World of Tanks || WZ-120-1G FT – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – WZ-120-1G FT. Today I’m reviewing the T8 Chinese premium tank the WZ-120-1G FT!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Wow these fucks aren’t even trying to make their game balanced.

  2. Great content!

  3. Mr quickfingers, When will you make a review of something that matters a little bit more. Like how to push your stats higher.
    Watching your content i have learned that the way to higher stats is through light tanks, not as scouts like they are supposed to be used but simply because they push wn8 higher than any other class.
    Using your team mates as meat shields, hiding at the back and farming damage on every target with high penetrating ammo is key. Using my Visa card to purchase gold and credits so that i never roll out in a stock tank, and also never to forget those extra combat rations, they help the precious dpm. Dont play artillery.. ever,…
    I have quit my clan and dont platoon with people anymore that distract me, i only push my stats daily and make sure my gold is stacked up. I research about tanks in advance and skip all the useless ones with all the millions of credits i have bought of the premium shop..
    i also collect premium tanks 🙂

    I have now pushed my wn8 from 1800 up to nearly 2700 in just a couple of thousand battles, and avaraging around 3000 wn8 daily,. soon i will be a true unicorn like you..
    and maybe then i can get my own channel and get rich.

  4. It’s camo is not so much ‘creep’ as ‘quantum leap’

  5. these tanks have never existed in the history, even in the paper, then WG created those just like Japan HT
    Finally, player will say Chinese are good at copying, but WG do not give shit about that and keep accounting money, like many fake goods which are from Vietnam, Indonesia or India, but they still mark “made in China”

  6. “RAW CHINESE POWAHHHHH” -powered by Chinese Fortune Cookies lol

  7. HighlyMedicated 420

    Hope fully it comes to the na server

  8. People complain about bad premium tanks not being good enough to buy. People complain about average premium tanks because they’re too similar to free tanks. People complain about good premium tanks because pay to win. Quit your complaining about premium tanks and complain about more important problems

  9. another OP premium….. did we really need that…

  10. Ahh great another cancerous premium piece of crap

  11. look at these crazy Dpm this is an ultimate credit grinder

  12. If you can’t figure if it’s OP or not, just compare it with some nonprem tanks like T28, Borsig, AT15… But T28 and AT15 have better armor and Borsig has turret and better cammo… Sure, not OP at all. I will enjoy being destroyed by those tanks like I am being wrecked by Scorpions and for player who uses only free tanks without prem acc, it’s a lot of fun. Great review QB, tell people to buy it so it will be impossible to play tier 6 to tier 9 with standard tank… I know I am a bit salty but…

  13. “The accuracy and aim time are the balancing factor”, yup as we all know, accuracy and aim time matter as guys snap shots off all day.

  14. Very Well Educated

    How many times are they going to reskin the Su 122 44 and the Su 122 54.. I mean seriously they must be completely out of ideas.

  15. I cannot see how people think this is Overpowered.
    People even bitched and moaned about the Victoria….

  16. 380m base view range, who said slit eyes can’t see?

    I’m Chinese i can make that joke!

  17. Hmm doesnt look like its printing that much money if you look at the amount of damage done. One of its weaknesses;).

  18. i have gone onto wot and updated it but no WZ-120-1G FT

  19. QB do you hawe some info on the British Medium tanks and the bufs on the turet armor. Will it hapend? I only read on the rusian, japanese, france… but no British. Thank

  20. Czechoslovakia came: One VI premium.
    Sweden came: One VI and two VIII premiums.
    Another Chinese came: One more VIII premium.
    Uh..WG, did you forget about Czechoslovakian line? 😀 :/

  21. Wouter Broekhuizen

    What does that ! Mean when you zoom in or when you press x?

  22. Ching chong nip nong

  23. lets be real you are gonna mostly play against tier 9 and 10 and yes copy paste tank again,#wargaming lazy

  24. 9.20 is out, XVM modpack?

  25. no WZ-120-1G FT today :s

  26. hmm this channel is dying becuase of the game that is mained on ;_;
    i dont want QB to quit the youtube thing and lose his income because of WG going full idiot

  27. T4 - The Terrible Terri Talks

    Would you be able to do more reviews on lower tiers tanks ? Especially Tier 4 and 5 ?

  28. Mine mine just realised the Qb is greying?

  29. I remember when the is6 was a good premium tank… what the fuck happend?


  31. Wow. Took WG too long introducing a new prem vehicle. Ty sooooooo much guys and girls!

  32. QB you are a great player but your reviews are way to in favor of WG. Are you sure they are not paying you for the reviews?

  33. Yay! Another Tier 8 Premium that has more Penetration than Ron Jeremy!

  34. When is it coming on North America server?

  35. One more OP tank gg

  36. Another broken ass TD with retarded DPM that will, no doubt, enable more shitters to camp the red line and do 2 shots of damage before letting their teammates die and then dying themselves.

    Edit: Any why does a tank with such a ridiculously powerful gun have the ability to get up to maximum view range? This shit is so stupid. The devs clearly don’t think shit through for more than 15 seconds.

  37. what about american Td T28 Prot?

  38. oh look another “balanced” premium tank. WG sure don’t dissapoint

  39. @Quickybaby Can you show how the new tier 8 chinses TD stacks up against the KanonenJagpanzer please??? Just not the armour as we all know the kanoens armour is bad.

  40. -PAY 2 WIN-

  41. This tank is over-powered.

  42. 10:16 MR. PRESIDENT GET DOWN!!!!

  43. How did QB buy the WZ-120-1G FT when its not ingame or in the premium shop?

  44. recommend you go and see Des Gamez review, much better

  45. Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Sir where is 9.20 mod pack 😉 Good video bad vehicle.

  46. Süleyman Hamalosmanoğlu

    When the release time?

  47. Looks like close to the best static gun TD on tier 8, so Wargaming is still releasing premium tanks that are too good it seems.

  48. Hmm a single Tier 8 battle? ~ where is the ‘normal’ MM battles for this T8 TD the new ‘balanced fair’ ladder system MM with those ‘balanced’ Tier 10 tanks QB? untill you show a normall +-2 MM game with T10’s as in real life, nice but pointless review, sorry.

  49. Johannes Faure-Brac

    “I think I get killed more by Skorpion G’s than anything else”
    So happy to ear that I was starting to wonder if I were mad… I seem to get killed most of the time by Skorpion G’s and UDES /STVR tanks those days. But those damn Skorpion G’s are broken.

  50. “Limiting factors” the only thing lower and equal tier tanks see beeing limited here is their own lifespan as your Accuracy can way further be improved (consumables+equip)

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