn8 and a budget of 35 euros, considering I also want some premium time in that too…if possible.
    Thanks and good luck on your future videos whether you answer or not.

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  32. Anfield do you still have the video you made with “unicum rush“ with that lizard and those snakes?i wanna see it again lol.

  33. good trump memes

  34. Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

    Just making a note at 3:30 : the 1-4 has excellent gun handling. Just like the Panther II’s real aiming circle is 3 times bigger than it shows in game, the 1-4’s is 3 times smaller. It’s the snapshot king, best in the game at this <3 Overall, it is my favourite tank in the game and the 113 was such an unbelieveable letdown (now that is a gun that handles terribly) that I'm really hoping the 5A is the true successor to the 1-4.

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