World of Tanks || WZ-111 – is it Worth it?

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Today Rajapace is going to show you how much the brand new T8 the WZ-111 can make!

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. first?

  2. I hope you guys enjoy this video and let me know what you think about 111
    vs 112 vs IS-6.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  3. i dont have any chinese tanks except the type….this one might be worth

  4. Lol that start 

  5. did it start with different replay then to the 111 game?

  6. Finnish player :)

  7. What the Hetzer?!

  8. 1st!!!!
    Let the rage/hate come 

  9. First, love ya QB :)

  10. Hetzer in the beginning. :P

  11. Why is directly after the start a beginning of a other game? Editing

  12. why are you at old place ?

  13. And here I am, like 1% done with the mission.

  14. I still have no clue wehre you see the missions? or has that not been added

  15. Is for today is for Claus is for to try for to be something for to be new.
    Is for to be nice. Is for to watch replay for to see for who is for to be
    goods. For to makes for comment is for to be positives for to say for who
    is for to plays goods. For to change for not for just for to say for who
    is for to be stupids! Is easy for to see stupids player for because is 80%
    is for to be stupids yes? YES! So for Claus is for to watch replay for to
    be nice for to see for who is for to plays goods for to makes comments nice
    for player who is nots for to play like stupids. OK. Claus is watch. Is
    for to try for to finds goods enemy player. Claus is watch for two time
    replay. Is leopard pt for start game who for sits likes duck for be in
    sands not moves for to die is goods? NO! Is for two tier 8’s for to rush
    for fronts for to try kills heavy tank for have lots armor for just shoots
    turret for bounce for then die? For they be goods? NO! For teams of red
    player for is know they be spot for stills just sits for like ducks for to
    let arty for to shoot? Is they be goods? NO! Is for enemy arty for who
    nots shoots wz-111 for even is know he is for to spots whole team? Is he
    for to be goods? NO! Is for borsig for who sits sand for wait for to be
    kill for not evens shoots except for to shoot sand? Is for he for to be
    goods player? NO! so Claus is for to try be nice! Is watch replay for
    two time! Is see WZ-111 for to play fast for be goods. For watch for to
    try for to finds one enemy for to be goods. Is find? NO! Is all
    stupids! Is to for to be point for to be try for to be nice! Is not for
    to be possible! Is 15 enemy player for to be stupids camp like ducks for
    no to shoot player! All stupids! Claus is for to be right for not be
    nice! Is true!

  16. Already got it through just grinding all the nations and I can tell you it
    is definitely worth it !

  17. start watching with 3 views finish it and its 300+ 😀 you have some fan
    base here QB :D

  18. cat at 1:14

  19. 1:35 lol.
    But luckily, his hull armor bounces of the upper plate.

    Derp quicky. XD 

  20. At the moment, I read the title ”Is it worth it”. I thought SirFoch
    uploaded a new video. But no, it is QuickyBaby homie.

  21. Qb but the 111 has SO MUCH more gun uppresion compared to 112 which
    compisates for that 1 degree

  22. I 100% agree… It’s pretty much the same tank as the 112 with only a few
    changes; for really good players and collectors it’s worth it to pay the
    extra £20 in order to get their hands on it. But for others the best option
    (the cheapest and the most sensible) would be to just purchase the 112.
    Although the IS-6 is still a fun tank to play :)

  23. Anyone see the Hetzer game at the start or am i blind?

  24. Why was the hetzer at the start?

  25. *Grinded throught the mission* He probably didn’t… He bought all 7 tokens
    for 10 euro each.

  26. Lol at 0:04 you can see the Hetzer with the Hetzer for 1 seconds

  27. On Chinese server, wz 111 sale for like 25$ and has 300mm pen HEAT
    ammunition…that’s pretty unfair…

  28. Is it worth the grind?!?!

  29. I digress

  30. wargaming can just say buy this fking tank for 55 euro but they are smart
    and tring to sell 30 euro tank for 55 euro what a bunch of fuckers.

  31. Anyone know why this game shows the WZ 111 as an 8th lv tank when it is
    clearly a IX level tank on the tank tech tree?????
    How very strange! I just went into my game and double checked. It is
    STILL an IX level tank. very weird!

  32. There is one more very good reason why you should get a 112 rather than a
    111 … the armor.
    It is better angled and does not have a “pike nose” (like the 111) which
    you can not angle very reliably :/

  33. Might want to point out that you can use any tank you want above tier 6.
    It’s somewhat inaccurate to measure the amount of games you need on
    average. Since you can have 4 bad games in a row or 9 good ones. If you are
    a decent player that plays tanks a few hours a day anyway you most likely
    won’t change your playstyle either.

    The skip tokens are more expensive because they don’t want you to skip the
    mission. There would not be any point to it and they could of just placed
    it in the shop right away for the same price as the 112. However as you
    point out you can buy one or two tokens you effectivly get a hefty discount
    on the Wz-111. In my case I will unlock the japanese token so I will get
    the 111 for £8. Not a bad deal.

    You need to do an average 30kills and 30000 damage/day and that’s not to
    hard. But yes. This mission is not for everyone and if you don’t have
    enough tanks or suitable tanks to do this mission I would also recommend to
    buy the 112 instead.

  34. 0:03 lol

    The hetzer game…for a second I thought quicky misuploaded

  35. What I think is that the IS-6 is one of the better tanks for their passages
    of 100mm ammor on your side

  36. “His hull armour bouces of his upper plate” -QuickyBaby

  37. That Hetzer

  38. Enemy team didnt even had 1 green player rofl wot playerbase is so fucking

  39. how was that only 9.2k wn8?!

  40. Lol, first second was the hetzer video

  41. Again I ask. I have 9.5 version of game. It shows WZ III as a 9th level
    tank and yet here it is on this video as ‘the brand new T8 Chinese heavy
    tank the WZ-111’ and yet I am staring at my tech tree and it is 9th level
    with NO 8th lv premium version!!! What gives????? I am not blind. What is
    going on????

  42. Quicky I am just wondering one thing. What was with the tiny derp moment of
    editting at the start of this video? It started with a german replay but
    was quickly switch to the 111 replay. Also I still think the is-6 is far
    better. The is-6 just has the armor to take the beating and dish it back
    out. While the 112 can’t. If someone gets on your sides or rear your done.

  43. I like the idea but im not grinding for it. If I just work those 75 hours I
    van easily buy all those tokens lol.. No but seriously, for me the grind is
    way too long.

  44. The mission tokens gives you a few days of premium account too, so the
    reason why you pay more is because of that.

  45. Wow, I feel real luck now… I bought the 112 4 days ago because i gave up
    the WZ-111 challenge 😮 Thx for confirming my thoughts though Quicky :D

  46. When I play my WZ-111 all the opponents that I come against, just load
    premium rounds instead of aiming for the weakpoints, sooooo annoying.

  47. Who saw that hetzer at the start like on this comment! :)

  48. What was that intro thing with the “Hetzer vs 10 tanks” video? And also by
    answering your question: I do like the Special Event things and sales, but
    i think it comes at a bad time. It’s hard to play World of Tanks while
    watching rockets and opening gifts.

  49. I am only Japanese and Chinese left. I highly recommend people to use Tier
    6 tanks, damage/kill is very balanced.
    In tier 8+ you’ll do lots of damage, but kills won’t come eay. By the time
    you have 150k damage you’ll have about 70-90 kills.
    In tier 6 however, you’ll get about 1500-2500 damage regularly and 3-6
    kills regularly. I got myself an FV4202 and Firefly for the british and
    with FV damage was racking up, but kills were bad, and then I sat one night
    with Firefly and got kills done before damage, and I was really kicking ass
    so there was no kill stealing.
    IS-6 we all got with Tier 6 and it was an awesome mission, SuperPershing I
    used Tier 6 because it worked for IS-6 and it worked very well with
    SuperPershing, Tier 7 is eeeeh…. and Tier 8 is great but Tier 8 meets
    Tier 10, which is far worse than Tier 6 meeting Tier 8.
    Tier 6 is the Golden Tier, most fun, most profitable.

  50. el rajapez , usaba el mod de joak xd

  51. Pls,don’t spend 75 HOURS on your pc is better to go out with friends or

  52. Hey man, you are doing a great job, I like your videos and I recomend it to
    all of my friends…
    I have one request… Can you make IS8 review? Last one you made for IS8
    was 2 years ago… :)

  53. The Wz-111 has beter side armor then 112 around 300 of armor but the 112
    has bether frotel armor the wz-111 has around 200 of frotel armor.

  54. Can someone explain to me how i can get this tank?

  55. The total token purchase is a ripoff.

    While the time spent is a lot, there’s something to take into account.
    While you do spend it towards gaining it, it’s actually something you might
    be doing by simply playing.

    In my case, the Germans and Americans were done in about two days each. I
    reckon some 8 hours went into that. The rest were spread out over the
    period but apart from the Chinese (where I don’t have a lot of options)
    things went pretty well.

    As a general rule, the damage dealt came quite a lot faster than the damage
    (mostly due to kill steals).

    Having been on the grind for the SP and IS6 before, this version of the
    contest works better. And i do think it’s not that much an inconvenience as
    you made it out.

    I do have friends who agree with you and the main reason for it is their
    lack of tech tree expansion into all nations or lack of interest in
    investing in tokens.

  56. This tank can be worth the grind if you have the ISU-152 withe the 152MM
    BL-10 tier ten gun mounted on that tank or the OBJ704 with the same gun for
    the ussr WZ- 111.

  57. um did i just see a hezter at the beginning ??

  58. Very nice gameplay, but this tank is just a “real money” maker for WG. WG
    knows that 112 is not bought that much in the community and try to make it
    mainstream creating a “collector” twin… (sorry if there are many
    mistakes, I’m French) 

  59. To be fair, while you’re grinding for the 111, you’re also getting EXP on
    other tanks and going down that line, for me I tiered up the Type 61 to the
    STB-1 along with the a ton of EXP on other line in all of the nations. So
    while you’re spending all the time getting it, its not like you’re just
    wasting it

  60. Finally sent you a worthy replay? Sheer arrogance QB, so you treat all
    those who previously sent you a 111 replay with contempt? Probably
    followers and subscribers of yours, obviously their money you deem more
    worthy! Beyond belief!!

  61. “Bolder and braver” does not go well in World of Cowards.

  62. does the 111 get preferential mm? if not then why would you get it?

  63. The chair is back!

  64. Why is there a hetzer thing after the intro? (New intro?!!? Or
    something?!?) but OKAY… Nice vid

  65. anyone want to gift me 30 days of prem or gold ?

  66. is thAt Q old background

  67. Hetzer gameplay glitched in 😀 

  68. 0:04 loooool Hetzer :D

  69. wtf QuickiBaby look at this 0:04

  70. Wtf why is there a hetzer at the begging

  71. Wait u need to finish all the nation to get the 111!?!??

  72. editing fail

  73. Aleksandar Kospenda

    They damage aspect wasnt so bad. as soon as I saw that you need 150 kills I
    thought nah fuck that. 

  74. I love WOT , I’ve played for years , but their prem shop can be a bit much
    sometimes .. I was looking out of curiosity on Steam at the War Thunder
    sale there and you get 6 prem vehicles ( 4 planes , 2 tanks ) , 18000
    Eagles ( gold ) and 120 days of premium for $50,98 ( you have to buy all of
    the prem packages together to get it at the 60% off , but still ) … as
    apposed to say a Lowe and a garage slot lol 

  75. wtf happened at the beginning 

  76. idiot WOT tank 

  77. dat fail at the beggining of the video were it starst whit the last video

  78. Quickybaby just swore?

    That’s the most surprising thing about this video!

  79. Hey QB accept ur gifts..

  80. The event requirements are a pretty big load of bull. As a new player who
    is rapidly improving their game and working on becoming better than
    average, this event is quite literally uncompletable. My account doesn’t
    even have that amount of damage done total, over the course of my 3 and a
    half months having played the game. How does WG expect someone like me to
    more than double the total damage dealt on their account in 1/3 the time it
    took to get that far in the first place?

    Not to mention the tier 6 requirement, which while it isn’t a large
    investment of time, it isn’t a small one either. This requirement
    immediately blocked a friend of mine from being able to even hope of
    participating in the event, since the only nation he has tier 6+ tanks in
    is USA. Pretty much every other tier-locked event is for tier 4+, and it’s
    a pretty scummy move by WG to exclude newer players from a /holiday/ event.
    A holiday event should be something that’s at least accessible to everyone,
    and while an event with a good tank as a reward should be difficult, it
    shouldn’t be outright impossible for a huge portion of the playerbase.

    In short, this event made me lose a lot of faith in WG, not that I had very
    much to begin with. I love this game, and can’t stop playing it, but the
    company is just despicable sometimes, especially when it comes to extorting
    money from its playerbase.

    Because really… that’s the only reason they made this event so difficult
    to complete. So they could collect money from players who can’t hope to
    complete it at the ludicrous requirements they set.

  81. I know its out of place but how do you deal with arty cause in my centurion
    they hound me at every step. the centurion is a big target and im finding
    it difficult to avoid artillery. In med platoons we are the first to die in
    my clan and its really sucking the joy out of it. any thoughts?

  82. 390 alpha is a lie- my wz 111 shoot every time 330-340 …

  83. hey quicky i think that you should watch more replays i have 2 very nice
    replays that i upload in your website but no body download them

  84. I’ve done about 50% of the mission. I can’t wait to get my hands on WZ-111,
    but now I’m drawing tanks for Christmas Tree Contest. Wishing luck to all
    tankers who participate in this event, I hope you will love the new premium

  85. boring

  86. “BUY BUY premium tank”. Sucking WG dick has become so obvious in this guy. 

  87. U forgot the kv5

  88. OK, Brits and French done, Americans 20 kills needed, Sovjets, 80 kills
    needed, German, Japanese and Chinese I got brand new tanks for this event,
    with about 10 kills so far each. I WILL get this sucker!

  89. Sand river is just a terrible map all together.

  90. Hetzer was hetzing his video.

  91. Can’t wait till i get this on xbox.. A magnificent heavy.

  92. 0:04 lol?!

  93. Well all i have to say is this event is a free way to get a tank+slot+21
    days of premium.

  94. how do u screenshot out of game cuz im not sure or its not warking

  95. I am grinding towards it i’ve almost done 5/7 but i am gonna skip the last
    2 with those skip things (Fr & Jps) The WZ-111 looks like fun and since i
    haven’t tried the Chinese heavies yet this will give me an opportunity to
    make my way to the 113 and more importantly the WZ-111111111111111111 14
    which seems to be the real highlight of the line 🙂 Thx for the content

  96. WZ-111 does not get preferential MM, WZ-112 does and will never face T10

  97. 110 stock grind was terrible experience for me.. 175mm of pen for a heavy-
    nah.. forces you to go with the meds or use gold ammo if you see skillful
    heavy drivers in an enemy team… that’s why I think I’ll hate on 111 once
    I get it… 

  98. This mission is another way to make us pay them money. On Russian servers
    they got less-hardcore mission, achieveable by anyone, more features for
    Christmas, like 9 premium days for free, just beacaue. I believe that this
    mission for EU and NA is pure marketing. Alternative way to make money.

  99. Lol i did better on malinovka in my is6 did 7k spotting damage and 3.5k own
    damage…. stronk russian scuot


  101. 800/1050 kills,damage even better,a relatively easy mission tbh,4/7
    countries,british almost done and i will easily be able to complete the
    mission with my chinese and japanese tanks also…free tier 8 premium best
    tier 8 premium,all hail serb

  102. what friends?

  103. Lol what’s with the intro? 

  104. lol almost put the hetzer game instead of this video at the start i saw
    that little hetzer from the 1 vs 10 video

  105. 150k profit per game? I think its worth the grind :P

  106. 1. He has no live
    2. He payed €70 for it

  107. Every tanks worth it, if you have:
    1. skill
    2. good team
    3. luck

  108. Was that a random hetzer at the beginning?


  110. Surprised QB didn’t mention the soft stats of 111’s gun is better than 112,
    and slightly higher RoF, fuel tank dont blew up if shot at LFP….And much
    more troll spaced armour on the sides……

  111. I would never spend 75h of my life in christmas period of the year! I am
    not that kind of nerd! Its much better to spend those hours with family and
    friends guys! PS: Why is there a hetzer from last episode in 1st few
    seconds? o_O

  112. Why was there a Hetzer at the start? :P

  113. can u show some 113 replays?

  114. Hello,
    when you did the tank compare I noticed that the WZ 111 fights at tier ten
    where as the 112 does not. More food for thought I suppose.

  115. Best YouTube chanel EVER

  116. A fucking SirFoch ripoff, really. Get original you british dipshit.

  117. i like to wish you and soon to be wife a good and happy new year 

  118. Dont see why you would waste 70 hours of your live or spend 70€ since you
    probably can buy it next year for less 

  119. Just getting back to WoT o_O How do you get these? I see the 112 in store.
    Do you grind the 111? Asking cause I really dont know >.< 

  120. I do not have enough Japanese or Soviet tanks, and I barely have enough
    Chinese, so I most likely will not be able to get this tank. Maybe if I
    only have two nations left I will pay for it. It does seem to be a good
    tank. It has decent armor, good speed for a heavy tank, decent gun, decent
    view range, and makes good earnings.

  121. This tank is garbage. Glad I got it for free. 

  122. Is this me or did Qb recycle an intro from a different video? You can see
    him wearing a blue green shirt for a fraction of a second :p Anyways, Happy
    newyear everybody :D

  123. Thanks QB – I’m grinding it – now – on realizing how it’s done; I’m planing
    to miss the Japanese line – since I don’t have any Japanese tanks….

  124. 1. IS-6 2. WZ-111 3. 112
    i think 112 is one of the worsth tier 8 prem tanks

  125. anybody else see a green field and a hetzer for a split second at the start
    of the video?

  126. Did anyone notice the hetzer at the beginning ? 0.0

  127. 7 days to complete wz 111 mission.Good tank for make money !!!

  128. Got the tank its good. Armor is the same as WZ 111 1-4 (which isnt the best
    for IX) but for the VIII its great, yes it had preferental matchmaking so
    you are not going to see tier X. You really dont need to use heat except
    for going head on vs E75/ST-I. Gun reload 10.36 with rammer/vents/BIA same
    loadout on IS6 gets 9.66 so keep that in mind when u face one. Shoots in
    lower plate will not set you on fire like most chinese tank do.

    Dont have 112 but armor on 111 is more usable cuz u dont need to angle it
    30deg and shoot, with 111 you just keep driving and shoot cuz pike nose.

    One suggestion for those how are doing the mission, X/IX for dmg and VI for
    kills :)

  129. “Worty gameplay” u drunk dude?
    They won 15-3 , they played against scrubs for petes sake.

  130. i have finished the germans, the americans and the soviets so far for the
    mission of this tank and then im gonna do the british mission then i will
    buy the japs package, chinese package and the french package because im not
    far enough in those nations to be able to complete them before the end date
    of the event. so im technically getting a tier 8 prem for about £24.

  131. 15-2 even

  132. Its worth it for a potentially free prem tank IF you have the time to
    grind, it becomes less worth it quite quickly IF you start buying too many
    skip tokens. And who’s to say the next time WG fancy a sales drive it
    doesnt magically go back onto the prem shop? 

  133. QB whats your opinion on the t-34-85m? personally i would have bought it if
    they had given it premium matchmaking but it doesnt have that so the extra
    armour is rendered useless in a tier 8 game where as in max tier 7 games it
    would still have a reasonable chance.

  134. I have 4, almost 5 out of them. Buying 2 tokens is acceptable. Though I may
    get the 6th before the 19th anyway.

  135. Did the turret fly off the borsig

  136. Why is there a hetzer at the start of the video?

  137. Glad your listening to your community and showing skilled players’ replays
    instead of average players who got lucky.

  138. 0:05 WTF??

  139. Get this tank, wait 6 months, play one game in it and instantly get 3 marks
    of excellence

  140. Уже почти выполнил условия акции. Остались Япония и Германия. RU сервер.
    ))) легко 

  141. Or you can get the 110 for free and get a better gun.

  142. We’re showing 63%ers now? Meh, hard to be impressed.

  143. If I worked 75 hours I’d have around £800. Not like I’d enjoy those hours
    of working as I would playing WoT :)

  144. You can speed up the grind by a significant amount if you’re a decent
    player that has some more vehicles in the garage already.

    Simply switch between Tier 6 and Tier 10 tanks of one nation and play
    whatever mission part (dmg and kills) lacks progression compared to the

    Kills are easier and battles are shorter in Tier 6 tanks. If more than one
    is available to you, take the one with the highest destruction ratio.
    Damage is far more easier in Tier 10 tanks. If more than one is available
    to you, take the one with the highest average dmg.
    By playing for whatever lacks progression you dont finish one part before
    the other one is finished/you dont waste progression.

    Alternatively play tier 7-8 tanks only but that takes some more time.

  145. Did anyone else start off with the Hetzer game?

  146. The door!!!!!!

  147. Ahhh, I remember that old but beautiful mr. Chair :)

  148. Don’t have the tank myself, but I am grinding it too. Probably gonna spend
    to get a couple of the tokens and get it unlocked before the event ends.
    But it is a lot alike the Tier 9 Chinese heavy in WZ 111 1-4. Design is
    identical, but 1-4 has obvious differences like the Tier 10 gun, higher HP,
    etc. WZ 111 seems better to hull down or even sidescrape with than 112
    since it got more spaced armor on sides above the tracks to eat HEAT/HE.
    It’s turret “cheeks” seem to be thicker in armor as well. It’s an
    interesting trade off, but I would go for the 111 over the 112 either way
    as I already sort of have experience playing the WZ 111 1-4 quite a lot.

  149. Hey QB, great video…….112 for me, as I do not have that much time to
    devote to this game. Here in the US, the 111 would cost $70.00, a lot of
    money to spend on just 1 tank …… when you could get 2 elite tanks for
    that price and have twice the fun!

  150. First free tank mission I just simply have not bothered with. Unlike all
    the previous which had short cuts etc this is a massive grind with option
    to pay for free tank 🙁 . I am finding that WG seems to be on a massive
    cash grab recently.

  151. What? Another Replay from a Player that QB knows? Hmm I’m sensing a

  152. 112 is best do to gun depression and 250 gold pen and tricky armor

  153. we dont really need another what is essentially a Chinese is-6


  155. WG should make a branch off from T8 in Chinese heavies purely the WZ 111
    series. T8: WZ 111, T9: WZ 111 1-4, T10: WZ 111 5-A. Can make the main path
    be. T8: 110, T9: 112 (buff the dpm of the gun and it’s pen for T9/T10 I
    guess), and 113 being T10.


  157. Frederick Oosthuizen

    Still even if you pay more for the wz-111 you still get 3day prem with it
    for every mission as far as i know

  158. i already finished like 3 missions for the tank and i am close to finishing
    2 more, sadly i dont have any japs or germans atm, should i just finish the
    other 2 missions and buy the wz 111 for 20 bucks? im from NA btw

  159. Love my wz-111. Gun depression is terrible but the armor can be
    hilariously good.

  160. hanjieunngfullhouse

    it’s Ra-ha pace not Ra-ja pace ;)

  161. When was there a 5x event recently?

  162. is just me or is the guy from psop not rsop?

  163. Wanna ask IS-6 players
    Don’t you feel that tank is pretty much shit, since after they massively
    gave it away via missions ?
    I think there was a secret nerf before or after when it was given away via
    missions (Or maybe public nerf I missed)
    But I have played 2 K games in it and I can feel something is really wrong
    with it, The armor gets penned easily now
    E.g 6:36 That part could not be penned that easily (Even the sides could
    bounce lots of shells at 90 degree)and the gun on IS-6 was like WZ-111 is
    having now 

  164. 0:04 what does Hetzer there? =)

  165. Good game, but over use of premium ammo for no real reason. Also, he knew
    he was going for the RHM, but didn’t switch the HE first, that was just bad
    play. Thanks for the advice, I have no Japanese of Chinese tanks above tier
    5, but just by normal play I’m likely to get the other 5 countries. On that
    basis I think I will buy two tokens and feel I’ve got my money’s worth,

  166. Good video and thanks for WZ111 v 112 comparison. I would consider getting
    112 instead.

  167. I can’t play that much

  168. there is sharp increase in bots

  169. People say they can grind the requirements for each nation in x2 days.
    That’s a total of 14/days ‘TIME’ spent if such a claim was true (as an
    average joe having some trouble with this myself, although we’ll use this
    scale for arguments sake)… Ok, an investment of 14/days worth of ‘TIME’
    is equal to about $1,000/USD at the mini-wage if not more…. so Wargaming
    wants you to invest $1,000+ dollars worth of time/effort for a $50 dollar
    reward…. Since I own BOTH a 112 and WZ-111 model 1-4…… and know how
    they preform… I can honestly say its not worth the grind… $1000 vs $50
    ….. if you spent the time working a job that you spent on this pile of
    dog-crap how many ‘premium’ tanks could you buy with the money you earned.
    Think about it in that light… with that said i’ll probably end up getting
    the thing ‘just because’ but ya….. not worth it in my humble opinion …

  170. I am playing a lot WOT right now so grinding for WZ 111 is not a problem
    for me. I probably will need to buy token for Japan as at the moment I have
    only Type 61 and it is stock. However, the rest of the nations I am either
    done by now or just finishing. So for me, it is quite cheap Tier 8 premium
    – definitely worth to get.

  171. I bought 111 years ago in Chinese sever, and played my friend’s 112, I felt
    that 112 is more likely to be set on fire and got ammo rack, and as you can
    see 111 earns more credits than 112 in same situation. But 50 pound is a
    rediculis price. Even when 111 was first on sales in Chinese sever, its
    price is about 300 rmb, thats about 30 pounds at that time.

  172. lc2424's Minecraft Realm

    Wow, to skip all the nations you would have to pay 70$? (Checked on the

    Complete Ripoff. Not Worth It At All.

    I could buy 1 112, IS-6, Lowe, ect. and extra premium days or another
    cheaper premium tank. Don’t waste your time on some “special” tank like
    this one. Like QB said, go for it if you really want it that badly. You
    never know if it might get nerfed, then you’ll be sitting there thinking
    “ah fuck…”

  173. Hey quickybaby may u please make a AMX 12t tank review please,please
    respond lol

  174. The video started with a hetzer for 3 seconds

  175. Lol 0:05 battle with hetzer xD

  176. In my opinion the WZ-111 isnt a very good tank i know that it is fast and
    good armor on turrent but it is just not worth the houers that you spend
    collecting that dmg and kills and specialy becouse it is holidays now so no
    it is not worth the time or money becouse the price is somwhere in the sky
    and you have to be sereusly dumb to buy it. Well overall it is only a way
    that WG makes poeple spend money on the game and keeps them playing instead
    of having fun with their family and friends. Well i wish you all a happy
    new year 2015.

  177. Why is there a second of a hetzer replay at the start?? :D

  178. The start was the e25 replay??xd :D

  179. Happy New Year QuickyBaby!

  180. Dafuq was that beggining

  181. Why is here the Hetzer on the start? Did u just cut the intro from previous

  182. great another vehicle that is similar to the IS-6 and now regretting buying
    the Is-6 lol, oh well still got my E-25 aswell

  183. What happened at the start of the video.. did you teleport?

  184. I saw hezter.

  185. @ClausKellerman dude, learn to write.

  186. Finally an high skill game, tired of those 9K dmg stomps where there is a
    noob in a dream matchmacking in an OP tank killing other noobs in lower
    tier tanks. We want more of this… pretty much perfect game playing
    aggressive ram kill, angling, spotting… textbook game well played to this

  187. How do u get 5x on 12/29/14?. I play on NA server and what i had was 2x

  188. Considering my situation, I honestly say I do not like that event because
    the tank herself is not required in my list of tanks.

    The thing is I am only buying gold tanks for crew training, seal clubbing
    and grinding( credits and experience). In my case, I do not need it since
    113 is not the tank I plan to get.

    Happy New Year QB!

  189. Loving the little bit of Hetzer at the start :P

  190. Μιχάλης Ζαμάγιας

    hope wargaming wont do this mistake with this again…

  191. RadioactiveImagination

    its not really that the 112 is better it isnt in some respects its kind of
    about theses easy missions to get a free actually GOOD tank in this for
    people who cant really afford tanks :/ i have never spent a dime on tanks
    and i have a lot of the premium tanks as well as premium days. the wz 111
    is really worth it for the people who cant go out and purchase others.

  192. Please make Tiger Porche review, thanks!

  193. 63% Chance ? I don’t think that this is a good video to get this Tank.

  194. WG is very clever
    some wot fan boy are praising WG for giving them the choice to buy tokens
    to get the tank
    but the thing is, if u are not at least a “green” player, u would have
    major difficulty completing even half of the nations, not to mention u
    might have a full time job or sth more important to do.
    So most players ll failed in the grind, and buy the rest of tokens at the
    end coz they feel they had spent so much time already, a few wallets ll buy
    the tank straight away, paying twice the price of the 112 or IS6 and very
    very few pro gamers have the skills and time to obtain this tank without
    paying any credit
    i personally ll probably be able to finish 5 nations and buy 2 tokens,
    which i think is fair

    and btw, kills are hard, i finished by chinese and german dmg amount but
    still 60 kills short…

  195. They are making just about any little idea of how to take your money. 

  196. Getting so fucking over this game.
    Wargaming do not seem to care about making the mm fun, it is just a random
    cluster fuck of teams destroying the enemy team at 15-3 kills.
    It is not fun winning games at the 15-3 and it is much less fun again
    watching your entire team drop 1 by 1 like flies around you.
    Or am i just that fucking bad?
    Do my stats that tell me im doing better than more then 95% of the asia
    server lie or something?
    Just on my hit rating alone i am rated higher than 99.94% of my server,
    261, yet i cant break 6700 personal rating or 1900 wn8 because of my win
    why do stats in this game count what 14 dick heads on your team do over
    what you do yourself?
    So fucking stupid.
    I mean my personal rating goes down when i do 5k damage on a loss, it goes
    up when i do 2k damage on a win in my e100.
    What the fuck wargaming.
    You are rewarded for doing poorly and punished for doing well if your team
    did not also do just as well, makes no fucking sense.
    it is not my job to babysit 14 dick heads who can not understand how to
    play a video game involving tanks.

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