World of Tanks || WZ-111G – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – WZ-111G. Today I’m looking at T9 tank with a T10 gun WZ-111G aka the Fat-ISU!


of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Fucking idiot tiger 2

  2. You need to play the BT-7 Art and Leo more.

  3. looked like tiger II was trying to secure the loss… he even drove in front of QB at the end like he wanted to block him from shooting the cap

  4. The Hero No One Gives A Shit About

    It’s one ugly tank though..

  5. such a douche bag Tiger 2

  6. I hate all of 3 of these tanks in the comparison, they all 0,0,0 turret armor, such garbage.

    P.s this is a joke

  7. clueless monkeys should never be allowed above tier 4. All they do is just ruin other people’s games.

  8. Review of the teir 3 cruiser 2 plz

  9. This video is a perfect representation of why MM is screwed in so many ways. All these newbs and noobs expect the sole unicum to carry them to victory but doesnt know that every tank has its role and characteristics. There is no way to change the mentality of the mass public, they will never learn even if you put a gun to their head. So what must change is the MM system, either create two parts of a server where players are separated by win rates or WN8. Easiest way out of all these frustrations and problems

    • +Brendon Gunn
      I agree. They could create a special lobby for people like under 1k wn8 (don’t know how that equals to WG’s ratings). 50% of the xp in there and most of the enemies are bots.

      It’s a win win for both. No bots in “more skilled” games and those bad players can learn and play well against other bad players.

    • Stubbari Unfortunately WG is more focused on shekelz and the community will not support this as all of them thinks they are good at the game – Nobody is actually good at the game, everyone has a role to play in the game. People may rebuke and say “Hey relax its just a game !” Thats the thing, no. Every competitive game which involves money and stats is never just a game. Imagine buying a car and someone crashes into you and say “Hey at least you are not dead !” I mean … it just doesn’t cut it as an excuse or to let it pass

  10. basically another “you’re fucked” tank

  11. rossz cigámy

  12. Durr, what’s that alarm noise I keep hearing?? I sure hope it goes away.

  13. I never felt any threat from this TD line. Not even from the Tier X.

  14. Yay power creep…

  15. Silly baby. The tier 9 swed TD is the 103-0 not B.

  16. Hey QB have you thought at all about doing another review of the Indien-Panzer? I would greatly benefit from it

  17. Strv-103B *tier 9* lol

  18. Strv 103b? Tier9 tank destoryer?
    I thought the 103-o was tier9. Ok qb I’ll be a unicorn some day ????

  19. That Scorpion getting deleted may or may not have made me wet ._.

  20. Why must they reduce my Hellcat but make this garbage TD. High tiers are so dissatisfying now days. So sick of wargaming pandering to their perceived customers (clan wars and special game modes, player name icons) while wrecking the fun of lower tiers (maps dearth, 3-5-7 match making, protected tier 3 status). Take your fat ISU fun and shove it.

  21. This tank is trash

  22. Can you play wot on mobile?

  23. WZ 111G FT is still shit

  24. That tiger, what a retarded dude

  25. This tank is Tooooo ugly.

  26. i want to see the TOG do BIG things!!!

  27. 9:19 it should be strv 103-0, not strv 103 B quicky

  28. fake tank…. nuff said

  29. Jesus christ that Tiger 2 is a fucking mouth breathing retard. Players like that ruin the game.

  30. Get out the way noob lmao

  31. Playing this line at the moment, not enjoyed most of it. One was pretty great though, think it might have been the tier 5. I have the tier 8 currently, looking forward to getting this one.

  32. francesco piromalli

    Fcm Pak 36 grown bigger

  33. Wz-111F FT “Perfect” reavers speed 16, strv 103b reavers speed 45

  34. You have the mods for a reason, apparently the Tiger II player doesn’t seem to know how to play the game.

  35. I have liked and watched your vids for years QB, but having your face in the MIDDLE of the screen, so it draws focus away from the gameplay is a BIG nono! You can’t be that much of a narcissist?

  36. Hooray for tomato players! Their lack of a decision making process never ceases to amaze me!

  37. who cares about wn8 people, its a video game . Christ sake… If people have fun getting blown up and can smile and have a good time, who the FUCK are you to stop them? He the tiger didn’t commit a crime, some people dont want to “get the game” some of them just like being in a tank game.

  38. That Tiger II was a dumbass

  39. กุลณิฐ์ ผิวบาง

    WT… Su-152 ver.chinese lol?

  40. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    There is so little coverage of chinese military armaments.I have been searching for documentation of the chinese TDs series over a year now and could not find anything that proves the existence of chinese blueprints of the FT series.There are some 111G blueprints but it is made by wargaming but not by the chinese.I did find some chinese adaptations of the isu152 and some text describing mounting a casemate on chinese wz heavy tanks.Someone pls hit me up if you found something abt the legitimacy of the chinese td tech tree and how much of it is fake?

  41. That KT was a bot, another defeat just because of some retard player or bot…

  42. 5:31

    What do you mean
    every one uses premium rounds these days lul

  43. If you have a tier 8 and still are red, then it’s obvious that you’ve made a mistake

  44. Well played tiger. You’ve been epic and hopefully, I’ll never ever see you.

  45. “Good communications…” he said when talking about a 43% player who drove out in the open and got owned for it.

    “Now I get spotted…” he said almost a year after pulling back behind the Tiger II who took a shot for him.

    And of course the 46% Tiger II doesn’t know nor give a damn about the base being capped. What a surprise.

  46. Hello if I may I have a good game in the king tiger but it’s on console. I don’t know how to retrieve it

  47. Plus I have a game in the scorpion in a tier 10 match 5 kills

  48. QuickyBaby you forgot to bring the non turreted tier 9 American tank destroyer into the comparison stats, you missed one tank with a badass name and my favorite tank in the world ive seen the T28/T95 super heavy tank in real life but in-game it’s the T95

    • I literally always play the T95 I have a 72% win rate in the T95 and I have 55,163 games in the T95, ive also got the resenias hero medal pools medal scout medal(rare for this tank I know) and my top amount of damage well lets just say I’ve literally shot all of my ap rounds and penetrated all of them I carry 2 apcr rounds for the maus though that’s all I carry I do not care for high explosive rounds

  49. 9:34 I didnt know that strv103B was a tier 9 TD.


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