World of Tanks || WZ-131 Light Tank Master Class

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Source: Havoc’s Guides Tutorials Reviews and Moar!!

Back to World of Tanks where we get to see a Master Class in WZ-131, Light Tanks done right are awesome!!

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  1. you all on the North American server?

  2. Another excellent video. I really appreciate your analysis of play and the
    map tactics. Well done to Arbeitsscheu.

  3. nice game! that bounce from the tortoise saved his game though

  4. is it worth using the top 85 mm gun on the wz 131 or is it better with the
    100 mm

  5. Boom The Stealthy One

    nice play great vid :)

  6. 13:20 – I’m still waiting to see those nice tits you were speaking of.

  7. is Klingon foreign?

  8. It will buff Out bruh

    what mod/modpack??

  9. Thank you so much for uploading this. :)

  10. 14:26 a tasty prize for great performance – a full health t95 :)

  11. This was very informative, I like to play my WZ-131 with a 85mm but sadly I
    over commit too much and bring some bad decisions sometimes, like trust my
    teammates too tag a target with me xD

  12. hey sir havoc I have recently bought the AMX 50 100, and I had a lot of
    struggles with it, but I think I figured it out now, but I would love to
    hear your opinion on the 50 100.

  13. Time for a joke


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