World of Tanks – WZ 5A Comfort Tank

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Source: Anfield


  1. Upload the 113 and 5A games Kappa

  2. OP = comfort
    Or the other way around?

  3. What happened to your face, you look like a 5 year old kid

  4. 7.5k dmg, 2nd class… oh boy…

  5. watched the full video 😀

  6. 5A seems better than the IS-7 in the things that matter

  7. It's not what you think

    Can you make a video on what makes a good carry tank.

  8. 7400 plus 1000 assist and only 2nd class !

  9. your a cunt but a damn good tanker

  10. New hair cut?

  11. team damage always rolls high :/

  12. When you say you didnt set wotnumbers up properly and it combined the last two battles, do you mean when you start it up after already playing a few games, theres a way to set it up so it doesnt do that?

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