World of Tanks – You May Fire When Ready

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The Death Star on the Mannerheim Line? A Finnish fortification built to defend against the Russians by a Finnish Field Marshall with a -sounding name who was actually Swedish.

History is hard.

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  1. you forgot to mention that prior to WWII, Mannerheim made a career in the Imperial Russian Army, rising to the rank of lieutenant general. He also had a prominent place in the ceremonies for Tsar Nicholas II’s coronation. he really got around

  2. Oh, Jingles, German Tanks were well present at the Mannerheim line, The Germans lent a bunch of StuGs and Pzkpfw III and IVs to finland to use against Russia in the Winter and Continuation wars, thus the knocked out Pzkpfw IV on the map

  3. …not normal,… un-normal (say ot with me Jingles) ABBY NORMAL! Give Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder their due. 🙂

  4. What matters is that Mannerheim killed thousands of leftist radicals and thwarted their uprising in 1918 securing the democracy in Finland

  5. I suspect the 212 had run out of ammo and suicided. It carries a tiny amount of ammunition.

  6. I thought the Carl Gustav was a recoiless rifle?
    I probably spelled that wrong.

  7. Wargaming: “212A has been overturned.”
    Junassa: JUSTICE!!!!!!!!

  8. Edward Izquierdo

    The ending… Jesus. A turducken of irony. XD

  9. Ya’know Mr Jingles,… The Mannerheim was rather close to Leningrad. or St Petersburg as its called these days, and thus german tanks have been known to have been within a 1000 miles to the mannerheim line. Just saying, and afterall, this is a wargaming game, the russians have something with germans after 2 invasions in 2 worldwars. And the finnish sorta were being helped by ze germans, as were the russians at the time by the secret research agreements on tank technology, so its not that far fetched to see a german tank in finland.

  10. Jingles, the Finns operated Panzer IVs. Not in the Winter War, but as the Mannerheim line shifted into Soviet hands during the Karelian Offensive it’s not impossible to see a Panzer IV there. Also, Mannerheim was born in Askainen, Finland when it was in the Russian Empire as the Grand Duchy of Finland. His ancestor was from Germany and emigrated to what was the Swedish Empire, which later became part of the Russian Empire and then finally Finland. Now that we’ve toured Europe, let’s all go to Moscow and pick up some vodka while we’re at it.

  11. Hey Jingles, I think Germany sold some tanks to Finland in order to fight the Russians.

    … Jingles?

  12. eeeh…11 shots fired,11 hits and 11 PENETRATED?????? the first shot-on the löwe????? didnt pen as far as i coud se

  13. You didn’t mention it, but that “Ghost shell” at the lowe hit the Caernarvon.

  14. wish i got this tank while it was still available

  15. I seem to crash 2-3 times a night since patch 1 came out. I like the stuff they added in, id just rather have 0 crashes.

  16. LieutenantGibGib


  17. Arty is cancer

  18. fun fact at the end there made the video for me. more of those please.

  19. It’s not a rocket launcher, it is a recoilless rifle

  20. Progetto are new Polish Prem… There was a marathon to get free tier 8 Polish that’s why so many Progettos are in the game! You should do some gameplays of that tank..

  21. You can tell which WOT youtuber is the best by their sub counts lmao! Poor QuickyBaiby

  22. Jingles. I love watching and listening to you. So chilled out. I wish you were my grand pop. Don’t get offended, you’re old and I don’t have grandparents anymore. I watch you when I’m going to bed. I get to watch what I like, and her a cool chilled out dude.

  23. its not a rocket launcher, its a recoiless rifle

  24. The Schadenfreude is strong with this one.

  25. Worldwar Tanker

    I haven’t seen a T-29 replay in a long time

  26. Good video Jingles, I liked the brief history lesson at the end.   thank you for sharing.    Matt C

  27. GabeTheDespot E-1

    Thanks for the great birthday video, keep it up!

  28. Hes stunned again !! WooWoo Hes Stunned again !!

  29. if jingles ever dies I will kill myself cuz I can’t live without him ;-;

  30. Nice lil history lesson

  31. Probably because the Finns sided with the Nazis. And, well, let’s face it, the Finns kicked Ruskie ass during The Winter’s War before WW2 proper kicked off.

  32. favorite tank, best tank.

  33. Since I was 11 years old, it is literally impossible for me to read that phrase without hearing Peter Cushing’s voice in my head. 🙂

  34. I love his full of life laughing. 🙂

  35. Sorry, Jingles, not entertained. I don’t understand how when arty could fire from concealment and one-shot a heavy tank, that was unfair and had to be nerfed, but we have tank destroyers that can just load a premium round and auto-delete most any tank they encounter, from concealment, regardless of armor, and that’s a solid game mechanic that’s working as intended. Something seems broken there, like Wargaming’s logic. Sure, I’d be impressed if he took that tank and had that result with standard ammo, but 183mm HESH is the epitome of pay-to-win. You didn’t mention that even with earning a Radley-Walters, an Ace Tanker, and doing over 10K damage, it still cost him nearly 100K credits to repair and reload. Oh, wait, the logic isn’t broken. Arty players weren’t spamming premium rounds and making WG tons of money. But now, arty players can shoot premium rounds to boost their nerfed damage. It’s “working as intended” as long as it’s a financial success, never mind any adverse effects on gameplay or enjoyment. It’s tons of fun to be on the receiving end of those HESH rounds, too, when you’re trying to grind your way through the Caernarvon, or the Tiger II. A real blast.

  36. TemporaryINTER135

    Schadenfreude’s Gnome.

  37. “ahem” actually jingles the finns did have 15 panzer 4s in the their arsenal delievered to them in 1944 even if they are ausf js and not the ausf h as depicted. here is my source,

  38. There’s a great Finnish movie (English subtitles) about the find trying to defend against the Russians, has them using stuggs to nock out is1s and kv2s which they then repair and use against the Russians. It’s on YouTube if anyone wants to look for it.

  39. Yay! History with Jingles!

  40. The germans did send aid to the fins.  Germany also sent fighter planes with pilots (volunteers).  The amount of aid was substantial. (the fins were quite desperate for help)  They also gave the fins tanks and stugs.

  41. Didn’t Finland used German tanks at the war? That might be the reason.

  42. Holy shit that’s me

  43. as we all know glorious mother russia definately did not fare very very badly fighting the Finns in the winter war, which a knocked out T-34 might imply.

    maybe im reading too much into it but its not hard to see a lot of things WG does in such a light :p

  44. That mod sounds fishy to me. Pretty close to giving an unfair advantage, you could prioritise damaged tanks even though you have never seen them and move on the map accordingly.

  45. The arty over turn so there is justice 🙂

  46. tx evil jingles, love this one!

  47. World of tanks, where killing all 15 sometimes isn’t enough

  48. “M4A1 ravioli” lmao

  49. Nichlas Alenius

    Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim. When you hear Carl Gustaf, how do you not think of Sweden? You know, the country with a king named Carl Gustaf.
    Also, the name Emil is derived from the latin name Aemilius, an old Roman family name. And as you said, the Mannerheim line is in Finland.
    So how you got Germany from that name, is beyond me.

  50. Reaper Gaster Sans

    Jingles, You may not see this, but, honestly, I hope you do. Thank you, You’ve helped me through some tough times, by posting your videos, I’ve been watching them, and even when my days were dark and dreary, just one of your videos brightens my day, thank you so much, this video made me smile, even though I’m going through a breakup with my girlfriend. Anyway, this is all I want to say, thank you so very much for the funny videos, have a great day/night.

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