World of Tanks || WZ-132 – 3rd Place in 200k Comp!

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Today Bakachon is going to show you how to drive the T8 the finishing 3rd place in the competition and winning 6,000 gold!

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  1. Obligatory “First” Comment!

    Ahem.. If you didnt’t know QuickyBaby is streaming right now at:

    Go and check him, Jingles and Ik out!!

    Edit: No more streaming for today

  2. Congratulations to Bakachon for this 3rd place replay – I really enjoyed
    how you thought out this game and got a Radley and Kolobanov in a T9 game!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW with Jingles and Ik

  3. First!

  4. Waiting for the “what a noob, just luck, 0 skill…i would do
    100000000times better (but i didnt, because i dont want)” comments

  5. What’s so funny is that when I play back like this in my
    mediums………..people tell me that Im a coward. Even had one ally(arty)
    announce in chat that he was going to kill me and did.

    What a joke this game is!

  6. Only in 720p? :'(

  7. wow pretty good, nice play

  8. Wow, Claus Kellerman hasn’t commented yet? errr… At least i don’t have to
    decipher his encrypted comment now…

  9. So the 3rd place reward is worth more than the second place reward??

  10. Where is for Claus for with post stupids comments?

  11. Really, a great!
    Just nice! :)

  12. haha within the first 100 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hah within the first 120 comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. wow every video on this channel has just gold ammo 50/50 ratios :/

  15. verry good gameplay!

  16. Gold noob, used even gold against arti

  17. Absolutely incredible play!!!

  18. Enter The Poop-Hole

    who is this man thats right its quickybaby the wot skrublord who is a very
    skilled unicum player one day quicky decides to go to belarus to the strip
    club and he is getting really tipsy on some old speckled hen and he is
    flipping over tables and is screaming at the top of his lungs and he walks
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  19. Armored warfare is better thatn world of tanks

  20. There should be a competition for AFK-players. AFK-players are very
    important part of your team and are ofter overlooked how important they
    really are.

  21. I honestly have to ask how did that show penetraded on 5:03
    It went of the right side of the tank close to the peak but It penetraded.
    I have done this with far more penetration and it hasn’t.

  22. awesome game and skill!

  23. lol such a retard

  24. QB are you going to play Armored warfare when it comes out?

  25. Oh yeah! I was going to join this competition…but…i was to lazy..

  26. it’s funny how third place reward is tousand times better than the second
    one xD

  27. Wz 132 is awesome 

  28. Every time this “omg n00b Gold ” user

    Stop Flaming and l2p!

  29. ahhh you are doing them in parts :D

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  31. Good plan and well played, but costly use of premium against arty that made
    little sense. Probably just forgot about it?

  32. PROOO!!!

  33. Very nice replay, good Choice :)

  34. Adam Sindberg-sørensen

    Did you see a SU-100Y replay with 5 kills?

  35. Well played GG to the winner

  36. We need an updated version of your modpack quickybaby as the missions
    completion windows appear blank when personal missions are completed!

  37. btw how the hell did you get a Type 59 code…

  38. Fuck me… I should have send replay, I had more xp with ny M41 :'(

  39. GREAT GAME! If ha has the 3rd place, I cannot immagine what the first did

  40. No comment from Klaus yet? eh…. guess I’ll come back later.

  41. My comment is that it is sad that lower tier tanks would never won this
    kind of competitions !

    And pls WG remove autoaim for all tank and TDs, leave it just for arti!?!

  42. I thought you would get all the things. Well. -_-/

  43. Awesome game 😉 glad to see WZ132s do so well

  44. Tbh, he shot so many APCR rounds which didn’t need to be used… Rather

  45. Is for watch scouts game so for today is for Claus is for to discuss scouts
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  46. megaspasstprsentiert

    Got my wz120 in 30k ep :D

  47. RNG Jesus really like this player :)

  48. Amazing game for your average player wow 

  49. well , I have to admit that this channel is getting more and more boring ,
    never see QB playing ( in Youtube videos ) , the last tank review was made
    AGES ago , and the only thing I m watching here is just replays of people
    spamming gold and getting extremelly lucky about MM with idiot ennemies, so
    , sorry guys , im going on Circon’s channel ;)

  50. Radovan Gligorevic

    Gold noob,you cant do that with out gold

  51. What’s amazing about this replay is that it’s THIRD place. 😛

    Well played, good sir!

  52. TheMusicFanForEver77

    He had a plan but technically he played like a monkey. It would have been
    really “heroic” to save a scumbag but if the IS3 shoots him instead, 50% he
    dies and loses the game…

  53. can u do another review on this tank, your last review from was a while
    back and now i feel like the 132 gets outclassed by all the light tanks
    now, only good thing about this tank is its 85mm which isnt even comparable
    to the ru’s 90mm

  54. Fantastic example of how to play scout, one of the best replays I’ve
    recently seen. Very impressive, congratulations. Too bad Tazilon quit WoT
    and running his You Tube channel dedicated to scout replays only – this
    game certainly would deserve a place in Tazilon’s hall of fame. It was a
    great pleasure to watch this replay!

  55. I’d rather lose than defending my idiots playing arty lol

  56. Nice replay

  57. I should i’ve submit my replay…

  58. Any story behind why Z is pronounced zed in the uk

  59. LOL what a fucking, pathetic noob this WZ-132 is. Camping at base with a
    Tier8 Scout like WTF ? … using gold ammo and autoaim all the time, even
    against Arty LEL. This guy dont know how to play a scout.

  60. when will the 2nd replay come??

  61. He shot APCR only I think since the IS-3

  62. Well, if this competition is based on exp i probably could have won any
    place with the 3223(i believe) xp WZ-111 replay. Why didnt i send the
    replay u ask? Well, its kinda pity, but i really think this competition is
    so unfair Quickybaby. There is a little or no chance for these ‘tomato’
    guys to win anything, and 200k subs is a big anniversary. Cmon QB, you are
    better than that. Next time think more about less skilled players too and
    allow them to win something as well. Guys can follow you for such a long
    time and with these rules you disable them to participate, unfair imo.
    Enough said from me.


  63. Hi Quicky ! Hi everybody i’m sorry to post my request here but i need your
    help tankers! I have post my problem on the Wot Forum but nobody knows how
    to resolved it..
    There is two weeks ago i would update my WoT Client but it failled..
    The message say:
    “Critical Error during downloading update , for more details look at “File”
    I’ve uninstall the game 5 times and reset my HD but the same message
    I really love this game, i got a premium and i cant play =/ If someone can
    help me i really appreciate it …
    Congratulations for your 200k Sub continue , Frenchies love your Vid dude
    😉 PEACE.
    Sorry for my bad english i’m French.

  64. Perfect example why tier8 light tanks need nerf to their guns and hp. Very
    overpowered outmatch most tier 8 medium tanks.

  65. Look at that T95 on the minimap at around 5:00 How is he so fast?

  66. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    ´´Criteria – EXP, DMG and Kills.´´, Sure

  67. Mixed feelings about this replay. Good job on outplaying enemies and
    defending arty, but if he actually did what lights should do at start,
    first scout wouldn’t even come close, other scouts most likely would be
    killed before they kill arty and that side wouldn’t fall that fast. For me
    it looks like he has seen stats and decided to play for special medals/more
    damage and kills.

    It’s good, but I wouldn’t consider this because it shows poor play at start.
    Your contest, your rules/choice.

  68. what a fucking gold spammer

  69. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum

    lel, Fires APCR at arty…Well paid. 

  70. Someone tell me a moneymaker tank (not premium pls)

  71. Well played but spoilt by the fact that he was spamming premium the whole

  72. Sigh, i got 2,3 k damage with my tier 6 med and 3,5k damage on my stock
    only HE gun, and 8 kills plus 1,2k damge in my hetzer, but ill never be
    close, i mean im happy that i got it, as i am a statisticly Orange player,
    but its sad as i got unicum games, and then too have them be crushed by
    People playing this game as their life, i mean seriously, 47k games, dont
    you have a job. Its sad to have no chance whatsoever to win. Id rather have
    a lottery system with replays Who have specific requirements, so everyone
    has a chance, but that will never happen anyway :/

  73. Placing himself in fron of the artilery was very stupid. The IS-3 would
    kill him 50% of the time and with the reload time of the arti, he would
    then finish the arti easily and the game would be lost. It was great to
    protect arti early game but at that point it was stupid.

  74. Very good choice QB. You should show the fans some thinking players, it was
    not just about the skill and concentration, but also there was a bit of
    luck and making the best out of very bad situation when you are alone
    against four enemy tanks. But also I believe that some red player would not
    have any chance of making this replay real as red players do not really
    understand how to move over the map. This one really knows where to go and
    how to flank the enemies well.

  75. That player did not deserve 6k gold for that game. That guy is so lucky to
    get that much gold. If anything I would say he deserved 300 gold. I’m on US
    server so there’s nothing I can do. Besides that set up for destroying the
    buildings didn’t accomplish anything. He did have the right idea to protect
    arty but he should have been paying attention to the map more if that was
    the case. You only get 1-5k gold on best replays of the week but this guy
    did not have a good replay. QB only gave it to him because this guy had a
    “plan”. Anybody could have put a video like this together willy nilly.
    Let’s see who gets the type 59 for a ridiculous replay like this video.

  76. Perhaps the WZ-132 hasn’t been made old hat by the new tier VIII lights,
    but the same can’t be said of the WZ-131 which is simply out-classed by the
    new tier VII lights: this is compounded by the new VIII lights, and
    increased number of players using lights (at least in the short term).

  77. Why should everyone consider a light tank as a scout? His strategy was
    sound and he let his team members know what he was doing, top tactics,
    great exploitation of them too!

  78. Wow all u guys are just ungrateful bastards to what quickybaby has done….

  79. Who cares about ammo types??? Why is it worse to fire APCR???

  80. Excellent counterscouting. Right out of Tazilon’s playbook.

  81. There is a very good reason, why the WZ-132 will receive a buff in the 9.6
    patch – the RU 251 is simply outclassing it in every way in the current

  82. that magic armor when you are alone vs 5 makes you bounce even nukes

  83. I would like to see the in-game comments of this game, anyone else?

  84. Love how he always features players that are 50 percent or higher and also
    they always use gold rounds

  85. WZ is redundant now. It’s not bad, but all of the new light tanks + 13 90
    beat it.

  86. Great Job Bakachon, Congrats.

  87. Another great video quicky. Learned a few things about the wz131 also. Just
    watching your videos has made me a much better tanker. Making my avg wn8 go
    from a 1500 to a2400 in my last 1 k battles….. i especially love pening
    ferdinands with my kv5 every shot now cus of those hull cheeks. Keep it up
    ……. oh and is alpha and avg the same thing in europe? Because in merica
    its avg dmg per shot and alpha is the highest u can roll

  88. Of course none of the contests were held in NA .-. I need to find an
    american or canadian World of Tanks youtuber,

  89. I’m getting to the high tier Soviet Mediums through the light tank line,
    and am presently on the LTTB. One major complaint I have with the LTTB is
    that the gun depression is unrealistically terrible, and that also the
    damage on the top 85mm is unrealistic.

    This tank should, in theory, at least with the T-34-85’s gun, have the same
    amount of gun depression that the T-34-85 has because the LTTB uses the
    T-34-85s turret. However, it gets -3 deg. depression, which basically in
    itself makes it not competitive with the other tier 7 lights, simply cos
    you cant point the gun down enough to work even the smallest of slopes.

    Also, I am dissapointed that with the top gun, that the alpha damage is not
    more than 200 points. I say this because that the german 88mm guns, which
    are only 3mm more in caliber, have 240 whilst the LTTB only has 180 with
    the 85mm.

    I really think that WG should make the tanks they introduce compare more
    realistically to their competitors.

  90. Great replay! I always like replays shown when someone actually makes a

  91. too many whine asses complain about premium ammo….instead of bitching
    about it, load some up yourself

  92. This replay is mine and it´s surely not my best one but the best one since
    the release of version 9.5 in terms of “damage, experience and kills”. I
    read all comments below and I wanted to reply to some of them that annoyed

    1. A scout should spot and shouldn´t camp at the base

    Generally, I would agree. But it all depends on the map, on the mm and on
    the developement of the battle. On wide and open maps I always go out and
    spot. But on this map I think that early spots are not the priority. It is
    more important to provide an overview over the whole map because most or
    even all tanks choose the way either thru the north or the east. They
    neglect the covering of the center. It´s similar on the map “Northwest”.
    The result is that some lucky rushers can reach the artys and base without
    getting spotted, the artys get easily killed and nobody feels himself
    responsible to decap/destroy the scout that has broken thru. I personally
    hate those kind of losses.

    So I destroyed the houses in the cap circle not only for the case that an
    enemy cap but also to be able to observe who is going where. I hoped that a
    med would cover the center or that the T-95 would defend the base but they
    didn´t. If I had a T-95 in my back I maybe would have gone to the spotting
    place at F6. And as there were more scouts in the enemy´s team, especially
    a 1390 that can kill a WZ-132 within a few seconds, the risk of an
    aggressive scouting was too high.

    I want to ask those guys who argue indifferently that a scout should ALWAYS
    go out and spot quickly what would have happend if I didn´t “camp” at the

    2. Autoaim

    As many others already wrote autoaim is very helpful for scouts. And I use
    it only on scouts. Those guys who claim that autoaim is only something that
    noobs use maybe haven´t played a scout yet or are bad “tunnel visioning”
    scout players.

    3. Premium Ammo

    I switched to APCR against the IS-3 and even then I bounced one shot. If
    you are the last tank you have to be sure that evry shot counts. If the
    WZ-132 would have had HEAT as premium ammo I wouldn´t have loaded them
    because HEAT plus autoaim can easily lead to a desaster, only hitting the
    spaced armor at the tracks.

    Secondly, I didn´t know where the E-75 was so I loaded APCR shells for the
    case I spot him first. To be honest, I didn´t expect both artys in that
    quite middle area and with hindside I did well not to engage the T-95
    first. OK, I admit that I could have switched to AP shells when I was
    engaging both artys. But especially in scouts you don´t want to loose speed
    by pushing “2” twice with your middle finger. Maybe I should place other
    keys for the shells?

    And as the WZ-132 very often meets tier X battles you really need a 50:50
    dispersion of normal and premium rounds if you want to do some damage
    besides the spotting. I could accumulate quite a lot of credits in the
    early years when artys didn´t get nerved yet. They were absolutely OP in
    that time and they were great money makers, too. So I don´t have to worry a
    lot about using too many premium shells.

    4. “Sacrifying” myself against the IS-3

    In that moment when the IS-3 got to our artys I had no map awareness
    because I looked at the list of the remaining tanks. I saw that all enemy´s
    top tiers were still alive and I didn´t know that the E-75 was on oneshot.
    So I thought I cannot win this battle without the help of at least one
    arty. And ofcause I would have been dead if the IS-3 penetrated my turret
    (instead of shooting at the arty) but the turret of the WZ-132 sometimes
    bounces shots like the turret of a Type 59. You surely need a lot of luck
    but it is not impossible.

    5. Conclusion

    All-in-all, I made my experience that too many guys on WoT only think about
    how to attack and neglect the defense of the base. There are many maps like
    Erlenberg, Severogorsk or Live Oaks on which defending base is by far
    easier than attacking. How often do I see noobs that run away when one
    flank is lost and go to attack enemy´s base on the other flank but then
    getting raped without even spotting the enemy? If more guys learn how to
    defend effectively this game would get by far more interesting. You don´t
    have to camp at base, you only have to get back to base in time.

    Finally, I want to thank QB very much for choosing my replay by honoring my
    defensive play. And I also want to thank all guys who complimented my
    replay. Thank you very much.

  93. He didn`t deserve it 🙁 I`ll be very sad if my replays will not take place
    2 or 1 :|

  94. Only an idiot would class this as camping. Bakachon had a strategy,
    something 90% of players of this game don’t have any concept of. He then
    implemented that strategy, and with smart, ballsy gameplay got the results
    he set out to, and then some. A damn good game, by a damn good player.

  95. Are u going to do a review of the panther 8.8?

  96. bravo !! very very beautiful game !

  97. More gold please? Rather disappointing replay, more luck and defensive play
    than much else. Watching aggressive players do well is always better. Let
    down. :/

  98. best strategy game i ever see
    just perfect
    great play for him

  99. WZ-132 does still have a niche, it’s easily the most mobile tier 8 light
    (the soft stats and track traverse just run rings around the RU 251)
    although the DPM is now really lacking (even with the 85mm unless you can
    find a WaffenTraeger to put HE into, I always carry 7 85mm HE shots on my
    131 and 132)

  100. did i just watch a base camper firing premium ammo get a reward for that

  101. Nothing special i think… camp or basecamp with light tank like all noob
    blue-purple statpadder and in the end finally move and got 4 easy kills. I
    should start play like him too but really i can’t stop my tank if it is so
    fast. And stop say he was right because light’s camo is good or try to load
    ap on your arty and play like td.. have fun

  102. you are happy to have 200k subscribers and give away some presents – sounds
    good to me, but how do you do this? people have to send in the most damage,
    xp, … looks like every time: just the best of the best of the elite
    players (who already have all the good stuff) do have a chance to get gold
    or tanks. makes no sense. 

  103. you know whats happen now?
    QB said: “its realy important to protect the arty on this map” because of
    this, every little scout will camp at the back of this map… ^^

  104. Brains like this guy’s can’t be found with many scout players, sadly.

  105. I do the same, destroying buildings, especially on airfield. Was a decisive
    decision for multiple games.

  106. 6000 golds well deserved

  107. Yes he could of done this or that better, sure. But holy hell that was a
    great game. I wouldn’t care if all of the shells in the tank were APCR.
    This video highlights the strategy, which the gold rounds had absolutely
    nothing to do with.
    GG Bakacon.

  108. maybe 2 competitions : players with premshitamo and players without ??

    i dont want to see these goldspamers anymore ….byebye abo byebye QB !

    today my first pool meda,l i like watchng your chanel. best wishes to you
    and your country and also to Peppy. good luck

  110. At 6:40 he is behind the IS-3, who is not even paying attention to him, and
    he takes a shot at an absurd angle INTO HIS SIDE! I mean WTF?! YOU HAD HIS
    ASS RIGHT THERE! This shot cost arty his life. This was really such a fail
    considering his original plan was to protect arty… To add insult he let
    that IS-3 get there unnoticed in the first place.
    Also another FAIL – he wanted to take the shot for the arty, to protect him
    with his own tank. THAT’S STUPID. Arty would’ve no chance of winning this
    game without him, and the IS-3 could have easily one-shoted him at this
    point. He should have let the arty take the fall and finish the IS-3,
    that’d be the smart thing to do.
    If QB is going to award players who had a “plan” and then FAIL AT IT
    MISERABLY, then yeah, no comment…

  111. Wow some bitter people in the comments, I mean that map sucks for anything
    lightly armoured it’s just basically a few corridors between the two caps
    with very few long range sight lines or anywhere to use camo or anywhere to
    flank. It’s heavy tank brawling heaven. Yet you get a guy in a tier 8 light
    tank who gets a Radleys, Kolobanovs, 5k damage and carries the game in a
    tier 8 light tank. Would you guys have been more content if he’d done that
    in a tier 9 medium? Who cares if hes using premium, he had to face down
    tier 8/9 heavy tanks frontally in engagements that massively favour those
    heavies, and his gold only has 244 pen, which is still worse than most tier
    9s have anyway. and his 181 pen standard ammo is worse than most tier 8
    mediums who get better MM than than a tier 8 light.

    Also in before “it’s a light tank you must flank noob”, yeh good luck with
    that in a brawling corridor map where your team has somehow managed to fail
    despite having two extra tier 9 tanks. 

  112. Very nice replay. I think I have learned something today :-).

  113. Even while I like it and had many good matches in 132, I still sold it. It
    simply cannot compete with new ones. For the same type low profile and
    mobility T-54 lt is far superior. Even LTTB is competitive with 132 and
    lower tier.

    Also Bulldog as DPM monster, T-49 too can do serious damage. Ru-251 has far
    better top speed and can re-locate much faster.

    132 does have a nice gun and nice mobility, but others are even better. If
    132 has an advantage it may be MM. I seem to get far more tier 10 and 9
    matches in Ru-251 and T-49. It is possible that 132 works well simply
    because it has more tier 8 matches. Could be just my imagination.

  114. TheRolling DoodzMC

    This is not worth of third place …
    And i dont like it how you said that send your best replays in , which
    means that basically just geeks with ALOT of battles and Awesome stats have
    chance to get third place or second or even first ..

  115. Only luck, 0 skill, next retard that has nothing than luck! Who did he even
    managed to get the tank? He must have 5k battles to get the tank, what a
    dougebag -.-

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