World of Tanks – You only have so many shells..

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Lol what’s that aim ?

  2. Imagine my shock when I see a 140 in 3-5-7 mm AND no arty, do well…

    • Rng Adept i’ll never get impressed if there’s no arty and 3-5-7 mm in tier 10.. it’s just farming T8 at that point.

    • NKVD Comrade Orion

      140 most balanced tenk in da game blyat

    • 140 isnt even a scary opponent. It can be easily dealt with. Id be more afraid having a 430U or 268v4 in the enemy team. 140 at least can be easily penned even reliably with tier 8s.

  3. Best way to convert the enemy play? Uninstall like I did.

    Fuck WoT and fuck WG.

    Love your vids, Lemming, but WG can eat my ass.

  4. t62a or obj 140 help dont want to grind 400k xp eh help :)))

  5. Linx CastleClash

    He takes very very chancy shots too often… wouldn’t have had a shell problem if he didn’t shoot at obviously autobounce angles or blindly at heavy targets at long range.

    • yeah but i didnt expect for my shells to go away so fast tbh, rip me 😛

    • Linx CastleClash

      Should’ve been looking lol, especially those last 6. I thought what do you mean he’s going to run out… then I saw those just lazy shots.

    • my plan was to track tortoise and get behind him so e75 can put side shot to tortoise, instead the e75 just died for no reason, then i wouldve had enough ammo if my plan worked but i trusted the e75..

    • Linx CastleClash

      Still, you did miss the tortoise point blank and took many chancy shots before hand… but good game anyway

    • Linx CastleClash 1 of the tortoise shots at end was cuz of 200 ping tho so eh. Rip

  6. That’s me ♥
    but eh, RNG missed some really bad shots, for example to that foch twice.. but also 200 ping made me miss easy shot to tortoise but eeeeh screw it 🙁 rip me 😛

    • P. Clodius lel btw, will u ever come to twitch streams of lemming? He doesnt stream YT anymore so..

    • Lfc Maniac all things are possible when one applies oneself

    • P. Clodius then do it u noob :p

    • i know u ping was bad and that made u miss some shots, but wonder why u took so long to flank the tortoise even tho u end up being shot by the udes anyway but again i was not “hired” to be ur arm chair general

    • randomleafy yep i shouldve flanked faster, then e75 wouldve been alive etc, i just wasnt sure if i should do it or not, tbh i cant remember what i was thinking, but it was a mistake for sure. Tbh i was trying to 3 mark the 140, so after battle i was happy with 9k dmg and didnt really care about the loss

  7. Nice vid! Learning more with each video!

  8. tortoise retreats into his shell

  9. around 200 ping. omfg.

  10. I’ve found that if you’re late to the corner in C2 you can use the slope just slightly to the west of where press2 was sitting to get hull down and still have shots on the enemy corner to root them out. I’ve had this work even with 5degrees gun depression. It makes you vulnerable to arty though.

    • I like going there in kranvagn and other hull down tanks but I found out arties love to focus anyone that’s there. Not actually sure how not to get hit by arty on el halluf

  11. Seems like the delay in flanking (around 5:00) was a good play to make sure he dropped spot and could get over to the flanking position without getting rek’d by camping TDs.

    The only real “mistakes” (imo, fwiw) were three or four rushed missed shots. Two in the early part of the game on the ridge and then against the Tortoise. Probably wouldn’t have affected the game regardless, though. Some teams just can’t be carried.

    • yeah i agree but how could i have known after 20 seconds that i will need all 50 shells xD

    • Yeah, don’t get me wrong…my comment was in the ‘hyper-critical’ category. It was mostly a hindsight is 20-20 comment. It wasn’t meant to be dicky, or anything like that. I see your ping comment below. That could definitely explain a couple of the shots that really stood out early in the game. I was thinking, “wow, that was unexpected” when they occurred.

    • AZWings yeah. Ping kinda fked me up, also RNG shots to foch missing 2 or 3 times

  12. Nice video 😉
    Btw, it’s not pronounced “low” but “luuve”

  13. How to turn this into a win? Probably by not playing with 180ms but who knows maybe he has no choice…I for one wouldn’t stand missing shots because of bad ping consistently.

  14. Domagoj Lovosevic

    i would really like if you could link this replay,idk in a reply to this comment or whatever,but yeah a great game and great explanation lemmingrush,tank you and keep up the good work

  15. That’s what happens when there are no arties in the battle, camping TDs ruin game. If there was arty, they would have to move, allowing obj 140 to flank them, and great game would end with the win…

    • Sasa Milic So because the TDs prevented a total loss for their team, the game was ruined; and if there had been arty and the TDs lost, it would have been a good game?

      I’d say if the UDES had put one more shot into Lfc, the TDs would have counted it as a good game.

    • Warren JB, I understand your point, but how much effort those TDs have put to win, compared to Obj140? All they were doing was to camp and shot those that played actively. Didn’t even tried to reach enemy base. They deserved to loose…

    • I disagree. It just becomes a different puzzle to figure out. TDs are going to TD, it’s what they’re designed for, regardless of arty presence/absence. Personally, I’ll take a game with camping TDs over arty any day of the week….and twice on Sundays.

    • xd, you found the one, occasional, late-game situation where arty improves pubs. As opposed to the 95% of situations where they make it massively worse.

    • Arty would have died when the 4202 and 140 reached his base, leaving him in the same exact situation.

  16. Top tier russian med that almost won the game … imagine my shock.

  17. Cancer swedish TD

    • You’d be surprised how difficult it is to work swedish tds on most maps, el halluf in particular. WG does NOT make things easy for tds

  18. by the 15 second mark you have spoiled tthe whole game
    we know that he got 9k dmg and he ran out of shells

    • Wildkur4o Mooo People run out and win still. Plus he never actually runs out

    • i didn’t get your first point and having 2 shells against a half health tortoise and full health udes with a 300 alpha tank is like having no shells at all and is obviously the reason the game was a draw because if he had more shells he is a good player he would have outplayed and probably won.

    • Sure but you didnt know about those two’s condition 15 seconds into the game

  19. Too many rushed shots while he waited I would have flanked

  20. Do you think you could do a video on enhanced equipment because after ranked I have enough bonds and I am extremely confused on which equipment to get for my batchat

  21. arthur probsting

    not repairing his fuel tanks especially when he was at 444 hp could have made him a oneshot (higher probability) for the UDES

    • arthur probsting i have auto fire ext but i didnt wana risk getting a damaged gun or perma tracked etc so i left it

  22. its an udes. they always camp in the back of base all game.

  23. Personally, I would not have gone for the draw. There is just no difference between a loss and a draw so you might as well give the enemy the win rather than securing a loss for everyone. Having said that, if your objective is to secure a loss for the enemy for playing a certain way (Like platooning in Types, artillery focusing you etc) then by all means, go ahead. In pretty much all other aspects this was textbook 140 gameplay, well done.

    • Vidar Höök i rather draw than give those base camping shits a win:p

    • Then that’s fair.

    • Oh also, very nitpicky, but when you shot the IS-3 at 10:32, remember that you can actually penetrate him below the tracks. The IS-3 is infamously terribly modeled so if you check the collision model, you’ll find that there is no slope on the bottom but that it actually is flat. So even if it looks like you shoot thin air it’s actually an easy pen as opposed to the black void that is the upper side.

      Edit: Like so:

    • Vidar Höök rip me

  24. a ton of shots that should not have been taken imo. along with what you pointed out. time management is important, you pointed that out in a way towards the end. but he will get it the more he gets into the carry the win situations.

  25. Nice job Lfc and good points by Lemmingrush as well 😀

  26. 0:46 does it look like aimbot to anyone else? i’m not sure but i’ve never seen the reticle do that before, maybe a replay bug? idk

  27. How can we send you replays? Or do you just pick out random replays from WoT replays?

  28. 9k in a tier 8 match? wow 0:00

  29. Umm… like the amount of heat he shot lmao…

  30. PlayRussianMedforSkill…

  31. Great analysis, thx.

  32. Hey man, could you give us your take on why WG has robbed the NA server of tournaments? It’s quite the piss off because lots of clans and players relied on those to have some sort of gold income, and as you know the big clans have a sort of monopoly lol

  33. I enjoyed this. Thank you. I love analysis videos. Talking about stuff ahead of time and stopping as you go to explain helps.
    I like it when you stop to point out stuff like here is where a camping TD is likely to be. It helps to see the visual of the actual situation.
    I play too aggressively and get shot by vehicles I can’t see a lot. Where are the TDs likely to be? What are arty-safe positions?
    Where are the risky crosses? Stopping to point that stuff out helps.
    I play tier 5 because I’m a free-to-play (no money spent on the game) player.
    If people send tier 4-7 games for this kind of analysis, please do one once in awhile.
    I still remember and play the video where you played your three-marked T67.
    I feel like that was made just for me–or guys like me.
    My dream is to put one mark on my T67. I’m that bad. Don’t forget us. Videos that help bad players; that’s what I’m always looking for.
    I’ve been watching streams lately–including yours. I love that all the games are there–not just the good ones.
    It makes me feel better that good players have bad games too. I enjoy and learn from the bad ones just a much as the good ones.
    I like the real-time emotions too. It makes me feel better that good players experience anger/frustration just like the rest of us.
    Please try to answer the basic questions that seem stupid that people ask during streams.
    How do i get better? Don’t die. Don’t fuck with your team mates. Look at the mini-map. Shoot the red ones.
    If you find yourself in a fight you can’t win, try to run away. Try not to get into fights you can’t win. If you suck or don’t/can’t spend
    money on the game, stay at tier 5 (Circon recommendation). Tier 5 is the tier 10 of free-to-play (my opinion).
    Memorize the basics about the vehicles you play and that you will face. That goes back to sticking to an appropriate tier.
    If you’re a cheap, bad player who has decided that sticking to tier 5 for awhile would be smart, learn tier 4-7 vehicles so you’ll have
    some idea what fights you can win and what to avoid. That thinking applies to any tier. Bad free-to-play players shouldn’t embrace the grind.
    If you’re not a good player, you won’t make it to tier 10 without spending money. Being stuck at tier 8 with a bad crew and no premium stuff losing credits every game sucks.
    Going over the basics over and over helps bad players. With bad players you can’t assume they know even the most basic stuff.
    In other words, there is no tip too basic or stupid. I like it when you point out what you often see bad players do. Thanks again.

  34. Now I might be wrong on this, but I don’t think he would have gotten more exp on a win.
    As far as I know, a win gives 50% more xp than a loss/draw, but if you get a medal (like high caliber) in a loss you get 50% bonus xp, making it so you essentially get as much as you would get if you would have won that game. You don’t get that 50% bonus for medals in winning games.
    Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

  35. I never thought of that. That is *exactly* what TD’s do in pub games.

  36. DestroyerAlpha Winner

    To be honest, he wasted so many dumb shots. Agains’t the tortoise earlier, weird misses overall, and at the end as you’ve mentionned, those 3 shots.

    Other than that he played it well. Gg

    • Agreed, maybe he was having an off day but there were so many unnecessary misses.

    • Rick Deckard yep. Some shots was RNG based like to the foch and is3, but other shots was because of 200 ping.. my plan was to force the tortoise to turn and face me so e75 can put side shot into him, then i would have enough shells.. but then the e75 died and left me in awkward situation

    • Ahh yes 200 ping will do it haha

    • It was his ping. You can see how he would pull up start backing up then it fires.

  37. Hes getting 200ping..I see why he shoots so late

  38. Not repairing fuel tanks in your Obj. 140? This guy’s living on the edge

  39. yep it is perfect when miss >10 shots

  40. The only thing I really saw wrong was he took a few really bad shots that either completely missed or were guaranteed to bounce.

  41. i know how he could’ve won…Platooned so there were 2 less pubbies in the match,and have them be players who can actually not be trash…fillsbadman

  42. More shots = more potential hits, but In my opinion his aim is pretty garbage. Which could be because anyone would be under a big pressure to pull trough when you carry your team with 9k damage, but even in the early game some of the shots were kinda stupid which lead to not having enough ammo at the end. And yes you don’t expect to have games like this or at least having to worry about your ammo in top tier mediums in regular basis but heyho, great game anyway.

  43. You talk to much

  44. Lemming what do you run for a GPU? I need to upgrade mine. Wanna see what this 120fps fuss is about ?

  45. i dont really like guide videos like this, why u teach all the noobs how to play? i didnt need to watch ur video to know what i do, but then u teach everyone all the tricks for free and quick lessons? what about hard working these noobs to learn by their own?

  46. You tell everybody that B2 is a medium spot. Actually it is not. He got lucky being there alone, he has no gun depression. You put all these ideas in people’s heads that that’s the way you should play on El Halluf. So everybody does it and then they rage in chat when they get flanked by the other team who was smart enough to send tanks to the other flank. I’ve seen it happen so many times and I love to sneak behind all brainwashed players who think that what an unicum says it’s the rule.

    • Mishu, You are right, someone has to go east on the map or arty dies, cap is lost, game is lost.  In principle though and in the current meta, the game is won or lost on that west side of the map by heavy tanks and high tier mediums, if you control the west side of the map, you can control the middle of the map.  The east side of the map is where all the camping TD’s sit waiting to shoot across at tanks on the ridgeline or skirmishing in the valley, an example is the tortoise and UDES from this game.  They weren’t setup there to shoot at the west, they were setup to shoot across the valley to the other ridgeline.  I always go east in a light tank and it is so random, you can get clicked, yolo’d, sniped or just overwhelmed easily, it can be a dangerous side of the map to play.

  47. NKVD Comrade Orion

    Me in Batchat every other match lol

  48. Србија до Токија

    Played with Press2forSkill a day or two ago while grinding my B-C 25t AP on Sacred Valley. Good player, I remember his nickname because I was second to him in terms of damage and his high WN8.

  49. Great commentary

  50. Andrija Brankovic

    Hey, Lemm, thanx for another great comment on other peoples play. Looking forward to see more. Keep up with good work 😉

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