World of Tanks || WZ-113G FT – NEW T10 PREVIEW

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – WZ-113G FT. Today I’m previewing new T10 Chinese tank destroyer coming in update 9.20 the WZ-113G FT!

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  1. 10:33 he does 4101 damage
    13:33 he does 4101 damage again

  2. Love your videos quickybaby!!!

  3. I’m the 50;000 viewer

  4. How Did u on free camera mode

  5. I saw your live stream reviewing then new tanks

  6. A Personal Problem.

    The Chinese Td line is just Russian Tds with a Chinese star slapped on the side

  7. It’s like a noodle box

  8. Arnas Kazanavičius

    did qb start uploading daily?

  9. This game needed another 750 gun with ridiculous penetration…

  10. hhahaah he was like    “do i think its te best tank in its class?….. well no ”   hahahah lol

  11. Hi QB why no 1080p

  12. ISU!!!! It came back to haunt us from T8! :O

  13. Gotta buff the obj 140, inject extra 3cc layer in the roof, to confuse the (nonexistent)balance, right babe?

  14. …until it gets nerfed.

  15. around 2:00 no the grille 15 gets “bad” HE

  16. i am just one person saying but might i be better the have your face slightly smaller under the top centre where it tells u the score ?
    If not i think the position of you face in bottom left needs a change.
    But again i am joust one person….I think.

  17. Hugoboss on Blitz

    2:57 aren’t the buffing the gun traverse on the Obj. 268 to 11 degrees?

  18. Hello again QB, great commentary and review as always. I know you’ve covered the bush/camo mechanics in WoT with several previous videos, but I was wondering if you knew the exact soft stats and numbers behind how bushes add to a tank’s camo factor. Thanks again and have a nice day

  19. I think that the artys are underpowerd! MAKE THE ARTYS BACK THE WAY THEY WERE BEFORE WG!!!

  20. 268 is getting a gun ark of 8 instead of 6

  21. Wanna spam gold? Play test server. Even arty shoots gold….. WTF

  22. Most balance TD in game

  23. What is that thing beside QBs name in the battle.

  24. All of these look fucking retarded

  25. The only balanced tank they added in a while , its not op , its not bad, its a good tabk but not op

  26. Vlastislav Ivičič

    100% WZ will get patched

  27. This things armor will be fucking useless the second people start spamming premium rounds at its front. WG intentionally doing this again to force players to dab their 2 key to win.

  28. Tier 10 is rapidly becoming “carry all premium rounds or die with 0 damage”. I’m glad these OP PoS are a Chinese Server exclusive.

    Oh, hang on

  29. How does he have the tier 10 Chinese td already????

  30. I wonder when they’ll nerf premium rounds on PC like in blitz.

  31. wargaming is running out of ideas

  32. What is that website QB uses to inspect the armor?

  33. If thy bring back the sturmtiger, give it to the Germans not the Chinese….

  34. Quickybaby on the test server i managed to get the dpm of my WZ-1113G FT up to over 3,000 and the accuracy down to .33 because i used to free experience you get to get every skill for every crew member on the tank

  35. Thanks for review ??

  36. The amount of prem rounds that I receive in my games makes me think I’m in the test server.

  37. Between the FT (flame thrower) and the 5A, we’ll be seeing more and more Chinese tanks on the server. Great video!

  38. Wait for WG to thicken the sides on this FT

  39. hey QB, WG said that they are going to widen the gun arc on the obj.268 to 11 degrees on both sides when 9.20 hits

  40. Quickybaby on console we have grille and auto loader tier 10 tanks they didn’t remove no tanks just a new tank line

  41. Aw man, I was really excited when I heard about a tier X Chinese td, too bad it’s so ugly :/

  42. That Traverse Speed Though at 10:27

  43. I don’t think it should so flexible and also have troll armor

  44. Side armor needs to be 100mm on the front part and 85 on the back and middle…

  45. looks like a fun tank and seems balanced… I can’t wait to pick it up

  46. against the first IS-7, all the shells you used are heat

  47. oy can’t you do something that Dezgames doesn’t do first ?

  48. Seems like a decent tier 8 premium. How much is it going to cost?

  49. raimondas vepstas

    som one wargaming to change mach maker the way it was Because I get rounds only agenst the 2 tiers higher mach at 90%

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