World of Tanks || WZ-132 – Firecracker

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Check out Ilikus77 rocking the absolute firecracker of a the recently buffed T8 light the .

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a game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. what a game

  2. Quickly you gonna do a replay contest for 250k subs?

  3. Finally!

  4. Chinese lt worth the grind?!

  5. What a flawless game…

  6. When do u all thing 9.7 will be out

  7. Cap noobs at work = free xp + credits

  8. Goddam wallet warriors and their game-saving automatic fire extinguishers!

  9. Alexandru Finichiu

    Where is th mastery badge?

  10. hi, what is your name in wot ?

  11. Why still cap in that situation, leave the cap and stop telling the enemy
    your position and then kill him by working togheter.

  12. RU has less traverse and little armor. But whatever light tanks you play,
    if any, suits your style. 

  13. I love my WZ132 but look at the T54lite its a WZ 132 with armour and more
    health and appears to behave just the same with a little less pen :/

  14. Ikkyu Blackwater

    Well played indeed, still, all those snapshots… I can bet that in an
    exact same situation at least half of my shots would either miss, bounce or
    just do no damage.

  15. just be CALM

  16. tomatos

  17. I still don’t get the way they calculate the XP earned. That was “only” a
    1900 base XP game. I can’t remember the game where I got 2500 base XP with
    my Caernarvon which was my first T8 tank I ever had, but it’s still
    displayed n my service record as the highest base XP I’ve ever got.

  18. Anyone realize he is firing all gold

  19. EfficiencyBestMetric

    Not to take anything away from QB or Ilikus’s replay, but it seems QB is
    chatting up stat padders..

  20. the only thing i wish to say about this replay is that even if he was in a
    light tank i think having a third of your ammo load as premium ammo is too
    much, i think that 10 rounds would be enough instead of 16.

    But hey i’m not a unicorn player so what can i say if that the “meta” of
    wot then so be it but kinda sad in my opinion.

  21. Ilikus77 showed how you SHOULD handle the cap on Steppes encounter; you
    should stay up on the ridge and spot the oncoming enemies while only one
    person caps. His team, as well as the T30 and the T29, showed what NOT to
    do; sit down in the cap where you can’t see shit, and getting shot from

  22. aha might sounds noobish of me but why didnt he get type of mastery badge?

  23. Fernando Santacruz

    he didnt get a “M” medal, what’s up World of Tanks??

  24. What a great replay

  25. 1 of the best replays on this channel ever. This manouver against isu – so
    fuckin good.

  26. Ah, ah, ah, quicky- he only made a profit of ~20k. Remember that premium
    extinguisher ;). He must have had a few leftover extinguishers in his
    garage, so it didn’t charge him silver to resupply.

  27. Your modpack is not working for me and the modpack under the video of the
    last does neither. Can anyone help me?
    every time I start the game with modpack it is just crashing :(

  28. Just gonna say that in terms of stats the RU 251 is better than the WZ-132
    in every way except armour and alpha damage (WZ gets 10 more avg dmg),
    including camo rating.

  29. gg, Love this little tank :)

  30. well qb i have been waiting for this and finally caught you taking bs. wz
    has the third worst camo of all tier8 scouts only getting passed by t49 and
    t54 lightweight. there isn’t anything else better in it than other scouts.
    it is even worse wn8 booster as it is played by better players mostly.

  31. Congrats on 241,507 subs!

  32. Pffffffff 54.600 WN8 … sure. :3

  33. My thought. The last 2 enemies in cap circle were bad players. They focused
    on where he was last. They should have known he would be coming from a new
    direction and changed their focus. Actually if I had been in there I would
    have left the cap circle and found a more defensible position. Either get
    him as he comes after me or get him when he caps. Oh and the arty. What was
    he thinking? Sitting up on the rail like that? I would have been moving up
    north for sure. Make him chase you! He would have either broken the chase
    off because he was out of time and had to go back and reset cap or
    continued the chase and lost because time ran out on cap.

  34. Classic violet stet pedder gameplay

  35. The WZ, tank it self is still weaker then the German RU-251. Just the Camo
    rating and the traverse speed on the turret and tracks

  36. Chinese voices are cool.

  37. I feel that this tank is one of the strongest tier 8 light tanks in the
    game because unlike something like the amx 13 90 or the t49 its gun is not
    purely situational meaning in random games it tends to be a better choice.
    It is not popular in competitive because in those games there tends to
    already be some kind of strategy that requires something like a 13 90.

  38. I can say only one thing: WOW!

  39. I don’t know if you have ever showed us a game that is played by a worse
    player than with 64% winrate

  40. The CookieMeister

    Ya know, whenever i see these clips it make me want to go play WoT. Then i
    remember i have to play a VK 45 02 A. 

  41. 5 pound lessons????

  42. I’ve got this tank for a long time and it never has disappointed me ! Very
    efficient, even before its buff !
    Vgj btw for this replay !

  43. Damn unicum cheater replay

  44. CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1

    how do you use free camera in a replay???
    help please

  45. illuminati confirmed, 666 damage recieved

  46. f u google no real name

    after the buff the Ru251 is still better. better dpm, better gun handling
    and better camo.

  47. hab den auch seit langem aber schon vor jahren mit aufgehört mit dem zu
    er spielte sich damals eigendlich nur wie ein langsamer nicht wirklich
    wendiger med und die gun war viel zu ungenau und treffen wärend man fährt
    war eh kaum wirklich machbar und der reload war auch nicht wirklich
    ausreichend,schon gar nicht wenn man die große gun drauf hatte und mit der
    kleineren gun brauchte man teiweise bis zu 3 schuss um nen t8-t10 ketten zu
    können,sowas ist natürlich hoffnungslos und mit der kleinen gun um die 5
    sek. reload lol das ist müll und mit der großen lag er damals bei 7-8sek. .
    der wz-131 war im gegensatz zum wz-132 richtig geil zu spielen,gute gun und
    super wendig aber etwas zu langsam in top speed von max. 60kmh,denn sowas
    haben meds ja fast schon.
    kann mir jemand sagen was genau der wz-132 an verbesserungen erhalten hat?
    wenn man was davon merkt würd ich den gern mal wieder fahren wollen,und
    auch seinen kleinen bruder.
    danke schon mal..

  48. Bout time you got a new intro :P

  49. What do you think about the “skill cap” in this game?

    In my opinion, 1 v 2, no matter the player skill difference, the “2”
    will win in most cases, due to dpm and health factors (they can just bum
    rush you and win with their hp). In many other games a very skilled player
    can take on a small crowd of “noobs” and come out on top most of the time
    (games where you can kill the enemy really fast like in Counter Strike,
    CoD, Robocraft, WarThunder…)
    Obviously different vehicles have different “skill caps”, but over all,
    just how “good” can you get? Just how many “1k WN8 players” could the best
    WoT player (or a strong AI) take on?

  50. Congrats on 200’000 subs!
    Great video!

  51. In my opinion The Ru-251 and T54 light are still much better

  52. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    Späpanzer > AMX 13 90 > WZ-132 > T-54 lt. > T49

  53. Nemanja Radisavljevic

    Congrets to you and Peppy on your wedding! 😀 Wish you love as strong as
    the one you feel to each other to the rest of days! :D

  54. great game :)

  55. I still do not get why people don’t use the 85mm on the 132, it’s got a
    monster DPM, it’s more accurate, has less dispersion on the move but has
    also less aiming time, while the pen is more than acceptable for flanking.

  56. Apart from campaigns and strongholds, I do not see a use of the lights in
    this game. A T-54 could have done this as well and so much more even.
    Lights are used for statpadding and statpadding only IMO! (And for the
    missions ofc)

  57. He recived 666 damage…

  58. You know that feeling, when you have all the facts about how to play and
    when it gets to the battle, you play like tomato ? 😀 Sometimes my
    palm-face case

  59. Sreng Sophearoth

    Nice tank and nice videos baby

  60. olivier chiasson

    The Wz-132 is a realy good t8 scout,but i still prefer the RU 251 for the
    mobility and the DPM…and for the look

  61. I would really love to get some Chinese tanks, but the grind on the M5A1 is
    too painful… Almost completed the M5 for the Chaffee, but I was sweating
    blood and tears… It is HORRIBLE!!

  62. ARNAS!!

  63. I asked you to redo/revisit some tanks and do more tank reviews !just
    yesterday, QB; Thank you. We want MORE!!!!!

  64. Hey guys, just unlocked the M41 Bulldog so I can do light tank missions. Is
    this a good choice to do so or will another tank be better? Thanks. 

  65. I love this tank, but I would love to see some 13 90 action to compare and
    the ru251, I don’t call the t49 as we all know that’s a great tank with a
    Derp :-P

  66. Love the videos Quick! I have to buy this little gem back now!

  67. pls change your intro ! this comet is getting freaking old now !

  68. Sure, 54k WN8, sounds legit xD GG to this guy

  69. Hey QuickyBaby, I need some help for the personal missions: I need arty in
    platoon that does at least 1000 damage. so if you want to help me please
    add me: baratenaffe

  70. You are wrong actually, Spähpanzer has the best camo rating of all tier 8
    light tanks…

  71. AWESOME! Just got this beast of a machine and now working my way onto the
    top gun. Love it already! Thanks for the video, teaches a lot :)

  72. spiritofthewolf15x

    What is the better brawler tank line that comes off the t-34?

  73. Good player + good tank = Annihilation.

  74. Just started playing the chinese line and loving it, both the M5A1 Stuart
    and Type T-34 are a blast to play, great flankers. I tend to find myself on
    top with damage done more often then not (even in tier 6 games). 

  75. Ale CALMák 😀 gj ..

  76. I made it to the 301 under club :D

  77. ”like the amx 90 he dosen’t get an autoloader”.



  79. Seems like I am way luckier with fire than this dude. I got over 400 games
    in the WZ-132 and sth like 4x I burned. 

  80. the RU actually has better camo ru only has a bit worse armour in
    comparison to the WZ

  81. You plan on playing AW or is WG telling you to not talk about it?

  82. what? no munie? hieer suk a cok!

  83. Type 59 100mm has 181mm penetration…
    WZ-132 100mm gun is better with 189mm or so penetration.

    that is, why, if you grind up to the WZ-120, you should go down the light
    route. gives you an intermediate gun, that is not all that terrible 🙂
    not needed if you go down the heavies aswell though (110s 100mm is 3rd gun
    option on WZ-120)

  84. I do not get the name of the video, why “firecrackers”?

  85. I think thé wz tanknis Nice with that rate of fire and dmp i also thinks
    its a Nice tank AS a spotter. Nice video!

  86. Hey QB. Is it possible to unban the twitch account dj_j0shwa from your
    twitch? I believe that I’ve been banned (without warning) for using caps
    for the phrase ‘SUB HYPE’ like Circon says when someone subscribes to him.
    It would be much appreciated :)

  87. Awesome video, I love your all videos!!!
    I wish to have that awesome content like you do…
    Love it, just create more :D

  88. 3d comment. and btw 8 mins and over 301 views *foreveralone*

  89. 3rd comment!!

  90. GG QB! :)

  91. Nice video

  92. Først comment

  93. I hope you enjoy Ilikus77 carrying the game hard in his WZ-132, this
    machine is my favourite tool for completeing the pure scout missions of the
    personal set!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

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