World of Tanks || WZ-111 Model 1-4 vs Siegfried Line

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to talk through some tactics on Siegfried Line while dominating in the brutal T9 Chinese Tank the WZ-111 Model 1-4.

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  1. :O, QB has been bought by WoWs

  2. TheMightyChris901

    well played

  3. Quick go watch pro2dragon’s replay ⛄️

  4. Well you have 248pen for the E75

  5. QB, are you going to comment coming nerf of the penetration – X tier meds?

  6. Nice play, babu.

  7. WZ-111 1-4 sucks i hate it because it kills me always in tier 9 battles
    when im with T30 :C

  8. Yisi Liu (Reviews and Gameplays)

    Best tier 9 heavy and yes I got e75 but e75 gets get heated up by t54 on
    the turret

  9. Yisi Liu (Reviews and Gameplays)

    Best tier 9 heavy and yes I got e75 but e75 gets get heated up by t54 on
    the turret

  10. Samuel Molin Johansson

    Is it good to have 479 stats on wot as a kid?

  11. Top tier tank in hands of purple player against brainless red noobs…..not
    impressed, sorry

  12. abdul rahman wadah

    oh Quickybaby how could u say that to the 113? it is awesome it need some
    mastering ans stuff it is the perfect tank for pros

  13. Now i want to grind towards 1-4, thank you QB as always.Whenever i want to
    watch something interesting about tanks or listen to a smart guy i go to
    twitch/quickybaby :P

  14. Oskaras Vilbikas

    Qb how about a new intro?

  15. The IS-7 also has this so called 30mm of ‘space’-ed armour and as SirFoch
    showed in his IS-8 video, that’s nothing but horseshit. *NO FUCKING WAY* is
    that tin foil on the side 30mm. 3mm yes, 30mm? Bunch of fake russki dev
    bullshit. But then again what can you expect of War Gayming but bullshit
    like that?

  16. Colour Blind Mode Please.

  17. Sometimes I can’t understand how the game works, you have a 130 mm gun
    reloading faster than a 128 mm gun?
    And even when you see that Chinese people are smaller than Germans! (troll
    comment here) 😛

    But, head back to the game, the E75 is a great armored tank but today with
    the premium rounds bought with credits it is not fair to compare both WZ vs
    E75 IMO

  18. I want to start by saying I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND I LEARN ALOT, but I would
    love to see videos with true representation of your skill vs closer skilled
    opponents. This video was you vs a mass of idiots lol. 

  19. Joe Ayres: Musician

    Dat first shot

  20. You know, half of those shots you fired would have bounced off where you
    hit if it was by normal players.

  21. I am at T8 with Chinese HT. This video is going to make me GRIND hard!!

  22. WZ-111’s lower glance is so bad that a tier 3 tank destroyer can pen it
    (this has been tested) :(

  23. Quickybaby Ive been playing WoT for about 4 years and have around 16k
    battles, I have been playing at a constant 3k Wn8 for the last 4000 battles
    but now I struggle to play at 2000 Wn8 and haven’t been enjoying the game
    at all. Any tips? or should I just quit? I don’t really want to since I
    have so much time and money into the game.

  24. Do an IS-4 review! :)

  25. Great game and a lovely tank! Tanx QB

  26. All the Chinese tanks are just like Soviet tanks 

  27. nice game , good start and pretty nice finish , well donne ,
    was nice to see and learn about ¨¨

  28. tell me why the 121 get nerffed i hate it

  29. I have one. Love it. Sadly WG seems to plan to nerf it. At least they
    reduced the penetation in the Penetration Mechanics test. I am really
    worried about the game if these penetration nerfs to regular rounds for
    meds will come. Also the changes on sandriver can make you worry. In
    general WG does a good job improving their game but the latest changes and
    the plans for the future are at least irritating.

  30. The Chinese tanks get bashed by players pretty regularly. But now that I’m
    to or past tier 7 in every line… I’m really loving them!

  31. Nemanja Cirkovic

    When finishing off ST-I you should have loaded HE instead of HEAT. Just
    saying :)

  32. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    Ah yes. My daily(depends when QB uploads a vid daily.) dose of QB’s vid. *Grabs
    a popcorn*

  33. I have the WZ-111 1-4 unlocked, but the stock grind is just horrible. I
    want to grind at least 50k free xp for turret+tracks.

    Im at 20k….this makes me a very sad panda.

  34. One of my favorite tanks in the game, I play it similar to the E-75, but of
    course not entirely. The 113 is a very different tank and was quite tricky
    to master, but I think I’ve managed to do so after about 200 battles in it.
    The thing with the 113 is that it’s tricky to play, but very rewarding once
    you play it well.

  35. you fucking nutsacks get some crazy fuckin snapshots, jus fucking insane. i
    gotta actually aim my damn shots.

  36. I LOVE this tank, nothing is more enjoyable than playing it.

  37. This is strange 857 views and 1,418 likes. That cannot be right. Perhaps
    YouTube is playing a joke on me. Anyway, thanks much for the video!

  38. +QuickyBabyTV love the T-shirt

  39. Lol, some days ago I watched for the first time your twitch channel and at
    that moment, you played that game :)

  40. Dafuq 857 views and 1404 likes

  41. Wow I have played a lot of games in this vehicle and generally do alright
    but I never knew the spaced armor was effective even at such a angle (Such
    as the shots from the ST-I).

  42. today it’s my birthday

  43. Mike “Stuntman Mike” McKay

    More chinese tanks please!!

  44. nice video + good info

  45. QuickyBaby do you put colour blind mode on for your videos ?

  46. are you real QuickyBabyTV? :O

    lol u got trolled :P

  47. Football highlights

    10:40 About a week ago week ago

  48. wish i could play this game….used to have a beast of a machine. had to
    get rid of it.. on an old laptop now….but regardless..MAX internet in my
    town is 3MB..with a average of 350kb/s transfer speed..mking this game

  49. Hey QB you forgot that the IS7 does have to the 130mm

  50. MT-25 is a fire bug

  51. Compared to the E75 and IS-8 this tank is basically a ghost. I never see
    them enough to develope a love/hate feeling towards them

  52. I almost couldn’t watch when you obliterated those bottom tier guys… They
    couldn’t do anything back.. They should make the mm 1+ 1-, it is getting
    ridiculously pathetic and annoying.

  53. +QuickyBabyTV hi! how come you are able to see your credits, exp,
    hits/shots and dmg at post game stats? and i cant?witj you modpack., pls

  54. The wzs gun is comparatebul with the IS-7s gun.

  55. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    i doubt u go aggressive if der s 2 or 3 spgs?

  56. Я подписался на твой канал. Мне нравятся твои видео, хороший голос, хорошая
    дикция, ну и хорошо играешь

    • +Lord Falletti слышишь ты, ленивый мудак, если ты такой необразованный и не
      знаешь русский язык, то это не повод писать такую херню. Учи разные языки и
      станешь умнее. Перестанешь писать такую тупую херню. P. S. Я отлично знаю
      английский, но тебе из принципа не буду ничего переводить. Learn more
      languages – get smart at least!

    • +basco14le Speak a human language

  57. Pretty strong gun, but you can see how this tank can be easily countered,
    as long as you don’t shoot the spaced armor, what with the poor gun
    depression and terrible lower plate. Like many, I haven’t really checked
    out the Chinese tanks much, but as long as you don’t trade shots 1-1 with
    them, they’re not really a problem to deal with. No more than any other
    tank anyway. I think in this particular match an E75 would have been able
    to do even better, getting shots off on the Tort at the beginning of the
    match and having the armor to more likely absorb shots. But really, if you
    need to do 8k damage just to make it a close game at the end, you’ll need
    the luck QB had as he took on tank after tank 1 by 1, sometimes with them
    not even shooting back. It worked out nicely, but it wasn’t necessarily
    down to the tank. Throw an M103 in there and you’ll see roughly the same
    as well.

  58. The first MT-25’s name was the former Chinese Chairman. Which was snipped
    by quicky. Irony?

  59. 113 !!!!! FOR THE WIN !!!!!

  60. purple vs red, not a grate match to show of hhhhh, well we are accustomed
    to your preference mm , it seems wg loves you allot, considering the
    services you do for them.

  61. I expected the players at tier 9-10 to be better. I’m currently at tier 6

    • +TheLegitPlay Still, people with 20k+ games can’t improve as rapidly as
      other players can. I did realize that only lately that I’ve got a lot of
      work to do to improve my winrate, for example. Now I’m happy, when at the
      end of the day I’ve got a 0.01% higher winrate than before I started
      playing (and I’m only at 53%, with 11.5k battles played round about). Of
      course, winrate isn’t everything, but if I improve on that as something I
      can see ingame, I also do better in most cases. Because if I want to
      improve on that stat, I’ll do my best to get there, which in return will
      improve all stats.If looking at the stats of people, you should never take
      their alltime stats, but only the more recent ones. Or you might strongly
      underestimate your opponents. And even a player with a bad wn8 can excell
      in one specific tank. He really loves that one tank and does amazing in it,
      but doesn’t do well in most other tanks. His stats will be bad over all,
      but if you meet him in a game with his best tank, he’s still gonna kick ass.

    • +rJarr r You’d see people with 20k games but be really bad statistically.
      I’m at 4k games and most of the time my rating is better than theirs. Match
      count doesn’t mean everything, especially at higher tiers.

    • +rJarr r Oh no, Tier 9-10 is filled with morons and retards. Tier 6-8 is
      the golden zone. That’s where the better players are.

    • +rJarr r
      As Jingles says, “Fail long and hard enough, and any idiot will be able to
      drive a top-tier vehicle.”

    • +rJarr r Doenst matter, just make sure youre the good one, so if your team
      is bad, you can take the battle yourself.

  62. I was in clan with sniperelite121212(that and 13 90)

    • +Viraali My point exactly! hahahhaha

    • +79treefrog My job is here making chaos, I never write anything smart

      E: Did I say that you said that I can’t write that?

      E2: Oh, now I seem you’re typical ‘murican who is tired of his life for
      being a fat ass, that makes you raging here all around the YouTube like a
      faggot, which you really are.

    • +79treefrog Dat burn

    • +Viraali Yes, you did. Your point? I never said “you can’t write that” or
      “no one actually cares” or anything to make what you said seem lesser. I’m
      not going to have an argument with a self-absorbed prick. Cheers.

    • +79treefrog Oh shit, that’s what I just did

  63. 8K, good job QB!

  64. Hi. how come you don’t mention the turrets for this? Watched your review
    too, and nothing.
    I had a hard time deciding which one to go for. The stock is3 turret has
    much better stats on paper, sides and rear are good, and looking in tank
    inspector the values looks good too. It even has no big viewport(s)!
    I still can’t decide which turret to go for. Ofc the is3 turret has that
    horrible flat topplate, but my therory is that not alot of people know this
    is same as is3, so it’s no biggy.
    I know you get 100 hp lower HP with stock turret, but what are the other
    negatives by using stock turret?

    • +The Raging Storm
      Good points you make… but i’m still convinced no one will know it’s a is3
      turret with weak roof ingame. I had no idea it was the is3 turret before i
      bought it, but it dont change the fact that i would never myself fire into
      this turret on a tier 9 heavy unless i specifically knew it had the roof
      weakspot. And since there is practically no cuppola weakspots on it, it can
      make a big difference. Maybe 1-5 % of the players in a match will know of
      And you say top turret is taller. Yeah true but the only thing that makes
      it higher is the 2 big cuppolas, which is not excactly a good thing.
      And ofc i’m only exploring this cuz i still don’t have the top gun 😛
      I am using the top turret now exclusively, but it’s still worth pointing
      out the stock turret at least. Cant wait for the 130mm gun weepeeeeyaaah

    • The Raging Storm

      +Jens Robot Trust me i play the wz-111-4 loads and i love it. I completely
      do not agree with you the top turret on this thing is just as bouncy
      despite it’s worse Armour on paper. The top turret is very good at bouncing
      and as long as you rotate the turret when someone is trying to snipe your
      cupola’s then most of the time they may miss. And shot your turret roof.
      which could bounce the shot. The top turret also does not have that 20mm
      weak spot like the IS3 has on its turret roof. and the actual top tier
      turret is also taller too. this means less of a chance of a tall tank.
      shooting down into your turret. And of course the turret allows you to
      mount the 130 mm gun. which can save you so many times, when you happen to
      be in those knife fight situations in this tank.

    • Well i tried investigating a bit more into how much this is3 turret will
      nerf the tank.
      First the obvious:
      Viewrange is 380 from 400
      100 hp less.

      Then the soft stats:
      Reload drops from 8.15 to 8.63
      Aiming circle spread is a little different too, but not much. BUT the
      aimtime stays the same!

      All of this could potentially be a good trade for better turret armor
      imo…. but then comes the gamebreaker:
      Aim time goes from 2.21 to 2.78!!! So no fucking way. Im going top turret

    • +Jens Robot Slower rate of fire, worse aim time and accuracy and worse view
      range, trust me the top turret is better than you think.

    • Usually you need the upgraded turret to mount a larger gun or even progress
      to a higher tier. But yes, stock turrets can sometimes be better than the
      upgraded ones. Just look at the Jumbo!

  65. Another good replay without artillery, what a coincidence!

  66. The gun is excellent , the rate of fire makes this vehicle more favorable
    compared to the E-75 in my opinion.. However as you highlighted the lower
    plate is often frustrating as well as being sniped in the cupola’s , and
    Chinese module health is often poor (Ammo rack and fires), therefore you
    have to have a great crew and equipment. Nonetheless a great vehicle and
    entertaining video!

  67. I was there during the stream and after the game he was like “pretty okay
    game” xD

  68. why is the effective armor on the sides of the tank so high? With 30mm of
    spaced armor and 80mm of “normal” armor, it should add up to 110mm at the
    “perfect” angle to shoot it. Yet tank inspector shows about the values
    Quickybaby tells us. Does spaced armor work different than just adding up?

    • OhSome1HasThisName

      +Master opi You are, the 30mm bit of spaced armour considerable slows down
      the shell, so that the 80mm of armour that it next encounters is too much
      for it to penetrate. I’m not sure exactly how WoT calculates this though

    • Thank you very much for explaining! I didnt think about the normal armor
      could be angled!

    • +Engwarify The normal armor of the WZ is (Like on the IS-7) angled inwards
      behind the spaced armor, so shells hit the spaced armor, losse penetration,
      and then hit an well-angled 80mm of armor, so they often can’t go trough
      it. Spaced armor itself just normalises the shell and adds up. The space
      between spaced and normal armor is added up like normal air, so it doesn’t
      really count (unless it’s a HEAT-shell, then it counts sometimes more than
      the armor).

    • Mihael Crnolatec

      Its not quite like that, the shell looses a lot of its penetration when
      hitting the angled space armor of WZ or any tank with spaced armor,
      weakened shell then hits the “normal armor” anf fails to penetrate due to
      penetration loss of spaced armor

    • +Engwarify yes, I think that all the space between the 30mm plate and the
      80mm plate is also added to the final pen value. If I’m wrong please
      correct me!

  69. 113 need a buff….. and yes, I have the tank and I play it.

    • +Nicky Larson i totaly agree with you, i saw him playing 113 couple times
      and he played it like a normal heavy so he sucked and then complained. Go
      check out SirFoch if you want to see perfect use of 113’s capabilities

    • +Lioco94 Ive got the 113 and Ive got 2 marks of excellence on my gun!
      People like QB dont know how to drive it and then they start crying and
      blaming the tank for their bad performance! Oh and I do agree on the fact
      that the 113 needs some love from WG!

  70. i think that , wz 111 1-4 is a good tank for experienced heavytank players

  71. I just don’t see any point to play Chinese tanks. Soviet tanks are better

    • +Colonel Radec truth, WZ-111 1-4 is a beast. Anyone who hasn’t driven one
      is a fool, but I can see why because it isn’t the easiest to angle and
      play. I the hands of a good player the WZ shines! The IS-8 is crap imo
      compared to it though. E75’s turret can be penned by high pen tds or prem
      rounds like butter as well straight through the gun/manlet even. I’ve done
      it to them. The rof on the WZ is what makes it sick and a great tank. The
      armor is quite good too and it can even sidescrape well. Just overall it
      does everything the E75 does but even better except the gun depression
      maybe really. Even then 5 degrees isn’t that bad as QB said. You have the
      mobility to keep up with even T10 medium tanks which is great for flanking
      with them in T10 games. It surprises your opponents unlike any other heavy
      tank at T9-10 because it basically is the fastest in the game! So rushing
      with your mediums sometimes and surprising their mediums can be what wins
      games as well. As I said no other heavy does it as good as the WZ-111 1-4.
      I sold my E75 because I feel overall it is much better.

    • They have roughly the same aimtime.^^
      Everyone knows the weakspots of the IS-3. Everyone. Thanks to streams and
      They are not worse, they are just harder to play. Only because you do not
      like them does not turn them into bad tanks. Did you even play them?
      There is a reason why the Wz is considered to be one of the best tier 9
      heavies. And there is a reason why the IS -8 is mostly seen as the unwanted
      step son.

    • +Colonel Radec IS-8 has better aim time, idiots don’t know the IS-3’s weak
      spots (and the game is full of idiots), and it’s useless for you to defend
      Chinese tanks. They are just worse 😉

    • +Ville Lepoaho
      And that is your opinion. 😉
      Which I have to correct partially, the 110 has a better overall armor. The
      turret is thinner but it lacks the dominant weakspots of the IS -3. The gun
      is also better, it trades a little amount of alpha damage for better fire
      rate, faster aimtime and better accuracy.
      The only advantage the IS-8 has is more penetration and better accuracy.
      Which does not really make up for its disadvantages.

    • They are more adequate to the way the game has developed up to now. Because
      they can still be considered new tanks. The WZs are ingame since the
      chinese were introduced and were never updated in comparison to the game’s
      If WG would actually make an effort to rework them intelligently…

  72. i know you dont do lower tier very much but can i request a video about the

  73. can you review the 113 plz? im on the 111 1-4 and have it unlocked but im
    wondering if its worth the credits. Reviews ive already seen are mixed,
    like sirfoch loves his, but on the forums the word underpowered is what im
    seeing so far. Hopefully a review from you will clarify :)

  74. didn’t you had 68% win rate?
    Don’t have China tanks, and my highest tier tank is VI.

    • +astrofan The Type 58 actually gets a worse gun than the T-34-85. The alpha
      damage is worse by 20 hp and the penetration is also worse by about 25 mm.
      The rate of fire on the Type is barely better and so it really doesn’t make
      up for all that.

    • +astrofan I mostly have OP tanks Hellcat, cromwell, ELX AMX bis, KV-1
      (having trouble doing mission 15 on KV-1 and ELX 🙁 ).Starting the new line
      and new crew is kinda troublesome a this point.

    • +astrofan It’s not Type 85, its 58 🙂

    • +Gouky The low-Tier-Chinese tanks are usually frustrating, the first shine
      is the M5A1-Stuart (An M5-Stuart with a better gun), then the Type 34 is a
      T34 with worse gun-depression, but (So it seems for me) a better
      stabilisation. Then the Type 85 is a T34-85 with a better gun, but worse
      mobility. After this i don’t know much, because i’m just on the Type in the
      Chinese line. But they seem to be very good tanks. If you want to play the
      mediums, then play the heavies first, because they share a lot of modulea
      wich seem to be a pain to unlock on the mediums. I sadly have no real
      experience with the lights, but from what i heard i can say you they are
      just faster, worse armored and smaller mediums.

  75. Latios 23187 (Jonathan Chau)

    For the glory of the People’s Republic of China!!!

  76. Hey QB!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. I remember this match in the stream

  78. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS keep them coming

  79. Marc van den Elzen

    I still dont understand, What do they mean with spaced armor?

    Answer plz!! :D

    • +Marc van den Elzen Its normal armor, the thing with it, after you pass it,
      you will have to pass the tank litteral amor, that will make damage.
      Example: If you fire HE at spaced armor, it would not pen, cause after pen
      the spaced armor, it would not have enough pen, as it would explode early
      on. But if you fire AP or APCR, it can pen, as both has higher amount of
      pen than HE or HESH. Thats bassicaly what you need to know.

    • +Marc van den Elzen HEAT/HESH and HE rounds *really* hate spaced armor.
      the armor causes HEAT to detonate early, killing its penetration (HEAT
      likes smacking straight into armor to unleash its jet. In game, spaced
      armor forces the fragments to travel further, reducing its pen)
      Same with HE, its detonates further away from the actual armor, making its
      damage weaker.

    • google that shit

    • necuglupiguglplus

      +Marc van den Elzen look wg’s video about IS-7, you’ll understand how
      spaced armor work

    • Watch World of Tanks’ IS-7 guide park video. They explained how space
      armour works.

  80. Still think his armor is so weak, compared to E-75, and they could buff a
    little bit his gun…
    What ya think +QuickyBabyTV 

  81. never really see these having outstanding games

  82. Hey quickybaby love the videos i have been a long time subscriber keep up
    the good work ;)

  83. 1 min ago!

  84. Watchin ur stream and nothing to do :D

  85. From twitch!

  86. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Here we go!

  87. Livestreamu!!

  88. I hope you guys enjoy WZ-111 Model 1-4 vs Siegfried Line – can’t wait to
    meet more of you this weekend at Tankfest!

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

    • I miss my Norwegian buddy IK 🙁 Can u guys do more vids together:) ??

    • +QuickyBabyTV I’m curious as to what your thoughts on some of the
      penetration nerfs for high-tier mediums. My thoughts are for the Centurion
      7/1, the L7’s nerf down to 240mm, people will simply use the 20 pdr and
      spam premium ammo, with it’s 254mm. Some of the tanks don’t need the nerf,
      due to the poor accuracy compared to other T10 mediums (although only an
      idiot would fight with heavies front-first)

    • +QuickyBabyTV Next replay without arty.
      Just like Foch: every replay is without arty. Without arty every battle is
      ten times more fun and easier. Not a fugging camp fest

    • +Jacob Kearns
      You are wrong Jacob Kaerns. WZ-111 model 1-4 is one of couple heavy tanks
      on list to nerf penetration.

      If he was not on that list i would propably use free exp to grind it to
      full already (i have enough exp on 110 and free exp for it). This is
      holding me back.
      I won’t be propably able to collect again this much free experience and i
      do not want to wase it. I want to be sure that this additional tank in my
      garage will work for me (i never play tanks in other configuration then
      fully grinded).

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      +QuickyBabyTV Gives me some hope for when I start to get this far down the
      chinese line. Thank you quickybaby for giving me a smile today, really
      needed that.

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