World of Tanks || WZ-111 5A – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

– WZ-111 5A. Today I’m previewing the WZ-111 5A a coming in update !

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  1. it aint a test server if pleb spammin heat

  2. Gee another OP new tank. World of Pay 2 Win strikes again.

  3. Raditya Pramudito

    500k on ytb grats
    will you do 500 k QnA ?

  4. Gustav Schnitzel

    Why you don’t mention that the 113 has better dispersion? The 5A’s gun is not just better. Dispersion is important for quick or snap shots. But yeah, everything else, the gun of 113 is just a shame in comparison to 5A….

  5. I hadn’t realized how weak the WZ 113’s hull was until this comparison.

  6. congrats on 500,000 subscribers!

  7. Đỗ Nguyên Long

    “It’s aimtime is .25” QB made a mistake guys

  8. as a tier 9 fan im looking forward towards the better armored t10 version 😀

  9. They should turn gold ammo off on the test server

  10. do this logs count as spaced armor

  11. My_Replays#ConTv

    WZ 111 5A is great

  12. More power creep tanks designed pre and during ww2 meeting in all but names “MBT’s” designed in the after WW2 to the 1950’s is why this game is broken. If you want balance rank the tanks on historic dates and not tiers.So when they add more tanks to the game the other suffer with no buffs, no gimmicks that keep them competitive.

  13. Fkn seriously another premium tank. Look tired of all these premium tanks for a non premium game. This is blatant and irritating. Got a lot of time to bring in these tanks. but cant provide any new maps. Quit this shit a year ago because Wargamming is ridiculous. Stop paying for this fkn game. Seriously stop wasting money on this shit

  14. Quickybaby I have a question for u. No one can answer when does the M 41 90 becomes available in the premium shop? I really want to get it because I love the M 41 bulldog but I’m going to sell it in the future. so I want to replace it with the M 41 90.

  15. Jaylemagnifique

    Do you remember when people where whinning about E5 being op ?

  16. The balancing in this game is just so confusing. My first impression about this tank is that its slightly too good compared to some other tanks, but how ever I don’t have the time to really go through even tier 10 tanks and try to figure out how sometimes having armor makes your hit points smaller and sometimes bigger. Just weird stuff. Specially when this new tank has same gun handling than the smaller caliber in 113. Like HOW? There is not even a tier difference to explain it. In my opinion it doesn’t need it, if its other wise better anyway or the same.

  17. The Wz is the tank i thought back then when i start play game an pic is7 as first t10 tank

  18. Cosmin Dinulescu

    Hi (sorry for my bad english)

  19. 14:08 it has actually less DPM than the 113 but I understand what you are saying 😀

  20. themattsmith man

    Last time I checked 40-34= 6…not 4 aha ??keep up the awesome work QB ?

  21. My new favourite tier X tank.

  22. Congratulations to 500.000 Subscribers !!! ?

  23. at last a great tank thx wargaming 🙂


    I m sure one day 113 will return as a premium….

  25. QB acting like doing 9k dmg is nothing XD

  26. tast the skill of the HEAT rounds LOL

  27. From the 9.20 test server batchat is hd and now has a 100 mm top gun rather than 105 mm with less clip potential however we might get a french WTFF E100 as the foch 155 will lose its 155 mm gun and get a 120 mm autoloader with 6 shots with better aim time accuracy and faster unloading magazine! And also some side armor buffs

    The tier 8 and 9 french tds will also get 120 mm autoloaders and side armor buffs

  28. Any guesses on when the nerfs r coming? 1 months, maybe 2? 😀 😀 😀

  29. testers: this tank is too op wg !
    wg: we removed highrolls
    players: pls nerf wg !
    2 years later
    wg: -We nerfed the shit out of it and also we added another op tank-

  30. Hernan Dominguez

    I don’t understand us world of tanks players anymore…..complain when shit is too good (defender or Chrysler) and then again complain when a tank isn’t good enough (Tiger 131)

  31. wargaming needs to buff the is7

  32. look how well that gun behaves even after the gun is damaged…

  33. QB you said 4 extra shels at 02:00 its 6 extra

  34. after 2 months is nerff..tipical wg 🙂

  35. 6 additional shells, not 4 😉

  36. They need to nerf the Russian mediums, and IS-7 needs better gun handling, the rest is ok.
    I guess they will nerf this tank in the future anyway. But WG should watch out for power creeps.
    But the delicate problem they have is to balanced all tanks so that all have different characteristics but are still fairly balanced.

  37. This just highlights how power-creeped the IS-7 has become, sjees.

    And remember the time when each nation had defining characteristics on their vehicle making them unique and special? Well, that is going to all go now, every tank will play roughly the same.

    Chinese had heavy hitting guns with shit gun depression and weaker armour. Not anymore though, everything evens out, look at the recent changes and the ones planned in the future. Each tank will become equal making it progressively more boring.

  38. IS7 is out of date. Too low hp for tier10, low dpm, bad gun handling. I hope they improve soon.

  39. “There’s a gorilla behind me.”

  40. Mohammad Joniedi

    the retards spam gold even in the test server lolz

  41. what is name of this program which shows stats and armour?

  42. Chinese accuracy is not a Guns and Roses Album! DPM is worthless when shells doesnt connect

  43. SwaggyGamerPig YT

    500K q&a?

  44. DieSturmgeschutz

    Hey QuickyBaby, I know this isn’t related to the video, but I’m currently watching your old PC build video, and you mentioned Gigabyte sending you that WoT motherboard, is there anyway I can buy one from Gigabyte, or are they limited edition :/?

  45. Maciej Suszczyński

    Sooo… It’s basicly buffed 111-1-4?

  46. Whitetrash050 geen

    IS7 needs a buff now!!!

  47. komodo_dragon_ sniper

    looks like the 112 but better

  48. good by E5 :*

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