World of Tanks || WZ-131 – 2250+ EXP

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Check out BIFteki rocking the recently T7 Chinese light tank the WZ-131

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik

  2. I love you QB 😀 no hommo bro

  3. came from the stream to be almost first ?

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  5. of course he forgets to upplode the vid untill the stream chats reminds
    him… :3

  6. Good video

  7. 9th!!!

  8. Nice video

  9. One of the best tanks I ever had. Even before buff.

  10. the WZ-131 and WZ-132 didnt need a buff at all, they were already my
    favourite tier 7/8 lights

  11. I hate how he aims and plays. so common player

  12. Welcome to the 301 club :D

  13. So many HEAT rounds wasted, I guess he was sweating bricks at that point xD

  14. I want one…

  15. Amazing tank 😀

    I need it!

  16. FlamingFrant Gaming

    Like this comment cause I don’t ever get any like 😀

  17. Nice game… Sadly im not having fun in wot since 2 days ago. I’ve been ”
    hard” grinding the SU-152 and I hate every single aspect of this vehicle…
    It is just not consistent enough for me.

  18. In World of Tanks, what happens if you go past the red line or off the edge
    of the map?

  19. Wow that wasn’t deserved at all but well done anyway… he could have saved
    a team mate if he used his dpm on the IS rather than pussying around behind
    a house, also those shots on the move at the end… what was he doing, that
    almost lost the game!

  20. QB can u plz put up the sundubuggegae autotune of u it was hilarious plz
    plz plz 

  21. fu WG why my type 62 is underpowred compared to wza or any tier7 light .

  22. I don’t feel like this tank needed a buff at all, the WZ 132 yes, but not
    this one, I have this one and I loved it, it was one of my best tanks post
    9.6, and now it’s gotten even better.

  23. I love the look of this tank

  24. War Zebra – 131

  25. QB can you make review on Matilda BP?

  26. All went in his favor during this battle. Nothing about “taking LT gameplay
    to the next level”. Any average-Joe-player could have done the same.

  27. The only way to buff the awful panther is to replace it. 

  28. I’m surprised he’s not using the 100mm, I can get 2,000+ damage on a good
    game with that gun.

  29. Did the 59-16 get a buff?

  30. i think this player is greek…(bifteki)

  31. i cant conect to twitch -.-

  32. whats the mod to zoom more in sniper mode?

  33. wow that Claus kellerman really sounds like an uneducated caveman. 

  34. Nerf on the Bulldog? Good. I got in the Bulldog and without even getting
    the top gun and turret I was ripping everyone to pieces. I stopped playing
    it. Time to go back and give it a try again.

  35. the M5A1 fells better than the M5 Stuart, I can’t put my finger on why

  36. Im Commander_john(pak2) 😀 bulldog

  37. love how the muzzle break looks

  38. No comments after one hour ?? Hmm wierd…

  39. Its good that they have finally buffed LT but i think that there are still
    unbalanced. Everything would be ok if Bulldog would be nerfed. He’s still
    the fastest, he can kill you the most quickly, and he is also a good
    spoter….. You want to play LT? Do Bulldog’s line , doing another line of
    tanks is like choosing weaker player.

  40. what a good result, good game; but its surprising because he did quite a
    lot of mistakes and didnt get punished for that for pure luck

  41. Wz-132 king of driving and shooting and dont forget the trol armor for the
    lucky dont take a shit of damage.

  42. i like driving my wz-131. I just don’t know what I like about it, but I
    like it.

  43. im sicking of hearing about 9.6,, when the hell is it coming to usa?

  44. My Type 62 crew dream of this.

  45. bulldog was op, now it is not compareble against other lights its almost

  46. what a game, what a player

  47. Awesome guide guys->
    now you can add free steam funds to your account :Dyou can bought for free
    all new games on steam

  48. Ugh, I hate the power slide

  49. Glad to have held onto my own 131 after seeing this! :D

  50. Awesome! I just got this tank, and am now at the 2nd 85mm gun 🙂 

  51. I really feel that the Type-62 which is basically the premium version of
    the WZ-131 has been left out.Even before the buffs to the 131 the type was
    lacking in terms of horsepower per ton ratio and alpha damage plus pen on
    the gun.Now that the 131 received buffs it is leaps and bounds better than
    the Type-62.WG should really give the type some love.

  52. Of course this tank gets a buff now after selling it and buying the WZ-132.
    Just my luck.

  53. Not surprising that the WZ serie can manage to put moving shots. They are
    the best tanks (131 and 132) for those kind of shots, accuracy nerf or not

  54. I think the Japanese tanks need to be buffed now. Great for the Chinese,
    but now the Japs can’t even hope to outcompete them anymore, let alone any
    other nation :/
    Nowadays, the only hope is to spot an enemy Japanese tank.

  55. Is it just me who thinks that guy used an autoaim mod? Throughout the whole
    game he barely zooms yet his aim circle is positioned really strangely,
    certainly if he’s supposed to be autoaiming. On top of that, if you move to
    the last part of the vid where he goes in on the vehicle in the cap, his
    aiming recticle is positioned right on the track of the vehicle (check
    before he releases his autoaim) without zooming in while being on 100m+ …

  56. 131 was my favourite tank, 132 is also beast but the dpm on tier 7 makes
    the 131 just so good.

  57. This buff makes me scream even more about buffing the AMX 13 75, in any
    imaginible way it is weaker than the walker bulldog and wz131 while being
    the same tier…
    Cmon Wargaming it cant be more obvious…

  58. I find the Bulldog is still extremely good with the single shot gun. Much
    prefer it over the autoloader.

  59. In my opinion the WZ 132 (tier 8) is so much worse than the Ru251
    Spähpanzer and the T54 Lightweight. It is worse in anything (dpm, HP and so

  60. The health change is more like a nerf. 880 hit points is luckier than 900

  61. I think that I had read on ftr that the zoo mout mod wasnt allowed to use
    because you see if the enemy is aiming at you when you are behind a corner

  62. GREAT vid couldn’t have come at a better time i just unlocked the 131 as
    the buff was rolling out, super excited to get this tank upgraded. i LOVED
    that he swtiched to HE to interrupt the cap and finish off the BP, so often
    i see players don’t even load HE because they think it’s useless. notice
    how even his HEAT rounds weren’t penning for all those screaming “hurrrr
    gold noob”, even prem rounds aren’t a magical win button. 

  63. qb do you not think that the french tier 6 and 7 lights are getting
    completely screwed by the buffs of the other lights?

  64. did the type 62 also get buffed or not?
    pls tel me why?

  65. What about the amx 13/75? That thing needs a massive buff 

  66. Eh. More commie bullshittery in a game made by fake russki devs. DO THIS
    SHIT IN ANY JAPANESE TANK. Then I’ll be impressed. Also, using gold
    ammo/gold consumables is still a bitch move.

  67. Why are you against showing the true economics of these battles? He got 75k
    raw, but as usual we don’t see the effect of all that HEAT he used. Why not
    show it??

    Meanwhile…we rightly say the ASIA server can be a morass of bots and
    bads. And then you see a battle like this one. Tier 8 battle with barely a
    single player of greater than 50% win. Sheesh.

    Excellent play by this guy, regardless.

  68. This replay proves that for such battles you actually need much more luck
    than skill… The guy played like a retard a few times, almost threw a won
    game twice at the end and he still gets such monster battle, because
    RNGesus sucked his balls so hard.

  69. Teki – genius WZ driver! Envy.

  70. This guy simply does not deserve it. Duh.

  71. No, he was running out of ammo because he was spamming gold on the move at
    enemies over a hundred meters away. 

  72. keep uploading often its really awesome !! keep up the good work 🙂 i
    really enjoy :D

  73. This game, while the battle results were good. The player who drove that
    tank relied on luck throughout the entire game. Teki, while getting a good
    result, has no idea how to drive that tank, wasting alot of time and alot
    of shots. Good result, bad replay

  74. dem pop shots on the move with heat rounds at arty and a walker bulldog

  75. Deadcoolification unkown

    how is this 9.6? my client is still showing 9.5

  76. No Ace Tanker?! 0_o

  77. He has to Stop firing on move
    He used his last three AP shells while moving to mt-25 if he missed every
    AP to him he would died

  78. Are those Astro A40 headsets ?

  79. LTTB and the T-54lwt?

  80. The WZ-131 and WZ-132 do have a significant advantage over conventional
    peers (Bulldog, KangaRU) in the conventional scouting role. Their
    silhouettes are much smaller and their camo ratings are strong. And what’s
    more, this doesn’t come at a significant cost. Really the only significant
    disadvantage of the high tier Chinese light tanks is gun depression and gun
    handling, but as we see the latter has been solved.

    The more interesting point of contention is that the LT-54 has also been
    similarly buffed, and for all intents and purposes is a better-armored (but
    slightly less agile) clone of the Chinese. As for the Walker Bulldog, the
    autoloader itself was hardly nerfed at all, so Bulldogs will simply use it
    more often. Since this autoloader was the single largest reason the Bulldog
    was accused of being OP, one must wonder if its status quo has changed at

  81. lol his name is Bifteki, which translates to “hamburger” in Greek. I’m
    pretty sure he is Greek in fact.

  82. That Tiger is an idiot, He could snipe all of the tanks in the cap circle
    from the ridge

  83. Waiting to see the “He got lucky” comments.

  84. Correct me if im wrong but doesnt the tankers name sound very similar to a
    French dish? I dont know how to spell it but the name itself rings a bell

  85. how do you go into free camera mode in replays?

  86. Hey Guys,

    I recently started a Indie Game and World of Tanks Youtube channel. If you
    have the time, please come by and give some positive criticism, and
    subscribe if you (somehow) like my work! Thanks!

    Salt mine escapee, served 20 years in the gulags

  87. All I see here is the “Armored Warfare” shortcut. LETS SEE SOME VIDEOS FROM

  88. I love all the salty comments about how this guy is crappy, lucky,
    terrible, blah blah blah. Where are all your Wz-131 games with 2250+ exp?
    Don’t have any? Of course you don’t. I guess haters gonna hate.

  89. Γεια σου ρε Μπιφ μας διαφημιζεις και την κλαν 😉 Great vid 

  90. Should i go tiger or panther?

  91. Bifteki! Thumbs up for the name :)

  92. Kudos to that M12, relocating when the flank dropped… GJ there!

  93. Great game…but that arty? Wauuu…WZ was in frenzy or what, if he doesnt
    seem where is arty aimong…so lucky !
    And question for WZ drivers: I loved my WZ-132 (trying to get my third gun
    mark…but many good players are playing this tank now…so its
    impossible…)…but what is more funny? WZ-131 or WZ-132?

  94. Incredible play! Good show

  95. Reminds me of the two Pool’s I didn’t get last week :P

  96. I like this wz more than bulldog

  97. While teki is clearly a good player the amount of mistakes made in that
    game really leads me to believe he got that result mostly down to luck and
    the ineptitude of the enemy team. Also the way he auto aimed and spammed
    HEAT at everything really annoyed me. But alas t’was a good replay, well

  98. That afk MT-25 coming back to life at 12:05 was a bit spooky.

  99. He did 968 assistance damage only, that is why both of us and a lot of
    people probably struggled to get the 4000 assistance damage for the 15th
    light tank mission, because the light tank absorbs the spotting it does for
    it’s self. I think that at least half of the damage you spotted for
    yourself should count as assistance damage for you.

  100. Florida: OH NO IT 40 DEGREES WE’RE GONNA DIE!!! Michigan: Well, SHUT UP YOU
    WILL DIE IF YOU COME HERE!!! -30 DEGREES LOL so shut up Florida

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