World of Tanks || “You Scared Boy” – Lucky Shot

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Let’s check out Seizov testing his luck to the max in the RNG monster the T8 American the T49. World Tanks – “You Scared Boy” – Lucky Shot.

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  1. true peter,the gun need 5-6seconds to start the aim,the aimtime to get
    fully closed takes another 6-8seconds,so after 15.20sec. of aiming you can
    do straigh shots in this funtank,and dont forget,tank should not move and
    gun must stay.

  2. Awesome!

  3. ░░░░░░░/░░░░░▄▐
    ░░░░░░/ ░░░▄██▄
    ░░░░░/ (o) ░░░░░▀█▄
    ░░░░/ ░░░░░░▀█▄
    ░░░/_ _ ░▄▄▄▄▄▀▀

    Nope your not getting a copy and paste

  4. Plebejski Uciekinier

    Wow rng was so gracious for him. i just wonder for how long has he bought
    the prem account if you know what i mean :)

  5. American bias confirmed

  6. Colonel Everrage HD

    This isn’t luck, it seems that it’s exactly like the KV-2, only the hand of
    stalin has betrayed us to help a foe.

  7. Tank sniper in T 49…. I can see how he won now….

  8. I need more 50k more xp for this T 49 n this reply is awesome!!

  9. Hello QuickyBaby! I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year and I’ve
    learned a bunch of new things and facts for World of Tanks! Great job, but
    I want you help me to decide wich country’s SPGs are better. I like
    accuraced guns and remind that I and you are playing very similar! Please
    answer me in the comments of this video. Thanks again!

    • +thomas markop Object 261 is right in the middle of mobility, accuracy and
      gun alpha, but it has a terrible trajectory.

      CGC has amazing alpha, poor accuracy and aim time but a fantastic
      trajectory and gun arc that means you often don’t have to re-aim your shots
      and can hit people behind hills.

      Bchat has an autoloader and great speed which means it can relocated
      effectively and sometimes take out unsuspecting players in close quarters.

      T92 is a lot like the CGC without the gun arc and more speed and extreme

      GWE-100 should be avoided.

      I personally like the CGC atm.

  10. omelet du fromage

  11. Nobody remembers peaceful citizen? He’s the guy in the 268 in the good guys

  12. This guy should play roulette..

  13. “Oh he just jams it into the back of the tortoise, even at an angle!” -QB

  14. looking forward to these pen changes.. hopefully they will finally remove
    these pointless TD’s from the game. if the changes take effect they will
    be completely inferior to heavies and playing one should be a reportable

  15. Typically WOT – RNG rules. Well played though.

  16. Seizov reprted many communists to McCarthy before this match…

  17. There is a law called ‘karma conservation law’. In any short time period,
    positive karma and negative karma of one person adds up to zero. Of course,
    this is statistically speaking. This dude needs to buy a helmet just so he
    can walk on street. You know, a brick might fall from sky.

  18. He may have been reckless, but it ain’t stupid if it works.

  19. Is the anger clan emblem a Protection Aura spell from wow?

  20. This was tight. HA!

  21. I think its a replay bug that you don’t see the reticle aiming, I’m
    noticing that in several videos. Still, he’s firing clutch shots and
    getting massively lucky, but hey, what good is luck if you can’t take
    advantage of it?

  22. Epic game, crazy lucky

  23. havent u uploaded this one b4?
    or was jingles

  24. light tanks are op

  25. What is the deal with p45 anyways? That is a speed at which most monitors
    cannot display video on without judder, because 60 Hz cannot be exactly
    divided by 45.

  26. it’s all luck in here… why T49 going to brawling in that windmill is just
    stupid. if enemies are not that bad he will be dead in seconds and then
    useless T49. but luck make game like this to show anyway.

  27. +QuickybabyTV do you think Wg should add spaa, but keep it to one or two
    barrels so, no wirbelwinds, or M16 GMCs, but you could have the gepard or
    the ostwind, then as higher tiers have the Coelian prototype w itch one 57
    then the next tier the actual Coelian with dual 37mms

  28. Reticle size is a zoom mod bug ( Its stuck at max zoom size)

  29. yup, that made me cringe

  30. FYI you spin a roulette wheel, not a roulette table.

  31. Karma too stronk, nerf pls…

  32. In quickybabys xvm how can I make the win rate of players coloured? its
    white atm and looks out of place

  33. He fired all the shells of the T49 and didn’t miss a single one, I don’t
    think that that has ever happened before…


    I loved the fail-taunts.

    But seriously, the most luck I have ever seen. Good show!

  35. Leatheredneck na

    Your newly minted RNG medal is in the mail. You should expect delivery in
    4-6 weeks.

  36. World of RNG is a more apt name.

  37. Brayden VanderWeide


  38. Just amazed about the amount of luck, nothing to learn here except what
    not to do.

  39. i understand now where these unishits get thier stats , fking luckers ….

  40. At the end I would’ve typed “You lose boy” :D

  41. You spin the wheel at the roulette table, not the roulette table itself.

  42. So this is why I’m having shit RNG all week. RNGesus has been blessing
    reckless bastards like this guy.

  43. Those Tortoise noobshit shots almost made me cry. After having bounced a
    non-angled side of a T69 with the russian BL-10 gun (ISU-152 / Obj. 704

  44. +QuickyBabyTV Could you PLEASE make a *Leopard vs AMX 30B* D:

  45. The gun on this tank is pretty much all RNG.

  46. Are all the people who are saying “he wasn’t lucky, that was a replay bug”
    just going to ignore the fact that this 152mm gun has something like
    .55-.61 accuracy, and that he managed 91% accuracy AND a tank sniper medal?

  47. hahaha amx went to make some omelette du fromage

  48. Joseph Ciontea (Zigzera)

    He was disgustingly lucky

  49. throughlifeagain

    I lost it at “great connection” ahaha nice vid QB and Seizov

  50. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    that luck with the tortoise at the end, those heat shells should NOT have
    penetratred at that kind of an angle. he should have hugged the tortoise
    ass , perfect 90° shot, no way the tortoise would have bounced that way.

    Apart form that little mistake, very enjoyable game, lot of luck involved
    sure, but its the t49, luck is definitely part of the skill in this tank ^^^

    but to get that kind of a result, you need a combination of reckless play,
    luck, skill, dumb enemies, dumb allies, and the stars have to be aligned.
    that gives the most enjoyable replays!

    GG to this guy!

  51. 2:10 Ghost shells op as fuck

  52. What a crazy game, and what an epic way to shut the Tortoise and
    Caernarvon’s mouths! Must have felt absolutely satisfying, well done :)

  53. Copacean Constantin

    dude, you loose :D

  54. Lets Play german

    Nobody ever beats my base EP per battle off 2530+ in my superpershing just
    doing 7.3 k DMG in update 7.3 :D

  55. Incredible play by our player of the Bulgarian clan Anger. For the first
    time I see players from Bulgaria in your clips. You got a great channel and
    I’m glad to be one of the many subscribers in it. Keep up the good work.

  56. incredible

  57. What a luckerdog 😀 Maybe WOT mistaken this t49 for a russian tank and
    Stalin himself guided his shoots.

    • Muhammad-Elfatih Elsheikh

      +Linerunner99 xD

    • +Linerunner99 Don’t you mean ‘MURICA! I know I know, the two are easily
      confused for one another. But the all caps, F-yeah, flags and fireworks in
      the background are all very important and indispensable steps to a true
      heartfelt murica calls!

    • +big d1ck Nope that was mom and apple pie gently helping his shots along
      with the power of Murica. lol

  58. Corentin De Bruyn

    fcking lucker …

  59. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    Any other programmers who kept hearing “sizeof”?

  60. I just hate trolls like that Tortoise, and Conqueror…

  61. my Panther L/100 isnt half this accurate without fulling aiming in. Gosh

  62. Man! I cant wait to get my hands on one of these wonderous tanks!
    Derping with the Speed of light(s).

    Nice upload with tension, taunts and total trainwreck for the enemy team.
    Even better win when people are beeing rude in chat.

  63. He is yousing AIM-BOT….thats why, the “aim circle”is so huge:(

  64. I dont think Wot is realy that much skill game its random dice roll yes
    there are players who played bilions of games but sometime your shots does
    not pen or pen, it does not mather how skiled you are its the radom dice
    roll ;)

  65. LOL I literally just watched this replay today and thought: “why hasn’t QB
    featured this yet?”

  66. Sometimes You just have to say screw it and take your chance because
    sometimes risks pay off.

  67. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui


  68. big gg to him great game

  69. wtf, i missed E100 from 10 meters with this gun, …..

  70. Oh I’ve already seen this replay on my PC lol

  71. Quicky, the correct way of pronouncing his name is as if it was written
    like ‘Sayeezov’. Proud to be Bulgarian, when seeing the ANGER guys play :)

  72. “Watermelon of an aiming circle”


  73. I just sit and wait for more videos….

  74. That gun might aim long and have terrible accuracy, but it still has better
    soft stats than the KV-2. But KV-2 is a Soviet tank, so it will hit every

  75. “Drives like a moron”
    That line made my day. :D

  76. All those shots not even aimed… i’m sorry but i call bullshit.
    1-2 shots maybe but 10? Well alright.

  77. You’re*

  78. Seems to me that every shot went in the middle of the circle. WarPacks

  79. Aiming circle clearly isn’t large enough, should be physically larger than
    the actual screen… :P

  80. jojojorisjhjosef

    6:40 Care to elaborate?

  81. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    What a great example of RNGesus.

  82. Tank Sniper? In a T49?!?! There is something wrong with that

    • There should be another medal for getting tank sniper with a howitzer.

    • Peter Švančárek

      +mema0005 I got it on t49 a lot. All it needs is to sit very, very long and
      aim very very carefully. I use this tank as TD with mobility. aiming for
      looong secs, BOOM and hide for 15 secs. Then repeat. It is not LT as any
      other. Where other LT run around and annoy mediums and heavies, T49 would
      be dead.
      I stopped using other than standard HE ammo- HEAT just bounces because it
      is sensitive on angles, and has low pen. It bounces very often even from
      non armored tanks. Premium HE has larger explosion diameter, but only by
      1.5m . I would be glad if HE ammo doesn’t bounce 🙁 T49 is a first tank
      where I observed that it does. Also I would be glad if non armored tanks
      could take full dmg, because hitting tanks such as amx12t or ELC AMX and
      doing 0 dmg is a point where you end dead.

    • I got Tank Sniper in the KV-2 😛

  83. He’s a good player 20k games and 1500 win8? If that’s a good player, Does
    that mean QB is a god?

  84. he autoaims and fires imediatly after… if u do that, u increase your
    chances do hit

  85. He must have had Scarlet Witch there with him using her probability
    manipulation powers? lol

  86. Either he’s done something very good this week or something very bad is
    going to happen to him…

  87. If you guys dont know, quickbaby has an T49 im pretty sure he knows what
    hes saying about the aiming circle spread, he just overacted a bit

  88. insane luck that 3 artys in enemy team didnt shot and splash him when he
    was on hill behind the mill at start. even when a GW Tiger shots next to
    it, the T49 lose around 400/500 Hp at least, or even more. great replay but
    with a extra ton of luck when u look at his starting position and all the
    shots and in the end against tortoise he aimed badly but rng helped. But
    great game to watch.

  89. no u money grabbing cunt. why are u so afraid to call the 12t for it is. A

  90. I wanna see the ending chat if they said anything

  91. We pray to RNGesus…!

  92. RecommendedByBob

    I have seen this replay on wot replays and this guy was an asshole in chat
    at the beginning of the match

  93. well qb what do you think about the massiv pen reduction of meds on the
    testserver (and some other changes to)

  94. You better dont shoot at all in this tank, its just costing nerves xD

  95. I got the t49 recently, but i dont really feel like grinding 32000
    experience just to start playing it properly. :(

  96. 70% luck and 30% skill

  97. Quicky Baby i love your vids keep up the good work

  98. BigBoom TankDriver (Dutch)

    so lucky and bad shooting at the tortoise at the end

  99. This replay shows how RnG can win a game. He could do this exact match 10
    more times and not get this result ever again xD.
    His starting position and gameplay was nice. But from the moment where he
    started firing at the light tanks he has mostly been lucky.

  100. Peter Višinský

    I was watching this replay 2 days ago. Great replay, but he had so much
    luck and RNG, but… you MUST have luck to get such a great games like
    this. Well played to him. :)

  101. One of the luckiest game I ever seen.

  102. The end position of the turtoise was so bad … He should have take a
    position from which he could have cover the south and the west.

  103. epic :p

  104. Alexander van Elten

    Accuracy nerf confirmend!

  105. I just heard in the news that a guy that calls himself AngrySeizov won the
    lottery twice in a row

  106. That you is OP

  107. Most of that luck I believe is due to a lot of crew skills. Dead Eye + Snap
    Shot + Brothers in Arms can have a HUGE effect on accuracy. Dead Eye is
    like adding a magnet to your shells.

  108. Just after I finished this video I just got my Ace on the T49, but only
    3.5k damage though and 5 kills… Well half of the result am I right?

  109. QB there is no 3% there’s only steam sales

  110. dat aimbug…but its often there in patch 9.8 i think it will be fixed soon

  111. barbarossa 22 june 1941 best day of my life never forget.

  112. That was pretty awesome!

  113. *Actually* the KV-2 has worse accuracy..

  114. 2:12 Ghost shell

  115. The aim circle doesn’t work on the replay?

  116. My clanmate :)

  117. Like….what the hell

  118. The RNG is strong with this one.

  119. QB was very nice about this.

    “You are a very good player, but in this game you played stupidly and
    recklessly and RNG alone saved your ass a lot” is what his comments
    translate to xD

    Most of the rest of us? Play smart, get cover, still get blown to bits lol

    • I’m not saying it didn’t require any skill, but the vast majority was not
      due to skill which you seem to also have noticed. Haha. You’re right
      though. The strongest play he made was indeed his positioning at the cap
      during the end game.

      Even rushing up on that hill and squaring off against 3 tanks by himself
      was a very unwise decision that 9/10 times would have sent him back to the
      garage. Had his friendly tank not rushed up there in the nick of time, he
      would have likely died alone on that hill (even with the VK missing his

      And, I hear you, Shkotay. Those were my thoughts exactly. For how many
      times this game screws me over with perfectly aimed, completely zoomed
      shots on weak areas, yeah. There’s really no reason this game should have
      played out the way it did.

      And I agree. No doubt you’d have yourself a lot of nickels. Haha

    • +mema0005 Here we fall back to my “RNG alone saved your ass a lot” point xD
      Lucky bastard he was. The times I have taken clean well aimed shots at
      tanks in vulnerable positions, and either bounced what should have been a
      pen, or watched the fully aimed shot go right to the outer circle would
      have made me rich, if I got a nickel for each one 😛

    • +CrescereXScithe He did do good things. Putting pressure on the two on the
      cap. His positioning to engage the scouts as they came up the hill. Lots of
      spotting of the hill at the start. But the luck! He should have died to
      arty on the hill in the first 2 minutes. How did he hit those 4 scouts
      without missing a shot? How did he hit that arty on the move? How did those
      shots go in against the Tortoise? How did the VK miss him? How? How? How???

    • +Shkotay D Yup. And the fact that he scored those crucial hits at those
      ranges, (killing about 6 tanks at extreme range) whether or not he was
      fully aimed or not is still phenomenally lucky with that horrid accuracy.
      And as QB said, those shots on the Tortoise at the end game were incredibly
      lucky to go through as well. His very last shot was the killing blow in a
      game that was about 80% luck and 20% skill. Had just one of those luck
      shots not gone through, he would have lost — plain and simple because he
      did NOT use his tank the way it was designed to be played. Even at the
      beginning, if that VK (I think it was) had about 10% of the luck Seizov had
      and didn’t have his shell fly straight into the ground in front of Seizov,
      then there’s a good chance Seizov would have been out of the game within 2
      or 3 minutes of it starting. This entire game was almost purely luck

  120. Nice M551 Sheridan, WG, please call it how it REALY is/was called!

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +dennis hakhoff It’s probably the HEAT part without the guided part.

    • well, WOT can not render ATGM’s, and the nam of the HEAT resembles the ATGM
      shells name!

    • SovietTenkDestroyer

      +dennis hakhoff It’s not. This a M41 test bed with the Sheridan turret. The
      M551 has a entirely different hull. Plus, the M551 fired guided missiles.
      This did not.

  121. Мирослав Йорданов

    bulgarian luck and skills!!!!!!! 😀 :D

  122. dylan kurrle (TitanFall Gaming)

    The two people who were talking smack in chat i would of sent them a
    message after the game (you what mate)

  123. Christian Andersen

    Best game ever played in the T49

  124. Quickybaby, please, please, please could you do a review on the Somua S35
    Tier 3 French Tank, as it is extremely great to play in, is actually a
    great tank, and would be interesting to see you review a lower tier

  125. i just love it when kids write looser or loose… use a fu cking dictionary
    if you dont know how to write it…

  126. What a noob ending :(

  127. With the way he aimed those lost shots on the Tortoise, he deserved to have
    them bounce. What a fool.

  128. He isnt lucky that aiming circle is buged in this version 

    • +Jacob Saniga
      The T49’s gun is the type that often misses fully aimed shots anyways, once
      past 300m..

    • You are right i am just saying that when he was aiming for example for that
      conqueror or caerneravon i dont know what it was he aimed fully and quicky
      said he was lucky that he has hit the target

    • +Jacob Saniga he was VERY lucky, with me I can miss a close range shot that
      is fully aimed, he fired a lot of clutch shots and didn’t miss a single
      shot the entire game.

    • genericwittyname

      +Jacob Saniga Yeah there’s a replay bug, but he still got insanely lucky
      throughout the game. He was consistently lucky from the opening engagement
      (which he really shouldn’t have survived) to the long range shots against
      those light tanks, the on-the-move kill against arty and last but by no
      means least those two supremely dodgy shots into the Tortoise…

      I’m not saying you never deserve luck or that he shouldn’t have won, but he
      was rolling constant jackpots in the RNG stakes here – it’s just quite
      remarkable to see everything go so right for someone!

  129. As a T49 player, I saw MANY very lucky shots here. Unbelievable round!

  130. That guys was luckier than an airplane crash survivor.

  131. BornToDrive1500E

    His aiming circle isn’t that big. Its a replay bug. Hes aiming circle never
    got smaller in the entire replay, ho only zoomed the camera in and out. He
    is not SUPER LUCKY, it’s just a replay bug.

    • +BornToDrive1500E he is SUPER LUCKY if you have played this tank, you know
      if you shoot all your shells (like he did) you’re going to miss about 10 at
      least, he missed 0.

    • genericwittyname

      +BornToDrive1500E Yeah it’s a replay bug, but he was still getting very
      very lucky a lot of the time in this game.

    • +Ben A Lucky or not he win. Thats all about!

    • +BornToDrive1500E Ben has a point. It might have been a bug, but that was
      still pretty lucky, like the end with the Tortoise, and the 2 artillery
      kills. It might not have been as spectacular as the replay bug makes it
      seem, but was still lucky nun the less

    • +BornToDrive1500E he is super lucky, even without the bug the chance of
      hitting a lot of the shots was very low

  132. lucky bastard. I miss point blank shots with this pos accuracy

  133. The fadins, to put a perspective on it, I have a friend with 50K games and
    he has one fadins.

    • The easy part is getting to the arty nest when the enemy has three or more
      of them. The hard part is not getting killed once you’re there.

    • +Battle typhoon It doesn’t really have anything to do with being good, it’s
      just a rare situation. I’ve got one, in the priest, and I sucked shit in
      that spg, it was just lucky.

    • +Cnf 60 i have 2 fadins as an average player with 16k matches, if u play
      some low ammo tanks, like old t49 or new t49, it just happens

    • +Cnf 60i have one fadins and one radley-waters medal and im just under 4k
      games played. I think survivor and invincible honorary ranks are the
      hardest to obtain

    • genericwittyname

      +Battle typhoon Possibly, but it’s also possible that he just never ended
      up in a situation where this happens – he might have never played tanks
      with very low ammo capacity or carried games with just a couple of shells
      left over. If he had no Pools, Radley-Walters or Kolobanov’s at 50k games,
      then you could say he’s terrible – but Fadin’s is something you really
      don’t have much control over unless you’re 1 on 1 vs an afk enemy or

  134. Christian von Essen

    thats good

  135. this T49 driver has defiantly defected to Russia judging on the amount of
    shots Stalin guided

  136. Mark Steven Luber

    6:40 lol You didn’t edit that part out after all

  137. I bet he’s secretly RNGesus.

  138. Deez nuts

  139. Klemen pintarič

    those shots… I call hacks :D

  140. Dat derp gun tho

  141. Lol that aiming circle. In AW you can shoot with Sheridan on the move.

  142. nice replay :D

  143. His luck is so outrageous in this.. Almost looks like he’s hacking :D

  144. The best thing about these derp guns is They don’t give a shit if you were
    side strafing -_-
    Module damage will drive you nuts !

  145. You forgot to edit it out…

  146. US Light Tanks are the most enjoyable grind !!
    Never feel any pain 😛
    T1-T4 is so fast that you wont feel any pain
    T5-T8 : OMG ! Best thing ever !

  147. And he has the luck of the Irish.

  148. my favourite british youtubers in order

    1) frankieonpcin1080p
    2) quickybaby
    3) yogscast Hannah
    4) yogscast kim
    5) jackfrags
    6) yamimash

  149. Most lucky game I’ve ever seen…

    • genericwittyname

      +Tsoni Georgiev Yeah he’s a good player, but that doesn’t mean you can’t
      say he got lucky in this game. He was quite lucky the opponents on the hill
      didn’t rush him. He was a little lucky to hit those shots against the light
      tanks. He was VERY lucky to hit that arty on the move, and don’t even get
      me started on those Tortoise shots at the end, even if it was rear armour
      it was still angled at about 45 degrees!

      At about 2k WN8 he is clearly a strong player, but all players can make
      misplays, and all players can get lucky.

    • +PanGonzaless With me, those HEAT shells would have NEVER penetrated

    • +PanGonzaless Better to be lucky than good

    • +PanGonzaless Lucky? See his stats the talk…

  150. That accuracy bloom is a bug in the replay

  151. Hey QB! :D

  152. how is it going?

  153. please upload some live streams with Jingles :)

  154. I saw this replay the other day, the Tortoise teases him in chat and then
    he own him so that was awesome

  155. Christophe Geuens

    Lol at Ur too scared boy hahahaha

  156. Sebastien van Tiggele

    Welcome to the below 301+ club, enjoy your time and have a cookie

  157. under 301 club, how tough are ya?

  158. 67th view

  159. 3 minutes! Under 301!!!!! ERMEGERDDDDD

  160. So I assume he doesn’t have vertical stabilizer on this T49? :D

  161. u wot m8

  162. First

  163. I hope you all enjoy this awesome round by Seizov – really happy to be
    catching up on your 9.8 replays!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW – giving away €150 for G2A!

    • Peter Švančárek

      +Ville Lepoaho Yeah, I can do. When you want to aim fully you must stop
      totally and not only that, you must stop all movements. Even then, it takes
      more than 8s from full stop to fully aim. And as you see, this player was
      nervous… twitching here and there. I still don’t have BIA on my t49 crew,
      it will be a little bit better after I have that. For that very reason I
      equip ventilation, vertical stabilizer and binocs. Ventilation helps with
      5%, stabilizer with 10% and also snapshot helps with 7.5% decrease of
      sensitivity to bloom during rotation of turret. Binocs helps with long
      range detection 🙂 I sit somewhere in bush and fire on 400+ m with good
      results- after full aiming of course.

      I couldn’t play this tank like what I saw here. 😀 I’m more on the unlucky
      side of hitting of not fully aimed tanks. And not only on T49.

    • +QuickyBabyTV If I tried half the gutsy moves he did, I would not have
      lasted more than a minute in game.He must have made enough sacrifices to
      satisfy the dread god RNG.

    • +QuickyBabyTV Fun to watch and this time honest commentary about the amount
      of luck involved. I liked his agressive play though. It was risky but he
      did well on the hill. The shots on angled Tortoise-ass I do not understand,
      a player with his skill level should do better.
      But most importantly, it’s a good thing that you did not edit the omelet
      remark about that French afk-prick. ‘Prejudiced’, maybe, doesn’t matter at
      all. It seems to be an UK-thing to bother about that.

    • NoHomeLike

      +QuickyBabyTV Greetings from North America! Information has been compiled
      on the affect of power-to-weight on hull traverse, and you’ll probably be
      intrigued by this:
      The gist is that the *listed traverse speed stat is the traverse speed with
      a stock power/weight ratio*, and the traverse speed increases/decreases
      proportionally with a better engine/consumables or heavier tank

    • +TheFlame560 That thing would have? What do you mean? It’s a 152mm

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