World of Tanks || You’ve got to be KIDDING!

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Sometimes in World of Tanks the unexpected happens and you’re elft saying you’ve GOT to be KIDDING. This is one of those games!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. you know that b-c, that guy is me (like i am not the b-c literally i just climb and somehow flip my self sideways on the hills where noone can get me xD)

  2. I thought it was going to be a draw, all shells spent and no way to shot it.

  3. Certainity of Procrastination

    Does anyone ever think that QB looks like Benji from the Mission Impossible series?

  4. A player who has a tier 9 tank and can afford to play it is NOT a free to play player he has at the very least a premium account and or a premium tank

  5. gr8 match and totally hope to see more magnificent battles

  6. just another “unicum” spamming apcr, move along nothing to see here

  7. The whole gold spam commentary is also very tiring. EVERYONE can shoot gold…. just like artillery it’s part of the game, whether we like it or not. Yes, I too wish for a more balanced game that counters the Russian armour bias but that’s not going to happen. Regardless of the ammo used, that was a really well played game and that, along with QB’s excellent commentary, is why I watch these videos. Enjoy the show, appreciate the skill of the player and be thankful QB is taking the time to put these out to keep you entertained. Enough said.

  8. Yeah, yeah: Soviet medium tank bias and he fired tons of premium rounds, but he also did a lot of things right, and I noticed that he was really focused on what was going on on the map throughout the entire battle and moved accordingly. He even remembered to check the rear, when he was alone with the arty, and if more below-average players would just learn to do that one thing, actually use their maps and picture their situation on it, they’d be amazed at how much they’d start to improve.
    Map awareness = underrated among many players judging from the countless lemming trains, but very important.

  9. Referring to SPG that splash him and probably should aim in a different part of the map. I guess that when you play SPG with long range then you have awful, flight path of the projectile and on a map like this with high environment obstacles you seek any opportunity to deal DMG.

  10. Anyone else notice the bio said “elft”

  11. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    I love this tank. T44 for me was a nightmare with the 100 mm gun but this tank with 238 standard pen and 270 premium rounds is just impressive. Why gold rounds? It’s simple: The amount of Tier X superheavies you meet with the broken MM makes it almost a must to carry such a big amount of gold rounds. I use standard rounds with tier 8 and some 9 and gold for tier 10 and I’m fine with that, I have 72% win ratio with this tank and about 2,8k average damage per game. It’s an OP medium tank, that’s for sure, but the T54 is way broken that this thing with the 330 HEAT it has in premium shells. To think the 430U is even better…no wonder I still can’t get ace tanker with this thing despite having incredible games with 1400 base exp, there must be thousands of players working hard to get their hands on the 430U.

  12. wins game, pays real money for premium account, loses credits.

  13. Snappy Turtle Productions

    grinding anything other than RUSSIAN is a waste of time . except the bat chat , and the pz1c .

  14. and a total of 39 ‘ohrayt’ ! hahaha

  15. Or use Type 4

  16. Pathetic gold spammer, nothing more to say. QB please quit showcasing such awful players please.

  17. 15:41 only legends know what Zeebad meant 😉

  18. OneTonToast Aka I.C Wiener

    this is the content I look for in this channel, If i want want any more I come to you livestream. good game

  19. When are the devs going to learn. Same thing with the new exploit with swedish TDs on mannersheim.

  20. Nice play! What mod do you have to be able to move the camera around the battlefield like that? Been trying to find one.

  21. Great match but it does showcase what i think this game needs the most.. Capped premium rounds. 10 percent of total.

  22. Slovakia 😀 😀

  23. Literally I cannot say this enough. People complain SO much about gold rounds. It is in the game and will help you win games. Nobody complains when teammates shoot gold, only enemies. People can EASILY join a clan that does cred boosters and strongholds. Suck it up and live with it. If people think that high level players only have good stats because they shoot gold they are dead wrong. They know map knowledge, weak spots, alpha of guns, reloads, rotations. Learn these and more and you can end up being a really good player. It’s not what ammo you shoot necessarily.

  24. Nothing but heat rounds…..what a noob

  25. Classic Case Of Reroll Syndrome..

  26. Interesnig game!
    But the gold spam…

  27. Another gold noob who carries more gold than AP, and loads them against lower tier meds …pay-to-win. QB pls stop showing videos of money disguised as skill.

  28. Tanks like e75 are completely redundant at tier 9

  29. Awesome Replay……….!

  30. 430 is funnest tank in the game.  Running a 62% win rate (400+ battles)…  love it.  hopefully wg won’t nerf it…

  31. krakonošzkrkonoš

    Tohle už jsem viděl u Martyho 😀

  32. A Fadin’s medal that was fully deserved.

  33. Wargaming’s little troll with map design for those who try to boost maybe?

  34. Vladimir_Torero I World of tanks

    Good game! Hello from Stalingrad!

  35. Why are all the hero games against an incompetent team that comes one by one? ahhhahahh The fact that you can see hit points left on the enemy lets cowards do way better than they should in this game, they hide, then come out when your low. Game sucks, War Thunder baby!!!!! woooooooo

  36. bad gun handling? no problem just shoot premium ammo…;-)

  37. Richard Stefanits

    “Tried a boost and failed” Best sentence I have ever heard. I wish the same for all booster guys.

  38. Pjoter Gra Jak Wariat

    Hoooooly shieeeet

  39. I unsubsribe now. I dont play the game anynore, since it has no point, when you can spamm gold to avoid all the stuff you learned before like sidescraping. Just press 2 and win. And now i unsubscribe from your channel, cuz this videos getting boring. What is so special about it ? “Loading premium for E4,good choice” dude, he is using it all the time, even the poor Skoda was shot with premium. This game is a scamm.

  40. OMG, you gotta be kidding me! What if he missed the last shell? But why did he shoot with HE into enemy BC tracks? I don’t get it.

  41. That premium spam…

  42. dat ending nice

  43. Absolutely GG

  44. Sir, that’s the most bizarre or awkward situation I’ve ever seen in WoT! Chapeau bas for our hero today!

  45. 6:35 QB also used that tactic with the t44-100

  46. QB, I love the way you comment the replay talking like a Football Commentary, saying he loaded a PREMIUM round for this and that tank….but the worst thing is you don’t even keep in MIND HE HAS NEVER CHANGED!!! He only loaded a few AP rounds once or twice and then as he ran out of PREMIUM and he only had AP so “oh well got to use them…as sadly I no longer have premium oh well…” dude if you really want your COMMUNITY to love got to stop acting and be realistic!! Check your commentary before chatting shit…!!

  47. with no hud, it would be like hide and seek

  48. that’s one of the best 3 endings i’ve ever watched in wot

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