World of Tanks – You Had ONE Job!

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Source: The Mighty

In which Circonflexes takes a shot at playing the best ever game in the AT-15A.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Started laughing as soon as I saw the title.

  2. i would love to be as fluid in my World Of Tanks gameplay as Circonflexes… I seem to do alright, but only for my team, not for my own service record. haha!

  3. That FPS tho

  4. his reaction was pure gold

  5. Never knew you could see those kind of stats in the website.

    Anyway.I think Circon just did more damage than his entire team combined.

  6. How many Hungarians and Polaks in the team??? That might explain a lot.

  7. *18-15A*

  8. Michael Brekkestran

    Jingles pulling heartache from the jaws of elation. Lol

  9. He will probably do 6k average damage in the Churchill GC

  10. Oh… So he did sent it to you

  11. Great vid jingles!

  12. Despite it being poorly regarded, I still love my AT 15A. I scored 4,995 damage in it maaaaany patches ago, but I can acknowledge that it does have buckets of weaknesses. Also my good game was pre-Godzilla tank era, so the meta has become less than kind to the old girl.

  13. I remember watching this on his YouTube upload xD He opened up with “Do you know da way?”

  14. Kristians Kažmers

    There’s actually a new record now. Someone managed to get 6481damage on Siegfried line.

  15. im in school

  16. Well that’s nice and realistic then. Tracks and wheels are just that tough in real life.

  17. Really good job commentating this video, Jingles. I saw Circon’s original vid and wasn’t sure what else could be brought to the table, but your coverage was excellent and original.

  18. If you set the speed on Jingles’ videos to 1.25 he sounds like a normal person^^

  19. What about Eeti and his 6481 dmg game from about a year ago?

  20. circon knows de wey.

  21. I was about to go to slee– oh wait its still afternoon here in the Philippines that means I could still watch Jingle’s videos with no harmful side effects. hahaha

  22. He knows da wae!

  23. I had a dream jingles was my grandad
    not sure how to interpret this.

  24. That M4 45 is really helping in the battle chat.

  25. Experience: 8008

    Heheh. Boob.

  26. how about doing a HWK 12 replay , i just got it so i want to know how to play it

  27. This reminds me of Stug IV; You complete entire set of missions to get Stug IV as a reward. And then you find out it is in every aspect worse than Stug IIIG you have in tech tree. Yes, IV does have preferential MM, but low pen gun, low alpha, no armor and slow… A reward worse than what you have in the game! Geez!

    • Well, really overall the StuG IV is only the tiniest, tiniest bit worse than the StuG III G. It has less pen and damage, but a higher DPM. Has worse HP/T ratio, but much better terrain resistances, and also better ability for long range sniping with a much better radio range than the StuG III G. Plus of course the spaced armour on the sides can help against HEAT ammunition in a small capacity. And the +1 matchmaking makes up the difference with the StuG III G, making it just fine for the tanks it will meet.
      In the end though, the StuG IV missions aren’t necessarily about the StuG IV itself. It’s about the millions of credits, the five female crew members and the premium consumables you get from doing all those missions. All of that alone is worth the hard work in completing the missions, the StuG IV is just a small prize at the end, but more importantly getting the StuG IV allows you to get to the T28 HTC and beyond.
      Think about the other benefits instead of fixating on a tiny, tiny, tiny issue.

  28. One HE shot into the tracks of kv3 ???

  29. daaaamn circon!!!! That dude always makes it look so easy to play WoT. good job sir!

  30. 1:37 what a strange sound. Is that Boo or Rita?

  31. Hey jungles what is the mater with ur Mike ur voice is going quite and then loud eny one else or is it just me

  32. If you watched Circons vid of it – which is just the livestream cut and uploaded as is – you’d have seen that Wargaming also thought the match was something special as Circon got a notification to upload/submit his match as it was amazing.
    Never heard of WG doing that.

    • The only reason Wargaming would have done that is because Circon happened to be on stream, and also in Wargaming’s content creator program. So basically only because Circon is covering his ass.

  33. Abrams you should be ashamed for not carrying hard enough, you let your team down

  34. The AT15A is the bets machine in the game.

  35. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    what if the vk didint have fire extinguisher or repair kit because the tank/turret/gun cost made him to be out of money (yes happened to me)

  36. The question is : is the game fun ? or the players play this game only to have a nice game and be on youtube? Is it fun to play an armored tank ? How is the Tier 10 game looks like? They still forces you to play with premium tanks or to play in lover tiers to farm for credits? How fast can you “level” up without premium time? Is the game pay to win directly or inderectly?

    • slow level up, you do still need to farm for cash to play tier 10 and, most importantly: the learning curve is steep as hell so it’s not fun until the magical click occurrs and you finally get how to play. (no tutorial and people will farm you more than help you)

  37. I think that WG are getting better but they still treat the British tank lines miserably. Why is that ammo so bloody expensive? There is no justification for it.

  38. Circon is so used to firing APCR rounds that can can’t even lead the P rounds on the Jumbo correctly. Those were some easy shots he messed up because he’s a gold slinger.

    • How I read your comment: *boo hoo hoo* I’m terrible at this game *boo hoo hoo* couldn’t get this result if I played for 20 years *boo hoo hoo* may as well call him a gold noob to compensate for my lack of skill

  39. Meanwhile in armored warfare: been queuing the whole time this vid played. Still no match.

    Thats Armored Warfare off-peak for you.

  40. It’s always just amazing watching Circon’s gameplay because it seems rather quite effortless and he makes it look rather easy.

  41. ralroost einsnulldrei

    World of why I uninstalled.

  42. After Circon sees this video…2 hours later…a new email for Jingles.

  43. 30 gold rounds -_- thought Circon was better than this

  44. I don’t have a problem penning the O-I with the 17 pounder, I also don’t fire Prem ammo

  45. Laying sick at home. What to do all day?
    Watch every video Jingles uploaded in the last 3 month you said?
    Challange accepted.

  46. Everyone else is going “oh Circon you’re amazing how do you do it” and Jingles is the only one to say “you suck Circon lul”
    Jingles, please don’t ever change

  47. @11:15 boob exp =d

  48. if you compare it with the highest damage game. that game had almost double the amount of tier 7 tanks than in Circ game. So more that likely a bigger hitpool available, with only 1 tier 7 TD on the enemy team, rest being heavies. Circ get my respect.

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